The Return of Superman | 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 – Ep.11 (2014.02.02)

The Return of Superman | 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 – Ep.11 (2014.02.02)

For the 2014 New Year, the Choovely family have visited the warm island of Okinawa. We’re here. However. They are so unlucky. They leave on a cloudy day. Let’s go. They haven’t even unpacked yet. But nightfall has already reached Okinawa. Rice! Thank you! Spoon please. Juice please. Together with Sarang in this earthly paradise. Soon, the dream-like Okinawa vacation of the Choovely family will begin. Viewers… In Korea! Hello! The Return of Superman. Episode 11. “My Children’s Private Life.” Wait, I’ll do it for you. Here. Try it. What’s next? Just wait. Like this. Peter Pan. Peter Pan? I’ll do it. He’s mine. What? – He’s mine. / – He’s yours? Do you like Peter Pan? You do, right? Peter Pan! Peter Pan! You’re so excited. – Peter Pan! / – Oh, dear. Peter Pan! What is it? Look. Let’s do it together. Should we go for a swim? – Want to go for a swim? / – Yes. Okay, let’s go to the pool. Let’s go. Okay. Sunghoon lives for sports. But Sarang cried every time her dad tried to do some sports. I’m 100% certain that she’s not crying because she doesn’t like sports. Swimming is next. Will her dad’s dream be realized after the third attempt? Your swimsuit looks nice. Grandma was a swimmer as well. Swimmer. Grandma. Let’s go in here. Should we? Yes! Go again. Again? One more time? Just once more. Sarang and her dad are properly enjoying the water. Fortunately, just as Sunghoon said, it wasn’t that Sarang didn’t like all sports. However. What is that on Sunghoon’s sole? It’s Sarang’s footprints from birth. He got them tattooed onto his feet. He truly loves his daughter. Isn’t he amazing? Okay. Okay. Last time. Over there. Here? Let’s have a rest. I want to play more. Let’s play more. Your lips are all blue. It’s because you’re cold. You’re cold. Too cold. I want to play more. It’s cold. Let’s go. I can play more. Then just one more time. Last time. Last time. Last time. Let’s go in there. It was so fun. It was the first time she had so much fun. I was really surprised. She laughed the most and was the loudest and had the most fun to date. So I was really happy. Let’s go. Okay. Let’s play more. Let’s play more! Let’s play more! Grapes. More? Grapes are good for digestion. So it’s good for constipation. More? How many are you eating today? More? She wants more. You’ve had 10 now. No more. Stop. No. No, no. Oh, gosh. You want to eat until you burst? That’s 12 already.Banana!I want to eat a banana. Oh, dear. Let’s go ride horses. What about dolphins? We’ll look at dolphins later. What about horses? We’ll look at horses now. We’re going now. – The dolphins? / – Later. – What about horses? / – Now. – Now… / – We’ll go to the horses now… – Then the dolphins? / – Later. – What about horses? / – Now. – We’re going now. / – Dolphins? Later. – Let’s go later. / – What about horses? Now. – We’ll go see them now. / – Dolphins? Later. – Later. / – What about horses? – Now. / – Now… Yes, now. What about the dolphins? Later… We’ll go see them later. What about dolphins? I don’t know! – What about dolphins? / – I don’t know. Grandma is born in the year of the horse. What about me? You’re born in the year of the rabbit. – Year of the rabbit? / – Yeah. I was born in the year of the rabbit and so was grandpa. We were all born in the year of the rabbit. We’re here. – We’re here. / – We made it! We’ve arrived. To celebrate the year of the horse and get positive energy for the year, they’ve arrived at the horse farm. This is scary. It can hurt when you ride horses. Do you know why? It’s because people have short legs. If you have short legs and you ride a horse, your legs hurt. But we’re okay, since we have long legs. It won’t hurt for us. Horses! Horses. I’m scared. Neigh like a horse. Neigh… Hello. Hello. Thank you for having us. You’ll be walking the beach today. Thank you. Hello. Hello. I’m scared. Use your hand. Aren’t you scared? What’s its name? Greg. I think its name is Greg. Nice? You like it, right? Grandma is noisy but this horse is okay, right? Right? It’s cold. She was so