That Time I Really Hurt My Vagina • Biking

That Time I Really Hurt My Vagina • Biking

– I’m here to tell you about
the time I hurt my vagina. – I’m pretty sure I got
a concussion that day. My family, we like to vacation at lakes. – My dad, my brother, and I would go out every Sunday and ride our dirt bikes. – This one we would go
to had a lot of paths that we could ride our bikes on. – We come to this super steep hill. And we’re like, “yeah,
whatever, let’s go.” – There was a parking lot
where people would then park the empty boat trailers. There was one of those bike trails that led straight down
into that parking lot. – And so, I’m zooming up the hill. – As I’m coming down,
I’m going really fast, my sister is on her bike behind me. A car is coming, I turn, I say, “hey, watch out for this car!” – And so, as soon as I’m coming
over the top of this hill, dead smack in the middle
of the path is a tree. – And then by the time
I look forward again, it’s too damn late. I am inches from hitting a boat trailer. – My bike went straight into the tree. – I fucking slam into that
bitch, just fucking hit it. My bike tire goes under the trailer, bucks me from the bike. – I came up off my bike. – Airborne, as I fly and land. – And just like, if this is
the tree, and this is me. – Crotch and face first,
if that’s even possible. – Smack. – Literally, just legs
spread, hit, hit a bar. – Smack. – And I was a dumb kid, so
I wasn’t wearing a helmet. – I completely straddled it full on. I hit that tree with so much,
I just fell to the ground. – I black out, I think I
got a concussion that day, I never got checked out. – And I was like, I
don’t think I can walk, I think I broke my vagina,
like I think it’s broken. – I woke up maybe a half a minute later. I had to wobble back to the campsite. And yeah, you know, yet again, I’m surprised I still
have feeling in my vagina. That was pretty bad, and embarrassing. And then I didn’t have a bike anymore.

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  1. I remember the gate was locked to the soccer field and that I had to jump over the fence. I threw my bag over, then started climbing. When I reached the top, my cleat got stuck in one of the fence holes and I fell straight on the top of the fence. And it was the fence with some extra metal at the top idk if that makes sense. I was in so much pain that I had to sit out for 10 minutes of the game. .-.

  2. I did the same thing in my bike apart from I crashed into the fence (cause my sister suddenly stopped infront of me so I weaved to the next to avoid hitting her) my but flew off the seat and I landed on the metal bar one leg either side…. damn sister.

  3. One time I was in these monkey bars that you walk on. (Idk) And I slipped and hit my pubic bone and I started BLEEDING!

  4. Another time I hurt my vagina:
    I was trying to Ollie on a skate board and I did a full split while the wheels were on the side. That fricking hurt and not just my vagina I'm not flexible

  5. I don't like how it keeps switching cuz I don't know what's happening I get confused with what story I'm listening to

  6. My story involves
    1. Slipped on playground
    2. Almost bled to death
    3. Visible pelvic bone
    4. 20 college kids watched my vagina get operated on
    5. 34 stitches

    And now I have to tell everyone I date about this, yay 😒

  7. there was this one time my little brother kicked me in the vagina with my leggings on and nothing else under i was in pain for 50 minutes

  8. My auntie was biking when she was young in the woods and she fell of her bike after hitting a large rock and a huge stick went through her jeans and up her vagina breaking her hymen

  9. I was riding Jet (my horse) bareback when he bucked, sending me forward unexpecting it because he NEVER bucks, and i was wearing shorts because it was just a fun little bareback ride and i landed on his whither bump at the base of his neck/front of his back which is really bony on him and i was bleeding for 2 days after because i was thrown really hard, being small at the time

  10. I had something similar. XD I was trying to learn how to ride a bike so I stood on the pedals because I was a small girl of 9 years old and the bike was for 11 year olds…and my feet slipped out from under me. I fell and the pain was terrible. I fell so hard onto the seat that I was bleeding for a day or two and could not walk too much which was fun because I believe I still had school. XD

  11. I rode my bike into the house when I was 6. I screamed, and my mom put me in the tub for some reason, and the water turned pink. For years I was sure that my vagina was mutilated, but I'm pretty sure I only broke my hymen.

  12. My sister and I were fighting over a hippie hop and she accidently kicked me "down there" and I was bleeding so my Mom took me to urgent care and I had a MALE nurse look at me!!!! awkward 😂

  13. I had something like this almost happen. I tried to ride my bike up a small, about a foot tall, bike ramp and I jacked up horribly, probably going to slow. Anyway the front of my bike dipped down and I hit my pelvis bone, like an inch away from my, private part, and I was done. My sister ran inside my parents came in for me while I was writhing on the front lawn. My parents checked my bone, thank god I got to keep my underwear on at least, said it was a bit bruised, and I sat pants less under a blanket while my dads friends came over 5 minutes later. 😐 yep.

  14. One time I was using our stationary bike in our basement and I went to get off and was wearing yoga pants and I got my vagina caught on the seat. I then fell to the ground and my older brother was laughing at me. I went to the bathroom and noticed it bled a little whoops😂

  15. Taylors vagina can take it cause she is not wearing hockey pads. Taylors Vagina is the hero every man deserves but not the one he needs right now.

