How To Perform a Figure Skating Spiral ft. Anna Cappellini | Olympians’ Tips

(HOW TO…) Hi, I’m Anna Cappellini from the Italian Ice Sports Federation. Today I’m going to show you how to do an angel. (ANGEL) (BASICS) It’s better to start learning this movement in a straight line and possibly with a friend to give you a hand. You need to keep Continue Reading

A Day In The Life Of A Cirque du Soleil Artist

My name is Sophie, I’m from Sweden and I’m here as a freestyle skater. So a typical workday: you wake up, you set on the coffee machine first thing, for sure. And here we actually, we go by bus transportation to a separate venue because we need the ice, right. Continue Reading

Caillou Learns How to Ice Skate! ❄️⛸ #CaillouHolidayFun | Caillou Full Episodes ADVERTISEMENT

– [Narrator] Hi parents. This video is an advertisement for Caillou’s Holiday Toy Box. Visit to learn more. The weather was getting colder and Caillou and his friends knew that soon it would be winter. They also knew that every year during the winter, an ice skating rink was Continue Reading

Roller skating first time! Skate Tiffany’s! Roller Skating & Family Fun Center ok4kidstv video 55

Roller skating first time! Skate Tiffany’s! Roller Skating & Family Fun Center ok4kidstv video 55 slowly what do you think can you do it can you do it whoa okay go slowly one thing how come he can’t stand up therefore well overweight ready you don’t want directions just going Continue Reading


it’s not even cold out I’m wearing a beanie it’s like 52 degrees… not that cold anyways we’re going a skate palace today for a cast party outfit of the day…..all right it’s not that interesting what’s your outfit of the day yes oh wait we’re just felt fun hey Continue Reading


here’s my skate setup from the marathon Olá YouTube my name is ricardo lino and I’m a wheel addict . i’m back in South Africa and I gotta see if I still I’m gonna try to see if I still know these works I haven’t been in the studio for Continue Reading

Adam’s Review-Atomic Vantage 97 TI Skis

Hi I’m Adam and I was just skiing on the Atomic Vantage 97 Ti. Titanium Tank Mesh in this guy, so its got some metal in it, its a lot of power. It’s got a lot of back bone to it, but you really don’t need to ski it at Continue Reading