scared of the deer… I think horses are scarier. But why isn’t she scared. Horse! Yes, horse. You’re not scared? Horse. The sea! It’s the beautiful beach of Okinawa with coral lying in the sea. What kind of memories will horse riding on the beach with this backdrop, provide for Sarang? It’s better if I get on first, right? Yes. Put your left leg up first. Good job. Greg. – Should we head off? / – Yes, I’m okay. Let’s go. Trot, trot, trot. 1, 2. How do you feel? Huh? It’s my first time riding this too? This is my first time on a horse. This is nice, right? How is it? No fun? Are you listening? Sarang. When you get older, you’ll never do this with me. We have to make many of these memories. If you’re disinterested like this… Huh? Then it’s only a memory for me. Sarang. She’s so quiet. She hasn’t said a word since she got on this horse. This is great, isn’t it? How do you feel? Huh? Sarang? How do you feel? She isn’t just in a daze. These days whether it be Korean or looking at animals, Sarang really focuses. For example, if she’s watching a DVD, she’ll be like this… It’s like she’s trying to absorb something. She’s like that often. Don’t you like being on the horse, Sarang? How do you feel? This is your first time. Another thing that mom knows and dad doesn’t. It’s not that Sarang didn’t like being on the horse, she was just really focusing so she wouldn’t fall. We’re on a date here. Show me a smile at least. Please? Your daughter’s not scared at all. Usually they get scared on their first time. Really? It’s her first time, so I thought she’d be scared. She was really scared when we saw a small deer. Oh, really? So I thought she’d be scared today. She’s really enjoying it. Sarang, how do you feel? Thank you. Thank you. Say thank you. Hey, Sarang. Daddy horse is much more fun, right? That horse can’t do this. I can do this… And like this. I can do all this. I’m much better, right? Riding horses costs money too. But I’m for free. How good is it? Say something. Speak. Say, thank you. Thank you. Okay! Tell me I did well. Well done. Okay. Say I did well. Well done. Really? Let’s go. Learning about your child isn’t as easy as building a sandcastle. But one certain thing is that the more time you spend together, the more you’ll learn. Let’s go, let’s go. In just a short while. Wow. The Choovely family meet whale sharks as their trip in Okinawa continues. Meanwhile, the eternal lover of fish… What is Haru up to? Haru’s showing interest in figure skating. So I thought of this… Ballet. It’s everyone’s fantasy for their daughter to do ballet. Tablo is continuing to look for Haru’s new hobby. Following on from martial arts… Will Haru show interest in ballet? Plus, everyone thinks she’s a boy. What will she look like in a leotard? Even Tablo looks really nervous. This feels the same as waiting for Hyejeong in her wedding dress. I’m pretty, right? Oh, so cute! Oh, so cute! She was beautiful. Haru doesn’t really like skirts. And she always loved blue. Is this your son? She’s a girl. – Are you serious? / – She’s my daughter. She’s really boyish. The leotard looks pretty on its own but she’s wearing pink and it’s a dress. She felt like a daughter. A really pretty girl. That really hit me. Make your hips thin like an ant. It’s your friends. Hello. – The parents… / – Yes. Haru should grow her hair too. Girls, stand up. Let’s greet each other. We have a new friend today so we’ll learn the greeting once more. No. 1. Feet spread out. Stick your legs together. Haru, put your legs together. Look at my legs. What am I doing with them? They’re stuck together… That’s right. That’s right. From here, spread your toes. Yes, that’s it. That’s right. There you go. Make a circle with your arms. Lift your chin. I’m the prettiest girl in the world. I’m the prettiest. There you go. Take a look at your faces. Pretty faces. Who’s the prettiest? Me! You’re the prettiest, right? You’re the prettiest, right? So do it with confidence. Let’s try. I’m the prettiest, girls. I’m the prettiest. 1. 