Oh, good boy! See! Yes you just walked on water See you’re a natural. Ah, good day everyone, and welcome to today’s video. Santy Claus himself. This is a lil furry little hat. Umm so Storm was getting annoying so I ended up just skinning him, and turned him into a lil Santa hat cause you know gotta be in the Christmas spirit you know just kidding, I would never He’s over here with the piggles … with the piggies Yeah, yeah I’m just hanging on the mirror. I like the mirror it’s nice and cool. Cool for the summer. Cool for the winter. Um so just eating some breakfast. These are some buckwheat pancakes with some strawberries, and some maple syrup. And Mr. Wolfy wants some don’t yah Oh! get in focus, there you go Uh, not sure what’s going on today. I think it’s going to be a lot of like… filming stuff. because I got so much stuff at Target that I never ended up filming And I wanna film some like Christmas themed videos so probably gonna do that. Uh, but yeah. I’ll stay out a little bit. Oh it’s nice and warm. (splashing) Hi buddy! There’s a good boy. Do you wanna come swimming too? Come on in! Daniel: I don’t think he’ll jump down J: (laughing) Come on! I think he will. He’s brave. (Storm whines) J: (mock whines) Come on! Get in the pool, get in the pool, come on, come on Wolf’s like ‘Uh you really don’t wanna do it’. Both: come on in here, come on (splashing) J: Haha, he’s like I wanna get in but I’m also really scared to jump in, um. Look at Wolfy’s in here, he’s like uh-oh, haha Come on, I know it’s so leafy in here D: It’s ’cause that storm was here J: Hello for a big old storm. I wanna see if he can swim just in case he’s out here and falls in the water we wanna make sure he can swim ok. Right buddy? D: What do you want me to do with these treats? J: I think if we like just put him in right here he’ll be fine. M’kay, … I love how we just washed him. Buddy we’re just gonna put you in right here in the shallow end, it’s gonna be okay. D: Storm, c’mere J: Oh nice little treat for you D: Can we sit, c’mon sit, ay ay, what did we learn yesterday? Sit. He’s like Bitch I’m outside, it don’t matter. Sit. J: Oh good boy, yeah he’s a smart one, you’re a good boy too, you’re a very good boy too. (plane noises) Wolf you’re in the way I can’t see can’t see uhhh do you like the water ? Do you like the water? Wolf get out of the way! Aww look at you Oh my god that’s so freaking cute! lil white husky in the pool storm come here! (lip smack 2x) aww is it nice? stormy He’s like, eh, I wanna get out Aww! Your sweet, your so cute storm come here! Come on, get in the water! come on boy! Get in the water! So, I prefer, outside I prefer to be dry Look at his legs Good boy! Ok, were taking him into the pool. crazy Do you wanna swim? Come swimming! Come swimminins Aww Just put his little feet in good boy see! See, your a natural! Your a natural! Natural born swimmer He’s like, I just had a bath though What? Aww Aww your in! Your in the water! He’s doing really well Yeah I don’t think he really knows whats going on When you hole him he’s really calm So, His paws are digging in Aww But he looks very calm Yeah he is, he knows he’s safe Um, the women who uh we got him from had like this coy pond at her house. And, she said that he would just hop in. And try to case them He knows how to swim Ok Good boy! Oh my god! Such a good boy! Oh, ok so this is where Wait we need to film him trying to get out Ok, so you go this way You swim over here. I’ll hold his stomach. You swim this way! Good boy! And this is the way out here, ok buddy? These are the steps, so if you ever jump in… or Wolf pushes you in Oh my god! He’s so furry! Look at him C’mon! come here! C’mon Wolf, aww good boy He’s just showing off He’s jealous C’mon Wolf He look’s like a little cat

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