The Hike to the Top of Mount Hermon

The Hike to the Top of Mount Hermon

“How good and pleasant it is for brothers to dwell in unity together.” Hebrew: Singing Psalm 133 We just got off a conversation with “Hamal”. “Hamal” is the war room. So basically I just called the army and asked for permission. And then ask them if everything is ok if we can stay there. And they said yes, so should be safe if we’re staying right by the army base there. Yeah pretty much. And why is it like the restricted areas because the border is so close? Yeah, I mean I think the road that we’re gonna be taking that’s.. I mean, you can see the border right from it and it’s probably a few hundred meters away. So it’s yeah, it’s right on the border and.. We’re gonna be right there in the middle of it, so this is gonna be exciting. That’s pretty cool. So we’re… We’re almost here.. Almost the top of the Hermon mountain about 20 more minutes left. And the area is already very beautiful.. No snow yet. So we’re looking for the army base.. There it is. There it is. Oh there they are, I think “Hamal”? So its look like Yossi is trying to get a permission to get higher on the mountain. There is less security there, but they do have a closed gate, and there is another army base there, so it should be enough security, but we need a special permission. So they said that they actually it might be possible to stay up there. The only thing is that they’re closing gates at 4 o’clock 4:00 p.m. All the soldiers, I guess they’re all.. Well, there’s security up there so they’re basically standing at the gate, And then four o’clock they close gates. So he said you know it could be possible that we stay there until the morning, at 8 am. Got lots of bags for one night a little more than I guess we need but part of them have filming equipment You know like that verse like “in the stillness”, I can’t hear anything but myself right now. Besides some of the birds chirping it is dead silent. I think this is.. Total stillness and quietness this is just breathtaking. It’s amazing. I think this should be the spot, its beautiful. Yeah. So what do we have we’re gonna make.. uh? We’re gonna make Israeli Shakshukah. Awesome. What is Shakshukah? What are you doing? So a Shakshukah is basically.. it’s.. It’s a base of tomatoes. And also they would use peppers. And so you cook all of that for some time until it kind of softens up and after all this softens up, Then you have to throw in the eggs and basically that is your Shakshukah, eggs and tomatoes. Olive oil and we’re gonna pour this a little bit into the pan. This is the special ingredient I’m adding. We already got the tomatoes and the peppers now all I need to do is add the tuna and… this is going to be.. A really special meal you only get to eat this out in the wild look where we are. We’re in the middle of it, not counting the army base. Okay.. Is that as far as it goes? Yeah Oh man, I’m so hungry. Ohh! This looks incredible! See this thing was going.. Probably as fast as a snail so we would get this whole Shakshukah done maybe by tomorrow. So, we figured why not use the coals? And you can see they are so hot so I’m gonna just place this here, And see how fast this baby is gonna boil. That’s pretty cool. Okay, the eggs, lets do it. They are, alright, so, here we go.. Okay All the eggs are in. Let’s put some pita bread here on on the rock right by the coal. Oh yeah Pita on the coal Okay.. Heavenly Father, thank you for.. All these provisions Lord and giving us all this, And we just want to enjoy this fellowship Lord and really how good and how blessed it is for brothers to dwell together.. So we’re starting to understand this piece of scripture in much more now. Thank you for this wonderful meal That we can share. In Your Name we pray Jesus, Amen. Mmmm.. Okay, but here’s the bread man. Is it a bread? Is it the hummus? Bread is not so cold, I mean hot anymore. But it’s nice. Still nice. Hmmm.. Here’s the hummus.. Wow fantastic. So Sergio suggests it to me that for this week’s video we go out camping on Mount Hermon, To explore Psalm 133. And as much as I would like to explore that Psalm With him. It is December and on Mount HermonIt’s very cold. So, I suggested that he go with.. Yosi his best friend from high school. They are like brothers, and they know each other over 15 years I believe.. Hey honey! Hey, sweetheart, hey! How is everything? Oh I miss just so much, my love. I miss you too. Awwww. Tell me how everything is. Everything’s great. It’s been really cool here.. uh.. we’re.. wait a second.. um.. What is going on? Oh, its the siren is on, the siren just went on here, let me call you back to find out what going on. Oh ok ok, alright. Everything is fine, just want to make sure.. let me call you back. Ok ok. Bye. Bye honey. The siren in the army base next to us just went off. We’re not sure why. Think they’ll call us? I know why. Looking for us! Usually commanders, what they do is… Wake up the soldiers, and they do a drill in the middle of the night.. You know or sometimes in the evening so it’s just part of their training. Hey, everything ok, babe? Yes, everything is just fine. It was.. What happened? okay, so it was a drill and.. Ohhh, OK The way we found out is they announced the microphone very loudly after the siren went off. They said “Tarnegol” “Tarnegol” which in Hebrew is chicken literally chicken. And it means the drill it’s a code for drill, so it was not a real alarm. It was a drill No avalanche definitely no snow. Ok, good yeah, keep warm ok? OK. You call me if anything. Yes, alright sweetheart. I love you and be careful. I love you. I love you. Bye sweetie. Bye honey. Bye sweetie. Miss you. Miss you too. So, it’s.. about 25 degrees. Fahrenheit What is I’m like negative 5 Celsius or something? It’s pretty cold outside. Okay Charlie Garrett commented on a.. made a new post. Apparently will we get interest reception here. 4K. 4G.. In 4K. Yeah.. So.. I don’t know.. do you see any dew? Umm, the only dew I felt was by the side of the tent, it was so wet Sono idea Any dew? No No. No dew. Nothing not today. We woke up and the coal is still hot! From a fire after six hours six and a half. So we just put some wood, an old carton box and.. The fire is back on, why do you need a lighter? There’s really no dew, maybe it’s too early, but I don’t think so anyway we’re gonna.. Go make some tea have some breakfast.. Warm up, pack, and go for a hike. Beginning point and you can see we need an IDF approval And we received it yesterday we scheduled to go for the hike this morning got the approval. Let’s do it. So we just crossed.. The line.. Towards the restricted military area Very north of Israel Mt Hermon. Their military bases right there behind me. Mountain tops do you see guarding towers, lookouts.. and.. Yeah, we called a few more times since yesterday To the base to the war room to make sure they know that we’re here and won’t start shooting at us. Wow. It’s wonderful up here. Its getting really chilly with this.. Freezing wind Up in the mountain top at the peak. But it’s worth it because the view is just.. Getting more and more beautiful with every stop. The hike we walked was similar to the one that the commanders did in 1973. When Syria captured Mount Hermon, A brave commander unit hiked up this mountain in the middle of the night and attacked the Syrian forces. The four brave men died that day and when one of them was dying in the arms of the medic in whispered: Do not retreat from Hermon. Seven hours later the Syrian forces retreated and by noon the Israeli flag was raised. Unbelievable to think that, Those brave men died.. That day as they’re dying saying do not retreat. Just went all the way, to protect this land till death. So we could Be here today. Isn’t it good to sit down? Its the end. Whoa its like the worst thing is it to take off your shoes now. Don’t do it! I really.. I know you want to. I really want to. Don’t do it Please.. please. No Please No That won’t be good for the video!

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