The Ranch—Revisited | Kevin Hart: What The Fit | Laugh Out Loud Network

The Ranch—Revisited | Kevin Hart: What The Fit | Laugh Out Loud Network

( music playing )Howdy. Get your ass
up out of here, boy. ( Leslie laughs ) You look like a character
from “Footloose.” What? What you say to me?
What? Get your ass up
out of here. What you– boy, get your ass
up out of here. Who is he talking to? Kevin:
Howdy, partners,
it’s Cowboy Kevin Hart here.
And you think that’s all
that happened on the ranch?
Well, hold on
to your hats
and jump
into your saddle
for these
deleted scenes.
What are you
looking at? So you ready for
some fresh milk? – Yes, I am, please.
– All right. We got some new
high-tech stuff here and I think you’re
gonna like it. – Kevin: Nice.
– Yeah. Here you go. – Leslie: Oh, hell no.
– You damn sure done
jinx me, didn’t you? – Man, that’s a big ass cow.
– That’s where you getting
milk from? – You know how to
use this thing? It’s easy
– Kevin: No, I do not. – Undo the top, it’s all right.
– Leslie: Hey, man. – You’ll be okay.
– What do I do? – Dale: Just get a hold.
– Leslie: Oh, hell no. Squeeze.
Squeeze from the top. Oh, that’s– oh, that’s perverted. Kevin:
Yeah, I– you know
what I’ll do man? – I just…
– Hey, hey, we could just have somebody to run to the store
and get a carton. – Yeah.
– You got to try it, It’s part of the workout.
You ready? – Leslie: Yeah, you’re being
a cowboy.
– If I’ma be here, – I’ma embrace it.
– Yeah, go on, embrace it. – I’ll have a seat right now.
– It look like a penis though, – I’m not gonna lie.
– We are working our wrists. – That’s just gross.
– Hold, pull down, and squeeze. Oh, my god. Kevin,
what does that feel like? Does it feel like
a little… penis?( music playing )– All right.
( cow moos )♪ Yeah, baby ♪Oh, my God. – ♪Babe…
– Oh, she done, – Oh, he done.
– That enough for you? Yeah, that’s enough,
that’s enough, so… let’s get on
with the… – That’s unpasteurized milk.
– Thank you. – Okay.
– Thank you. All right.( music playing )How do they do this
in jeans and cowboy boots? Oh, I don’t know,
my ass definitely stinking. Dale:
Now, we’re gonna do a little
cowboy workout with a rope. – These are my practice cows.
– Okay. – They’re practice cows.
– Okay. Coil is in
the left hand, okay? We’re gonna tuck it
under our arm. We’re gonna look at that cow
like we mean business, we got a good
stretch on, we got a good workout
going on, reach back and swing it,
swing it, – swing it.
– Oh. – Whoa, damn!
– You got it? – I got that.
– You are a bad man, Dale. – Dale, you might wanna back up.
– All right. – Because I’m about
to rope this bitch.
– Good. Hey, cow, you need
to slow down. – No.
– I said, you need – to slow down, cow.
– Okay. – He don’t–
– I said– don’t back talk me. Okay. That’s–
you know what? I need to get
a running start. – A running start?
– That’s good, that’s part – of your workout.
– Hey! ( Leslie laughing ) Oh, no! No! That’s cheating!
That’s cheating! – That’s cheating!
– Sit down! That is one way
to get a workout but that’s not roping,
all right? – Leslie, come on, girl.
– I’m about to get you now. – Get that left horn.
– Get it, Leslie. – No, Leslie…
– Swing it at the horns. There you go. You’re a city girl,
aren’t you? – Oh.
– Oh! ( laughs ) Almost got
that mother.( music playing )He’s beautiful like me.
( chuckles ) He’s black
like me, too. Be really calm,
really quiet, push your hand forward,
squeeze with your legs – and let’s walk in a circle.
– Oh. Oh, Dan, Dan, Dan, come on,
let’s go, boo. Leslie, put your
hand down here. Down. Down. Kick with your feet. Now, squeeze him,
give him a little kick. Okay, baby.
( kisses ) Okay, baby,
I don’t wanna hurt you. Kevin:
Howdy, cowgirl. You from around
these parts? How you get
your horse to move? Oh, just with
a little cowboy kick. What? Okay, I don’t understand how
Kev is doing it better than me. – Leslie, use the cowboy kick.
– Just a little cowboy kick. Give him a little nudge
with your heel. – Like this?
– Yup, little more. – Little more.
– ( kissing noises ) Come on. Leslie, you’re just standing
still, you look stupid, okay? You don’t look like
a cowgirl at all. I don’t want him
to be mad at me. – He ain’t mad.
– He’s not gonna get mad. He’s gonna be mad
if you kicking him. ( stutters )
What if I kicked you?( music playing )Kevin:
Amazing episode today,
you know, literally finding
new levels within
physical fitness and just
the amount of funthat you can have
while doing it.
I love what we did,I love the things
that we learned,
I actually
embraced the ranch
and I embraced
the rodeo today,
so it doesn’t get
better than that. It’s Kevin Hart, another dope
episode of “What the Fit”.This is Kevin Hart,
if you thought that was funny
then click the videos
to watch more.
You can also subscribe
to my YouTube channel,
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  1. I wasn't ready for this part 2! Omg when her horse just sat there and he said you just look stupid I died. They are too much!

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  3. Wow I remember someone called this female black ugly and then that person was called racist for it. But she is really hard to look at.

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  5. African has no horses. Blacks are not cattle herders they are hunter gatherers. Blacks run. They run fast. Real fucking fast and some are very strong. Like Blacks, certain kinds of Blondes run really fast and are very strong. They are both very similar people. Probably part of the reason so many of the powerful types of blonde girls are with black men. A subspecies preferring the more closely related subspecies. Eventually, we will see the powerful blonde men married to black women. Two subspecies will become one.

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