God’s Pp Book & Handwriting

Hello! Here is today’s lesson plan: Sing God’s Letter Sound Song. Read “God’s Pp Book” and handwriting with Handwriting Hank. Check out our Pictorial Video Presentation of “God’s Letter Sound Song” – the song we’re going to sing today. It looks like this. I keep mentioning it and I hope Continue Reading

How to Ride a Horse in the Western Style : How to Speed Up a Horse While Riding Western Style

Hi, I’m Kelli on behalf of Expert Village. I’m going to show you some tips and techniques that I use when using transitions in the western style riding. A really really training technique that you can do is just do transitions in sections so for example, we are going to Continue Reading

Proper Helmet Fit: Meredith Manor’s Tip of the Week

Hey Becca, ready to ride? Alright, let’s go. Whoa girls, whoa! What is wrong with this picture? Nothing, we have everything we need. We have boots and helmets. But do your helmets fit correctly? Sure, they’re on our heads. Let’s talk about helmet fit. Welcome to Meredith Manor’s Tip of Continue Reading

Paardrijden- Wat heb je nodig bij paardrijden?

Hello all of you! Welcome too horse riding with fun! My name is Destiny! I started this channel to help people who like to start with horse riding and for people who want to know more about it. In this movie I will explain what kind of equipment you need Continue Reading

Horseback Guided Rides | ACE Adventure Resort

(Riding horses in the hills of West Virginia’s New River Gorge is a fun family trip.) (This video shows you why people always have a great on ACE’s trails, barn-none!) This is Louise. She and I met up at the stables this morning and took a walk out through a Continue Reading

Horse Riding in Every Country | Equestrian Adventuresses

Hi, I’m Krystal Kelly and today I’m gonna answer the question: How to find horse riding tours in every country? So what we’ve done at Equestrian Adventuresses: We put all together for you a handy dandy catalog! It’s for free! You download it on the website. The link is gonna Continue Reading

Piper Breeches by SmartPak – Silicone Grip Full Seat Review

SARAH: Hi. I’m Sarah from Marketing and today I’m reviewing the Piper Breeches by SmartPak in the Silicone Grip Full Seat style. They really are too fun to have just one. We have great color combinations like this one where it features the really bright pops of turquoise. You have Continue Reading

Fashion Design for Pants & Bottoms : Fashion Design for Riding Pants

These are riding pants as I call them. I’m not sure if I’m even calling them correctly, but this is my show so they’re riding pants and they’re a variation on jumpers except we don’t have the funny hip sticky out parts as you would on a pair of jumpers, Continue Reading