The 3 Things to know about Motorcycle Helmets

The 3 Things to know about Motorcycle Helmets

I’m the motorcycle Madhouse shorts today we’re going to be talking about the three things you need to know about motorcycle helmets now up a newcomer to motorcycle helmets I’ve always been one of them guys who never wanted to wear a helmet never ever wanted to wear a helmet and I guess what changed my mind is working with motorcycle madhouse and insane throttle by canoes I got to see all the accidents firsthand in the news coverage and stuff like that now me getting older I guess I’m getting a little wiser helmets that I have I have for specific purposes like the full-face helmet that I use is a hard helmet that’s the brand I got it off of Amazon I think it was like 50 bucks this is the one I’m using for the Moto blogs I’m starting out and I really like this helmet because it has the vents the visor goes up and down real quick the bats are real nice and the padding is just awesome and that gay that I shot my first moto blog was like 40 degrees out and I’m sitting there thinking to myself man why didn’t I think about this sooner because it’s warm the next one I really used and this is my full time helmet and this is a beanie hat for helmet the padding is great into it the d-o-t it’s d-o-t rated and pros that don’t know what do t is is actually standards that they set on crash a specific type horses and stuff but the first thing you need to know about helmets is it’s up to a writer it’s writers choice and you can think a vapor that who’s been out there Tyrel sleep for decades fighting for your right to wear a helmet or not to wear it on and the second thing you need to know about a helmet is it protects your ass in a crash I seen a video where a kid actually want I think it was the Bell helmet awful law Amazon when I was doing my research on full-face helmets and two days after he got the helmet he swiped the freaking truck and you should have seen my turbines are all scratched off all that it was messed up but it’s saved as light the full face helmet so yeah that’s the second thing you need to know is that it will save your ass and the third thing to know is you want to make sure that it is VOT regulated the OT regulator wears that I covered the Sicari this VOT regulated you know there’s a standard they use again to make sure that how it’s gonna protect you most of the time you’re looking for it to be at least an inch of padding in the helmet of the be considered a now this is a German what I just got because I want to try it out all that good stuff it says it’s do T has the intra patty and all that good stuff it has a little profile fit which I like in my helmets because I do not like looking like I’m this was my first home and I tried out I look like a mushroom yeah not happening not happening at all we have to get a beanie type of helmet and stuff like that because I’m new to helmets it took forever twisting arms all that good stuff to go ahead and get into them so it’s very important to get the style and Comfort that you like in a helmet don’t worry about looking cool don’t worry about what other people think of you it’s your personal choice when wearing a helmet and what’s cool is you got a lot more people nowadays actually wearing helmets you know I don’t know if a light bulb went on in somebody’s head all these people had that used to not want to use them are now using them but it’s kind of cool is it’s kind of cool I won’t right now with that one and that’s amazing because I’ve been writing what since 90 and you wouldn’t catch me what one it was always my pea tan as an ass but they ain’t gonna protect you in a wreck now there is also where I made points in the past where the helmet might not help you after 25 miles an hour you know it’s just gonna give you an open casket but I guess can open caskets better than not a closed casket in your head being bashed in so but with German helmets especially on Amazon you do got to make sure that you get the right one you have to watch out at Amazon especially with these German ones a lot of them are not do T’s or novelty helmets and what novelty means is they don’t meet the d-o-t standard for the testing and they’re basically like bicycle helmets I know a lot of guys used to I’ll use the novelty helmets and get the stickers or do T stickers slap them on that way in helmet law states they would pass but they did have a do T helmet so you know it wasn’t heavy they don’t like helmets and it’s just a way to get past it what I do like about my beanie is how light it is but it still meets beauty specifications and this drop and it’s got a lot of protection now I know there’s a lot of people out there that say why wear I have how a minute not a full helmet a half I ain’t gonna do nothing for you if you slam your face into the concrete and stuff which you gotta agree with you know some of that argument because I have seen full face helmets after somebody’s plowed into a truck or plowed into the ground and the face shield was nothing but scratched up but it did a job and they’re saying well with a helmet then won’t you won’t get that type of protection and the rice you won’t but to me hey I’m sliding into this helmet stop again I have never been a big fan of home until this last year so getting used to it but I really like the half lids one thing I do like about that face the full face one it keeps you warm and that’s something that my last video why I support Indian over Harley Davidson I really like because it was like 40 degrees out when I shot that video and I didn’t feel any it wasn’t called muffin it was great so one thing you didn’t need to know about helmets is there has been incidences when somebody got in an accident and it snaps your neck it depends on the weight of the helmet your g-forces you’re going through all that good stuff so there’s a lot of pros to a helmet and a lot of cons to helmets a lot of older guys they won’t wear because hey you know they’ve been going through their you know writing career not wearing them and they got in her head that who cares you know I look stupid or you know the famous mushroom head this one yeah this is a mushroom man I should have such this back to Amazon I’ll actually have the links in the description box down below the the prices for these helmets are pretty reasonable I think I got this one for like 50 bucks or something like that German one a Gasper I don’t know I think it was like 25 bucks or something you know it is they say it’s do t approved and it’s got the width that dotd requires as far as the padding but it’s light as hell and it looks cool oh they can’t be one I think I got for like 50 bucks and they don’t sell these anymore on Amazon I’ll try to put the I’ll still put the link there but it says currently unavailable they don’t know when it’s gonna come out as far as this one I think it was sixty or seventy bucks but it’s worth it I think I’m gonna get a bell because I’m gonna use that one as my full-time motovlogs helmet but I’m gonna get a bell something cool probably in the hundred that $200 range that’s gonna be like my full-time helmet especially for long trips I think I’m gonna instead of going with the half beanie go with the full face on long trips just because of climates and all that kind of stuff but hope you enjoyed the video leave your comments in the section below don’t forget to like and share the video that helps our channel out if you want to contribute there’s a PayPal link on the channel page you can go to anything you can give is great would be appreciated motorcycle Madhouse live on all our video platforms mondays and Saturdays Mondays at seven o’clock Saturdays at eleven and motorcycle Madhouse radio a new episode every Sunday so with that I’ll talk to you guys later let me know what kind of helmet you guys wear if you wear them or not why you don’t wear them all that good stuff I’ll talk to you later [Music] [Music] you know summer archives get to know us don’t forget to hit the subscribe button we appreciate all your support we’ll see you next time [Music] [Music] [Music] you

