The most controversial Olympic figure skating jump

The most controversial Olympic figure skating jump

This is the hardest jump in figure skating. Four complete revolutions in the air. It’s called a quadruple jump. And it’s changing the sport of figure skating. Today’s figure skaters are more focused on jumps than ever before. That’s led to incredible displays of athleticism, but not everyone is happy about it. For lots of fans, quadruple jumps have done little but make figure skating uglier and more dangerous. And they may be right. A quadruple jump is extremely difficult. The leap requires incredible momentum, precisely divided between vertical lift and spin. Then you have to fight inertia to contract your body, making yourself spin faster. Finally, you land with a force equivalent to seven times your body weight. And all of this on a surface where many people struggle to stand up. It all takes less than a second. American figure skater Nathan Chen does five of these jumps in his long program. Now, all quads aren’t created equal. First, there’s the Lutz, where you take off from the back outside edge of your left skate and land on your right foot. What makes it so hard is that you reverse direction on takeoff. Your left foot is skating clockwise, but then you jump and spin the other way. Then there’s the flip jump, which launches from the left foot, and the toe loop, which launches from the right. And finally there’s this one, called the Salchow. It was invented more than a hundred years ago by the first Olympic figure skating champion. These jumps are pushing the limits of figure skating. But they’re also fundamentally changing the sport. Most quads—or passes where a skater does a quad and then another jump— get negative grades of execution. Meaning, they’re sloppy. Half of those are total disasters. And even Chen makes mistakes on about one-third of his quad passes. That means nearly everyone falls, and as athletes take more risks, many get injured. But those injuries haven’t stopped other skaters from trying to push their routines even further. Some skaters are even trying to pull off a quadruple axel, a forward-facing leap with four and a half rotations. That would change the sport all over again. But it also raises a question: If figure skating has turned into a quest for bigger and bigger jumps, can it still be about artistry?

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  1. I love how non-skaters think of all quads as one jump when in fact there are 5 (in order from easiest to hardest): salchow, toe loop, loop, flip and lutz. so, in fact, when they say the hardest jump is the quadruple jump, technically they're wrong.

  2. Answer to the last question: Yes. Just watch Yuzuru. He is one of the most artistic if not THE most artistic skater the world has ever seen, and he does pretty much any quad out there, and says after this season he is going to focus on getting that quad axle.

  3. Every sport progresses. Figure skating for women was pushed forward by Midori Ito, Tonya Harding and the handful of other women who landed triple axels, it was changed for men by added Quadruples. Its a sport, that's why it is in the Olympics. Its a badge of honour for your insane athleticism. Snowboarding was changed by Shaun White, who added insanely hard tricks into the superpipe, ultimately making the sport even more well respected and challenging (and what athlete doesn't like challenge? Its what drives them to be the best) , the 100m sprint by Usain Bolt changed the demands of the whole sport. Years ago, for figure skating, doubles were considered the top range you could get to, we have come so far since then. The motto for the Olympics is: Faster, Higher, Stronger. Let people make history in their sport. If you are truly an athlete, just as all figure skaters are, you would want to do the best tricks, impress everyone and prove that you CAN do it. Let sports progress and evolve. Soon, maybe even women will be doing quads, some day…?

  4. As a figure skater I would say Boyang Jin's quad is much better quality than Nathan's. Huge elevation and textbook technique. I'm sick of seeing US media render Chen as the figure skating king, sorry but he's not. He only wins GP because Hanyu was not there, and he has never break Hanyus records.

  5. Yuzuru pushed the envelope in terms of men’s artistry and quad jumps. He has superior PCS scores, and from 2015, he really challenged other men to perform more quads, when he added at least 3 quads in a FP. But- they were quad toes and salchows. This was unheard of. Also, his jumps, when well-executed, were graceful, so they weren’t ugly at all. So I think that quads are important. What makes figure skating an Olympic sport is the jumps and other elements. I do not want to see another Evan Lysacek outcome ever again. No offense.

  6. Hanyu’s fall on his quad this past rostelecom cup is so dangerous.. talk about scary. geez.. his injured, hope he come back soon 😱😱

  7. 1:46 No, I'm pretty sure that's not how that works. I don't know the most about the technical side of skating, but what makes the jumps different is what edge you're on and how you enter the jump, not what leg you take off from. Some people jump on the opposite leg from others (i.e. Gabriel Daleman)

  8. Actually before this era there was only double jump and this type of question always there. Just keep watching. Everything will be better and better as always.

