Teach Your Kid To Ride A Bike – How To Ride A Balance Bike

Teach Your Kid To Ride A Bike – How To Ride A Balance Bike

Hello again and as promised, here’s the
follow-up to our previous video, “Give Me a Guide on How to Buy Kids Bike”
and hopefully today, we’re going to teach you how
to teach your child to ride a bike. Now, this is my son Jude. He’s two and a
half years old and he’s already got some experience of using a balance bike which
is how he came to win the Under-3 Giro d’Italia this year. However, he hasn’t got
the technique down on how to actually pedal one and that’s what we’re going
to try and teach him today. Hopefully, combine the two. Wish me luck. Now, we would always recommend that you
start your child with a balance bike even if they’re two and a half years old or
eight years old. Of course, you can’t get balance bikes for eight
years old but what you can do is take the pedals off, lower the saddle right down,
and make sure their able to get their feet flat on the floor because that will give
them the most amount of confidence. If you start them with stabilizers like
this, it means they get used to just being able to stay upright without actually
having to balance which means they have to learn the whole technique from
scratch once you take them off. If you get your kids into riding very,
very young, there are some balance bikes like this one that don’t have
any brakes but if you do get one with brakes like this one here which he’s been
using, it’s a good idea to teach them to use them before they actually get on. That
way, if they do start to get out of control or speed up too much, they’ll know
how to slow down. To do that, by putting them next to the bike and get
them to just grab the brake on and off so that they’ll know that that slows the bike
down. So once you’ve got your child set up on the bike, you’ve made sure that their
feet are able to go flat on the floor, and they’re fairly confident, it’s time to
set them off. So, find a flat bit of either tarmac or soft grass, not too soft
though because you want to make sure that the wheels are allowed to move
around then go along with them. Just help them support underneath their
arms here which is something you can grab if they do start to lose balance but never
hold on to the handlebars because it’s important that they get the feel of
that because that will then later help them balance. It’s really important to
remember that your child needs to enjoy the experience. If they obviously don’t
want to do it or they get visibly tired, then it’s time to give them a rest and
come back to it another time. Once you feel that they’ve started to get
more comfortable and confident on the bike and it’s time to let them go on their own,
don’t do anything too drastic like major downhills but if you get some very slight
gradual downhills either a flat one or a slight uphill which is going
to slow them down, they’re going to start to get a little bit
speed up and that’s the point that potentially, they can start to lift their
feet off the ground and really get the hang of that balance. Right, go on Jude. You go on your own.
Put your feet up. ♪ [music] ♪ Careful, feet up, feet up. Good boy. ♪ [music] ♪ Yeah, good boy. ♪ [music] ♪ So as you can see, Jude’s got the balance
pretty well down. I’ve been teaching him for a good few months but he hasn’t got
the technique of pedaling so I have put these stabilizers on because he’s already
got that balance behind him and hopefully over the next 10 to 15 minutes, maybe 2
hours, I’m going to teach him how to pedal this bike whilst his got the balance
and get a little bit of strength in these legs. Go on and pedal, pedal. That’s it.
That’s it. Good boy. Good boy. Join us soon for our next video where we
will show Jude taking the final steps in the process of learning to ride a bike. Being able to ride a bike at a young age
is, in our opinion of course, one of life’s essential skills. With so
many different makes, types, and sizes of bikes in
the market, it can…

98 thoughts on “Teach Your Kid To Ride A Bike – How To Ride A Balance Bike

  1. In my experience, you should skip the training wheels if the kid is comfortable on the balance bike. The training wheels do not allow leaning into a turn. Just make sure the kid can place the feet on the ground when sitting on the saddle.

  2. my dad teach me very well 🙂 he asked me to keep my feet spread out to the sides (normal bike) and then he walked behind me and kept me standing, then he told me to put my feet on the pedals, and if i would fall, he catches me, in a few weeks, i learn how to do it <3 thx dad

  3. Great video.  Thanks for posting.  Question, is there an "appropriate" age to introduce a balance bike?  My son's a little over 2 years old (26 months).  Thanks again.

  4. How long would I need to leave the stabilizers on to get them used to peddling when transitioning to a peddle bike?

  5. 20 and i still dont know how to ride… not that ive even been trying 😐 cant wait for my road bike to come so i can learn 😀

  6. a 3 year old can ride a bike better then me and im turning 11 tomorrow and im scared to even get on it… And my butt hurts…

  7. I watched this to see how you learned youre child ride a bicycle and not to learn it my own childeren because I don't have them

  8. I was thought with the side wheels slightly raised… so i still had a safety net but to ride comfortably i still had to balance.