  16. When I was little I tried to ride my bike down a small set of stairs. I was a daredevil an loved to skate and bike etc. Well, I didn't know you're supposed to stand up over the seat when you ride down stairs, so when I went down I was sitting like normal, and as the tires bounced off the stairs the seat came up and smashed me right in the groin from underneath. Got off my bike an couldn't move for a while, then I had to try an casually walk it off. Couldn't even walk straight. Thank goodness no one saw cause damn it was embarrassing. Worst pain of my life for a while, but years later I had another incident that blew this one out the water. smh

  17. one time I was sitting with my friends. and I was on my phone and she was throwing rocks, like big rocks, and one hit my lady zone. and I had this big bruise, but imagine having a bruise right there then having to ride a bike in gym. omg the pain

  18. i'm boy .. i didn't know it could be that bad to get kick &hit in vag ! omg you girls say after hitting i'm crying , bleeding, feel in the ground for awhile , ets.. now i know sometimes it can hurt girls just as bad as guy even badly 😂😂

  19. When i was 4 or 5, i was just playing with my like 15 toys on my bed by my pillow and my mom told me to go to sleep and, of course, i didn't want to so stupid 4 or 5 year old me jumped on and around on my bed and i sliped on my pillow and fell on the framework of my bed and landed, with my legs either side of the frame, on my vagina. And i remember hurting for days and i couldn't ride my bike because it hurt and i couldn't sit without it hurting really bad for 3 or 4 days. Sooo…yeah

  20. Kicked in my vulva area when I was sparring in martial arts class.The most Horrific pain that dropped me in my tracks! I was curled up in a ball on the floor,hard to even breath the pain was so extreme! Felt like I was going to pass out or die !!

  21. I think I was about 10 or 11 and almost every weekend me and my mom would go to my aunts pool and that day they were having a barbecue and my aunt asked me to fill up a cup with water from the pool so she would put out the barbecue and when I went to get it I missed the floor my leg went into the pool and I hit my vagina on the corner of the pool wall and the floor and I fell into the pool when my mom got me out I was bleeding pretty bad ya and now 6 years later I'm afraid to go near the edge of the pool

  22. girls think they have it bad, I was riding my bike and a car comes down the road I was on (gravel small road) so I was slamming the brakes but I was going at least 40 mph down hill, skidded both tires, bike went sideways, slid in grass straight into a mailbox post. bike is not found to this day, spent a week with incinerating burn every time I went pee, testicles badly bruised, whole crotch was purple-ish, couldn't sit as I had to lay down with a pillow between my legs. I went 3 weeks unable to do anything without pain. the worst part I think was either urinating or putting ice on it.

  23. has anyone else fallen or tripped and landed on their heel with their vg? i did it so many times in primary, ahhhhh the pain!!! ;_;

  24. I once slipped off my bike peddles, fell onto the bike pole thing vag first, and peed my pants in a total of 2 seconds

  25. Im bad at bicking so ofcourse this happen to me But now hear my words i bicked into a pole and my stear vent into my vagina and my Best freind was like are you ok and i was like no im not im dying But of course i didnt die But i never bicked that Way again

  26. Ok so I live in a very royal area and we have very dangerous drivers, the only way to ride your bike is in your driveway (we have a long driveway) or drive like 20 miles to the nearest city. So I was riding my bike in my driveway (we had gravel) and this huge rock gets in the way and my whole bike goes up in the air,and the impact of the bike seat with my vagina on (basically the road now) hurt soooo bad

  27. One time I was playing night games at my neighbors house (I was like 7 at the time) and they left their bike in the driveway. I was running from someone during kick the can and I had no flashlight so I didn’t see the bike. I trip over it and somehow I land legs spread on the bike peddle. I start crying, I go get my mom, my neighbors mom gave me a cupcake after it was confirmed I was ok, and my neighbors got yelled at for leaving their bikes out.

  28. When I watched this video I was like “ why would they make these weird videos?” But then I realized how weird I am for watching the whole series…Also currently watching this at 3 am..

  29. during the winter in elementary school, we'd always have a giant snow pile on one side of the asphalt outside from plowing. we'd go out for recess, and we'd always play on that snow pile. one day, it had sort of an icy shell over it because it was getting warmer, and I slipped and fell. I straddled that snow pile. it hurt like a mother hecking heck. I c r i e d. a l o t.

  30. I remember going biking and pushing both brakes really hard, so the bike stopped but I didn't and slid forward, straight into the pole holding the handlebars. Then down and onto the frame of the bike. That was a really sore one. Was bruised for a while after that

  31. The only time that I have ever hurt my lady parts, was whenever I scoot over on like a flat surface or something but they don't follow. They just skid

  32. once i smacked my vagina on the metal bar beneath the seat of my bike and it split open i was in 4th grade

  33. I was riding my bike and i crashed straight into the tire of my moms car and i landed straight into the bar and i had some blood and I couldn’t pee for hours or walk

  34. I hurt my Pravite in kindergarten I was 5 and it had just rained and I was claiming to get to the slide and it had water on it. So I went down and slipped and BAM my lady part hit the medal bar. It hurt the hole day. I didn’t get checked out or anything 😂

  35. I was in the paddling pool it was pretty deep and it kinda uneven with concrete slabs underneath I jumped in and I scraped my vag on the uneven part it was a little sore and scratched but other than that im good

  36. Everyone in the comment section vagina got raped by a bike while I'm over here like…
    "My cousin kicked my clit on *accident* "

  37. Their talking about like trees and like boat trailers. I hit a friggin two tire truck. Welcome to my world. I have this one problem that I keep friggin running into doorways and hurting my nipples. It sucks.

  38. The only time i think ive ever hurt my vagina was when i was playing with my little cousins… we were playing soccer and one of them kicked the ball.To top it off one of my youngest cousins ran inbetween my legs to catch the ball but his head ended up hitting a bit of my privates.The pain was so fricking horrible.

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