The Cowboys Riding Philadelphia’s Streets

The Cowboys Riding Philadelphia’s Streets

(hooves on pavement) – The horses really do
help you with aggression. Once you own a horse, and you out, that’s all your mind is on, is having fun. My Shahir and I’m a Concrete Cowboy. (hooves on pavement) I first got a horse after I turned 10. I was young so I was
like, “I like that horse.” I thought it was cool. Horses have a temper just like us. Me and Shadow had to combine
out tempers and work together because she used to walk while
everybody else was running, buck, throw people off, and I used to always get back on her, just to have the patience. When I ride people actually
give me like props, they actually applaud me,
the hood guys and everything. They be asking me, can I ride? You wanna trade? People like it. – Hello horsey. Hello. – When the stable started
about 10 years ago, it gave me something to do. Something to keep the kids
busy with, keep them occupied from running the street, getting in trouble. In Southwest Philadelphia there’s
a lot of senseless killing and I try to give kids
something to get away from stuff like that. And when they start
learning with the animals, they kinda calm down, because
they teaching, they learning, and it helps them out a lot. – Hey, hey, hey. Violence in this community is crazy. I done lost a brother, a
uncle, I lost a lot of friends, but when I work with the horses
it’s like a type of therapy. I can have fun and not
worry about everything else that’s going on around us. If I would have never met
Malik and sat around horses, I probably would have been doing stuff that I wasn’t suppose to be doing. Getting in trouble. Once you get to running and having fun, it seems like all that is forgotten.

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  1. Ummmmmm BOI you should not be riding faster than a walk really on pavement! It is damaging! Also, that horse did not look at all comfortable…please learn how to listen to horses before you go and show other people!

  2. I love how everybody’s got criticism but nobody wants to help. Ya’ll literally make me sick I read through all of theses comments and maybe two of them we’re kind words. Yes, I see the issues but I also see the bigger picture. I see what they were trying to show you if you would just open your eyes and your minds. This kid has been traumatized, and have grown up in an environment to keep them down. He has watched as the people around him were killed and yet through all of that, he chose to ride horses instead of sling drugs. Maybe ya’ll don’t get it because you’ve never been black. But I get it. I understand that it’s hard and that horses do make it better. So yes, there are some things that can be fixed but instead of everybody criticizing,,, you should help. Because literally if everybody that criticized this video sent out a package to more people like this with items to make it easier for them and the horses. We could diminish any issues. But ya’ll don’t want to do that,,, all you all want to do is bitch about it and put a brother down. So fuck ya’ll. He’s amazing with that black boy joy.

  3. I love that so many of the comments are about how the saddle doesnt fit. Its like how dare these people not have a saddle that fits but a different person who is well known and doesnt have a saddle that fits it is completely ok. Like what. Yes it is clear they pull on the face dont know how to ride and they dont know that the horse hates the bit. Should they have gotten someone to give them feedback yes. But they found something that they enjoy and something that helps them. If they didnt have horses their lives would be in a different place right now. These magnificent animals help us in so many ways. As long as the saddle isnt hurting the horse it is fine.

  4. I mean I get his love for his horse but a long-shanked bit and riding on concrete? Not good. I don’t mind a simple snaffle, but anything like that is gross. Also, cantering on the road is a big no. The soft tissue between the hoof and the ankle is sensitive and in the mountains they would be galloping on stone briefly, then going back to grass. He needs to give his horse a rest. It’s clearly unhappy. The ears back and the open mouth are two big indicators. Ride in an arena, on a bridle path, a beach, a field. Whatever. Walk on the road if you like. Only trot when absolutely necessary. If there is a bit of grass you may canter. But he needs to understand horses before buying one.

  5. More epic and badass then owning a 64. Imagine how awesome it will be to cruise down the street with your stallion, like the old Eazy E quote.

  6. Not only is he not properly using the bit, constantly riding on concrete is really bad for his feet. it will ware out his shoes if he is even wearing any (sounds like he is) Trust me it has happened to people i know. Too much riding on concrete and the surface ended up injuring her horses feet. He was wearing shoes but they eventually wore down to a point where they weren't protection. but props to this guy for at least trying to work with animals instead of getting in jail, like he said.

