The Horrifying Texarkana Phantom Killer

The Horrifying Texarkana Phantom Killer

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  1. I live here! And it's somewhat rowdy LMAO😂
    Great video Hope you guys can do a video on our Grim Hotel it's very historic and many haunting stories have been told about it for decades. From the 1930s Research you guys might be interested?

  2. Maybe all these people that are saying that they killed the couples are more likely protecting the identity of the serial killer..?

  3. About the age gaps on the couples. Since I'm seeing a lot of comments about it.
    We can't judge people then about our standards now.
    Like that kind of thing was okay then.
    I don't agree with it, but it was then not now.

  4. The killer was probably jealous and deprived from romance and/or sexual activity, since all of the victims were couples planning to seemingly make out or have sex on a lover’s lane and all the female victims were, at least attempted, raped or sexual harassed, and he seemingly attacked men more aggressively too, and had a higher kill rate then the women…

  5. Been to Texarkana; can confirm, rowdy town. There's a street where one side is Texas and one side is Arkansas, and you can ride in the backs of trucks in Texas but not in Arkansas, so people ride in the backs of trucks, but only on one side of the road there. It was kind of hilarious.

  6. Truth serum is technically a thing. It doesn’t force you to tell the truth. It makes you a bit drowsy so you let your guard down. When asked the right questions you’ll spill the beans.

  7. I love the idea of coming up with a lovers lane in a central location😂 we all know that they are trying to have sex at those locations. Come on now. 😂

  8. Guys what if that mannequin knows all the secrets and answers to all these mysteries and he's stuck in that box trying to get out and tell them ??

  9. Also, fun fact (i think im not sure because my dad told me this) the phantom killer would go to a book store or comic store and read before going to kill people. I thought this is true though because im not sure if they had comic books or whatever like that, also the fact that my dad only knows is kinda suspicious.

  10. I was listening to a podcast and one of the episodes was about this case and the most chilling thing is that right at the end they tell you that Betty’s saxophone was found like a month or something later and I was so shook.

  11. I broke my face once and got my maxilla literally torn apart from my skull and after the incident I didn't realize that the injury was that bad, I thought I only had bruises and broken nose. so I was able to get up, drink some water, and smoke a whole cigarette with bleeding nose and mouth while waiting for my friend to come up and take me to the hospital.

  12. Peggy’s varied statements seem like the products of bad interveiwing to me. Leading questions, fact planting, and threats lead to this kind of thing. Gradually escalating statements and the slow involvement of herself?? And after all that the statements still don’t make much sense. It all seems super fishy – remember that these are the same police that tried to use a truth serum. It just reeks of false confession.

  13. Just so everyone knows- the hotel grim was POPPING in the 40s and 50s and is super gorgeous but now it’s run down. Local texarkanan btw

  14. Mr. Stark gets shot once through a window and dies Mrs. Stark not much of an Iron man are you? gets shot twice in the face and still lives

  15. Is it just me or does the manikin in the background of Shane seems to keep moving it’s head in every episode or…

  16. BRUHHH the whole time watching this i was like "dang this sounds just like The Town that Dreaded Sundown" and then at the end….lmao

  17. I think the son of Sam was inspired by these murders or he knew the killer personally and the killer went by Sam which then gave him the name

  18. Texarkana native here. Just nitpicking here but you refer to the lake of spring lake park which is actually false. There is no lake at the park nor is one really nearby. It's actually just a big ol pond

  19. What do booby traps look like and where can they be purchased ?
    And do do they come in different sizes?

  20. It seems to be there were two killers. Not a copycat, but someone taking opportunity of the community freaking out to rob people.

  21. “It’s like we’re both making out.”
    – Shane 2019

    I was listening to this in the car with no visuals and nearly crashed!

  22. Is it really that hard to find stock footage of someone shooting off a Colt .32 revolver, instead of the Glock automatic shown?

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