How to Mirror Shine Your Shoes

Hi I’m Kirby Allison founder of The Hanger Project, and the purpose of this video is to show you how to create a high gloss mirror shine in three basic steps using the Saphir Medaille D’Or mirror gloss polish. A proper mirror shine is arguably one of the most difficult Continue Reading

Zebra vs Horses: Animal Domestication

Sheep… weren’t always this fluffy. We fluffy-fied them by breeding the fluffiest in each generation. This is domestication: sculpting wild animals for better human use. As we saw in Part 1, for early man, animals were powerful tools …food, clothing, transportation, tractors. Yet, though there were animals everywhere, only a Continue Reading

DINOSAUR EGG hidden in our backyard!! Adley and Dad after work routine

– Do you guys think Adley can jump over me? (drum bangs) (laughter) That was so scary! (Adley babbles, giggles) – I’m on my belly! – [Dad] You are! – (Adley yells) – Hi, everybody! – Hi, everybody! – Did you have a good day? – Yeah. – What’d you Continue Reading

Horse Care & Riding : How to Care for a Horse in a Pasture

When caring for a horse living in a pasture, it’s important to remember a number of basic health needs, that still have to be met. First of all, you need to set up a schedule of vaccinations, with your vet, and make sure that you have proper care of the Continue Reading

Mongolian National Park Horse Riding Tours with Stone Horse Expeditions and Travel

Hi, my name is Mergen. I am director of Wagner Asia Automotive, Ford and Landrover Dealer in Mongolia. I went, and I am currently still on a trip, the tailend of a horseback riding trek through Gorkhi Terelj National Park with Keith, Sabine and Stone Horse Mongolia crew. Its been Continue Reading

Cowboys in Calgary

what’s up you ever been here no cuz I’m showing you for the first time this is beauty you ever see beauty like this before no it’s like looking in your mother’s eye for the first time when you were born you don’t remember that I’m reminding you of real Continue Reading

Copying in Maths Exam – Danish Sait Prank Call 84

Hello, May I please speak with Sanjana. Yes. My name is Joseph Chacko. I’m calling from the CBSE education board. Yeah This is with regard to that online petition that you have filed saying that the math paper was very difficult. Yes Sir So what is the problem Sanjana. Sir Continue Reading


(laughing) – [Missy] He wants his sword back. – Get away from me, get away from me! (shouting) (clicking noise) (laughing) – [Missy] Why do you always have to bring a gun to this fight? (“This is home” by Bryan Lanning) – Good morning. – Good morning, boys. Where are Continue Reading