2. That’s one. Look at the mirror. Look at the prettiest me. Hands into the air. Bow. Sit down. Sit down. That’s it. Well done. Girls, let’s stretch. Face the front. Legs to the side. That’s the way. Please play it once more. Straighten your backs. Again. Look at the sky. And go right over. Right hand. It should be up here. One more time. 1, 2. Your left arm is on top. Go down now. There you go. Nice work. One more time. Slide to the front. Slide. Slide. Let’s slide. Let’s slide. Let’s slide. You don’t have to go down too far. It’s your first time, so it’s okay. Can’t you go down any further, Haru? There you go. Haru. Haru. Is this fun? Is it not fun? Move. You want me to go away? You want me to go away? Okay, I’ll be over there. She’s all grown up now. There you go. Wait. We’ll start when the music starts. Like this. Ready. Go. And 1. Lift up. Lift up. And 2… Come up. And 3… Face the front. Come up on your own. And 4… Come up. Raise yourself. Again. Put your hands above your heads. Clap. Clap. There. Wow. Now follow me. Oh, I’m sleepy. Should we sleep? Should we? Should we or not? Sleep. Sleep? Should we look out the window before we sleep? Should we? Take a look out the window. What’s that up there? What’s that up there? What is there? Up there. It’s a star. Should we pick the star? There we go. Pick the star. Pick the star. On your tippy-toes. Grab the star. There’s a fish up there! Grab the fish. Haru, why’s there a fish up there? Haru, why’s there a fish up there? Face the front. She really loves fish. Oh, really? Yes. She’s strange. A father that’s elated over his daughter. And another father that’s so happy with his sons’ smiling for their birthday photos. What memories will our Supermen make today? This is no good. Just wait. Wait please. Please wait. I’ll make you something delicious. Ta-da!Hallelujah…Let me tell you today’s schedule. After you finish your apples, we’ll get the haircut that I failed at last time. Understood? Once you get a haircut, we’ll go and take first birthday photos. Understood? I think it’s going to be a good day today. Hello? Taehyun. Hey, Hwijae. Are you eating? Yes. I just finished. You must be free, Taehyun. Say hello to uncle. Say hello. Hello. Hi. Hey, Taehyun. You said you wanted to be Superman… I have an emergency proposal. I’ll do “2 Days and 1 Night.” You do The Return of Superman. It’s an emergency proposal. Okay? My youngest isn’t even 100 days old. That’s perfect. That’s just perfect. Taehyun, babies 9 months old crying when they’re not with their parents… Is this normal? – That is normal. / – Really? Okay. That’s proof that you’re raising them well. Really? They’d cry heaps without their moms. Even though they’re okay without their dads. Now that I’ve been home. They don’t cry when I’m around. Then I guess you can’t help but keep looking after them. Hey, anyway… Stop laughing and in spring… Why go on that program now. You should wait till they get older. It’s not like I… You think they’ll remember you now? They won’t remember you at all. All they remember is the mom. Why do that? Hang up. Hang up. Hang up! Work hard. How annoying. I’m totally annoyed right now. I think I’ll cry. I’m so annoyed. Seoeon. You won’t just remember mom, will you? Tell me you won’t. Tell me you won’t. Mom! It’s different with mom here. They didn’t smile like this earlier. Are you happy? You won’t just ask for mom, right? Tell me you won’t. Huh? Tell me you won’t. Just till I get changed. You two play together. Let’s get changed now. Okay. This is trouble. How will we cut your hair? What’s wrong? Why are you so upset? Let’s go out now. Will we be okay? He has a lot of hair. – He does? / – Yes. It’s long, right? Yes. He’s not crying. – The clippers is the key, right? / – Yes. No other kid is as well behaved, right? – There are many. / – Oh, really? – Should I part it to the side? / – Yes. All done. Let’s shake it off. Which mother should we ask for help? Oh, dear. Can you please hold him for a minute? Seojun, hello. I’ve seen you on TV. Please take care of him. Can you take him down? Your brother’s cutting his hair. Seojun… Hurry on. Don’t cry, okay? – Please take care of him. / – Go, already. Has he cut his hair on the sides? I tried but failed. His hair is a mess right now. You cut off so much hair. I did a bad job. – You cut this side too. / – Yes. I did it when they were sleeping. Will it be okay with the clippers? – We have to