The FUNNEST Ride of His Life!

The FUNNEST Ride of His Life!

– Okay, are you guys ready
to see your surprise? – Yeah.
– Okay, close your eyes. – Whoa! (upbeat electric music) ♪ This is our life ♪ ♪ Let’s live it ♪ ♪ Living forever ♪ – Good morning, guys! – Good morning!
(Missy laughs) – We are in my little office space. Finn is dressed as an owl. Hey mister owl, can you say hi? – Hi. (Missy laughs) – He is playing a game
on my phone right now, and Ollie is sitting
here hanging out with me, and I have some new little, like, things in my office area,
and one of those things is – [Ollie] This. – A globe. So this is actually like
a pink, rose gold globe, which I think is adorable, and he’s like, Mama, like where do we live? So I was trying to explain to him. This is what the world looks like. Do you know that the world or the Earth is round like a ball? – Yes. – [Missy] Yeah, and
it’s like this and, see, let me see if I can
show you where we live. So this right here is America. All of this, right?
– Mmhmm. – [Missy] This is our country, so we live like right here, and Carl and Ginger live
kinda like right here, – [Ollie] What I thought
they were super far! – [Missy] Not too far, yeah, no. It feels really far, but like Jackson and
Calvin live like over here. – [Ollie] I thought they
was all the way over here. – [Missy] No, look, look. This is America so all our friends, most of all our friends live in America, and then this is Florida,
so we’ve gone to Florida. This is where we go and like
sit by the ocean, right? But one time, Ollie, remember
we went on that airplane, and we slept all night
and we flew all night? So we flew all the way over here, to the United Kingdom where London is. – Yeah. – [Missy] So London is really far, right? Look at where all these people live like over here in
Australia isn’t that cool? – Yeah. – [Brian] What are you guys doing? – [Missy] We’re looking at the Earth. I was showing him that the Earth is round and it’s like a big ball. – Isn’t that crazy we live on this ball? – Yeah. I was showing him, I
was like Carl and Ginger live right here, and it’s
basically right next to us. – He’s like I thought they
lived really far away I’m like– – It is far away. – That’s how big the Earth is. We had to fly all
night-long to get to London. Yeah, I think this is awesome. My dad always had a globe
around for us to look at, and it really puts things
into perspective, huh? – Yeah, for sure. (Missy laughs) – Anyways, make sure you guys
are subscribed to our channel. We have a fun day planned today. Look at this cute boy. Are you ready to go out with Momma? – Yeah. – Yeah, alright, let’s go. And look at these cute boys. They just got groomed. Look how beautiful they look. They really needed a good bath. The groomer comes up every few weeks and actually grooms them on
the property, which is nice, ’cause they don’t have
to go to like any store, and stay there all day, and now they’re all clean and fluffy. – (Finn jabbers) – [Missy] What? – (Finn jabbers) – [Missy] Your teacher? – No, my (jabbers). – Oh, let me know down in
the comments what you think he’s saying, because he kinda
speaks another language. (Finn jabbers)
– Yep. (Missy laughs) – Alright, you guys we have hopped out of the house and into the car. – Yeah, we’re at Barnes and Noble! – That’s right, we have
gone to Barnes and Nobles, ’cause we’re gonna pick out
some new books for the kiddos. (happy electronic music) So we are in Barnes and Nobles right now, and look at all the Christmas books. – [Missy] Yes, we’ve
kinda stocked up on ’em. – Are you so excited? Oh, he wants to see something over here. – [Missy] What do you see? He mostly likes the toys. (Missy laughs) – Yeah, so Barnes and Nobles
has, like, a ton of toys now. Look at that. That’s so cool, it’s shimmer and shine. – [Missy] Oh, look at that. – But seriously, I love all
the new Christmas books, like The Night Before
Christmas and the Rudolph. – Yeah. I’ve definitely stocked up on
a lot of the Christmas books, but I really want like more
than just Christmas books, so– – [Brian] Okay, wait did we get this one? – [Missy] Yes, that one’s so cute. – Because the boys love
when I read this one, ’cause I do a really funny voice for Pig. – [Missy] Yeah. – Or pug. – [Missy] It’s so cute. – His name is Pig, right? – [Missy] Pig, yeah, Pig the pug. Hey Ollie, I got lots
of new Christmas books. – That’s so awesome! – [Missy] I know, look at all these. Did you pick out anything
special that you like? – No, not really. – [Missy] Yeah, we gotta find one. – Ollie, look at this come here. It’s Harry Potter A History of Magic. – [Missy] Ooh. – [Brian] Look at the phoenix
on the front, isn’t that cool? – [Missy] There’s so much
Harry Potter here, it’s crazy. – I know, I’ve been like geeking out at all the Harry Potter stuff. – [Missy] Yeah, I don’t
even like Harry Potter, well, not that I don’t like it, but I’m not like into it, and there’s just like so much cool stuff, like so many different, whoop-sy, so many different like books, and things, and like ways
to get really into it, it’s pretty cool. Alright, I think we got lots of treasures at Barnes and Noble, including– What’s coming out of your bag, Bryan? – The Grinch is joining us home, okay? – Okay. – He just hopped in our
shopping bag and was like, I’m coming with you! (Missy laughs) – [Missy] That’s so awesome. – He comes with a little Max, even. – [Missy] Aw, that’s so cute. That was fun, huh, boys? – Yeah. – [Missy] We love going to the book store. Look at all those awesome books. – Thumbs up this video if
you like reading books too. – Yeah! Make sure you guys thumbs
up this video if you love reading books just
like we do, and let us know down in the comments if you
have any book suggestions, we can definitely always use more books, and we love just buying them all the time. Reading’s like our favorite thing, so we’d love to hear your
suggestions on books. But yeah we’re really excited,
we got a bunch of cool books, so we’re gonna head home,
and maybe we’ll get to read some of them today. Alright, we are at the barn now. I’ve got my sister with me.
