– Oh my goodness.
[Bleep] you, no! – Why?
Why do you do this to me? ♪ (8-bit intro) ♪ – What the literal [bleep] is this?
Sexy Hik– are you [bleep] kidding
me right now? Is it a knockoff of Bennett Foddy? – (FBE) So, a couple weeks ago,
we had you in here and you were playing this game
called Getting Over It. – No, is it the same [bleep]? – (FBE) So, Sexy Hiking
is the game that the creator of Getting Over It has said
was the inspiration. – [Bleep] you, Bennett. – It was the worst game ever
because it took so long and I could barely get anywhere. – At least the last one
looked cool and was not terrifying looking.
This one is just gonna [bleep] me up. – (FBE) All right, so you
weren’t in for that episode, but we did show you
a few clips of Getting Over It. What’d you think of what you saw?
– I think I’m confused. I wouldn’t even touch that game.
If other people got frustrated by it, that’s a Dark Souls
situation that I just don’t even wanna hop onto. – (FBE) So, we’re gonna do
just like Getting Over It. We’re gonna give you thirty
minutes just to see how far you can get.
– Ah, that’s so much time. All right, let’s play. – What the [bleep]?
What is this? – Oh yeah, I like this guy.
I like his pants. At least he has legs. – For sure.
I [bleep] him off the bat. – I feel like you can’t
raise the hammer as high as the other one.
Okay, oh, oh. How did that happen? – Okay, so…
No, stop doing that with your legs.
I already hate it! – Maybe I should have slept
more than three hours last night. Okay, oh [bleep].
This is really hard. This is a lot harder
than Getting Over It. Is it supposed to be?
‘Cause I’m feeling a little challenged right now, bro. – All right, what does left
and right do? Oh, I can move.
No, God damn it! I can’t move. – Oh no.
Man, I’m just jumping off cliffs. If you barely touch the ground
with the hammer, you just dive off. – I don’t understand the arm thing.
It’s floating out in front of him. So, how do I use you? – Okay, okay.
– (grunting) – It’s me.
That’s where I’m at. – Going up the tree.
Up. Don’t fight the tree.
Gotta work with it. Son of a [bleep] bitch.
I hate this game already. – No!
I can’t believe– that’s the most progress I’ve made. – Ah, this is a lot harder now
because the graphics are just ass.
Go! No, no.
This way. – Stop, ah.
No! Okay, how come his arm
is ten feet away from his body? Oh, I hate this game so much.
At least the other game kind of made sense. – Is this the whole [bleep] game?
That one tree? How long is the whole game?
If I don’t get past this tree, oh my God. – No!
We’re fine, we’re okay. We’re still in the game. – I hate this guy.
Argh. – Maybe if I go way over.
You bitch, ugh. This is so glitchy. – What the [bleep] was that?
I broke the game. That [bleep] wasn’t even real. – Oh.
Okay, I don’t like it because he can die.
That’s just my main issue. Get up! – Okay, I just want it
on the record, if it takes me thirty minutes to get over
this tree, I got the farthest in the last game,
so I’m allowed to suck at this one. – Up, down.
Up, okay. Your stupid head.
Just duck. – What am I supposed to do?
This is so [bleep] hard! – Okay.
If only his arm was a little bit longer. – Get–
how the hell? Oh! – Easy.
Get in the corner. I don’t like that the music
doesn’t seamlessly loop, either, so every so often
it will just stop. Easy, easy, easy.
Okay, no! – Right in the nub.
Oh, bitch, get over it. – It’s working.
It’s working! Oh, [bleep]. – Now I think he needs to go–
oh yeah. Okay, now just jump or something.
(gasps) I made it over the tree! – Oh, there’s a wall.
I don’t wanna climb a wall, Derek. Okay. – Oh my goodness.
[Bleep] you, no! No, no, no.
I tried so hard. You were happy too, bro.
I saw that [bleep]. – Oh my God, go.
How do I get up this thing? I’m so confused.
He doesn’t jump that high. – All right, this might be
where we need to do a self-jumper.
Self-jumperino. How do I do that again?
You push? That didn’t really do it. – It’s just like,
what is the reward? Why do I even want to get
over this thing so [bleep] bad? – Is this one of the ones
where you have to swing really fast again?
Okay, okay, I got this. – Come on, buddy.
Come on, come on. Okay, nope, you gotta–
what is that portal? I need to know now. – I just wanna know what that
little thing in the air is! I wanna know so bad.
I hate this game. I hate this game with
a white hot passion. Okay, I think I have to be done. – I’ma cry, dude.
All right, that’s it. That’s enough.
That’s it. – Oh baby, come on.
Don’t [bleep] with me right now, man.
We’ve been through a lot together. I don’t like that spinning
death head. No!
Why? Why do you do this to me? – Ready, go.
Go. What?
I don’t even know how I just did that.
Please don’t fall. – (angry voice) Well done!
(laughs) – I did it! – (angry voice) Well done!
(laughs) – What the [bleep] was that? – (angry voice) Well done!
(laughs) – What the [bleep] happened?
What is this? Is this level two?
We’re on the next level. We did it! – I’ve gotten past the tree.
All I care about. Now, I don’t give a [bleep].
I’m just gonna blast through it. – I think I have to stand on
the very edge of this brick. No. – ♪ (chimes) ♪
– Is that my phone? No, wait.
I can’t even– it’s part of the music.
I think I hate this more than Bennett Foddy
because I can’t exactly calculate where the hell
the hammer goes. – This is extremely difficult
and glitchy, is the thing. – Why aren’t your arms longer? – I don’t think I’m gonna
get past this, to be honest. – (FBE) You’re welcome to quit
if you don’t think you can make it.
– Okay. I’m so proud of myself just for
making it past the first level. – I thought I was getting somewhere
with that, but it didn’t work. Wait, I’m stuck.
Oh! – Argh! I quit, I quit.
I’m sorry, but I quit. – Derek! Oh my God! – Oh, I broke his neck.
I’m kind of happy about that. We’re chilling, we’re chilling.
Just walk through the air. We’re good, we’re good.
I broke the game, but we’re fine.
We’re okay. Nope, we’re not okay.
No, we’re not okay! In Getting Over It,
I went out in a blaze of glory and now I’m just a tired old man,
Derek, and I call it. – I can’t do it.
I give up, I give up. I can’t do it, I can’t do it.
I give up. Oh my God, I hate this game. – That was the worst game
I’ve played in my life. Not even joking.
[Bleep] the guy who made this game. – Getting Over It is still
frustrating, but I thought it was less difficult. – I don’t need to play this game.
I’ll play it if I wanna try to do it,
but I just don’t have that in me, where it’s so much rage
that just boils out and then I quit and break stuff. – Thanks for watching us
play Sexy Hiking on the React Channel. – Subscribe, there are new
gaming episodes every week. – Bye guys. – Hey everybody, Derek here,
one of the React Channel producers. Look, we made them play one of
the worst games ever made, but there are so many more.
What did you think? What is your favorite awful game?
Put it in the comments. I wanna talk to you about it.
We’ll see you there.

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