Olympic Athletes Shirt Fell Off During Figure Skating Routine – PyeongChang Olympic Winter Games

How’s it going YouTube I am Landon Dowlatsingh and I am back from Aruba I just landed a few days ago and I had a great time. As soon as I landed though I found out my dads dog was going into a shelter to possibly be put down so Continue Reading

Olympian Adam Rippon Has Been Sleeping on Shawn Mendes

Dancing On The Edge – Penny Coomes & Nick Buckland | Figure Skating

Nothing beats figure skating for elegance beauty and strength, good skaters are athletes and artists combined, strong and fearless moving with effortless grace, jumps and spins perfectly executed while capturing the mood of the music. Penny and Nick have lived a lifetime on skates with the Olympic Games on their Continue Reading

There were skaters other than Virtue & Moir? | 22 Minutes

The biggest Canadian story to come out of this year’s Olympics was the world’s newfound obsession with ice dancers Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir. We were lucky enough to score an exclusive interview with the pair so here they are…! Oh you’re not Viture and Moir… – Oh yeah, way Continue Reading

Can Athletes from Tropical Countries compete in Winter Olympics? | Burning Questions

Pristine beaches, crystal-clear seas, and balmy temperatures. Where better for an athlete to prepare for the Winter Olympic games? Snowy powerhouses like Norway and Canada will be expected to dominate proceedings at the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. But what about those countries where ice would be nice and snow is Continue Reading

Science of the Winter Olympic Games: Physics of Slope-Style Skiing

♫MUSIC♫ LIAM McHUGH: It’s a high-flying, gravity-defying freestyle skiing event making its Olympic debut in Sochi, Russia – ski slopestyle. One of the leading contenders for the United States is 19-year-old Nick Goepper, one of the top slopestyle skiers in the world. NICK GOEPPER: Slopestyle is to me one of Continue Reading

Kidsplaining Alpine Skiing, feat. Manny Osborne-Paradis, Dustin Cook

I’m Dustin. Hi Destiny. Dustin. But Destiny sounds awesome. I like that, too. What kind of type skiing you do? Super wicked awesome fast. Whoa. Yeah. For reals. Alpine skiing is… where you ski down a hill really fast. There’s a whole bunch of turns and you have to hit Continue Reading

Skiing In Australia

Welcome to the first ever Australian Summer Skiing I’m about to go down this hill with ice cubes strapped to my feet I’ve worn all black because this is gonna be a piece of art We’ve made the ice shoes Using a scale model, we’ve carefully run scientific predictions Our Continue Reading