The Resort at Schlitterbahn New Braunfels: A First Timer’s Guide

The Resort at Schlitterbahn New Braunfels: A First Timer’s Guide

Terri: Welcome to Schlitterbahn Meet Terri Davis she is our incredibly enthusiastic activities manager here at Schlitterbahn. And we couldn’t imagine any one better to help you out on your first visit to our resort. Terri: You finally made it. We’re so glad you’re here. Like she said we’re really glad you’ll be spending time with us. In this video Terri will give us a hand making sure you’re first visit goes smoothly. So relax and let’s take a look around. First of all if your coming here during the summer you’re probably planning on waking up next to a water slide No problem. As you can see on this map, most of our resort in nestled right next to the waterpark. In fact there are two sides to our waterpark but before we get to far into the waterpark side of things Let’s start out with how to check in. Terri: If you’re just arriving to Schlitterbahn you’ve come through the Jurassic Park sign. Terri: that’s what we call is cause it’s kinda big. Once you get passed the sign you’ll turn right and head for the office Terri: Okay we’re at the resort office. We’re here. You ready to check in? let’s go. Terri: Now when you enter the resort office, usually there’s gonna be quite a few people in here. She’s right. It’s very busy in the summer. But don’t worry, we’ll make it easy. Just bring in your drivers license, way to pay, and your license plate number. Terri: Just make your way up to one of our beautiful friendly clerks and they will help you get your room, get you to your room. Terri: Get you in that waterpark and start your vacation You’ll be given your room key card, your waterpark wristbands for the day, and your check in packet. You’re check in packet has tons of information in it. so take a minute to review it. There’s some of our favorite local restaurants, the history of Schlitterbahn, and a whole lot more. And don’t forget to hang your parking tag on your car. We know you’ve already booked your room. We just wanted to be sure you knew we have all types of rooms. We have hotel rooms (Soft music playing) Riverbend Cabins (Soft music playing) Vacation Homes (soft music playing) And of course our high end options. Like luxury treehauses (soft music playing) and Schlitterstein Lofts (soft music playing) and of course everyone’s favorite rooms along the river. (soft music playing) As a resort guest there a few things we’ve set aside just for you. Like heated pools Picnic spots Terri: You’ve had enough of the water, you’re water logged. Go to my outdoor activities. Terri: Next to the resort. We show outdoor movies on the big screen under the stars. Terri: Free popcorn, free smore’s, we play games, have music. It’s just a lot of fun And like Terri said, everyone’s favorite all kinds of good old fashioned lawn games. Best of all you’re going to get exclusive ride time in the morning on our most popular rides. In the morning it’ll be the tower rides in Blastenhoff That includes the Master Blaster Wolfpack And Black Knight in the evenings you’ll get free time on the Boogie Bahn. We also have a concierge. Terri: We have a concierge during the summer that can help you sign up for Boogie Bahn lessons Our concierge can also help you with all kinds of things outside of the waterpark. Like restaurant reservations Tickets for local attractions (soft music playing) How about some fly fishing? Horseback riding and all kinds of fun activities. Now if it’s four o’clock your room is ready, but if not you can hit the waterpark Just put on those wristbands that – oh wait did you forget anything? Luckily we’ve got a retail shop right there at check in. There a few things you might need like aqua socks or water shoes, sunscreen , towels, and how about a water proof case for your phone? Terri: Just a little bit of pickings for everything. Little toy for the kids, snacks. But let’s face it. There’s one really big reason your here. Let’s tour the waterpark Terri: When you’re at the resort all you have to do is go towards the entrance and follow this green carpet it takes you right into the park. Terri: Matter of fact, it’ll take you straight to the arcade The absolute best perk of being a resort guest is being right here at the world’s best waterpark. So let’s take a look. Our original section on the west side of the park also known as main, Features our classic spring fed tube chutes and slides This is where the Comal river fuels the fun and dozens of attractions There a multiple splash pads and plenty of places to cool off under hundred year old Cyprus trees This is the part of the park that made us famous Now let’s check out the east side of the park hold on how are you gonna get there It’s more than five blocks away and trust us you’re not gonna wanna walk Take our tram as a resort guest not only do you have a tram that picks you up from your room There’s also a tram that takes you from one side of our park to the other and back again Now let’s take a tour of the east side of the park It’s divided into three sections Blastenhoff is one of our most popular areas thanks to the award winning Master Blaster The Master Blaster is the third water coaster ever built in the world but by far the most popular and the great Torrent River Then of course there’s Tubenbach where our ride The Falls mimics a real river. It takes thirty minutes to ride. Over at Surfenburg you can learn to ride the waves on the Boogie Bahn Or take a ride on the Dragons Revenge the world’s first uphill water coaster And of course we’ve got a great spot for kids of every age to play and plenty of shade Everywhere at Schlitterbahn you’ll find plenty of picnic areas Terri: We highly recommend you wear water shoes. Because the concrete can be 120 degrees in the summer and it is hot and if you need more sunscreen or a hat, we’ve got retail locations located in each part of our park and keep in mind if your room is ready before four you will get a text on your phone and if you do want to get out of the water and into your room early make sure to activate your key card at one of these locations (soft music playing) We hope you’re ready for a great vacation and we’re certainly glad you came please don’t hesitate to call or email us if you have any questions We’ll see you at Schlitterbahn (soft music playing)

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  1. I been here 4 times already and I can’t wait till this summer coming up so this can be my fifth time I love all the rides over there

  2. I'm just going to say, I LOVE SCHLITTERBAHN!!!!!!!!!! My family goes every year!! I personally love how german-themed everything is, like the names and all that! I also love how nice everyone is!! ITS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Where is Roylene and Nita did not see them. We will see them after Christmas. Thanks for the great hospitality

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  5. Im always going to the galveston locations . But im definitively going here ! A stay at the resort has to be a must ! Got to meet Terri Davis too. Lol

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  7. Which Park has the tube lock like system. Saw it a couple years ago and it moved tubes up then forward like a boat lock in a canal.

  8. Thinking about going there… Maybe I have a slight fear of heights and I know there are big water slides

  9. Ok I love this water park I’ve already been once and I’m going again soon! and this water park will not only be fun my best friend all the way in Nebraska is coming ( I’m in Texas) Thank you shilterban for me going to see my bff!

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