  9. for the Russians it's all about jumps and go badass. It's the Asians that stress on wholesome delivery, means, quality and beauty. If they relate Nathan Chen to high artistry, it has got to do with him being Asian blood, not his American citizenship

  10. No…..not this. The flip is. Bonaly backflip. Watch it yourself. This whole Nathan craze really is sickening when boy is not even inventing stuff or making one hell of a smooth routine when it matters the most

  11. I agree artistry is important as a skater myself. But let’s be honest, if it’s in Olympics, it has to be challenging human body’s limit. If there’s no jumps, what you are competing for? Artistry? Who to judge who is more artistic? Just like saying ballet is Olympics sport

  12. As a figure skater myself and knowing multiple Olympians, yes. It's still about the art. Routines are not just about jumps, they have footwork, spins, upper body, etc. We practice hours on end to master and perfectly execute each motion of our bodys. The art is how we control our bodys. And how hard it is to do so.

  13. No wonder why they call him the king ow quads he is my number
    1 idol (spoilers Nathen Chen won the world championships in Japan in 2019) ( I absolutely adore him 😋)

  14. That’s a dumb question ??? you can have just as much artistry , maybe even more . Added difficulty to a sport is not a bad thing

  15. A fan can't say it makes figure skating uglier….the only person who can really make that judgement is a figure skater themselves…..if people want artistry go watch ice dancing figure skating is a sport it's not about looking pretty that's just a bonus it's about pushing yourself to the maximum if you can't push boundaries what sort of sport is it?

  16. Most of these skaters are young and if they keep doing this, it might mean early retirements for them too.

  17. Without Hanyu it's a Jump competition. I surely will not watch this sport any more because it's boring

  18. I think the technicality makes the sport less gay than if it were still focused on all the pretty boy stuff

  19. Eh I like Yuzuru but now Nathan is the best. And I prefer his skating more. Sorry that’s my opinion. And I don’t think that Nathan is lack of artistry. He is getting better and better and certainly charismatic boy

  20. Most of the comments are about Yuzuru Hanyu and the fact that Figure skating isn't all about jumps, but I just want to say that the Bonaly is harder to do, it just so happens that it doesn't have points. But I love Pooh! Not dissing. Just wanted to say.

  21. Ok, Yuzuru Hanyu is a very, very good skater, however, there is no need for the fans to mention him in a completely unrelated video.

  22. Well artistry you cannot really improve it performance wise… It's kinda there… And in order to develop the sport you need to develop the skills.. So it's normal.. It's the same for gymnastics

  23. I think if you want more artistic, you should watch ice dancing. Pushing the limit should be the spirit for all the competitive sports. Otherwise we would still cheer for skaters doing a half salchow jump today.

  24. This video seems about 3 years old. Where's the quad loop for example and Chen doesn't fall on a 3 of his quads by any means.

  25. Just because they add more jumps doesn’t mean it’s ugly. When I am watching them just skate I am amazed by how easy it looks for them to do and then they do an amazing jump and I literally just have to rewatch it over and over. Figure Ice skating can’t just be skating around looking pretty for 5 minutes. You need that wow factor and jumps tend to do that.

  26. Yuzuru hanyu does quads whilst keeping artistry, you can see in his performances for him it’s not all about the jumps, you can see his passion in his performances and he puts just as much effort into his floor routine and transitions as he does jumps, if you watch his gala performance you can see that he’s so much more than just quads and jumps , he only did one delayed axel and one triple and honestly it’s one of my favourite performances of his, you can see his love for it , the way he moves its like it comes to him so freely , he doesn’t even hesitate before he jumps and It’s like he trusts himself and the ice so much , he moves so gracefully he will always be the greatest in my opinion and so humble .

  27. Honestly, step sequence and how well someone moves to the music is what catches my interest. Sure, some skaters can jump well. But how well they can SKATE to the music is what’s really important.

  28. It's just like "artistic" gymnastics… it used to be about artistry and now is just tumble after tumble, the harder the better but the gymnasts are all stiff and don't care so much about making it look beautiful anymore. It should be called "athletic gymnastics" like the russians call it because there is no artistry anymore, hopefully we still have rhythmic gymnastics that are truly beautiful, i hope figure skating doesn't follow the same path as WAG

  29. We all knew that the majority of the comments would be Yuzuru Hanyu

    Y u z u r u o n I c e

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