– Hey! And I’m super excited because I have a very, very special four-legged
surprise for the boys, and I cannot wait to show
them, I’m so excited. So first, I’m actually
gonna ride and get set up, and let them play for a little bit and then I’m gonna show
them, and I’m so excited! (upbeat instrumental country music) – Alright, Nacho is all saddled
up and I’m super excited to ride, and I was actually thinking, you know who’s not a horse person? Cassie.
– Me. – Who thinks that we should
make Cassie get on this horse? – I don’t like riding horses! (laughs) It’s just not my thing. – If you guys want Cassie
to ride this horse, make sure to give this video
a big thumbs up right now. Anyways, I am gonna
ride for a few minutes, and then I know the boys are
dying to ride a little bit. I’m really excited about my
little surprise for them, they have no idea, and
they’re gonna be so excited. First, I just gotta ride
before the sun goes down, and we lose all our light. So Cassie’s gonna take the camera from me and vlog a little bit. You ready for a ride? I think he’s excited. (upbeat instrumental country music) – [Finn] Hey Nacho, hi! – Hi Nacho, okay so we’ve got Finn on. Hey, do you love riding horses? – Yeah. – Yeah, do you want
your own horse someday? – Yeah. – Yeah, do you wanna ride
all by yourself one day? – Yeah. – Alright, let’s go ride
for a few minutes, ‘kay? (upbeat instrumental country music) – Ollie, how much do you love riding? Do you like to ride sometimes with mama? He’s like a natural at it, you know that? You really like to go fast, huh? Sometimes you’re like, trot! Yeah, he was a good ride today, huh? – Yeah. – Awesome, ‘kay, let’s get
down, you did a good job. (Ollie wails) Horses are tall, too. (upbeat instrumental country music) – So I’ve been riding, the boys
got to ride, they loved it, and I gotta say, Cassie
refused to get on the horse, so I really want to know from you guys, leave down in the comments, if you had a chance to ride
a horse, if you ever would. It’s definitely not like
Cassie’s saying she doesn’t love it, I obviously love
it, it’s totally my thing, but now that we’re done riding, it’s actually time to show
them their big surprise, so I’m headed to go get
the surprise right now. So, as you guys know, I got
them a four-legged surprise. And so I wanna know what
you guys think it is, up in the I-card. Is it a horse, is it a
goat, or is it a pig? Let me know up in the
I-card, I’m super excited what you think it is, but
now I’m gonna go get it, so here we go! Alright boys, are you ready
for your big surprise? – Yes. – (Missy squeals) I am so
excited to show you guys. Okay, what do you guys
think the surprise is? – I don’t know. – A horsey? – [Missy] Huh? – A horsey? – [Missy] Ooh, that’s a good guess. I’m gonna tell you guys
your surprise right now, but I want to ask you a question. Ollie, what if you could
have your very own pony all for yourself? Would that be a pretty cool? – [Ollie] Yeah! – [Missy] Yeah, Finn would that be fun? – Yeah. – [Missy] Yeah, okay, are you guys ready to see your surprise? – Yeah! – Okay, close your eyes. Come on out, boys. – Don’t peek. – [Missy] No Peeking, oh, no peeking. Alright, go ahead and open your eyes! – Whoa! (upbeat rock music) – [Missy] What do you think? – That’s so cool, it’s our very own pet! – [Missy] What is that? Aw, I think he’s excited to see you. Isn’t this so cool? That’s right, this is their
very own pony, check it out! He is the most realistic,
life-like pony I have ever seen. Alright Finn, first you gotta brush, and you’re gonna give him a carrot? (horse neighing) – [Missy] Oh. (cries in surprise) – [Cassie] Oh my gosh! – [Missy] Finn is in
trot mode, and he’s off. So on the side here, it
actually has a couple different options, you can either gallop, trot, or go in reverse. So right now, what do you want to do? – Gallop. – [Missy] Okay, you always
like to go fast, go ahead. (toy engine screeches) (Missy laughs) (upbeat rock music) – [Missy] Alright Auntie,
you refused to ride Nacho, but would ever ride this one? – [Cassie] I think I can get
on board with the fake horse. (Missy laughs) Hold on, we’re gonna turn him around. – [Missy] Okay, oh wow,
a horse you can pick up, and just carry around? – What’s the weight limit on this? – [Missy] I think it’s seventy
pounds, you’re 70 right? – Basically. – [Missy] Yeah, basically 70. – [Cassie] Alright,
here we go guys, ready? – [Missy] Go, wow! Look at that gallop! Yee-haw! Cassie, you’re like a real cowgirl! – Watch out! (laughter) – This is the coolest thing
ever, who needs a horse? (Finn speaks in gibberish) – [Missy] You wanna gallop? Okay! Here he goes! Woo!