try. / – You’re right. Good job. I’ll hold him. There we go. I wanted Seojun to have a Lee Jungjae cut. And Seoeon with a Kang Hodong cut. I’ll try to make them laugh. Lee Seojun. Seojun. Lee Seojun. Peek-a-boo. – Smile! / – Lee Seojun! Lee Seojun! Yes, well done. That’s the way! Very nice. Well done. Lee Seojun! No, no. Look here, Seojun. Get closer to him. Don’t cry. – I think he’s sleepy. / – Right? Yeah, he’s sleepy. Should we let him sleep? Yeah. Should we let him? Daddy’s here. Now he doesn’t panic and knows how to match their moods. Hwijae’s so much more relaxed with his boys now. I’m a mother myself and I feel proud of him. Say you had a good nap. You had a good nap. Lee Seoeon! Who is this? Who’s this? Mommy? Mommy? Daddy? It’s mommy, now daddy! It’s daddy! Daddy! Daddy… Nice, nice. It’s a unique feeling. When they were born prematurely, their hearts didn’t sound healthy. And they could’ve needed surgery. It was really scary back then. And now they’ve grown up so healthy. They’re as healthy as any other baby. I’m so thankful for that. You like this the best? – Really? / – Do you like this one? With daddy. With daddy. Okay. For the past year, the twins have offered endless love and emotion to their parents. Thank you, Seoeon and Seojun for growing up healthy. Hey, Hwang star. Where are you? I’m in Daegu. Daegu? Oh, lucky you! The man on the other line is none other than movie star, Hwang Jungmin. Why did Hyeonseong send an SOS to his close friend, Hwang Jungmin? Who is it? Hello, this is the neighborhood officer. Who is it? I’m not sure. Didn’t she come for the plate? Yes, hello. Junseo’s enrolment notification is here. Does it normally come out like this? Yes. I see. Please fill this out if you need to. And contact the institution. – Okay. / – Congratulations. Yes, thank you. Do you know what this is, Junseo? Yeah? It’s your enrolment notice. What is that? It means that from March 3rd, you’ll be attending elementary. Yes! Elementary school! It’s the notice for that. Yeah, Hwang star. Where are you? I’m down in Daegu. Daegu? Are you filming? I’m here to film but there’s no shoot today. Lucky you! I’ve tried to teach Junseo Korean… Yeah? But he’s so much worse than I thought. Yeah. Is your son good at Korean? That’s not for you to know. They’re all fine once they go to school. You should call someone who’s taught it before. Why would you call me? That’s true. I know you wouldn’t have taught before. Forget it. Don’t teach him Korean. Teach him that… What? How to play. I play with him every day. Okay then. You must be eating something nice. I’m having breakfast. You’re working hard. Okay. Work hard. – Bye. / – Yeah. Let’s see how much Korean you know, Junseo. No thanks. – No thanks? / – No. Why not? I’ll say the word, you write down what I say. This is called dictation. I’m sleepy. Now you understand how hard it is for me, right? Okay. Okay… No. 1. “Jadu” for peach. Your digeut in “du” is written the wrong way. – Ah… / – It’s the same… I see. “Du.” Well done!Correct!Well done. No. 2. “Daramjwi” for squirrel. “Da…” – You’re good. / – He’s good. Geez… What was it again? “Daramjwa?” What’s wrong, Junseo? It’s too hard. I’m not scolding you, Junseo. Is it too hard already? How will you go to school then? You’ve received the notice to start school. I’m scared. I’m scared of going to school. Because… All you do is study. Then you get 1 minute to rest. Then you study again. Then rest 1 minute. Then you keep studying. I pity my brother. “Daramjwi?” “Jwi” is hard, right? Junseo, look at my mouth. “Daramjwi.” “Jwi.” “Jwi…” Look, Junseo. I get it now. “Jwi!” That was good. This is “daramjweo.” This is “daramjweo.” I know! You do? That character doesn’t exist. That’s non-existent. Junseo… This is… See this… This character doesn’t exist. You’ve almost got it. Let’s go, “jwi!” What kind of letter is this? Junseo? Here. What kind of writing is this? I know. That’s it. Let’s see. Okay! Okay! Oh, you little squirrel. Gosh… – Was it that hard? / – Yeah. It was so hard. Oh, dear. Unlike Junseo, who’s exhausted from learning Korean… Sarang has come to the 2nd largest aquarium in the world. Sharks. – Let’s go see dolphins. / – Dolphins? – Dolphins! / – Let’s go see