Addy Comes Home from Camp

(gentle music) – All right, kiddos, I’ll see you later. Big huggies. Big huggies, oh, you be good, okay? – Okay. – Be good for Daddy and Grandma and Aunt Karen. Bye, Miss Maya. Give me huggies. – Bye. – [Lucy] You be good too, okay? – [Maya] Okay. – Continue Reading

Avery Visits 🐎 Horseback Riding & Exploring the Creek !!!

– Addy’s buddy Avery is in town visiting us from Phoenix, and we are here today at the place where Addy does her horseback riding lessons, and the girls are going to do a lesson together. (country music) So, Addy this is Chef, right? – Yep. – That’s who you’re Continue Reading