The Return of Superman | 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 – Ep.11 (2014.02.02)

The Return of Superman | 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 – Ep.11 (2014.02.02)

100 thoughts on “The Return of Superman | 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 – Ep.11 (2014.02.02)

  1. Sarang screaming for Peter Pan it's me screaming for k-idols and Sarang's father reaction it's my parents reaction 😂😂

  2. Tablo is such a cute dad he's just so comic and funny. I feel like when Haru grows up they'll still be close and be like bffs cause Tablo's a cool dad. And Sunghoon will be that protective dad towards pretty Sarang when she grows up, she'll refer to sunghoon as her first love. cute dads. <3

  3. it's very amazing how at the start of the show Haru wasn't very comfortable and affectionate with Tablo, seeing how she always wanted to be her mom. And seeing this, sobs. I love this fam

  4. junu is older than me he was 11 years old in 2014 but im still 10 years old that year omg but junu is handsome he looks like sungyeol

  5. 58:53 i don't like him as a parent… maybe i'm wrong but i felt like he is pressuring too much his children all the time, and it kinda seems he likes more his older son

  6. I like sarang but i wish others had more screentime. I really love the twins and jang bros i want to see more of haru too.

  7. Sarang is so cute I absolutely love her!!! I also like Junu and Junseo and the twins they're all equally fun and cute!!!!

  8. I love how Haru was wearing Jordans with her leotard 😂😂 I miss them, hope they get a speca episode like the triplets!

  9. aww~ I'm so happy for Tablo, he really gains the affection of Haru. From episode 1 where he ranks #3 (the fish is #2 and mom #1), I'm sure he's in #1 spot tied with his wife now.
    Haru felt and sees how Tablo always do his best for her and how he will do anything just to see her smile.
    I just love them. I really find this family cute :))

  10. i feel like junu would grow up to be like those handsome male leads, that are smart, kind, a little timid with their own quirks <3

  11. What is the title of the song in 1:03:35? Please if you know the answer reply please.. I really like that song but I don't know the title. 😢

  12. Love haru and tablo's relationship. wish they had more single episodes
    lol hwijae's mom literally just made the walker as bump cars hahahaha

  13. I sympathized with hwijae when seoeon got woken up. Taking care of twins is really tough, especially when putting them to sleep. The ending episode made me cringe so much. They don't have time management that's why she's up that late.

  14. Hwijae's mom should have obey to what the twins mother said… Even if she's well experience in raising babies like Hwijae when he was still a toddler but Jeongwon is their mother anyhow so you as their grandma you should respect to what their mother said… What they are allowed to do and what they're not… 😑😑😑

  15. Hwijae is such a decent man but his parents don't seem that decent to me.
    His mom ignores whatever her daughter in law wants for their kids and even ignores her own son when she feeds him the potato. To me it just seemed like she fed him that just because her daughter in law said not to and the baby walker is bad and dangerous but she refuses to listen to the actual parents of the twins and just forces Hwijae to give in to her and let them walk in it because he can't say no and be disrespectful to her. And his dad is seriously terrible, he has never seen his son cry cause he was busy drinking alcohol and he doesn't think it's a problem either. It's a miracle to me how Hwijae turned out like this. And his wife props to her for still going to her parents in law even though it looks like she hates every second of it.

  16. I felt bad when twins dad was frustrated with his mom's behavior she is sweet and he should let enjoy her with twins without poking her… He will understand it better when his boys behave like this in future 🙄

  17. the point is not that his mother tries to interfere with their ways of parenting, its that he lets her! i would dump that guy if i was his wife. 100% unacceptable.

  18. Looks like the twins are quite enjoying their new walkers! I do hope they properly grow into them soon~

  19. For people talking about screen time, I’m pretty sure it depends on what happens during the day. Sarangs family did a lot while the others didn’t do as much. They have to make sure the content is great and entertaining cause after all it is a show. I’m also pretty sure they plan some of the events so the others get screen time to. They don’t want to give one family all the screen time. However, they have to choose the most eventful scenes to show.

  20. must be so hard for hwijae bcoz of seoeon,always crying.. seojun is so independent and easy going baby until now and then😂love u seojunie😘😘

  21. Sunghoon’s tattoo, the twins photo shoot, junu’s over coming his fear and getting high grades and tablo & haru’s having fun is 🥺🥰❤️

  22. Yoooo Hwang Jungmin knows what's up. Children will learn to read and write in school when they're ready. Teach them how to play and that's how they learn better.

  23. Argh… I love this show but why do such shows always include places like that aquarium. I mean I´m fine with an aquarium if there actually is enough space for the animals but such "theathers" with dolphins, orcas etc. is just animal cruelty.
    Still love the show though xD

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