them. Okay, okay. Do you remember this place? We’re here. Take a look. Look, Sarang. Aren’t they amazing? Amazing. She kept saying she wanted to see dolphins. So I thought she’d go crazy when she saw them. But she just sat there. And she didn’t look happy at all. So… I want to see them again. What was that? I want to see them again! You want to see them again? Why? Why do you want to see them? Why? I want to see them again! Okay, let’s go down there. Okay. She didn’t shout or smile at all. Then she cried and said she wanted to see more. When I really thought about it… I realized the way she just sat there staring meant that she was fascinated and curious. And she was genuinely having a good time. Hello! Say hello. Let’s go. Say bye bye. Look, it’s saying bye bye. It’s saying bye bye. Let’s go. Did the dolphin jump? Yeah, it jumped. They’re all here. Let’s go see big sharks. – Big ones. / – Big ones? Yeah. Wave to him. Wave. Wave. I’m scared. – I’m scared. / – Scared of the man? This mysterious place filled with sea life, makes you wonder whether you might be actually walking in the bottom of the sea. But the real surprise is still to come. Wow. Wow. Let’s hurry over there. Wow. Wow. Let’s look. The sight that draws all the visitors. Whale sharks close to 10m long slowly swim back and forth. They’re so fantastic. I came here with mom before. Sarang. I really enjoyed going to the aquarium with Sarang. I went there with my wife when she was pregnant. I could recall bits and pieces. I took a photo and sent it to her. I told her I was reminded of the past. Let’s make sure we come with mom next time. Okay? – Okay? / – Yes! Check that out. It’s a fish. A shark! It’s scary. Tablo’s daughter, Haru… She really loves fish. Just like this. She loves them. She’s way older than you. She really loves fish. So it’d be nice to come with her, right? Since you don’t have an older sister… You have to address her as your elder. Okay? Here you go. I’ll peel it for you. Let’s drink this. This one. You don’t drink that. This one. You want this one? Say thank you. Thank you! Say thank you. Thank you! Oh, no. You can’t drink this. I can drink it. – You want to try? / – Yes. It’s carbonated. Yes. It’s bitter. Here, have some more. See? Why did you say you wanted some? Here, drink this. I’ll hold it for you. Say sorry. I’m sorry. It’s good. This is good. You want to try? What is that? What is that? Dad! He’s sick. What’s going on? What’s the problem? He’s sick. Who? The dolphin and… And the fish? This is bad. Please come here, doctor. Okay. Okay… Have a listen. Check if the fish is okay. What do you hear? He must have something wrong with his skin. There’s a problem with his skin? Yes. I think he’s hurting around here. He does have a little tear here. Wait, this isn’t a tear. Someone stuck a grain of rice here. Somebody stuck rice on here. Look. It’s rice. Who did this? Only you and I ate rice here. Someone came and had some rice… And they stuck it on? Who could it be? A person! – What kind of person? / – An older girl. Which older girl? Hyuna! Huh? Hyuna! Yes, she must’ve come and stuck it on here. What should we do? Does he need a shot? Since he’s ill… We need to do this. We need to pull this out. We need to pull the rice out? This grain of rice… Who stuck this here? Got it! I got it. Look. Let’s listen to see if he’s breathing. He’s not breathing. Come here, Haru. Come here and… Come on, get up. You need to focus. Haru, we need to resuscitate him. Breathe, fish! Keep pushing. Keep going. Breathe, fish. He’s alive! Haru, look. No, right now… We need to go to the hair shop. The fish needs to go to the hair shop? Yes. Why? Because… His hair has grown a lot and it’s poking him in the eye. It’s poking his eye? Okay, trim trim. Let’s cut his hair. Want me to help? His hair looks great. I raised this fish. You raised this fish? I caught him from deep in the sea. You caught him from the sea? Yes. Hello. I spoke with his homeroom teacher. And Junu… The exam he had recently. Compared to last time… A lot more… A lot more… Compared to last time… He got much better results. Congratulate him. Is that what happened? Okay, okay. Okay, work hard. Yeap. Right foot. Left foot. Right foot… Junseo. You