  7. this is so selfish on the people's part. Especially this guy. Yes, a horse therapy program is one of the best things a person can do, but not one like this. Ill fitting saddles, kids having zero idea how to ride, on the horse's mouth 24/7. When he was talking about how he combines his temper and the horses temper and it shows the clip of him bucking at 0:39 , the reason the horse is bucking is trying to escape the insane pressure from the leverage bit. And, at 0:43, you can see he uses the ends of his reins to smack the horse, making her buck again. He makes a big deal about how he gets so much attention from other kids seeing him ride on the street, and that's why he loves it so much. It gets lots of good attention, but the horses wellbeing and happiness is sacrificed. Concrete cowboys is the dumbest idea I've ever heard of

  8. I totally love this, and I want more people to do this, but please learn how to properly ride, and care for the horse! Some thingd just didn't look right in this video..

  9. This guy doesn't know how to ride a horse. It's also terrible for that poor horses legs to ride on the pavement like that. Like this is a great idea and all but it's easier if you know how to ride. It's seems as if he's never heard of this little super important thing called posting. That's what you do on a horse when it's moving at a faster gait than a walk. Otherwise it's uncomfortable for both you and the horse. He's just bouncing around all floppy like up there. And stop pulling on the reins so much. You're gonna pull the poor horses mouth back to its ears.

  10. Ya know I gotta hand it to them sure these boys aren’t the ideal western cowboy you may think of but you know what I’m willing to bet that these guys are 100% better men than those dumb assholes shooting over weed and guns and gang shit! I give y’all props this is what true horsemanship is it’s a learning experience and I’m glad they found a good outlet to have some honest safe fun. Ride safe y’all and don’t let anybody tell you that you shouldn’t be riding because blah blah blah. Fuck what haters say.

  11. Not cowboys by any means! Riding a horse doesn't make you a cowboy. But very cool to see them riding horses. I'm surprised their area is zoned for that. Equine therapy is great, as mentioned a little bit, and I think horses are just awesome overall. The guy obviously doesnt ride his horse much because of the way it acts, but still very cool to see old traditions living on even in the city. The key to staying out of poverty and crime is to have a hobby and a passion, whatever it they may be. This is a great hobby to stay out of trouble. I hope he has great passions as well!

  12. You know that if the horse is shaking his head around means either that you pulling to hard or your horse need to get his teeth worked on , plz fix that

  13. This guy needs to stop pulling on the horses mouth. and you really shouldn't ride a horse on pavement that much because that can destroy a horses hoves and joints. he needs to go in a field or at an actual stable with grass and dirt

  14. You idiots making negative comments who made you a know it all? Nobody asked for your opinion these guys are doin something positive for their community! Keep up the good work and don’t listen to haters!!! You all made my day!

  15. That poor horses face!! The guy is completely ripping it off! No wonder she/he is bucking! Your inexperience with horse riding is endangering you and the horse.

  16. This guy needs to:
    1. Tighten the girth
    2. Get a hackamore (I’m all for bits but this horse obviously hates the bit.)
    3. Get a more stable horse. (The horse looks like it’s pretty young and can’t handle your weight.)
    4. Take more riding lessons.
    5. Get a horse that’s more broke to the streets, cars etc.

    Just my opinion. I’m sure there are also more critiques that I missed.

  17. This is awesome that they love horses, but the cantering on pavement and some other stuff, I hope the group can get some guidance on these things so the horses can be comfortable and they can continue the program for a long time.

