Taskmaster – Paint A Horse While Riding A Horse

Taskmaster – Paint A Horse While Riding A Horse

Uh-oh. Oh. Hi. Oh, hello, Kate. I love the smell of manure. It reminds me of my childhood. Is that poop? Oh, yeah. Paint the best picture of
a horse whilst riding a horse. You may only paint when
your horse is in motion. So, wait a minute. That means I have
to ride a horse? Yeah. How is your horse riding? It’s not good. Happy getting you on a horse? Uh… Yeah, why not? Am I going to be strapped in? Strapped in? Yeah. I don’t think so. No. Let’s do it. Let’s ride a horse. Good luck. Thanks. [ Cheering and applause ] Now we’re going to see
everyone except for Freddie paint on a horse. Oh, that’s excellent. Alex, how do you
make the color brown? I’d probably just use brown. Yeah, well you didn’t
give me brown. You’re painting Ebony there. Ebony? Beautiful name
for a beautiful horse. Are you enjoying yourself? Oh, are we running a little?
Oh, my God. Okay, there we go. Well, I’ve lost Ebony. There we go,
that’s a horse face. You’re not looking
at the model. Oh, yeah, I forgot.
My bad. Yah. We’re going to run? Okay, okay, whoa, what, what? How’s your painting going? Huh? It’s good. I think I got a lot
of paint on me. I forgot what the challenge is. Ow, ooh, oh, ah, oh.
I just peed. [ Laughter ] You guys know it’s not easy
to paint on a horse? I’m never having children, now. I mean, I’m a natural. That looks like a horse. A green one. It’s abstract, you douchebag. [ Laughter, cheering, applause ] What is a douchebag?
We don’t have them. Is it a good thing? Not in that context because,
as you know, I freaking hate you. Yes. Before you see the pictures,
I should tell you that Ron spent four times as long on the horse
as anyone else. Wow. I mean, if you’re going to
give me a free horse ride I’m going to take advantage. Okay, so strap yourselves in. These are the four horses. I think Dillon did
an interesting job because it’s kind of like
a Transformers robot. Yeah. Dinosaur? Do you want to look
at Ron’s close up? Beautiful. Yeah, so what I notice
immediately, it’s like you’ve just ordered
a hamburger in your wrapper, and you look down,
and you’re like, “Oh, it kind of looks like some
kind of a animal of some sort.” You get what I was going for. It’s very good and very… Yeah, you can stop talking. It’s a… Kate’s looks a bit like a horse,
which is good because it’s Kate. Yeah. What I like about Kate’s
is that some of the paint is running off of the page, which indicates that it’s
bleeding in to our own reality, which is interesting. There’s one picture left. There’s the weeping horse
of Lisa Lampanelli. I like that her and horse
has the same dye job. Yes, yes, yes.

63 thoughts on “Taskmaster – Paint A Horse While Riding A Horse

  1. Kinda off-topic: Why are girls so obsessed with horses when they're young? Like every girl in primary school was a "horse-girl"

  2. Not only was this not funny, but Jesus Christ could they not have found a place that showed a small amount of respect the horses? Bits are bad enough, esp for an activity where it clearly isn’t necessary, then add not removing the halter? Comedy Central get a consultant to help you not fuck up like this again please.

  3. I think girls make good horse riders but guys have a terrible disadvantage. The one time I rode a horse all I remember is pain and regret. My balls took a genuine beating that day.

  4. I noticed how the US audience is so different from the UK audience. In the UK, the audience would just clap; in the US, they whoop.

    I don't like that, and I've just figured out why.
    Clapping is fine; it sounds like the rain. It's a polite and consistent showing of approval.
    Whooping is annoying; it sounds like a siren. It has a connotation of emergency and is not pleasant to listen to.

  5. this was so weird. the whole time i was thinking, "why is the taskmaster not bullying the shit out of them?"

  6. Looking at this and the basketball one, I'm convinced they're working from a script made from the British version – "How do you make brown", "These aren't gloves", even excluding one person from the horse task and someone attempting to kick the ball through the hoop a la Nish.

  7. They have run this task in every country’s Taskmaster. There is always one bugger who won’t get on the horse.

  8. These American contestants seem more annoying. This show works best with Sarcastic British people rather than over the top Americans trying to be funny

  9. Get rid of the ready-to-cheer-at-anything audience and get a new host who's capable of being satirical (just ship someone from the UK), this version would still be serviceable. The guests are very American but can still be funny from time to time. Having said that, taking the mick out of failing attempts is a fundamental British mentality. Americans prefer looking smart than having a laugh. Ironically, Americans are stereotyped as the more casual lot.

  10. The only way we would appreciate an American comedian in this format is to invite one to the UK version…Bill Burr would be my first choice.

  11. someone on another clip summed it up perfectly in the comments
    task- meh- ster…..
    what a dogs breakfast
    stick to the uk version

  12. "Kate's one looks a 'bit' like a horse" " *WOOOOOP!! * "

    I mean fuck me I dread to think how these cunts would react if they were to actually hear genuine praise

  13. The woman insulting Alex Horn is so ill-spirited. The show has a very bad vibe because of it. Kind of ruins the whole thing for me.

  14. I have to say, I was a little skeptical having seen the British original and loving it, but this is somewhat enjoyable. It's like they picked random UK challenges instead of giving the US version any unique qualities, but it is still humorous. Reggie Watts doesn't seem to enjoy himself, he looks permenantly depressed I think whilst judging, and he is a tad boring and too complimentary towards the contestants. To complete the US version, I think Greg Davies is the one and only taskmaster and should go With Alex Horne to host US taskmaster. Also, why must the Americans Whoop? Its almost painful for people in the UK to hear random whooping. We don't experience spontaneous whooping, and I see that as a good thing. Ban whooping from the audience,and those who choose to whoop in the audience anyway should be publicly shamed, taken out of their seat, and sent home

  15. Do UKTV at least get credit for the idea/music/ONE OF THE SAME BLOODY TASKS AS THE UK VERSION that the US used in this version?

  16. You have to move wíth the horse, in order to avoid 'bumping and being shaken' around on the saddle.
    As a child I did Voltige and that involved standing on a (with large steps, so the movements were less bumpy) gallopping horse with nothing to hold onto and then we had to "make a cup of tea" and mimic the gestures of tea-making, while focussing on the horse at the same time, just as a training.

  17. I think the main reason this doesnt work is the dynamic between alex and the presenter doesnt work. The host needs to be more authoritative and controlling towards alex to really make the show work but i admit its not awful.

  18. The reason why the UK version is so much better is because everyone in it has excellent chemistry with one another due to being on the same circuit, as much as I love Alex he just doesn't know the American comedians as well as he knows the brits so he can't be as funny (although imo he does still carry the series). Also his chemistry with Greg is unmatched so they need to either have Greg be the taskmaster or find an American alex

  19. It is always difficult to replicate, but that "taskmaster" is too chilled out – he doesn't really add anything different to the contestants, has no chemistry with alex and doesn't demand the respect greg has.

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