The Cheapest Flight in The World

The Cheapest Flight in The World

Merry Christmas everyone merry merry Christmas. So there is this brand new airline that was just opened up here in Lima Peru called Viva Airlines Now apparently i have never personally tried this airline yet. You can fly from any major city in Peru to any other major city in Peru For insanely cheap, WOW DUDE WOW!! That is a steal!! I can fly from Lima To Arequipa Today For Thirty-Eight dollars!! This is not a joke. Thats like the price of a … a really nice meal. Anderson … “what’s up” “what’s up, I’m well, in my house chilling?” “are you available to travel?” “today, tonight” “of course” So due to the fact that i just bought a $40 plane ticket, the airline only permits passengers to carry a carry on that is under 15 kilograms. so i’m not going to be able to bring my laptop. I’m not going to be able to bring my extra camera equipment. But its okay, I just spent $38 on a flight. I’m ready to go. ” … ” viva air so our flight was delayed 2 hours, that’s fun. That’s pretty fun. here’s the thing guys, i have no idea what, where im going. i dont know if this city is cool, i dont know if its boring, I don’t know what’s inside, I don’t know if it’s dangerous. Or is there a mountain or is there a lake? I don’t know. I could’ve prepared. I could’ve looked at pictures. I could’ve planned. But you all already know, That’s just not how I do things. We just found out that our flight was delayed yet another hour. i payed 38 bucks for the flight this will be the last time you hear me complain hi people who are using captions unless something drastic happens like i dont get a window seat a middle seat i got a middle seat guys/girls so we arived at the airbnb and it is sick let me tell you that woah man it’s so big so one of the really interesting aspects I like about travelling during the night is you land and you can’t see anything, and tomorrow when it’s light we’re going to be able to experience the city and see where we actually are. Well guys, I’m going to bed it’s been real. I’ll see you guys in the morning. So waking up this morning was really cool because I go up onto the roof and low and behold There is a volcano. That is a very big volcano. So what is the plan for today? Basically to just walk around and see what we come across. So now we find ourselves in the Plaza des Armas right in the middle of the city. The epicentre of the city is this historical cathedral. “Do you think they’re going to let us up the cathedral?” “I think no” We may or may not have snuck up to the top. Wow … look at this … So we enden up on this terrace thing I am thinking if you take the stairs up you have access to the roof we are going up, that is the entrance to the roof of the cathedral I am not trying to disrespect the cathedral I just want to see the top We made it to the top of the cathedral No one stopped us, no one yelled at us, we just walked up I really, really, really wanna ring this bell, but I am respectful “… english translation missing … ” I am not going to lie, I feel like absolute complete garbage No I am not hung-over, no I don’t think I am sick I think it has to do with the altitude of the city we are in right now from my other experiences from other cities like this I am very susceptible to altitude sickness, you feel really nauseous, you have no desire to eat, everything you do including walking up the stairs feels like a marathon Today is day number two and the final day of our … adventure, and I think we are going horseback riding “How do you feel” “Excited but also scared” horseback riding is a sport of trust, because you have no control, if my horse wants to run away, he can run away If my horse wants to bump me of, he can bump me of We did it guys So now we are going to do four-wheeling and I have no idea what to expect with this ” 3, 2, 1″ so we have one more location left and this is this lagoon this is really cold so there is this family here, celebrating something, and due to the nature of nice Peruvians They could not resist serving us food, we became part of the family, they have adopted us, and I am totally ok with that

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  1. I'm getting a ton comments saying that there are flight routes far cheaper than this one! Being from the States and never paying less than a fortune for flights, I had no idea! I would love to make a video exploring the cheapest flights in the world, please comment below some of the cheapest flights you know! This will definetely be a future video.

  2. Who else randomly clicked on this video and realised that u lived in peru/from Peru and got triggered. Btw that volcano is called Misti

  3. the amount of joy life brings when you are able to fly and visit places without being restricted. you are free as a bird all because you were born in the U.S. i envy you but i am also very happy i can experience thist hrough your videos. Bittersweet feeling honestly.

  4. A veces tal vez la ciencia o los idiomas nos asfixian o nos asfixiaron en algún momento de nuestras vidas. Sí, realmente ellos piensan un montón de por sí.

  5. Not gonna lie…I totally clicked on this video thinking it was called “the creepiest flight in the world” and thought I got clickbaited…nope I’m just stupid.

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  7. Hey Luke, I really think you should collaborate with a channel called YesTheory. They do spontaneous things, like what you did in this video, and I reckon you guys would be pretty good friends.

  8. That’s nothing compared to Ryanair, with Ryanair the cheapest flight you can get is about €3.50 / £3.99 / $4.00

  9. I’ve watched this video so many times idk why maybe it’s because of the pace of Luke’s video or it’s the way he speaks, I just love Luke’s videos so much. It’s magical

  10. Luke super cute Korns: I’ve just booked the cheapest flight in the world!!!

    Ryanair: I’m about to end this man’s whole career

  11. The cheapest flight I ever saw was 0.99p , Wizz Air, London Luton to Tallinn. I never took the flight as had no reason to travel at the time. Still, pretty neat.. I think they had 1 seat at that price..

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