(upbeat rock music) – So we’ve brought their pony home, and now Finn is going for a ride, and this thing is so cool, you guys. – Missy, you can’t just buy
the kids their own pony, without consulting me
first, you have to ask me. – No, it’s fine, it’s
fine, don’t worry about it. Check this out though, you
guys, it responds to your touch, it will dance, it can trot,
and gallop, and go in reverse, you can brush it, and feed
it, it does so many things. It has like a hundred
different sounds and stuff, it’s like the– It’s awesome. – [Brian] He like drift with it! – [Missy] Yeah, this
is right up Finns ally. – [Brian] This is amazing. – [Missy] You like these
kinds of horses right, you can handle this? – Oh yeah, this horse? Totally, wait, should we feed him? – Yeah. – Okay, oh here, you got a little brush. – [Missy] Ooh, you can brush. – [Brian] Okay, you brush his hair, I’ll feed him some carrot,
so he can get his nutrition. – (Finn speaks gibberish) – Yeah, he likes the carrot. – Yeah. (horse neighing) (laughter) – So what are we naming him? – [Missy] Yeah, that’s
actually what we need to figure out next. – Alright you guys, comment down below, what should we name our new horsey friend? Whoever gets the most
thumbs up with their name, that’s what we’ll name
the horse, how about that? – Okay, that’s what we’re gonna name– Okay, does that sound good? I think he’s, kinda
looks like Nacho to me. Woo! (Brian laughs) – Look at his ears! – [Missy] I know. Yeah, his ears even move,
it’s the cutest thing. – [Brian] Aw, you’re such a good horsey. – [Missy] Oh, alright, bye! (laughs) – [Brian] Go, go, go, go, go, go! That’s amazing!
(trumpet music from toy horse) – [Missy] Whoo! Yeah, it does songs now even. Whoo! – Want my helmet on. – [Missy] Oh, you need a helmet on, okay, go get your helmet. – [Brian] He’s like, I
gotta have my helmet on, ’cause I’m about to go
crazy on this thing. – [Missy] Alright, there you go. – [Brian] Hit it! And he rides off into the sunset, like the cowboy that he is. (upbeat country music) – [Brian] Push the button, Finn! You gotta walk and push
the button, there you go. (laughs) He’s leading his horsey. Finn is such a good little cowboy. (relaxing guitar music) (beeping from thermometer) – [Missy] You feel okay? – Me, mommy. (beeping from thermometer) – Let me see me. It says you guys have a little fever. – [Brian] Both of ’em? – Yeah, well Ollie has felt fine today, but he’s definitely had a
little bit of a cold today, and I’ve been temping him
all day and he’s been fine, but now it’s saying
he’s got a little fever, Now it’s at nine– – [Brian] We are hanging out
by the fireplace, though. – Yeah. – Hey guys, guess what? – I guess we could just be warm. – Guess what guys? – [Brian] What? – We’re growing a fly trap. – [Brian] Yeah, you wanna show ’em? Grab it, dude. – When is this gonna grow, mama? – [Missy] I don’t know,
it takes a few months, ’cause we put little, tiny seeds in there. – [Brian] So you’re
growing your own fly traps? – Mm-hm. – And there’s a little
teeny-tiny bearded dragon in here that comes with it. – [Brian] Oh, really? – Yeah. – [Brian] That’s cool. – [Ollie] See guys, I took it out. – This is the little lizard that lives with the Venus
Flytraps that we’re growing. – We had such a fun day today, you got your own pony, huh? Did you like your pony? – Yeah. – [Brian] That was so cool seeing you guys drifting around out there. – Finn is still so excited
that he has his own pony, and I think it’s pretty cool too, and hopefully getting him
excited for the future, maybe one day you’ll actually
have a real pony, huh, bud? – [Ollie] Cool! – Would you guys want a real pony? – [Ollie] Yes, I want a baby one. – I do too, I wanna get a mini so badly. (excited cries) – [Brian] What do you guys think? Vote in the I-card poll
above, should we get a mini? – That was the one that
I was talking about, the mini one. – Anyways, we had a really fun day. Give this video a big thumbs up if you think we should get a real pony, and if you’re excited about Finn’s– His own little pony. But for now, we’re gonna end the video, hope you guys enjoyed it, and
we’ll see you guys tomorrow. – [Brian] Bye! – [Missy] Bye! – [Brian And Ollie] Boop. (upbeat outro music)

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