  18. At 00;25 it really shows how uncomfortable the horse is with the whole bit situation. AND what the hell was 2:06?? Wow okay the horse didnt walk on. The horse didnt do anything. And you just shout plus you pulled on the reigns!?? Dude that wont make the situation any better. Plus that bit is way to harsh and the horse is trying to tell you something with those responses and please lay of the horses mouth!! Gosh

  19. Why do people think this is okay? He has absolutely no idea how to ride! The bit is not okay, the saddle isn't even on right, the guy has his reins so tight he's practically ripping off the face. You can tell because the horse is bobbing his head when the guy is riding him. AND HOW DOES HE THINK IT'S OKAY TO CANTER ON CONCRETE, THAT'S EQUIVALENT TO RUNNING BARFOOT ON CONCRETE. Also where the heck are those horses kept, IN THE CITY?!?!?! I couldn't tell but the city is no place for a horse, horses need huge pastures to run and graze in! THIS IS NOT OKAY!

  20. I love the story, I think it’s really cute and helpful. I think with some better equipment and a bit more training, this guy could be an awesome rider.

  21. Aye that’s cool niggas happy n shit, but go horse gon have joint problems and shin splits you Rodin’ that mf on concrete. Fuk humans inconsiderate asf!!!

  22. I def agree with what everyone else sees wrong in this video. But what I do see right is that they actually care for the horses. They may not have the best stable. But the horses are healthy clean and their feet are also properly cared for. With time…them boys will learn more about bettet riding techniques and better equipment…and prob have already since its been years since the video was posted. If you wanna complain watch videos of horses in 2nd world countries and then you will come back here and feel better.

  23. I was thinking doing what malik divers was doing but with unpredictable carnivores.(lions, tigers panthers ,bears etc)
    and that goes to the herptiles and non human primates too.

  24. This is ULTRA cool! I only knew of Concrete Cowboys in my neck of the woods- Compton, Cali. I had no idea they reside in Philly as well! Niiiice 😊

  25. To all the horse people complaining about the horse not properly handled, not properly bitted, not properly saddled, go help him learn so he can teach and keep others off the street and in trouble. I think this is a wonderful idea.

  26. By the way, the saddle is on the horse and the bit in its mouth appears painful, or at least extremely uncomfortable. It's great that he enjoys the horse in his company, but he needs to make proper safety precautions so both of them can be happy.


  28. I got about 40 seconds in and said yes she's bucking you off she don't know what you want her to do you need to give that horse reins letterhead lose quit pulling back on the reins for one thing tighten up your saddle on and on!!

  29. Lose the bits, learn to ride. Your animals are acting up in every scene they're visible because of how you're riding them. You've got the bit right up in their mouth yanking on it. You don't need to be so forceful and violent with them. Try a rope halter instead. Those poor fucking animals man. :/

  30. No hate but the reason why the horses head is so high is because your pulling on the bit too much and the horse looks very agitated. Also put your hands down so it doesn't put so much pressure on the horses mouth. Also because your riding on quite hard ground you might need to get the horses shod so it doesn't hurt their hooves. Also proper tack should be with every horse and the proper knowledge of looking after and riding a horse is very important otherwise it's thought as abuse. No hate

  31. These guys got a YouTube channel or website?
    I'd love to help these guys to better understand a horse and how to take care of their tack
    I'd bring em out to the country and take em on a trail ride so they can fully experience riding horse than riding in the streets all the time

  32. I super love horses, but don't know too much technical stuff… but wouldn't running, or trotting on hard concrete require special shoes? Those had a metallic sound. Just seems nothing to absorb the shock of the concrete would eventually lead to some leg, and/or foot problems…. but I wouldn't know… just a thought.

  33. 100% Horse Abuse. This guy needs a big pain bit in his mouth and force to run on the streets with metal and nails in his shoes and see how he likes it. Horses don't belong in cities they belong in the grass in the courtney. That horse is telling him stop hurting me by throwing up it's head and throwing him off her back but he is not understanding or caring that he is hurting his horse. Poor horse 🐎.

  34. Back then when slavery got out there were so many black cowboys it hurts to see now when u think of a cowboy the first thing that pops up in your brain is a white man with a horse and cows there’s so many black cowboys young and old coming from a white teenager my friend is black and he comes to work cows he’s a helluva good hand too

  35. Love seeing African American men doing this it's a GREAT messages horses are so therapeutic they saved me from suicide I live for my animals . Btw I'm a purple heart recipient and combat veteran and I went thru hella depression and anxiety till I found my love of horses

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