Team CCC Truck Tour | Behind The Scenes At The Tour de France 2019

Team CCC Truck Tour | Behind The Scenes At The Tour de France 2019

(electronic music) – I’m at the Tour de France
and I’m excited because our mates at Cadex have
helped get us a behind the scenes look inside the
CCC team mechanics truck. So, we’re going to go inside
and have a look, but before I do and show you all the cool
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and, well, it’s free. Let’s go in. (upbeat music) (laughing) Well, check this out. (upbeat music) It’s really nice in here, it’s actually, well it’s probably nicer
than most people’s houses, to be honest. It’s got a really nice carpet,
the CCC logo on the bottom. And, the first thing to note
about this truck is that it has these side sponsors that come out, and this is controlled by
a panel on the wall here that’s kind of like an
iPad built into the wall. Using this they can control
lots of systems including widening the truck, and
it gives loads of space inside the truck. And the first question I
asked the mechanics was if one of the mechanics doesn’t
finish his work on time, and sort of gets stuck behind in the truck and the other mechanic starts
closing the truck down, does it come in from both sides like some kind of Indiana
Jones death room scenario? The answer is, no, there’s
still space for someone. I was quite disappointed by that. Anyway, there’s loads
of cool stuff in here. So, talking more about this
panel, it controls loads of systems, not just the things coming in, but also inside is fully air
conditioned, which is great if the mechanics are working
in a really hot environment, they can be nice and cool inside here. And, everything’s laid out, so
we’ve got all the new wheels from Cadex, which is the new
wheel sponsor of the CCC team. So we’ve got a mixture of different ones, we’ve got 42mm wheels,
and also the 65mm wheels, and these are a mixture of
rim brake and disc brake because some of the bikes they’re using, the Giant TCRs are rim brake, but they’re also using the
Propels which are disc brake, so quite a lot for the
mechanics to think about there. And on this side, we’ve got
the road bikes, and then on this side we’ve got,
well a couple of Propels, but also the time trial bikes, and then above the time trial bikes
are all the time trial wheels. So we’ve the new 4 spokes from Cadex. They look so cool. And then, there’s also
the disc wheels as well, and they’re sat out in pairs,
so we’ve got pairs of wheels, it’s a front runner rear in both cases, and then underneath there
we’ve got a big bin. Probably why it’s so tidy in
here, I mean this is certainly tidier than my bedroom. I’m quite embarrassed to admit. One of the reasons why
there’s so many sets of wheels in here is because
there’s different depths for different things, so as we
see with a lot of teams now, they on the flatter stages favor a deeper, more aerodynamic wheel, but
if it’s really, really windy or if they’re going in for the mountains, they use a shallower wheel. So, they’ve got the 65mm wheels for the more aero demanding
days, the flatter days, and then these 42mm Cadex
wheels for the hillier days. At the back of the truck here
is a really important piece of kit, and that is, the stereo. The team mechanics, when we go around to all the team trucks, they
always love having the radio on and listening to tunes when
they’re working on the bikes and cleaning them, and
yeah, it’s very nice of them to have turned it down while
we’re filming here right now, so thanks CCC team mechanics. There’s also some cool
bits of gadgetry here. This is a pump, right, that
is used with a pressure gage on it to inflate the tires,
and this is actually built in to a generator within the
team truck, so you just pull this lever and it inflates the tires. It’s got a gage on it so it’s
much easier than doing it with a hand pump. And this, I really want
one of these at my house when I’m cleaning bikes
’cause these are great. This is a little air gun, and
this is used to dry the bikes after they’ve been washed,
but also just blows away dirt and things and it makes
it look even cleaner. So if you’re cleaning a
bike, this is one of the ways in which pro mechanics get them looking absolutely mint every time. (air blowing) Some little notes that have been left by the mechanics here,
which is quite interesting. So, all the bikes are labeled
for the different riders of what they’ve got, so you
can see that Greg Van Avermaet, his number one race bike
he’s got that at home, and then his other one is in