can let go. Junu, great job! Well done. It was a cold day but it’s loads of fun because they’re together. He was the best friend possible today. That’s scary. They jump down from there? I’m too scared. I can’t. I can’t do that. I’m scared. That’s not scary. I can’t do that. I can’t do that. You’ll look so cool. Still, I can’t. With Junu and Junseo… I think everything else is okay… They both have a lot of phobias. They don’t try what they’re not good at. They don’t try it out. They are a little like that. I really hate making mistakes. I only do what I’m good at. I hate making mistakes. Hurry. Dad, what if you die? I know. What will you do then? We’ll starve to death. Who will? Us. There’s no one to cook for us. Dad. Teach us how to cook. Hey! Are you saying that I can die so long as I teach you to cook? No… What will we eat then? Junu. I’ll jump off like Tarzan. Yeah. Junseo, can you hear me? Junseo, listen to your father. Junu? Junu, don’t tease Junseo. Dad… Will do his best. Dad! Dad! Should I jump? Should I jump? Dad! Dad! Dad really jumped. Dad! Is he dead? Go down already. Dad! We’re coming. You were cool. I was? Really? I was actually a little scared. But I couldn’t hesitate and look scared. I thought Junu would tease me later. I just closed my eyes and jumped. What if I die? You won’t die. As if you will. But what if I die? You can do it! Don’t let go. Junu. You can do it! Go for it. I felt dizzy. It was really high. It was scarier looking down from the top. I thought I was dead. Wow, Junu! You were amazing. Junu, weren’t you scared? I was scared. You didn’t really hesitate. You tend to hesitate with those things. But you just jumped. I just had to jump. If I don’t jump… They don’t try new things. They’re kind of like that. I really hate making mistakes. I only do what I’m good at. When he jumped… He looked really brave and I was proud of him. He just jumped like it was nothing. I wondered if he had grown up. It felt like he’s taken a step forward. You were cool. I was? Really? Haru, what is that big shadow? Haru, what is that big shadow? Haru… What are you doing? What is that, Haru? Sit down. Have a seat. Let me see your face. What are you doing? Draw on me as well. I’ve finished. Come here, Haru. I’m going to draw on you one last time. Okay… I’m all pink… I look scary. Haru, I look scary. Haru! I look scary. Haru, look at this. Check this out. Come here. Look into here. Look. Haru… This is scary. It’s scary. Who? Who are you? Who are you? The shadow’s weird. Shadow? What is that large shadow? What is that on the ceiling? What is that big shadow? Haru. Shadow… Check out that large shadow. It’s gone bigger! Haru… Haru… Where are you, Haru? Haru? Haru! Haru! No! Look at this! Haru, mom’s going to kill us. Come in. Close your eyes. Was that fun? Huh? – Yeah! / – Then it’s okay. Dad. Dad, you lie down here. And I will lie here. How’s that? You lie here and I’ll lie here. Are you going to sleep next to me? – Yeah. / – Okay! Lie down here. But you normally don’t like sleeping next to anyone. But you want to sleep next to me? How nice. Light off. Should I turn the lights off? – Yeah. / – Okay. This is the first time you’re sleeping next to me. You normally don’t like to sleep next to people. Why is it okay today? I like sleeping next to you. Let me hug you. I love you. I love you, my daughter. She wanted to sleep next to me for the first time. So I sent Hyejeong a text. She said that Haru does that when she’s really happy. This was the first time… Seriously… I know what it means now to cry tears of joy. Do you like mom or dad? Mom. Mom? I knew it. Dad, where’s mom. Mom is no. 1. Then fish, then dad. Dad, you grab it. Dad… Dad! Hold on tight. Thank you. You’re so tough. Haru… I’m all pink. Grandma’s going to faint. Let’s go, let’s go. Wow… Grandma! Grandpa! Grandma! Grandpa! – Are you here? / – We’re here. Both boys in your arms. It must’ve been cold. Look at their tummies. Were they out somewhere? They look like clowns? They look like clowns. Let’s take this off? – Take what off? / – These clothes. Take them off? Why did you put this on them? Just the pants. Did you put this on for them to visit here? Yes, because it’s your birthday. Oh, my… Goodness. For my birthday… You guys are suffering for my birthday… So much work. Where did I put the flowers? How cute you are. Here. Thank you. – Mun Jeongwon… / – From daughter-in-law. Yes. Thank you. – She made them herself. / – Okay. This morning. Grandma. He’s crying because it’s cold. He cried. Why did he cry? I don’t know. He cries all the time. I prepared something excellent for them. Something great for their crying. What? A special surprise. Surprise! Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Will you get in trouble with your wife? Oh, my God. It didn’t cause a fight, but it was always an issue. Walkers. She said she put us in walkers. That it’s okay. My wife said no. And I just didn’t know what to do. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. I’m giving you a present that your mom hates. They could fall over. They won’t. Come over here. This way. Seoeon, want to get in? Ride, ride. They’re bad at first. Ride it like this. Does he have short legs? I think he has short legs. Can’t you lower this somehow? Seojun’s feet won’t reach. Wait… No, he’s reaching slightly. Let’s go. Let’s go for a ride. How fun! How fun! – How fun! / – Mom! Yeah? Aren’t they dangerous? They’re not dangerous. How fun. Look at his face. He’s so happy. How fun. How fun. I think Mun Jeongwon will be angry tomorrow. This is trouble. Let’s worry about tomorrow, tomorrow. There are things that I want to stick to. So my mother-in-law always teases me. “I’d love to give Seoeon an octopus leg.” Stuff like that. So I get really anxious about that. Let’s ride in this. I’m sorry to your mom. She said she’d never let you ride this. But I rented it. Your mom’s going to curse at me. It’s okay. Just say it’s my birthday present. Seojun, come here. Well done. Good job. Nice. Well done. Look at Seojun walk. Seojun’s good already. Come here, Seoeon. Well done. He’s good! Well done. He’s good! Come here. Come here. Oh, you’re so good. Come here. Oh, you’re so good. Why do they say this is bad for the brain? Why don’t mothers use these? It’s not bad for their brains, it slows down their development. Oh, whatever. And they can flip over. As if. You guys walked fine even after you used these. Oh, my. What is this? Oh, my. Come here. Come over here. Come here. Look, he’s standing up. What will we do about this? We should’ve put them in these ages ago. Come to grandma. There you go. What will we do about your mother? What of your mom? I’m sorry, Jeongwon. Let’s just ride them for today. It’s okay. Seoeon. Look at this. Balsye. Woof, woof. Balsye. Seoeon, it’s a puppy. Woof, woof. Don’t like him? Come to the puppy. Come here. Seojun, it’s Balsye. Check out Balsye. Balsye. How pretty. She’s pretty, right? Say Balsye. Balsye. How cute. Balsye. How pretty. How pretty. How pretty. Balsye is so cute. How nice. Balsye… This is good. It’d be good for digestion after they eat. I just rented it for a month. There’s nothing wrong with it. Okay, I’ll hug you. No, no, no! Look at this, mom. It’s okay. It’s so good for them. See, they can fall over. I got shocked when I saw him climb out. The walker was supposed to be a surprise gift for her birthday but when she said she rented it for a month… They can ride it a few times when they come here. Besides that… No, no. – It’s okay. / – What is it? – Potato. / – It’s been mashed! It won’t kill him. It’s too sweet. I’ve gotten by today. Mom! Geez. When she’s in a good mood I’ll have to discuss it with her. This one’s like a girl. That brat is like a boy. Once you enter the room, everyone goes to theirs. Have you never seen your son cry? I haven’t. I was busy with this. Mommy! What’s wrong with him? Don’t even make a sound. Okay. I don’t think I can come here for a while. The next episode. A very special guest at Okinawa. When your mom and dad were dating… Is mom dad’s first love? Right? If I hadn’t met my wife… I’m sure I would’ve met her. How would you have survived? Why aren’t you answering? Answer me. If they hadn’t met their precious partners… Would they be as happy as they are now? Should I taste it? Try that. You said we’re friends! I love you. Next time. The Return of Superman. Episode 12. “If We Hadn’t Met Then…” Don’t miss out.

