Sarek – Hiihtäen Pohjolan Ääriin

Sarek Skiing to the ends of the North Stora Sjöfallet, Sweden, 7 km South from Suorva… We are now on our way to one of the last great wildernesses in Europe – the mythical Sarek national park. When I last left from here couple of years ago, this place has Continue Reading

Grayson Highlands 4K | Hiking and Camping with Wild Ponies in the Mountains of Virginia

[Andrew narrating] There’s no need for your gear to sit idly, waiting for an exotic trip across the seas [Andrew narrating] Sometimes, “exotic” is right in your backyard, and its wonders are yearning to be found [Adventure Archives theme song plays] [Andrew narrating] In the last weeks of winter, we Continue Reading

Red River Gorge 4K | Hiking, Camping, and Backpacking Kentucky’s Hidden Wonders

[Andrew narrating] We live in an unfathomably vast world and each of us has our own individual journey through it. As time passes we grow and we gain new unique experiences. But each of us is part of something bigger part of a natural ecosystem Part of a human community. Continue Reading

We’re Going On A Bear Hike

JOEL ROSENTHAL: Nothing in this world—not sex, not food—can top just casually going for an hour hike with a bear. JOEL ROSENTHAL: Nobody else in the world can do this. Nobody else in the world does this. COMM: At Point Of View farm in West Virginia, 74-year-old Joel Rosenthal lives Continue Reading

Hiking Amazing Amicalola Falls State Park – Traveling Robert

Vaellus Harrijärvelle [With Eng Subs] | 5 days solo in the wilderness. Hiking and fishing.

Hike to Graylinglake Here I am. At the mountain hotel. In the heat of the stove. The autumn trip started and the first night is on. This is the first evening. I’ll make meatballs. And then I also have red wine. I took the stove with me this time. It Continue Reading

Basic Hiking Tips & Techniques : How to Prepare for a Hiking Trip

Hi, now I’m going to talk about preparation for your first hike. Let’s check out some of the things you’re going to need. You’re going to need a good water bottle. I like to use these because they’re really sturdy and they hold a lot of water. Also, you could Continue Reading

Tour de Mont Blanc Detailed Packing List | Wilderness Backpack for maximum self-sufficiency

Hello, there! We are Angelina and Dima from Walking Nature World. And we are going to show what’s inside our backpacks for Tour de Mont Blanc and Dolomites Hike. As we’ll be wild camping most of the time and we’ll be out in the wilderness we tried to be as Continue Reading

Hiking Smart: Packing for the West Coast Trail

To better help you be prepared for hiking the West Coast Trail, we’ve put a list together of things you need to bring. Starting with your pack, you’re going to want a pack that’s made of sturdy construction and good materials. You’re going to want a well-padded shoulder strap and Continue Reading

Wilderness Hike, Death Valley

[birds chirping] Class is over Spring break is officially beginning I just woke up, I’m late to my meeting, I’m walking the wrong way. I’m about to meet everyone, I feel really bad because my alarm didn’t go off Up, there they are Good morning! I’m really excited for Death Continue Reading