13 thoughts on “Tara Lipinski – 1998 United States Figure Skating Championships, Ladies’ Short Program

  1. I love that she skates for quite some time, and performs several beautiful elements, prior to performing her jump combination. I hate when skaters rush right from their opening pose directly into the combination.

  2. I believe that she did not want to peak too soon. Just like Evan Lysacek in 2010, she did not need to win this. She just needed to make the team and she did. She wanted to peak at the Olympics and she did.

  3. judges wanted Michelle to be first and Tara gave them their wish with her fall. Tara was world champion but the USFSA wanted Michelle to be positioned as the clear favorite going into the Olympics. Tara would have been 2nd here even if she hadn't fallen.

  4. good for Tara. Career goal met. True champion skater ? NO WAY. She was nothing but a tiny little flea-like jumpbot in skates.

  5. I'm glad she redeemed herself at the Olympics by landing the Triple Flip during her short program. That was such a joyous moment when she did it.

  6. Did Tara ever skate to anything but soundtracks? Hated the way she was packaged. Her skating had it's flaws like everyone…really wish she would have stuck around longer to see how she would have done the next couple of seasons.

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