The Benefits of Samshield Helmets

The Benefits of Samshield Helmets

Hello, my name is Julien Lecomte, I’m the
President of Samshield America. I am pleased to present to you today a French Helmet: Samshield. The Samshield Helmets are ASTM/SEI Certified.
They are designed and produced in a high-end motorcycle helmet factory. The same technologies
in motorcycle helmets are used in the Samshield helmets. Samshield helmets offer three different product
lines: the Shadow Mat line, the Premium line, and the Custom-made line. With a Samshield helmet, you will forget the
problem of sweating, headache, rotation, and interior cleaning. The air-flow in the helmet is a feature that
will reduce the sweating. While in motion, the fresh air will push the warm air through
the top and the back vents. To eliminate the headache and the red mark,
the inner shell from Samshields are made with two different levels to reduce the contact
with the front head. The key for safety is to stop rotation and
shifting. Samshield helmets use a strap that is attached to the shell. We also gave an
angle to the chinstrap to allow the rider to adjust it properly without irritating them. For the interior cleaning, Samshield helmets
are using a memory foam liner, covered with anti-microbial fabric. We are using a removable
liner with a snap system that allows you to wash the liner when it’s necessary. It’s machine
washable and air dry. Spare liners are available at When you remove the liner, you can use a wet
cloth to clean the inside and the outside of the Shadow Mat. For the Premium line, you
can use a wet cloth for the inside and a brush for the outside. For a Premium one that is
topped with leather or exotic leather, you can use shoe polish. Visit for more information about
Samshield helmets and about our line of gloves.

6 thoughts on “The Benefits of Samshield Helmets

  1. I love my Samshield–yeah, it's expensive, and I don't know that it's any safer than the less expensive helmets but it's comfortable so I don't mind wearing it. My head doesn't hurt, I'm not sweating like a pig and and I can clean the foam liner so it doesn't reek after a week of riding in the summer. Finally, I like the angle of the strap–I can get a good tight fit and I don't feel like I'm choking so I guess, for me, it is a safer helmet because I will wear it ALL THE TIME! Now I just wish the price points for the fun add-ons, like Swarovski were a little less expensive. A girl can dream! 🙂

  2. Jenny- Hunt Valley – Samshield offers a removable memory foam, anti-bacterial liner to ensure comfort and cleanliness because it can be washed

  3. I've been using Samshield helmets for the last 7 years and ride every day. I can guarantee you that you cannot forget about the sweating problem. Nonetheless, they're very comfortable. Best regards. Carlos Fernandez (NL)

  4. Samshields don’t fit my head shape well 🙁 but I guess this is a good thing so I don’t spend 400+ dollars on a helmet haha

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