Tennessee Walking Horse Investigation Exposes Cruelty

Tennessee Walking Horse Investigation Exposes Cruelty

The exaggerated steps these horses are
taking is what trainers want and some will stop at nothing to achieve it that gait is called the big lick these are people who see horses as a
thing and they’re going to manipulate them and abuse them to get the result they want This abuse is known as soring soring involves the application caustic
chemicals including oil of mustard, Croton oil, diesel
fuel and other irritants that are applied to the pasterns or ankles of the horses feet These chemicals literally cooked into their skin over night the horse is allowed to wear up to a six ounce chain in the show ring and sometimes when in training, they’ll use a much heavier chain all that action, the chain hitting that sensitized tissue of the horses pastern causes extreme pain and causes the horse to lift his feet higher producing the desired gait or big lick that’s prized in the show room Jackie McConnell was on probation
during our investigation for his past transgressions of the law
this guy was continuing to operate he’s doing it under somebody else’s name
and he’s abusing these horses in some of the worst ways we’ve seen in
this industry I’ve been pretty good you ain’t have no complaints do you? it’s appalling, it’s cruel, and it’s illegal the longer that I worked the stable, I became more and more aware of just how much pain these horses were in every day they struggled really hard
just to get up from laying down but many times their suffering so much
they just couldn’t this angered the workers and made them
whip the horses violently and even drag them by their head Tennessee Walking Horses have a fantastic
temperament unfortunately some trainers take advantage of that Animals being used to entertain people, making money for the trainers and the owners and this is how we repay these horses? with cruelty and abuse? I’ve never seen horses in so much pain than I have at this training stable there’s something really awful at work here and if those spectators could see the true face of soaring, they’d be running these people out of the business

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    I'm gonna like idk it's horrible if I saw someone even yell at a horse I would I don't even know I would just slap the person I don't even want to live anymore because of this it's horrible

  2. This is stupid and so are you 😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😓😓😓😓 horses are great animals you should be whipped for laying in your bed you butwholes

  3. If I saw this happening, I would get a horse whip, chemicals and a lead rope. First I would strangle these people and hang them up with the lead rope. Then I would get the chemicals and pour all of them all over the people and then I would whip them till they die

  4. The people who pay for watch these poor horses, they are so guilty same that monsters who is hurting the animals. Please don’t go watch nothing that have animals 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  5. Sometimes it's hard to own a TWH because people will automatically think that I do this. I don't. This stuff is the most disgusting shit I've ever seen and now I think I need to go hug my mare…

  6. This is honestly one of the most DISGUSTING things I have seen in a long time. The way they treat them [horses] like objects is absolutely horrifying. The way they abuse them is horrid and morbid. This whole act is absolutely sick. Just sick. The people should not be free. They should be locked up with a life sentence. Also, the way they were dragging the horse's head was terrible. Ugh! This is so, so, so sick! I don't care how much money you make, and I don't care how many times I say it; This is so disgusting and sickening. Those people should never be near any animal or any lifeforms! The gasoline burning the skin and then triggering and staging the pain. This is just as bad as pre-meditated murder in my eyes, because that is basically what they are doing to those horses. And they pretend like everything is great and this is conducting in a way that no horse gets hurt! That is probably – most definitely – the most morbid part of this all. My heart goes out to those horses. Sending prayers, sending my hope.

  7. Ich hoffe die schweine werden bestraft. Ich kann mir das nicht ansehen mit weinen es schmerzt mich mehr als alles andere.

  8. Was für ein kranker Mist😭💩 habe ich vorher noch nie was von gehört oder gesehen. Wie kommt man auf sowas? Diese Leute sind die Ausgeburt der Hölle. Nicht nur die Reiter, sondern auch die Zuschauer gehören bestraft. Karma wird es hoffentlich regeln. Und hoffentlich wird es verboten

  9. how fu*** fun could it be if i beated you up like you did to those horses huh? because horses are just a machine? right! i just wanna fu**
    your whole life up!!!

  10. These lazy people can't even train horses. I have a horse and would never do that. They need to get up and train like a normal human…. If they even are.

  11. !! I’ll kill ALL OF THEM!! STOPP ABUSE HORSES!!! THINK ABOUT WHAT HORSES DO FOR US!!! OMG! I’ll kill all of these peaple! And help the horses!

  12. you guys need to go to gail if you guys dont stop i will tel this t the judge and i am not kidding the horses are in pain they did not even do anything to you. All you guys do this is for the money. Somebody had to say this and that somebody is me. People do this for no reason you should not even be able to own horses because if all you ever do is this it is so cruel. My dad resuced a horse and i figured out that is was a tennessesee walking horse so i helped it and if my dad sees a heart horse he will rescue it.

  13. If it’s illegal don’t just post it to YouTube.. call the police and stop it forever😡😡😡😡😡I want to go there and hit so hard those people and especially the ones they built this kind of riding

  14. I am in tears watching this video THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU SO SO SO SO SO SO SO MUCH for addressing this I would love to watch the people who do this get that done to them and just see how they like it and I don't understand why this guy didn't get life in prison for doing this
    we have to shut this whole Tennessee walker showing thing because if there was no show there would be no abuse to these horses.

