The GoPro Fusion is Impressive, but probably not worth the money… yet

The GoPro Fusion is Impressive, but probably not worth the money… yet

This still messes with my brain! Can you see where the camera’s attached? Well it was attached to the rear of the bike—before
it came loose and tumbled down the mountainside. Luckily these hikers found my $700 GoPro fusion
undamaged. That price didn’t include the two high speed
SD cards that fit in the battery compartment, or this computer, which is barely powerful
enough to render the video from this 5.2k camera. The GoPro fusion is expensive, pretty involved
to use, and arguably not a new concept. But 360 cameras like the fusion are becoming
more powerful and more affordable, making them—almost practical. Like other 360 degree cameras, the Fusion
uses two lenses to capture everything in every direction. This can be used to create an interactive
scene, where the viewer can choose the camera angle by dragging their mouse or tilting their
cell phone. You’re probably familiar with google street
view as well, which utilizes similar technology. While these uses can be sorta cool, I’m
more excited about the other applications of 360 cameras. Applications like you see in todays luxury
automobiles. Some vehicles come equipped with a 360 camera,
which provides a top down birds eye view that the driver can use to maneuver in tight spaces. That’s the killer app for 360 cameras; the
ability to simulate different perspectives. With a helmet mounted 360 cam, I can give
the viewer an out of body third person perspective of my ride. It looks like the camera is floating behind
me, following my every move. I can even make it look the camera it’s
locked into position, so the rider turns and the camera doesn’t. Since this probably makes your brain hurt,
I’ll do my best to explain how it works. Suppose an aerial videography drone were to
follow me. It would capture this area here. Now suppose a 360 degree camera were attached
to my helmet. It too would cover this same area and have
access to much of the same picture information. Straight out of the camera that picture would
look like this, but with the help of software we can bend and twist it until it looks like
the shot from the drone. In GoPro’s Fusion studio you can zoom out,
change the camera angle, or just reframe the shot to capture the good stuff. This crash yielded two totally different angles
from the same camera. Being able to squeeze two or three shots out
of one is perhaps the most practical feature the Fusion offers. There’s even enough picture information
to totally hide the mount, which is how it can look as though it’s floating. The first time I used this camera I didn’t
have it adjusted right, so the mount was showing on the back of my helmet. I later learned that by positioning the camera
with the mount directly on the bottom, it disappears. As this technology advances, the distortion
that comes along with these crazy perspectives will be possible to correct for. It’s even possible that software updates
will improve the capabilities of the Fusion as it stands. GoPro has indicated some of the features they
plan to release soon. For instance, here’s a shot taken from a
stationary tripod. Since the Fusion films in every direction,
we could in theory, render a panning shot of Phil whizzing by. At the time of this video Fusion studio doesn’t
have this feature, but it will soon. Other 360 Cameras like the Rylo do this already. If you follow my friends at Trail Peek on
Instagram, you’ll see that they’ve been experimenting with a Rylo and getting some
pretty cool results. I haven’t tried a Rylo yet but I’d like
to. So the big question: As a mountain biker,
should you buy the GoPro Fusion? Heck no! Not if you’re looking for a primary action
camera. For the price of the fusion you could have
two Hero 5’s, or a Hero4 with a chest mounted stabilizer. For mountain biking this will serve you better,
and it’ll be easier to edit. Every time you film with the Fusion there’s
a whole process you need to go through to pull clips from it. My computer has a 4 ghz quad core i7 with
24 gigs of ram. That’s nerd speak for fast as balls, yet
my computer can barely handle Fusion Studio. It took me over 24 hours to render the clips
in this video. I’m sure GoPro is working on making the
software more efficient, but it’ll currently turn an imac into a melted pile of aluminum. Then there’s the weight. To achieve these shots, I needed to endure
massive discomfort, and tighten my helmet straps to the max. This camera is a beast. Not only is the Fusion expensive, heavy, and
complex, it’s kind of unreliable. The audio quality is inconsistent at best. Sometimes it sounds okay, and other times
it’s super muffled. On this run, the Fusion failed to capture
audio altogether—for $700. Audio is very important to me, so this was
a bummer. And the video isn’t perfect either. These distorted perspectives look pretty cool
at first, but they’re hard to watch for any length of time. You might have fun with your Fusion for a
week before going back to shooting with your cell phone for the sake of convenience. Then there’s the problem of accuracy, or
lack thereof. In other videos I’ve mentioned the “GoPro
effect” which can make a gnarly rock garden look like a walking path. Fusion made this 10 foot vertical drop look
like a speed bump. For now the Fusion is most useful for making
GoPro commercials. Just round up a bunch of really good looking
people and throw them out of an airplane. Add a “tiny planet” effect, and play music
over it to hide the crappy sound. Speaking of the tiny planet effect, this is
gonna get played out really quick. For all eternity tiny planet will scream 2017. Because of gimmicks like tiny planet, and
its $700 price tag, the Fusion is an easy target for criticism. But in the right hands it does start to look
like the future. Sure, the technology needs to mature before
it becomes more practical, but GoPro needed to start somewhere. The Fusion makes an absolute mockery of yesterdays
360 cameras, but I can’t see it taking the place of a normal action camera just yet. In the meantime, I’m gonna keep experimenting
with the Fusion and other 360 cameras. The technology is quite promising and will
change the way we capture experiences—eventually. As the desktop software and camera firmware
undergo improvements, the Fusion will become more practical. When that happens I’ll be sure to update
you. When the price comes down, I may even recommend
buying one. Thanks for riding with me today, and I’ll
see you next time.