  9. I was about 8 when I learned. There was this rusty iron horse bike in my house that was about 4 inches shorter than me a full sized bike. And to get on I would get a chair and hop on it, to get off I crash into a wall. After I learned to ride it I slowly started to work my way I get off of the bike. 10 years later I'm still riding that Same bike today:) but I cleaned it up so no more rust ;D

  10. LOVE THIS VIDEO . used this on my boy and over 1 weekend he is DONE.

    Riding like a pro (ish) …

    Thanks SO MUCH

  11. This video says "Of course you can't get balance bikes for 8 year olds."  Actually, the Go Glider company makes a 16" wheel model for kids in sizes 5 to 10 and they also make an adult version.  Just wanted to comment since we just started my 5 year old (size 8 clothes) on one.

  12. "We always recommend that you start your child with a balance bike, even if they are 2 1/2 years old or 8 years old. Of course, you can't get balance bikes for 8 year olds."

    We absolutely agree but there are balance bikes for kids of all ages (even 8 year olds).  Look for a 16" or 20" balance bike made by TykesBykes, Glide Bikes and Strider Sports.

  13. So where is the next video? Did the kid actually learn to ride a bike with pedals and no stabilisers at the age of 2,5? My son is 3 and very good on a balance bike and I was considering buying him a bigger balance bike. Or should I get him a bike with pedals?

  14. Hey +Global Cycling Network, So Dan…. Does Jude (how ever you spell it), know you were with the Cervelo Test Teamhahaha

  15. Where can you buy a Giro or TdF jersey for kids that young? I would love to purchase some for my kiddos. My 3-year old daughter, who's currently learning to ride her balance bike, loves to wear my cycling jerseys as heir night gown. TIA

  16. Valuable information and excellent tips that will help the kids to learn balance efficiently and quickly.

  17. Fantastic video! We chose the Kazam balance bike and our kids really love it! Even though they could ride a real bike, they choose the balance bike some of the time b/c it's so much fun!

  18. I'm 12 and I've taught my younger brother and sister how to ride their bikes starting with training wheels. Is that good???

  19. As a kid I had to learn how to ride a bike without training wheels or whatever. Even though I would fall on my ass a lot but I eventually learned by myself and became pro

  20. My dad made us start with a scooter. Not one of those modern city scooters, but a proper children scooter with a front brake and air tires. We never ever used the balancers included with our first bike. Sure, I landed on my face once, bleeding a lot, but who doesn't. For me it was the perfect way to get my balance and learn how to ride a bike.

  21. Fantastic demo! Thank you! My son always wants to go for a ride on "Daddy's bike" in his child seat which I have on the rear rack of my old fart Roam 2 made by Giant. No slap meant toward the bike. It's a fantastic hybrid that suits my needs for carrying a baby on the back rack in his seat. These tips have helped him ride solo as he still is apprehensive to crank his tricycle pedals. A cool thing about cycling is that is contagious, and that your little ones catch the fever. I looked at some previous comments on kid's bikes. I didn't have a balance bike when I was a tike but I found myself on a sponsored BMX bike by Mongoose when I was 11. Riding a bike is pure fun. I think that it's good to let your kids in on it fast.

  22. When I was 9 there were no strider bikes like this. I used to ride my neighbor's bicycle I fell many time but I never stopped trying and my hard work pays off. Here I'm a rider now!!

  23. I watching your show because I have a bike with training wheels and I don't know how to ride it wo out training

  24. You don't need to teach your kid to ride a balance bike. They'll figure it out on their own. OK, i did give my daughter two, maybe three pushes when I first gave her the balance bike, but that's it. I bought it for her at 18 months. The two or three pushes scared her and I didn't want her to be scared of the bike. So I let it go forever, but she loved the bike!

    What happened next? She loved the bike to the point of wanting to see it in the bedroom as she fell asleep. She would ride the bike around inside the house, we let her do it. This went on for a year. Mostly, she'd sit on it while watching cartoons, picking up one leg, then the other, checking the balance.

    18 months later, she ran into the house saying, "Daddy Daddy, come look outside. I followed her out and she demonstrated she could ride the bike down the hill of our driveway. Well done, I said, "well done!"

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  26. Wonderful video! The gentleman has a superb delivery and an absolutely delightful way of explaining. Incidentally, the information is accurate, valid, practical and useful. Thanks, mate.


  28. I bought excellent handbook from woodprix website. Just google woodprix and start your journey to the better life

  29. Thank you for this great video! Would anyone have tips what to do, if my (almost 3 y.o.) daughter does not understand that she has to SIT on the seat? Instead she just walks with her balance bike between her legs. And when I try to explain, she just says that she can't ride it and gives up. ( I have recently adjusted the seat a bit higher, will try if it helps over this weekend…)

  30. I'm 50 and I can still remember my old man shouting keep peddling!!!!! Then falling off😂 its something you always remember!!!👍

  31. Thanks for the info. Now I’ve we’ve got my son to ride his balance bike! Check my channel out, I recently posted a video of him.

  32. easy I can balance a bike and my cousin don't know how to balance a bike I have to teach my cousin balance a bike

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