(intro) Hello, everyone, it’s Molly here for another video, and if the lighting looks different it’s because it is basically my ring light is doing something funky and there’s decent natural daylight out right now so I don’t know how it’s going to look. Let me know if you like Continue Reading

7 Most Devious Girls of the Last Century

From a crime of passion to a carefully-planned murder, here are the 7 most devious girls of the last century. Number 7 Michele Avila For almost three years the murder of Michele Avila was believed to have been perpetrated by a group of young men. On October 2, 1985, the Continue Reading

Record Breaking Limbo Skater: 6-year-old Skates Under 39 Cars

COMM: Balanced just inches from the floor, this tiny six-year-old has taken the limbo skating world by storm. COMM: Now Gagan Satish, from Karnataka near Bangalore, is waiting to be confirmed the world’s best. COMM: Gagan took up the sport after his parents Hema and Rajanna Satish bought him a Continue Reading

What age should you break a horse to drive? Immature horses etc.

Seren is a three year old mare that we broke to drive. Although she is going happily in single out on the roads, in a rubber bit, in our opinion she needs to go home and physically mature before starting a full driving career. At the moment her quarters are Continue Reading

Horse And Baboon Are Animal Best Friends

00:05 COMM: They may seem like unlikely friends but Jericho the horse is perfectly happy to let this baboon laze on his back while they both soak up the sun. 00:20 COMM: These working horses and wild baboons live side by side in the fields next to the Monkey Land Continue Reading

Erica Mena Can’t Keep Her 🍑 In Her Pants 😂 | Wild ‘N Out | #TalkinSpit 💦

– You know how it goes, we gon’ have some Wild ‘n Out girls bring out chairs, some water, and some buckets out here, and myself. (applause drowns out voice) Gonna sit down in chairs, fill our mouths up with water and each team member is going to get the Continue Reading

Tiny Horse: Cute Steed Suffers From Dwarfism

00:10 COMM: Acer, the three-year-old miniature horse is about to be the smallest horse in Britain at just 22 inches tall. 00:20 MAUREEN: Normal miniature is 34 and under and Acer is 22. so he’s a miniature miniature. 00:28 COMM: The tiny equine is so small that owner Maureen lets Continue Reading