Hiking the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook AKA the Culver City Stairs

The Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook is a 58-acre park along Jefferson Blvd just southeast of Downtown Culver City. The area acts both as a preserve for native wildlife and a nice little pocket of hiking space for the surrounding communities. Perhaps what the overlook is most known for is this Continue Reading

How to Train for Hiking || REI

hey I’m dr. Sam I’m a physical therapist here with REI co-op with the elbow vana we’re gonna demonstrate some exercises for you cross-training for hiking is great to really try and prevent injuries and power up the mountain for hiking the exercises will focus on our hip roll jump Continue Reading

How to Use a Fitness Disc : The Speed Skating Workout on a Fitness Disc

The next exercise is going to be speed skating. We’ve already learned the side lunge, from side to side, so in this exercise we’re going to be alternating our side lunge from side to side. Remember in the side lunge you go back on just a slight diagonal, keeping the Continue Reading

ROLLEROBICS – Inline skating aerobic workout by Powerslide Inline Skates TRAILER

Hi, my name is Felix. I’m a professional inline speed skater for Powerslide and together with Swell we start a new series of videos. We want to show you exercises,that can be done on skates and improve your normal skating workout and make you fitter and healthier. All of these Continue Reading

How To Improve Your Swimming Stroke Technique ft. Coach Jack Bauerle | Olympians’ Tips

Hi, I’m Jack Bauerle, Olympic swimming coach. And I’m here to help you with some of your swimming needs. Everything that we’ll be doing here today has been practised umpty-ump times by our swimmers, so it becomes second nature and basically motor memory. Looking at the fly stroke right here. Continue Reading

Ice Hockey Champion vs Fitness YouTuber – Buff Dude Tries an Olympian’s Workout | Hitting the Wall

I don’t know about this. Got to learn the brakes. (HITTING THE WALL) Hey, my name’s Brandon White. I just came into Calgary, and as you can tell, a nice warm welcome. I’m here to meet Rebecca Johnston, Olympic gold medallist hockey player, which is kind of intimidating, really. Gold Continue Reading


– What’s up, guys? I’m walking over to the LA Fit Expo right now. See you soon, and I brought some snacks with me. So, if you guys wanna do some reps for cash, stop buy the booth. 16 hundred, see you there. (woman screams) – Oh, my goodness! (chill Continue Reading


I find that it’s a little bit easier with my knees more bent, believe it or not. [Duck quaking.] We have some vocal friends [Indy] The L.A. Roller Ducks! The L.A. Roller Ducks are back at it. There’s like, some duck friends of ours here. Hey guys. What’s up buddies? Continue Reading

Bodyweight Hockey Speed Workout [Limited Space Off Ice Training] 🏒

– What’s up hockey players? Coach Garner here from hockeytraining.com. In this video, I wanna run you through a body weight only, no equipment needed, limited space speed workout that you can do practically anywhere and still become a way faster hockey player on the ice. How it’s gonna work, Continue Reading

Morning 6 Pack Abs Routine with Pro Skater Boo Johnson

– What’s up, Elite THENX athletes, this is Chris. We’re out here in LA so you know I had to pop up on the homie. – My G, what’s the deal it’s Boo Johnson. – We’re at Boo Johnson’s place and I’m gonna drop in on his morning routine. We’re Continue Reading