Jimmy Takes a Wild Ride | Yellowstone Season 1 | Paramount Network

– That horse will make a hand out of someone – That’s a good idea I’ll be right back. Hey Jimmy go ahead and put that down (tape stretching) – I don’t know nothin about horses! – Now you’re getting a crash course Jimmy. – Should I pet him? – Continue Reading

‘Walker Shows Beth How to Ride ‘Em Out’ Feat. Ryan Bingham | Yellowstone | Paramount Network

How’s that feel? I think you’re three seconds away from being pepper sprayed. Yeah, well that’s what that horse is thinking when you get on him. Come on. Tell me how that feels. It don’t feel bad. How about that? Feels like you’re scared. Mm-hmm (affirmative). How about that. Feels Continue Reading

Jimmy Gets a Lesson in Riding | Yellowstone | Paramount Network

Point your belt buckle to the sky, keep your eyes on the top of the barn, open up your feet, say “Whoa.” Jefferson’s one of my favorite actors on the show. Jimmy’s one of my favorite characters. Walker has a bit of a soft spot for him, even though he Continue Reading