100 thoughts on “The GoPro Fusion is Impressive, but probably not worth the money… yet

  1. I agree a gimmick. A good long lasting following drone is better. Maybe in future as drone tech progress es

  2. actually your computer sucks especially cause of a 200mhz stock uc. also mac os only allocates 2gb of slow 1600mhz ram max so the ram is useless, and to top it off an r9 which is 200$ accounts for about 550$ of this computer. you've probably heard it before but i literally have twice the power for half the price with a pc lol( also they don't tell you that your i7 is a 3700 which is 5 generations old, for your build 3 generations old)

  3. Lol u think your computer is fast as balls, we have 3 computers with 24 cores each and 40 gigabytes of ram each, we connected them together for a total of 120 gigabytes of ram, and 72 cores

  4. I thought the footage was ghastly, the Rider looks like he's all Head and Body without legs riding a 2-year-olds Bike.

  5. Gopro fusion is much more lighter than a Gopro 5 + a good gimbal like Karma grip. For me it totally worth it ! then you have the software, and yes this is very long process, but have multiangle reframing is a killer feature 🙂

  6. XD "Fast as balls" your running an iMac from 2015. No wonder you had issues. Get a PC with a DDR4 RAM and a Nvidia GTX 1080 now thats "Fast as balls!"

  7. Honestly love the way it makes videos. Makes it seem like the camera is floating. I get one if they werent so pricey im holding out for black friday

  8. Cool review nice and detailed though:
    Your computer is a mac thats 3 years old with a mid range i7. ITs not fast. You GPU sucks with is probably what the software uses to render things.
    A decent pc with a better gpu will do better.

  9. Dude the reason it’s taking so long is probably your gpu, or graphics processor. Now I’m not sure if its integrated or dedicated, but I know that all in one computers, (at lease for the most part) are not that good when it comes to processing that type of heavy raw footage.

  10. The angle is so wide even the cut out frame is hugely distorted. The video from Rylo looks great AND Rylo is much cheaper. It's the same as always- GoPro is selling avarage overpriced product and people are crazy about it because it's GoPro.

  11. Sounds exciting, wow factor for sure but….I guess it might better to wait and see how it improves while becoming more affordable. I can't see any real professional use right now. Thanks for your insights, very relevant even to a non mountain biker.

  12. Dude, youre rendering two 4k video files into one video of course its gonna take a while. All 4k 360 cameras demands are wayyyy ahead of the consumer availabe software :/

  13. It’s terrible to edit. Decent but inconsistent quality of video. Being able to re record at any angle is huge though. Never miss something that happens behind or to the sides. Yes, I wouldn’t buy it again but I do like having a 360 camera.

  14. I prefer to edit on my wife’s iPad. Much better workflow. Also I have a grip mount on the handlebars which is much better. You do lose the view behind, though which kind of defeats the purpose.

  15. my man its a mac its, not bad (so) bad, but for the same mony i cut probably cofigerate you a pc taht can handel it totally fine, i have prove my pc dose it.xD

  16. I've been involved in creating 360 VR content for a couple years now and this camera is a game changer.  Note: $700 isn't expensive.  Anything that I have seen come close to the quality of this camera is several thousand dollars or more (the GoPro Omni is $4,000+).  I traded in my old Hero3 and got this camera for $499 including 2 high speed MicroSD cards.  I love this camera and if you are slightly  interested in 360 VR or the new Overcapture feature, which allows you to make a 180 video/image from your captures, then this camera will not disappoint.There is a learning curve with the GoPro Fusion Studio software, but now that I've ironed that out I"m creating some amazing stuff!

  17. I understand Nerd talk and an imac 4ghz quad core i7 with 24GB DDR3 RAM and a Radeon R9 video card is not a fast or powerful computer. Fast and powerful would be more like a 6, 8 or 12 core i9 processor. Get some DDR4 RAM that is almost twice as fast as DDR3. That graphics card is trash, try getting something like a GTX 1080 that will blow your mind. Also make sure to swap out your slow HDD hard drives for fast SSD drives that can load your footage and programs 10-20x faster. Lastly, but all of this into a properly cooled case. Apple computer cases do not properly cool their hardwear which means your computer thermal throttles in a matter of seconds. Which means your 4ghz processor is probably only running at about 3ghz.

  18. Cool bit of tech. With this kind of technology, wearable gimbals, and drones, there's never been a better time for producing your own content. crazy to hear that it destroyed your cpu. I guess it's all that resolution. Maybe 6 cores would do better?

  19. Have you checked out the InstaOne 360 X yet? Looks like it solves all those Fusion issues, including cost and workflow. Since IQ isn't as good as a Hero, it would be the ideal B cam and choose your view, and the GoPro can focus on lookin' at the dirt up ahead, like most bike videos do.

  20. Hi Seth are you making a video About 360 kamera, other brands gopro, rylo and so or cam you tell me what you Think is Good and what is not so god.
    And thanks for you videos big fan from Denmark.

  21. At 4:43 it shows you only have 2gb of gddr5 being the Radeon r9. That is your weak link. You should use a thunderbolt 3 external graphics enclosure to get some better processing power and definitely better 3d rendering

  22. Seth your pc doesn’t have a graphics card I’m guessing that if you were to have a graphics card it would render faster

  23. WOW you look like some kind of wizzard 😀
    It's expensive and not practical.
    The fact it's software had hevely loaded your i7 mac explains a lot.
    It's definitelly ahead of time and my wallet too.
    I berely can afford GoPro 7 black (comes tomorrow) and I am so excited 😀

  24. I dont understand How your computer cant do it…
    I rendered it even on journey on one small Lenovo notebook (4gb ram)

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