The Great Outdoors (2/10) Movie CLIP – Suck My Wake (1988) HD

The Great Outdoors (2/10) Movie CLIP – Suck My Wake (1988) HD

Jerry Asner, please. Roman Craig. Yeah, I can’t hold for long.
My signal’s kind of weak. – Honey?
– Yes, Roman? Why do Chet’s kids look at him
like he’s Zeus? My kids look at me like
I’m a rack of yard tools at Sears. I mean, why can’t they connect
with me? Maybe if you spent less time at work,
things would be different. Put a cork in it, honey.
Talkin’ business. Jerry? Roman. How are you? I’ll save us trouble
and cut right to the chase. I’ve got an investment opportunity. You got about three minutes
and 25 grand? Jerry? Did you hear what I said? Lost the signal.
These phones don’t work. – Maybe he hung up.
– Why would a minister hang up? – I’ve been to his church.
– Oh, yeah. Once! All right! How about that? We’ll be scraping the bugs
off our teeth with this! – Dad.
– That’s too much boat. – Look…
– It’s just too much. – Can I ask you a question?
– Sure. You hungry? Give me four chili dogs
and two plain dogs, please. – That’s six hot dogs.
– It’s for everybody. And I’m hungry. – So?
– Yeah. Do you mind if I just walk around?
Cruise the town? I can walk back when I’m done. All right. But you gotta promise me
we’ll spend some time together. – That’s why we’re here.
– I know. That’s the whole point –
to be in the woods, together, rugged,
manly, the full nine yards. – Exactly.
– Right? – Give me a hug.
– What? – Give me a hug.
– Dad… – I’m too old for hugs.
– You’re never too old for hugs. – Can I go now? Thank you very much.
– Go. Bring back your friends
for a ride in “suck my wake”. Great! You’ve got it in neutral! It’s OK. It’s in neutral. You gotta put it…

30 thoughts on “The Great Outdoors (2/10) Movie CLIP – Suck My Wake (1988) HD

  1. I can't believe NOBODY has the clip of Dan Aykroyd telling the girls the creepy bedtime story. What's WRONG with you people?

  2. I try to tell people about this missing clip and nobody believes me! It was on my VHS which I do not have anymore, but not on my DVD which I do have. "Thought you said I had an inch?" "Well you did, you used it." Someone needs to post this clip as living proof that it does exist.

  3. I bought a boat from the guy who bought this boat from a guy on bass lake who had the boat after they filmed the movie, the boat I bought had suck my wake's motor in it, he parted out the Sanger about 12-14 years ago, he lived around the corner from me and had it sitting in his yard. He said they built more than 1 boat for the movie, he might a had the one that sat on the ramp lol

  4. "If ya meet any friends, bring them back, we'll give them a ride and suck my [insert here]"

    Any takers? Who can tell me what that last word was? 

  5. I remember that part when the boat fell off the trailer. it was so funny. its only on the VHS ones I guess. Too bad its funny.

  6. It never fails. Every time I'm trimming my nose hairs, I quote the beginning of this scene. Whether I'm alone or not. Whether the other person knows this movie or not. Every. Time. "Honey, why is it that Chet's kids look at him like he's Zeus, and my kids look at me like I'm a rack of yard tools at Sears?" …. and if they respond with anything….I reply, "Put a cork in it, honey. I"m talking business." Every. Time. The looks I get. Worth it.

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