a truck somewhere and one is in the truck here, and he’s
also got his time trial bike in the truck over here as well. SO they’ve all got multiple
bikes, quite interesting, all the different riders
that are in the tour. The CCC team bikes are black and white which is a really nice
contrast because the team kit is bright orange, so when
you have the orange riders on the black and white bikes, I think that looks quite smart. But, one rider doesn’t have
a black and white bike. It’s Greg Van Avermaet, ’cause he is the reigning
Olympic champion, so his gold custom painted
TCRs stand out, don’t they, against all the black and white bikes. And a little cool thing I’ve
spotted on the back wall where all the bike racks are
racked, is this little USB port with multiple plug sockets
on it for USB cables. And the reason for that is
because all the bikes have Dura Ace Di2 electronic group sets, for them to be charged when
they’re in the team truck to make sure that the
batteries never run flat during a stage. When they’re racked into the
team truck they can be charged and connected to the Di2 junction boxes. Nice. Mechanics of old never had
to do things like that, well they never had a mega truck
like this though, did they? (electronic music) So at the back here we’ve
got some bike stands for when the mechanics are
working on the bikes either in the truck where’s
plenty of space to do so, or outside as they do
when the weather’s nice like it is today, which
is good because it means we can film in here and
not get in their way. Now, there’s also a load of
really cool equipment over here. So we’ve got Park Tool
toolboxes down there and you’ll notice that the
riders all have name badges on their bikes, but the
mechanics have name stickers on their toolboxes. Mechanics are very very
protective after their tools, so it’s cool that each of the mechanics has got their particular Park toolbox. SO over here we’ve got a work bench area where more technical jobs
can do, another tool set, and a vise for clamping things and when you want to hit
something with a hammer. And some spare saddles
lurking over here as well. So these, well, this is overachieve badge, well, as we now know it
to be Cadex boost saddle with a carbon rail that
many of the riders are using and it’s now sponsored
equipment for the team. And then some of these drawers. So, these drawers have these
cool little magnetic latches that lock them so they don’t fall open when they’re driving around,
hairpins up outdoors, but let’s have a look
what’s in one of these. There’s a load of brake
pads and stuff in there. This is quite a cool drawer. Incredibly organized, so
we’ve got spare cleats and the different kinds of cleats, so different levels of float. We’ve got a box full of yellow ones. A box full of cleats with the red logos on so they don’t give any float. And then, all little bits and
spaces, giant speed sensors, spare headsets, spare
little computer mounts, junction boxes. I’ve never seen so many
Shimano chains, look at that. Loads of them. Over here we’ve got some
more cupboards with some bits and pieces in so I’m going to,
I’m not sure if I’m supposed to, but I’m going to have a cheeky look inside and see what’s in here. Rifle through their drawers. This box is full of, well
spare bars and stems. All sorts of bits. Some spare mounts for
competitors, spare handlebars in case they need to be replaced,
a spare Giant Propel stem in there, all sorts of bits. I’m really impressed at
how neat and tidy it is and how it’s all labeled. If I had a team truck it
would just be like a parts bin with just everything inside. And at the back of the
truck we’ve got the scales that seem to live here,
and this hanging down, so these are used for the mechanics so that they can weigh the bikes and make sure that they’re
just over the UCI limit so when the UCI comes and
weighs them, they don’t get, I don’t know, disqualified
or whatever happens when their bikes are under the UCI limit. But, they’re going to be getting some use because I just weighed Greg
Van Avermaet’s Giant TCR with the Cadex 65mm wheels in
it, it came out as 6.57 kilos. So the mechanics are going
to have to add a little bit of weight to it somehow. (upbeat music) I better get out of there
quick before the walls come in and crush me like Indiana Jones. Anyway, I hope you’ve enjoyed this look inside the CCC team truck. I certainly have, it’s the
nicest one I’ve been in today. And if you have then
please give it a thumbs up and share this video with your friends. To watch more Tour de
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