The Champion Horse Rider With Dwarfism | BORN DIFFERENT

The Champion Horse Rider With Dwarfism | BORN DIFFERENT

MEGAN GREGORY: You’re on a big strong animal and they can throw you off whenever they want. MEGAN GREGORY: I think it’s quite a big achievement for someone half the size of an average person to get on a horse and just go. MEGAN GREGORY: I have achondroplasia. So it affects my arms, my long bones don’t grow and I have tripod fingers and so all my fingers are the same length. And I have frontal bossing on the top of my head. MEGAN GREGORY: Dwarfism has impacted me quite a lot and I had lots of pain in my legs and I still do in my back and so it did affect me daily in doing physical activities. KAREN GREGORY: I knew about a fortnight before I had Megan that she had a form of dwarfism and they actually wanted to terminate her but I just couldn’t have anything done. I didn’t want a termination and fortunately she wasn’t born with the worst form of dwarfism like they first thought. She was born with achondroplasia which is the most common form. MEGAN GREGORY: I don’t want be limited with like, the dwarfism. I always like to try and do things normal. So I always find an alternative or a way around things. Like in the kitchen, I climb on the surfaces even though my mom and dad hate it and they always tell me off. MEGAN GREGORY: At school, it was quite hard because obviously bullying, people not very accepting. When people take the mick out of me, they will either call me a midget, call me small, take photos. With bullying, I did get quite depressed and so I found horse riding did help. MEGAN GREGORY: Horses helped it. They helped me relieve it and my mind was on something else other than my dwarfism. I felt that horse riding was always there. In this photo, you can see the height difference of me and him. And I am about four foot, I don’t know how tall I am. MEGAN GREGORY: The most I love about horse riding is probably the relationship between the horse and the rider, and relationships with horses don’t just click. You have to build the bond. MEGAN GREGORY: Pandora is a rescue horse, she’s quite old. I have dwarfism, I have only been riding for about five years now because they have come from bad backgrounds and everything. So have I, like school and bullying. They have had to learn to trust someone, and obviously I’ve had to learn to trust people as well and I just feel like we assemble against that. We are going to go to the rescue centre that rescued Pandora. They are holding this show and to raise funds to rescue. MEGAN GREGORY: When I do horse ride, my legs are in a lot less pain and because of the posture I’m sitting on the horse. I have fallen off too many times to count. I’ve had quite bad falls on horses, especially at competitions. I’m a bit like “But what if, what if this happens? What if this goes wrong?” But I know that I have to stay relaxed and calm but I do sometimes get nervous, but I try not let it bother me. KAREN GREGORY: Everyone always says, you know, she has got so much guts and she really, really has. She is very brave. KAREN GREGORY: To see her competing against other people who have probably been riding for most of their lives, much older, more experience, horses that cost thousands of pounds. And there is Megan with a disability, she is riding her horse that is 25, Pandora is a rescue horse. I am just so happy that they found each other because I think they have both helped each other and Megan is in a different world when she is around horses. MEGAN GREGORY: When I go out horse riding, to competitions, I am quite competitive. I do obviously like to bring the rosettes home. GRAHAM GREGORY: She is just a small person, otherwise she is perfect in every way. But you can’t call being small not perfect because I think she is great. GRAHAM GREGORY: She’s always found a way around everything and including horse riding. MEGAN GREGORY: I have got roughly about 46 rosettes. I have got medals as well. I say I am always going for the first and the second rosettes, but I don’t mind because I know that I’m just going out to compete and obviously there is always going to be someone out there bigger and better than you and that have got the more expensive horses. And I still am very, very lucky because I have a lot of support behind me from my family as well as my friends and I never thought that I would be able to do something as amazing as horse riding.

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  1. I mean I like that she rides to help her… but that doesn’t mean you can whip you’re horse loads and pull on there mouth but well done

  2. I love her but she needs to ease up on the bit a little, learn how to balance herself more in the saddle rather than rely on the reins. It might take a little longer for her because of her body composition, but I think she can get the hang of it 🙂 I only worry about riding the reins because not only is it uncomfortable for the horse but it also makes them moody and she has more of a chance of getting thrown off. Constructive criticism. I love what she's doing, nothing is more healing than spending time with a horse.

  3. Ok but being a small person does not excuse the fact that ze is whipping the horse and constantly pulling hard on the bit for no reason
    Ps: im from holland so sorry if my english is a bit off

  4. I mean good for you for riding but don't use your disability as a excuse. Also am I the only one who noticed she is in the walk and trot classes. also please fix your posture. I mean not to be mean or all but when I first started riding even I had better posture then you

  5. I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooov horsee l also take horseback riding lessons I wish I cod be your friend But .. I can’t I love your
    Confidence and I like you I love you is to mach But I like you ❤️❤️😘😍😘 hooooo and horses 🐴

  6. Yes, it is a great thing that someone like her has the guts to ride! But honestly, she still needs to learn it right! She is pulling in the reins to hard, is hitting the horse WAY too hard for no reason, and at 3:49 she makes it fall off the transporter, which is extremely dangerous for the horses legs…

  7. No offense to English saddle riders but I hate the English industry. But you were another level you wouldn’t loosen the horses but try that and the horse won’t have a attitude

  8. in my opinion she is a terrible rider. She doesn't deserve first place just because she has dwarfism. She pulls on the reigns way too much

  9. Yes girl speck it what ever anybody says never give up I believe that horses can fix any problems I have a mare her name is laqisha she is a rescue like Pandora but laqisha is 17 years old it is not like I saved her she saved me horses are the biggest part of my life it is not about your size your shape your weight I believe anybody can get up on there greatest fear and fall in love with there fear! Keep up with the good work and remember to never give up

