The Annual Drunken, Deadly Horse Races of Guatemala

The Annual Drunken, Deadly Horse Races of Guatemala

100 thoughts on “The Annual Drunken, Deadly Horse Races of Guatemala

  1. We Chapines don't fuck around! We'll drink all night, race our horses in the morning and kill chickens while racing our horses, bitches!… aaaaannnnddd eventually go back home and bomb the fuck out of the toilet while puking on ourselves because we're still so drunk that we think we're still on the horse racing… But other than that we don't fuck around! LMAO!

  2. This is interesting as fuck… amazing what little information is common knowledge about things like this; and I mean all of it!
    I don't know if I'm happy or sad… Thank you!

  3. Dude, i am from Texas…we get drunk and race horses all the time. We don't need no harvest festival.

  4. As a horse trainer, this video makes me cringe. But it's culture, and all in good fun, so I guess I'll calm myself =_=

  5. finally you send a journalist who is a stuck up hipster always talking shit about the culture. This River guy is pretty cool, seems to just go with it and have a good time. Great video, we need more like this Vice!

  6. I'm from Guatemala , Todosantos cuchumatan it's where I was born and trust me its a beautiful wonderful place and also there is more celebrations all of them are really fun to watch but sometimes trrifing 😂 but is a very awesome place to visit .

  7. They all drink as much as they can and if someone doesn't die from excessive alcohol in their body it means that the harvest won't be rich for next year so someone better die.. I know very superstitious

  8. hahaha this gringo gets props from me…. VICE please do more cool stuff on Guatemala and only send RIVERS

  9. se valora el costumbrismo pero vaya mierda de estos cerotes de vice con su carga ideológica. mucha leyenda negra y mucha basura progre. genocida tu ancestro gringo.

  10. shit, i live in guatemala and had no clue this was a thing. damn you american primary and secondary education!

  11. I love this documentary so much you captured the fucking awesomeness and craziness of my country! Please more content about Guatemala!

  12. no word exists to describe how impressed I am this kid just rode the horse like a goddam jockey 1st try. And also, I spat out my dinner when he said "Rio"

  13. It was amazing to watch your work. I watched the video many times. I was born in the department de Totonicapan Guatemala. Great job Vice!

  14. River has a humbleness about him that many of the other presenters lack. He was happy to jump in and participate and completely emerge himself in the culture and I found his idiosyncrasies pretty funny. He's obviously young but mature beyond his years. I didn't know if I'd enjoy this one but I enjoyed this documentary much more than some of your other "mainstream" ones. Well done River you are an accomplished journalist.

  15. Thanks for making and posting I love Vice….that looked pretty fun boozing all night then tearing around the streets shithouse drunk on a 🐎 Wooooo

  16. Que hermosos los trajes de Guatemala toditita la gente deberian estar agradecido que nose ha perdido el costumbre de usar el traje tipico

  17. That's so awesome how you just threw yourself into their culture and showed immense respect and enthusiasm. At first I judge River like oh great some little white hipster but he was super humble and real and honest. Let's see more River!

  18. I appreciate River's attitude, he never judged the tradition, he shown us the whole celebration and the beliefs of the people and I think he even enjoyed it ! congrats…

  19. Thanks for the video and explaining the history, may the spirts in the clouds guide you and xivalva provide for you and your love ones uttz pinpin..

  20. 9:50 exactly this guy got it the best cure for a hangover is to keep drinking this way youre no longer hangover youre just drunk 🙂

  21. even I thought it was dangerous in early 80's, I went once and it was bad enough even getting there

  22. I wish they had someone to interpret Mam for my townspeople, otherwise it seems like we just speak spanish. Barely heard of lick of Mam in there, thats my only critique otherwise well done.

  23. I wonder if is any hotels in the area?or I have to ask shelter from my brothers. (I’m from Guatemala)This will be my next destination! Love this culture,Love the vídeo my daughter I cannot wait to be there 😍

  24. I like this kid. Most white people cant get past arbitrary differences in culture LOL its all fun and love in its essence 😛

  25. This has probably got to be the nicest Vice documentary that I have scene. Props to you for going down to Guatemala and being yourself and letting the people speak for themselves!

  26. I research about this cool Country so they are not Native American. They are central american but there DNA they are the real european. Which the reason they have green or hazel eyes. Fair skin and nice hair. Also they live in Candida. They speak many languages at least four. They are not close to black or white but new different race. Shot I wish I was born in Gutemala. Instead of America we suck.

  27. River, you did a very good job on this piece. The main story was the horse race; however, the impressive part about your report is how the tradition came about, including the Spanish conquest of Maya peoples in this region, as well as the struggles of the villagers against their own government. You were a good sport for staying true to the tradition, dressing up in full costume, and showing respect for the traditions of the villagers. Good job.

  28. My parents are from there and they're always telling stories of how life has been there ⛰, great video 🤙

  29. Good to know the US intervention in Guatemala that lead to that civil war/ genocide..

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