The Best Swimming holes in Colorado

The Best Swimming holes in Colorado

Devil’s Punchbowl near Aspen Colorado
just off of Independence pass is this beautiful swimming hole the swimming
hole offers cliffs to jump off and beautiful green water to cool down in about an hour away from Colorado Springs
is Paradise Cove it is a short hike from the highway and
is very popular nonetheless it is very beautiful there’s many different levels
of cliffs to jump off of it is a nice place to relax party cool down and chill in the Green Mountain Resvoir there are a series of steep cliffs to jump off of they range in different sizes for
different skill levels to get back on land you just climb the cliff on the Colorado River new Kremlin is radium
Springs many people floating down the rivers
pull up here to rest and jump off the cliffs hidden in a semi desert climate and
near Grand Junction are a series of pools called the potholes hey guys, these videos are a lot of work
running around the state filming and capturing all these beautiful places
then run back home and edit and put out these videos it’s a lot of work and I’d
really appreciate it if you would subscribe and like and comment on it. It really
helps the video out gets more views so let me know your favorite swimming
hole in the comments below. I know there is a few I missed out on, about seven of them. be sure
to check out more of my videos the best waterfalls and most interesting places
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100 thoughts on “The Best Swimming holes in Colorado

  1. Yes Alan it sure did.
    But I was a very young boy , tougher than nails , free as a bird , and the colorado river in early spring was colder than a bears rear in the klondike.
    We were usually in the cold water for about an hour , then it was time to get out and warm up.
    Times were different then ( early sixties).

  2. Fun and informative video! You're right, videos take a lot work. Thank you for taking the time to share this with us!

  3. At the pot holes near Grand Junction at least one person dies per year and usually they just graduated from high school. Beautiful but dangerous.

  4. Frog rock is a awesome spot too…thanx for sharing these …I've lived in colorado all my life and never seen a couple of those .

  5. Definitely appreciate you running around the state all the time to make these awesome and very helpful videos!

  6. What kind of drone and camera are you using. Beautiful work, and I know it is work. Driving, hiking, filming, downloading, editing, posting…

  7. Definitely hitting punchbowl next time in aspen 🤙and paradise cove is a favorite summer spot in Colorado springs for sure

  8. Maybe stop putting up videos of these "hidden" places for your own "look at me and and buy my t-shirts" moment, and they may not get destroyed.
    "In the end we will not be remembered for what we created, but for what we did not destroy"

  9. I’m from NY. And we have 1 waterfall and 1 safe bridge to jump off. I’m thinking about moving my career to Colorado just for the sick watering holes you have ! Haha

  10. IMHO these places were hidden treasures we discovered by having a passion for being outdoors. Our free time, some well a lot of school time, just being out in sacred beautiful places.
    When you point them out or when places become crowded, it says to me that adventure, discovery, being an individual, self actualizing, critical thinking, etc are vanishing.
    Mankind can and should be masters at being comfortable and their Shaman.

  11. Thank you for the videos they were amazing I've always loved Colorado but after seeing your videos I love it even more.

  12. Thanks for doing all the research you do. I live in Colorado and have not heard of any of these spots. But I will see them soon.

  13. Great places here in Colorado… thank you for sharing.. some I've been to, others like the one on the Colorado river where you can stop and dive is now on my bucket list…keep up the great work…its been accelerating…!!!!

  14. Thanks for the video's, we're fixing to move up to fort Collins co tomorrow, definitely going to visit those places👍

  15. Pretty decent. There's also a pretty good Reservoir just above Steamboat Springs. Follow the road past strawberry springs turn off. Eventually you will get there. There is a rope swing that let you get a good 25 to 30 foot drop

  16. I remember when I first moved to Colorado my friends and I went to a place called Grand Lake. I took a running start and jumped into the lake and oh ohmygod… I thought I was going to die! I forgot that all the lakes and streams are fed by melting snow and they are cold. I literally thought I was going to have a heart attack LOL! No one could stop laughing for hours

  17. Thanks for the information! I will have to check out your "Best Caves" video for my husband. We love Colorado & will be RV that way soon so your video will come in handy.

  18. Paradise! Omg! Been soo many years and back then it was our secret! You had to know where it was. Still kooks the same. Good memories

  19. Right on, My brother and I just complete a 7 lake backpack trip in Breckenridge where we were woken up by mountain goats! check it out!

  20. Very helpful thank you, last summer my wife and I were really scratching our heads wondering where we could go for a swim.

  21. I love your videos, I'm wanting to move to Colorado eventually, but I have never been there so your videos are a great glimpse into what the state has to offer

  22. around what time of year is good to go swimming in colorado? i’ll be traveling there in a couple of weeks but not sure if it’s too cold lol

  23. Would you recommend any of these places for a single father and his two kids to camp out over a 3 night stay? I’m really wanting to take my kids on a camping trip to Colorado where we will be tent camping. We plan to not hike and just hope to pull up pitch our tents and have a great time.

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  25. I wouldn't mind going, but all the locals in Colorado don't know how to drive. They pass out drivers license inside of cracker jack boxes.

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