“THE NFL : A Bad Lip Reading” — A Bad Lip Reading of the NFL

“THE NFL : A Bad Lip Reading” — A Bad Lip Reading of the NFL

How you feeling? Ahh, egg roll. I wish I had a breeze runnin’ down my leg I’d kill for a cookie Stingray, a double-sided Scooby Snack. Yeah, we pick our hotel Help me burn that old man. I can’t, dude. Yes, you can. Let’s frickin’ burn that guy Hit him on the eyeball Hey, don’t offend me. Can I have this sloth? A skunk! I can’t believe there’s a manhole and he fell in it! I want it now! I want cake NOW! I want it now! I found Fido! Hey, I found Fido! I found Fido you guys! Stank! Ham bone? Hmm? Hey, I’d love to get you a Mai Tai! Come on, I’ll make it myself. Is that a bother? Ah-AHH-ah-ah-ahhhhh What’s wrong with him? Ooh, I’m WHITE! Stop doin’ heroin! I dare you to spit in that guy’s drink… I went out with a girl this weekend And we just kept having a ball Then I come over to hang out after the game, and it’s just Her floor’s just bean bags. So that’s when I’m a jerk to her, ’cause I’m all “Come pick up all your floor bags! You ain’t living in South-East Asia!” You gotta make a 45-degree like this And use froggy voice when you ate old fruit salad mmmmm-muhhh I encompass, and I eclipse You got the hiccups. The vet said, “Dude,” he said, “Your cat’s just pregnant” And said, “Okay, so I won’t go and kick her.” Pretty female parts. You took three chomps and then threw your hotdog up over here! I got thirteen snakes over here! Dude, I’ll have your money. You better. And then you could buy a pregnant cow! I showed you that girl’s pictures, right? Look, I brought you a potion And it’s gonna work great ’cause it’ll make you run. And you brought your potion, right? You’re dead to me. I’d fight for this man He’s got a Frisbee Breast lump! You got an orange peanut? Yeah An orange peanut?! Mmm-hmm For me? That’s right. Aw Wow An orange peanut? Well I accept you. Finger time. I made some chicken rolls. Get me a fur at the fancy pawn shop and get a beard!

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  1. The NFL could completely recreate this video with the words in this video instead of the actual NFL and there would be no difference

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