  10. Your leading the horse the wrong way your ripping the horses face off and you can’t say your riding I tall horse because that looks like a smaller kind of horse but still you goooo girl

  11. It annoyed me when then the mum said “ they have probably been riding for much longer, have better horses and not got a disability” ( obviously not word for word but roughly) because she is kind of saying that all the hard word on getting the horse, training the horse and the practicing takes hard work and the women is kind of saying that all of the hard work and pain they would have gone through is drowned out by there daughters disability. Btw, that girl is amazing, i look up to her, just her mum was kind of being rude and making excuses of other riders🤷‍♀️❤️

  12. Where’s your saddle pad that’s not good for the horses back it hurts and it provides extra comfort to the back but your choice .

  13. I’m not sure why she’s ripping the horses mouth(maybe it’s harder to keep your balance when your legs are quite short?), but I guess she uses so much whip because her legs are too short to squeeze well around the pony’s tummy etc

  14. You shouldn’t ride a horse that age the horse can gain laminitis very quickly and be in so much pain but also die from it

  15. Love this but I disagree with using a bit and how she yanks on her mouth, she whips the horse for no reason, the saddle is in the wrong position and would be uncomfortable for the horse.

  16. Hahaha every horse rider complaining about her riding in the comments, she´s a good rider if you compare to many people, but then again you shouldn´t compare to others. You can always be better by training. But pleaseeeee everyone who says that she´s bad, shutttt it she´s good. She´s happy and loves it. All love to Megan <3 🙂

  17. I don’t like the bit, but I feel like she uses the whip because her legs aren’t long enough to tell the horse to go.

  18. good for her for following her dreams, but she's truly not a very good rider at all, and should not be called a champion horse rider!

  19. horses are naturly drawn to people who have a big story to tell or are struggling in life and they Try to focus and only love that person witch there drawn to and that's were you get Disney films about people who find and are drawn to a horse witch is drawn to them and they create a beautiful bond together ♡♡×

  20. Possibly the most emotional story ever told. I do horse riding and when you are around the horse you feel different, in a good way!

  21. good job. be strong. keep doing what you love. follow your dreams. your really pretty. if i was in your shoes i would still ride horses

  22. When I got a horse I felt different with him it wasn’t like I felt with riding school ponies I didn’t trust them to just go off straight away but with my horse I feel like I can do anything I want as soon as I got him I felt a connection and he could let me lead him but would be terrified of others leading him and etc. and now I’m a show jumper but if I stayed at the riding school it would be years until, I was where I am now

  23. No matter how you look you look, make the best of it, you only have one life and one chance only, don't let those haters bring people who look different bring you down. Everyone's unique if their own ways!

  24. That horse is fine and lucky to have her! I’m glad to see that this girl doesn’t let her disability get in her way 💜

  25. I 💜 horses and horse riding and I 💚💜❤️💚💜💚💜❤️💚💜💚💜❤️💚💜 Dwarfs and they are very interesting

  26. Just coz horses are more expensive than others doesn't mean they are better. Rescue horses are the best and not worth more or better than expensive horses.

  27. I respect her and the fact she doesn't let her disability stop her but she is hurting that poor horse by balancing on it's mouth (which has a really strong bit in it) and whipping it? The horse didn't do anything to get whipped.

  28. I can’t believe how many cruel comments I am reading, ripping the horse’s face off is a vast overstatement and speaking of whipping is over the top. She does very well. Also a 25 year old horse should be kept in light work or they deteriorate if just turned out in a field. This horse is in light work in these shows.
    I think you are just a bunch of sarky bratty rail birds and if you don’t know what rail birds are you have never been to a horse show. Rail birds are nasty people usually girls or very young woman who make unnecessary cruel comments that aren’t worth listening to. Rail birds are not trainers or judges they are usually girls with rich Daddy’s who buy them an expensive horse that a trainer trains to it’s back teeth. The ribbons they win are just bought.
    This young lady is overcoming back and leg pain to ride and compete. She does a good job.
    Go back to pulling the legs off spiders and pulling your baby sister’s hair and leave this girl alone

  29. I wouldn’t exactly call her a championship rider, as in the title. So she rides in local shows, like my daughter does. My daughter has a wall of ribbons from local and schooling shows, but she’s competing at the lowest levels because that’s what we can afford. But my daughter certainly doesn’t ride on the bit like this young lady!

    I rode when I was younger. I am a paraplegic, paralyzed from the chest down. I competed against able-bodied riders, and I won a few ribbons. But I wasn’t a champion. I mean, dressage is in the Paralympics – those competitors are the real championship riders!

  30. i literally cant believe how many people are writing nasty comments! its not a poor horse its fine she loves her to death and you can tell that horse loves her to!

  31. Your like me and all horse lover we all !!!!LOVE HORSES!!!!🐴🐴🐴🐴🏇🏽🏇🏽🏇🏽🏇🏽🐎🐎🐎🐎❤️❤️❤️❤️💜💜💜💜💜

  32. You are so pretty and your voice is beautiful💕 If someone says something mean you just ignore it because it’s not true

  33. Loosen the reins dear.. you are putting that poor horse in terrible pain. That’s no absolutely way to ride.

  34. Hello, thank you for the lovely comments if you want to follow are journey follow us on Instagram @championriderwithdwarfism ❤️ you can also follow are journey on Instagram ❤️ thank you 🐴

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