100 thoughts on “The Return of Superman | 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 – Ep.11 (2014.02.02)

  1. Sarang screaming for Peter Pan it's me screaming for k-idols and Sarang's father reaction it's my parents reaction 😂😂

  2. Tablo is such a cute dad he's just so comic and funny. I feel like when Haru grows up they'll still be close and be like bffs cause Tablo's a cool dad. And Sunghoon will be that protective dad towards pretty Sarang when she grows up, she'll refer to sunghoon as her first love. cute dads. <3

  3. it's very amazing how at the start of the show Haru wasn't very comfortable and affectionate with Tablo, seeing how she always wanted to be her mom. And seeing this, sobs. I love this fam

  4. junu is older than me he was 11 years old in 2014 but im still 10 years old that year omg but junu is handsome he looks like sungyeol

  5. 58:53 i don't like him as a parent… maybe i'm wrong but i felt like he is pressuring too much his children all the time, and it kinda seems he likes more his older son

  6. I like sarang but i wish others had more screentime. I really love the twins and jang bros i want to see more of haru too.

  7. Sarang is so cute I absolutely love her!!! I also like Junu and Junseo and the twins they're all equally fun and cute!!!!

  8. I love how Haru was wearing Jordans with her leotard 😂😂 I miss them, hope they get a speca episode like the triplets!

  9. aww~ I'm so happy for Tablo, he really gains the affection of Haru. From episode 1 where he ranks #3 (the fish is #2 and mom #1), I'm sure he's in #1 spot tied with his wife now.
    Haru felt and sees how Tablo always do his best for her and how he will do anything just to see her smile.
    I just love them. I really find this family cute :))

  10. i feel like junu would grow up to be like those handsome male leads, that are smart, kind, a little timid with their own quirks <3

  11. What is the title of the song in 1:03:35? Please if you know the answer reply please.. I really like that song but I don't know the title. 😢

  12. Love haru and tablo's relationship. wish they had more single episodes
    lol hwijae's mom literally just made the walker as bump cars hahahaha

  13. I sympathized with hwijae when seoeon got woken up. Taking care of twins is really tough, especially when putting them to sleep. The ending episode made me cringe so much. They don't have time management that's why she's up that late.

  14. Hwijae's mom should have obey to what the twins mother said… Even if she's well experience in raising babies like Hwijae when he was still a toddler but Jeongwon is their mother anyhow so you as their grandma you should respect to what their mother said… What they are allowed to do and what they're not… 😑😑😑

  15. Hwijae is such a decent man but his parents don't seem that decent to me.
    His mom ignores whatever her daughter in law wants for their kids and even ignores her own son when she feeds him the potato. To me it just seemed like she fed him that just because her daughter in law said not to and the baby walker is bad and dangerous but she refuses to listen to the actual parents of the twins and just forces Hwijae to give in to her and let them walk in it because he can't say no and be disrespectful to her. And his dad is seriously terrible, he has never seen his son cry cause he was busy drinking alcohol and he doesn't think it's a problem either. It's a miracle to me how Hwijae turned out like this. And his wife props to her for still going to her parents in law even though it looks like she hates every second of it.

  16. I felt bad when twins dad was frustrated with his mom's behavior she is sweet and he should let enjoy her with twins without poking her… He will understand it better when his boys behave like this in future 🙄

  17. the point is not that his mother tries to interfere with their ways of parenting, its that he lets her! i would dump that guy if i was his wife. 100% unacceptable.

  18. Looks like the twins are quite enjoying their new walkers! I do hope they properly grow into them soon~

  19. For people talking about screen time, I’m pretty sure it depends on what happens during the day. Sarangs family did a lot while the others didn’t do as much. They have to make sure the content is great and entertaining cause after all it is a show. I’m also pretty sure they plan some of the events so the others get screen time to. They don’t want to give one family all the screen time. However, they have to choose the most eventful scenes to show.

  20. must be so hard for hwijae bcoz of seoeon,always crying.. seojun is so independent and easy going baby until now and then😂love u seojunie😘😘

  21. Sunghoon’s tattoo, the twins photo shoot, junu’s over coming his fear and getting high grades and tablo & haru’s having fun is 🥺🥰❤️

  22. Yoooo Hwang Jungmin knows what's up. Children will learn to read and write in school when they're ready. Teach them how to play and that's how they learn better.

  23. Argh… I love this show but why do such shows always include places like that aquarium. I mean I´m fine with an aquarium if there actually is enough space for the animals but such "theathers" with dolphins, orcas etc. is just animal cruelty.
    Still love the show though xD

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