Yoga For Snowboarding – How To Do Tree Pose With Emilien Badoux

Hi! I’m Emilien Badoux. Welcome to my yoga lessons designed to improve your snowboarding. Concentration and balance are fundamental elements of snowboarding. Today, I’ll be teaching you the Tree pose to help you improve both. Stare at a point straight in front of you. Inhale. Place your foot above your Continue Reading

Yoga For Snowboarding – How To Do Boat Pose

Hi! I’m Emilien Badoux Welcome to my yoga lessons designed to improve your snowboarding. Your legs aren’t the only parts of your body absorbing shocks when you ride. Your abdominal muscles support your upper body and protect your back, which is why the Boat pose is important. Sit down with Continue Reading

THE AXEL JUMP ❤ How To Figure Skate

Hi guys and welcome back to my channel today We are going to be doing another skating video today the axel jump which was super highly requested so I’m just going to be sharing some tips and tricks that will help and improve your axel and Hopefully allow you to Continue Reading

Yoga For Hikers | Post Hike Stretches for Tired Legs

hey guys welcome back today I have a post hike yoga class for you so I actually backpacked up here and my hips are tight and so this class is really just all about the hips and stretching through the body all those muscles that get tight while you’re out Continue Reading

The biathalon of snow sports – Ski jumping and cross-country skiing collide

I think I started skiing when i was two or three years old. Since then, I’ve been following my brother. Slowly but surely we started cross country skiing, and then ski jumping afterwards. Everything begun from there. Let’s just say- ever since I started to walk, I also started to Continue Reading

Swimming Stuffies: Kids Breathing Exercises

This is Greer demonstrating swimming stuffies, a lovely tool for teaching children how to inhale and exhale with belly breathing. So she is laying in corpse pose and we’ve placed a stuffed cow on her tummy. As she takes a deep inhale the cow will rise. As she exhales the Continue Reading

Yoga For Skaters | Yoga With Adriene

– What’s up dudes and dudettes? Welcome to Yoga With Adriene. I’m Adriene and this is Benji and today we have an awesome yoga for skaters or yoga for skateboarders. So this is obviously great for anyone who skates professionally or just for fun but this can also be wonderful Continue Reading

Nipsey Hussle Rates Naked Yoga, Vanilla Ice, and Cheetos Chopsticks | Over/Under

(upbeat drum music) (drum roll) – Aww to not get the Hot Cheetos shit on your hands. That’s underrated for sure you know what I’m saying? You know once you eat some Hot Cheetos you can guarantee you about to accidentally brush it your clothes or something ’cause you can Continue Reading

Lilachham Vanma (In The Greenwoods) – 3D Animation

Glory be to Lord Swaminarayan ! Hey… The supreme Lord- Shree Swaminarayan… …manifested on this globe, Hey…A mukta (a liberated soul) became Manki (Lord Swaminaryan’s mare)… Hey… to serve the almighty God. Hey… Mohan (Lord) mounted on the Manki with a leap, Rotated the Manki… …Hey… to captivate my mind… Continue Reading