How to 50 50 a Rail on a Snowboard – Snowboarding Tricks

Welcome to Snowboardprocamp This is Kevin and I’m a snowboard coach in Whistler, BC Here are some tips to help you 50/50 a down rail There are a few tricks you want to have mastered before attempting a down rail: 50/50 s on a down box Box a gap to Continue Reading

How to Backside 180 in the Park – Snowboarding Tricks Goofy

What’s up guys? Kevin here from SnowboardProCamp. In this video I’m going to teach you how to backside 180 in the terrain park. 180’s are the first spin you want to learn in the park and the first trick where you land switch. I’m going to break down each part Continue Reading

How to Method Grab on a Snowboard – Snowboarding Tricks

What’s up guys? This is Kevin from In this video I want to teach you how to do a method grab. Methods are one of my favorite grabs to do, they are super fun, especially if you can really tweak them out. There are four parts of the method Continue Reading

How To Stale, Cuban & Christ Grab On Skis

You got your basic grabs, it’s time to tweak them and add some of your own style! Grabs that are tucked up are easier for flipping and grabs that are stretched out are easier for spinning. A Tail Grab that you grab the very tip on is known as a Continue Reading

Paragliding Techniques & Instruction for Beginners : How to Forward Launch a Paraglider

Welcome again to I’m Patrick Eaves with Wingenvy Paragliding. In this clip, I’m going to be showing you how to forward launch a paraglider. The first steps in forward launching a paraglider are making sure to lay out your wing in a nice symmetrical pattern exactly straight into the Continue Reading

How To Backside 180 On A Snowboard

Backside 180s are another iconic trick which can be seen in many a video part from the start of snowboarding to now. A Backside spin is when you approach a jump your normal way and spin so your back is facing forward during the first 90 degrees of the spin. Continue Reading

How to Heel Slide on a Snowboard – How to Snowboard

This is Kevin from In this beginner series video I’ll show you how to slide on your snowboard on the heel edge. Sliding on your heels is the first thing you want to practice, with both feet strapped into your snowboard. Heel sliding allows you to control your speed Continue Reading

How To 180 Nose Roll On A Snowboard

180 Nose Rolls. Nose Rolls are another buttering trick where you don’t actually balance in a pressed position. While riding, jump a Frontside 180 landing switch and when comfortable jump a Switch Frontside 180 to land back regular. Now try the exact same movement of a Frontside 180 and a Continue Reading

Beginner Snowboarding Stance Tips

So a good stance is to be balanced nice bent knees Spread your legs out, so your your width of your stance should be about the width of your shoulders, so just like that and then if you keep both your feet pointed forward like this that’s a neutral zero Continue Reading