  15. do u no wha stupid about this. animals do so much for us and yet with think that we own the world, they where here before us, they were once wild, and yet we do this. if I was there I would hack into the screen and play this. this can cause serious brain DAMAGE, BLOOD VESSEL BREAKS AND BROCKEN BONES LEADING TO A HORSE BEING PUT DOWN. its sad o think that our kind HURTS these innocent creatures. I know this may not help but if we start speaking up for the animals, if u truely what something to change let it be changed, because its not long till HORSES GO EXTINCT FROM THE WILD , CAGED AND INCLOSED ANIMALS IN ZOOS GET PULLED FROM THEIR HOME, but what do we do we sit we wear them we hurt them, how can people not look into their eyes their hearts, they r helpless with out us. zoos, circuses, sea world, whaling all ethical issues, but people want entertainment do humans or should humans grave hurtful entertainments , humans grave to much but what goes unnoticed , the pain, the screaming, the habit lose. and yet governments say they r doing thing , what things destroying homes, that does not make animal better, is shortens there life. in 2019 AND EXPECTED 1000 PLANTS WITH BE EXTINCT ALONG SIDE 429 000 DIFFERENT ANIMALS, WHEN WILL WE STOP THIS WHEN WILL WE SEE WHAT WE HAVE DONE, when there r no animals then the food change goes, how the world will change, yes humans can become vegan but what happens when that goes, for kind is already greedy. then our children create children will suffer and why, they will say my ancestors are killing me. these farms where we force animals to mate and have babies, all because WE WANT "LOVE" I understand that people rescue and try help ,but there r people who are living in poverty and yet their r people having CHILDREN, I know people want kids but the earth can only take and hold so much. it is expected by 2050 half of animals and plant species will be wiped out. WHEN WILL WE STOP AND THINK WE ARE AT THE TOP OF THE FOOD CAIN WE ARE LOOSING OUR HOMES WE ARE LOOSING THE MEANING OF RESPECT AND LOVE AND NATURE, we need to help these animals for there voices are being excused. it will not. be long till we have killed the earth, it will not be long before man kind will be a murder of earth. scientists what to move to mrs so we can kill mars and leave earth to rot and died with these animals. next time u where animal fur remember you are supporting the distinction of earth. just remember we have a. voice lets not loose it.

  16. they should get chains put it around peoples feet and put gas on it and what for there skin to burn of if i ever saw this in real life i would use that whip and beat them until there to arm open and dead

  17. I really wish the government would realise how bad this hurts the horses☹️ those people should be ashamed of themselves 😡

  18. The worst for me is when the people are cheering and clapping while the horses are doing the Big Lick. They aren't moving naturally, I could see that before I ever began riding. Now, I actually know a TWH in real life, and she's the sweetest mare you'll ever meet. Fortunately, she was never a show horse, or even at a show farm. I just cry every time I imagine these monsters doing this to her.

  19. it is sad and bad! What horses did to these people that they treat them like that! That should be punishable! He stops believing in the world, in people … here, protection of animals, lectures on the topic of not torturing, and here is such a fucking thing! Let these people realize that horses also feel! Just … no words …

  20. This is good because this is…I don't even know what to say there's not a word to describe how absolutely meanasing this is so that is why I say this video is good because people who didn't know about this now know and will hopefully tell others how or what this is it's like someone brought the devil and hell to these horses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😞😞😞😞😞😞😖😖😩😩😩😩😫😱😥😠😲

  21. This is so mean how can you do this I wish I could poor gasoline and stuff on these peoples feeet and see how they like it😞😞😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬👿

  22. Grown men doing this to such fragile creatures makes me sick and so angry. I sware I am gonna start a horse shelter to give these horses a place when in my community to be able to go. Good job to these animal protectors who busted that fat lazy piece of shit trainer. And shame on all those rediculous men for allowing cruelty to their horse so they can have them strut their piece of crap asses down a street or wherever for some applause. Frickibg jerks. If I see a horse anywhere treapsing in a manner like these horses I will know it's abuse and I will ruin their parade.

  23. حسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل هؤلاء ليسوا مدربين هؤلاء شياطين

    الله لا يرحم من لا يرحم مخلوقاتة
    سيعذبهم الله فى الدنيا و يوم القيامة على أعمالهم

  24. I hope the people hurting these animals get in an accident & loose both there feet & someone hits them in face to walk on new very sore stumps. GOD BLESS the horses & rescuers📿

  25. Människor som gör såhär är riktiga äckel och kan bli piskade och få den sörjan på sina fötter så som hästarna fick!!!!!!!'😡🤬🤯

  26. These people are JERKS!! They have absolutely no clue what they are doing to them! Who smacks a horse in the face?!? Horses can only walk on thier 4 feet take one or two away and they cant walk. When people, if we get hurt we can just sit down or use crutches but horses cant! This video almost made me throw my phone in the water trough! ( i was filling waters while watching video)😠😠😭😭😭😤😤😤😲😲😔😔😔😖😖

  27. These people are a vile community
    They send people after those who have an opinion and dare speak out to harass and send abuse in every which way they can. If they dont abuse horses then why do they go after people who also hate abuse ..
    Doesnt make any sense. Therefore they do abuse and are trained to try and shut down people who speak out. Any animal abuser doesnt deserve to walk this planet.
    Abusive violent intolerable community

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