The Lazy Horse Story in English – Moral Story For Children || FULL STORY II STORIES FOR KIDS

The Lazy Horse Story in English – Moral Story For Children || FULL STORY II STORIES FOR KIDS

welcome to mumbo-jumbo kids Channel Moe and Joe are at the school picnic to a farm the farm boy is telling them
various things about the farm they have now come to the place where
the horses are kept there was a time when a farm could not
run without its horses but it wasn’t always easy to work with them what do you mean? well there’s a story that all farm boys know why don’t you tell us yes I will the lazy horse once upon a time a poor hard-working farmer had a horse the farmer would work through the month and go to the village market at the end of
the month to sell the salt he had collected he was a kind farmer but he had only one horse so he put two sacks of salt on his back
and took him I am sorry my dear boy I know the salt is heavy but there is no
way around it the horse hated the long walk to the
village market he just wanted to stay at home and eat hay so he grudgingly went
with the farmer to the market careful boy the bridge is slippery over
this river go slow or you will fall over the horse didn’t care for his masters
warnings he just wanted to be done with the day so he picked up his pace he’d
hardly taken a few steps when he slipped and fell into the river Oh No let me help you out the farmer got
the horse out of the water but the Sac on is back got wet and all
the salts melted away in the river all our souls is lost there is no point
going to the market now but I’m glad you are fine let’s just go back home the horse was happy with his little
accident and relieved that he did not have to go through all that hard work the month went by and it was time to go
to the market again come on boy let us go to the market they set off and soon came up to the
river again the horse remembered what had happened on the bridge the last time
and how he didn’t have to go to the market after his big fall so he shut off again on the bridge and
willingly fell into the water Oh No are you okay my boy here let me
help you out once again they had to return to the
farm because all the salt had got wasted away in the river
beau disappointed the farmer waited the whole month and started off for the
village markets again next month yet again the horse willingly fell into
the water again and wasted the farmers salt oh well let’s go back again the farmer patiently awaited for the
next month again and this time he loaded the horses back with sacks full of
cotton but the horse did not know this when the bridge came he threw himself
into the river again hoping to put an end to this trip as well but now the cotton became soaking wet
and heavy you fell in again visit well good that this time I put cotton instead
of salt you thought I wouldn’t notice when you willingly wasted my salt each
month now this is your punishment you will carry the heavy wet cotton till the
market it will be dry enough to sell by the time we get there and so the poor
horse paid for his laziness by getting his burden doubled and the farmer
decided to find better ways of making his work happen I’m sure machines make
it easier for the farmers today yes looks like it hi I am mo hi I am Joe for more videos
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  1. Im lazy too all i always try to avoid school all i want to do is sit around all day eat and sleep😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴

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