Snowboarder Lindsey Jacobellis Learns a Valuable Lesson | Strangest Moments

The very best athletes know that a bit of showboating can serve as a warning to their rivals. It sends a stark message – they can win with gas in the tank. Sometimes they get away with it, but sometimes the universe treats us to a delicious slice of instant Continue Reading

Grayson Highlands 4K | Hiking and Camping with Wild Ponies in the Mountains of Virginia

[Andrew narrating] There’s no need for your gear to sit idly, waiting for an exotic trip across the seas [Andrew narrating] Sometimes, “exotic” is right in your backyard, and its wonders are yearning to be found [Adventure Archives theme song plays] [Andrew narrating] In the last weeks of winter, we Continue Reading

Red River Gorge 4K | Hiking, Camping, and Backpacking Kentucky’s Hidden Wonders

[Andrew narrating] We live in an unfathomably vast world and each of us has our own individual journey through it. As time passes we grow and we gain new unique experiences. But each of us is part of something bigger part of a natural ecosystem Part of a human community. Continue Reading

We’re Going On A Bear Hike

JOEL ROSENTHAL: Nothing in this world—not sex, not food—can top just casually going for an hour hike with a bear. JOEL ROSENTHAL: Nobody else in the world can do this. Nobody else in the world does this. COMM: At Point Of View farm in West Virginia, 74-year-old Joel Rosenthal lives Continue Reading

Exploring Cuba’s Skate Culture with Ishod Wair, Andrew Reynolds and Lucien Clarke (Part 1)

the closest thing I’ve ever came to knowing anything about Cuba is just being down in Miami growing up I guys stayed down there a lot kind of feels something like this what’s amazing to be a man like should I come on home or it’s like somehow the weird Continue Reading

Hiking the Kungsleden, september 2019

Day O – We just arrived in Kvikjokk. This is the most southern section of the trail We’re doing 180km The whole trail is around 450km And yeah, it’s raining We’ve been hiking for only an hour And we already took the wrong path Apparantly we switched up the winter Continue Reading

RAW FOOTAGE: Surrounded by COYOTES hiking alone (CLOSE CALL)

[howling] [howling] Not quite sure what those are Eeek [louder howling] Oh! Oh, there’s a dog up there. Is that a coyote or a dog? [howling] Oh no! [rustling] Oh! [coyote whimpering] [howling] Oh boy. [howling from every direction] Are those coyotes?

Skating With Brian Anderson: Epicly Later’d

BRIAN ANDERSON: Oh, you know what? I almost forgot to get you a water, and I was in line, so I got you Gatorade. And there’s M&Ms if you guys want some M&Ms or gum. JERRY HSU: You could do a trick to land there, maybe. BRIAN ANDERSON: I bet Continue Reading

Surfing and Skating with Luke Rockhold: Fightland Title Shots

I’m not here to be good I’m here to be great and I want to get back I want to get title shot Santa Cruz is awesome I mean I love this town I think as well as beautiful places in the world it’s a rough place it’s not like Continue Reading

The Mistake That Cost Sven Kramer Olympic Gold | Strangest Moments

There aren’t many rules to Olympic speed-skating. Get around the rink as quickly as possible. That’s the gist. The fastest man or woman wins. But there’s one rule you have to remember – there are only two lanes on the speed-skating track and you have to skate one lap in Continue Reading