5 thoughts on “The 3 Things to know about Motorcycle Helmets

  1. ABATE of PA. I always go for choice but choose to wear. LS2 has some really good, bang for the buck offerings. Drop down sun shield in almost all helmets in line. Check out RevZilla for reviews. LS2 Metro V3, and fighter style Verso i have here. Cold and warm riding

  2. ☝️🎃 I aint gonna play tough guy… Just tell it like it is. I feel buck ass naked without my helmet on. 😂Always have worn one, always full face. And I actually like getting a new helmet. Especially the graphic ones man. Speed & Strength and Icon make some badass graphic helmets. I even got this one thats “Rage Against The Machine” that kind of has this straight jacket mental patient sort of thing going on, and the sprocket graphic on it is actually reflective holographic in the sunlight, like 3 dimensional… cool stuff. But anyway, I also ride (always without fail) with earbuds in blasting music… been riding for 20+ years with music always pumping into my ears and cant even ride without the music blaring now days because of it. Lol!! Easy now with itunes on the phones and all, but back in the 90’s I actually rode with a portable player in my pocket and wires going up into the headphones I squeezed up into the helmet padding. 😂😂😂 Sketch as all get out, but we all got our own boat to float I guess. That german one you got kinda looks like Darth Vader without the face part on. Really like your genuine personality man. 👍 Seems like it would be a blast to just chill out in a garage and shoot the shit with ya. Makes your content a joy to just kick back and watch over a cold beer 🍺

  3. I’ve always worn a beanie, but the wind noise deafened me after a long high way ride, and I don’t like earplugs.
    I tried a 3/4 helmet and fell in love with it. It’s open face, plus it stops most of the wind noise.
    As always, great video friend.
    Ride swift🏍💨🔥

  4. The DOT standard was created in 1974 and was based off information from car crashes. That and the fact they don't actually test the helmets, it's like an honorable system. Wear what you want, but use a trusted company. $25? Lol good luck with that. This is one area that you're clueless on my man.

  5. I ride a dyna, which means I’m rockin a Simpson 😆
    Used to do half helmet, but in the part of Canada I live in, the weather and the roads are rough to say the least. Full face helmets are almost necessary if you ride everyday.
    Keep up the great content.

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