Snowboarding | A Pure Michigan Winter

[music] I strap into a snowboard, I take a four minute lift ride up and you know I can go as fast or slow as I want down the hill, you know if I choose to go straight or take turns or hit a jump or whatever it really like Continue Reading

Downhill Skiing | A Pure Michigan Winter

[music] You get on the chairlift, your muscles are aching already as you’re halfway up then you start thinking, ok, wheres the best snow, what run do I want to go down what run did I just go down, you’re thinking about the rush, the wind hitting your face you’re Continue Reading

Cross Country Skiing | A Pure Michigan Winter

[music] cross country skiing to me is, one its a good chance to get outdoors with your family in the winter you know here in the upper peninsula winters are long, and to have an activity like nordic skiing, cross country skiing really helps make the winters enjoyable, helps you Continue Reading