The Best Horse Show Riding Tips – What the Judge is Looking For

The Best Horse Show Riding Tips – What the Judge is Looking For

today I’m gonna give you seven
rapid-fire tips for an excellent equitation round. So let’s get started. Hi
there my name is Laura and welcome to another video if you like to win more
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get started so these tips are just for you for improving your equitation round
and these are gonna be a rapid-fire so get your notepad get your things so you
can start right now and write these down number one get to all the jumps this
means no popping no chips and no long spots get to each and every jump nicely
and certainly no refusals number two have an even pace throughout your course
and this means note going fast not going slow but an even steady rhythm having an
even pace makes things look effortless and flawless and that’s the kind of
thing you want to portray to the judge when you do in your equitation class
what is the worst mistake you’ll remain in equitation class put it in the
comments below I like to hear what it is the worst mistake I’ve ever seen as a
judge, anyway, is a rider stopping in front of me asking me which jump they
should do next so stopping and asking the judge which jump they should do next. It’s not a good thing to do an in an equitation class. No. 3 I get asked this a
lot – what happens if your horse knocks a rail during the equitation
class? It’s gonna count against you or is it not gonna count against you? So
here’s the answer to that. Sometimes it does – Sometimes it won’t and it
depends on the judge, but if your horse is having a bad day in rolls of rail and
you’ve got to that spot perfectly and everything was lovely then that’s up to
the judge to decide whether or not they’re gonna mark you down for hitting
that. knocking that rail down on the other
hand if it’s the riders error because you didn’t get the horse into the correct spot for that jump then yes you were gonna get dinged quite
severely for that rail that came down. Major errors caused from riders errors
will be major deduction from your score So don’t knock the rail down. No. 4 this is kind of what equitation is all about have it have an excellent position
means that you have your eyes up, your head up, looking up to where you’re going
weight down in your heels and everything is where it should be. Not rounded
slouching shoulders, or slopping around at the tack. And think in the back of
your brain, what does the judge gonna want to see me do here. For example if
you’re doing a rollback turn does the that judge want to see you looking
to where you’re going. No. 5 effectively and efficiently being
effective in your riding is what equitation is all about. So if you see
that you need to move up then move your horse up without a great big deal about
it and if you need to steady don’t make a big issue about it just sit up sit
down and get the horse to come back to you. Any big move with your body is going
to reflect in your score the judge can see that you’re sitting up and sitting
back way behind the vertical see-sawing on the horse’s mouth that’s gonna
reflect in your score so ride effectively, ride efficiently and make it
look as effortless as possible. No. 6 – is ride smooth and make nice
smooth round corners. We want to see the horses bending in the corners and riding
around the corners on the correct lead if you don’t have your lead do a smooth
lead change. Sometimes it’s almost better to get the lead over top of the fence
before the turn so that you can concentrate on getting that horse balanced and having the horse bending in the correct direction. One thing most judges
don’t like to see is the horse counter bending around the corner that’s a sign
that there’s not enough inside leg on and how do you expect a horse to go
around on the correct lead when you’re not bending in the direction of the lead
so make sure you ride your horse properly around the corners and get the
correctly nice smooth corners that will help you get to the next jump properly
No. 7 Get the horse to the jump properly and once you’re there allow the
horse to jump properly this way when you’re over top of the jump you can show
your equitation skills to their best ability if you’d
like to improve your equitation way more ribbons at your next horse show I
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my name is laura thanks a lot see you later

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