The Return of Superman | 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 – Ep.136 [ENG / 2016.07.03]

The Return of Superman | 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 – Ep.136 [ENG / 2016.07.03]

The Return of Superman. Chapter 136. “Friends Grow Alike.” Early in the morning, Joy wakes up alone. (She wakes up) (Let’s start the morning roll call) (Cameraman no. 2 is in position) (Cameraman no. 3 is in position too) (Everyone is where they’re supposed to be) (Joy is done with her morning roll call) (She starts her morning with her pacifier) (How is Seoheun’s morning?) Seoheun is absorbed in reading her book. (5-month-old Seoheun has amazing concentration) Seoheun should taste this. (Blending) Stir it. (And they boil) Now, let’s drain it. (They sift it) – I guess it has to be very soft. / – Right. Seoheun’s first baby food is ready. Uncle Gyojin made your first baby food. – Is it cooled down? / – I think so. Since you’re going to eat your first baby food, we need to film a video. (In fact, Jiho…) From the moment of her birth, Jiho’s filmed everything. – Jibong. / – She weighs 3.1kg. Jibong. He filmed her when she had her first formula. You like it, don’t you? (The happiness of her first flip) He filmed her when she flipped over for the first time. Here we go. Look over here. He also filmed her on the 100th day of her birth. Here. Let’s start filming. – Nice. / – She’s going to eat it. Look at this. – Here it goes. / – Open wide. – Open wide. / – It’s going in. – Say ah. / – Ah. Here it goes. (Their eyes are fixed) (She finally eats it) What could this be? – She spat it out. / – She did? I guess she doesn’t know how to eat it yet. At first, they just drool it out. – Drool… / – Yeah. (Daddy, I want it too) – You should eat it. / – Here. This is how you eat it. – Go on and eat. / – This is how you eat it. – This is how. / – Nice. – Wow. / – This is how you eat it, right? – There you go. / – Great. – That’s right. / – She’s sucking the spoon. (Bites down on the spoon) She gets dirty with the baby food. – Right. It’s just the beginning. / – It is. (Haeun is licking her hand instead of baby food) (Why did you take the food away from me?) Wait. Here it is. (Hurry up and give it to me) (She stops crying the moment she tastes the food) (The baby food must be delicious) (Now Seoheun knows the taste of baby food) Can Haeun eat bananas? Now? (Joy tried a banana for the first time a month ago) You like it. It’s delicious, right? It’s a whole new world for you. You really like it. It’s delicious. (The banana introduced her to a whole new world) It’s good, isn’t it? Haeun’s never tasted a banana before. Then she needs to taste it. You close this and put it in her mouth. I know. You can’t wait, can you? She knows what it is. She wants to eat it. – She’s familiar with it. / – I see. She just eats it herself. Haeun. – Here you go. / – Taste it. – It’s a new world. / – Open your mouth. It’s a new world of taste. – It’s coming. / – I can’t believe this. – Get ready. / – This is funny. Now, go! – What’s this? / – What is this? – What’s this? / – What is this? What is this? What is this taste? What’s this? (She carefully tastes it again) (Her eyes twitch) (This is good) – She’s fallen for it. / – She did. – Look at her. / – Take this, Jiho. She’s fallen for the taste. She must like it. Joy even chews the rubber part. – Alright. / – Stop eating it and give it to me. – Give it to me, Haeun. / – Hey, Haeun. She keeps eating it. It looks delicious. (I’m hungry too) (Gyojin suddenly goes somewhere) (He eats the banana he was feeding her) He must have been very hungry. The dads skipped their meals to feed the babies. (Dad must have been very hungry) Shall I go out and buy something for us? Shall we make a bet? He loves betting. Let’s bet on who makes Seoheun laugh first. Ready… Go. (Jiho goes first) Who is this? Who is this? (She smiles just by looking at her daddy’s face) You smiled. Did you see her smile like this? 1, 2… Ready, go. (A handsome fool) (Joy smiles) Joy smiles. Not smiling? She smiled! (Seoheun smiled!) (Let’s say that I smiled) Ready… Action! (The third challenger appears with a shriek) (He looks so ugly) Are you trying to make the adults laugh? (The moment she sees him) (She bursts out crying) (She feels uncomfortable too) – You failed! / – You failed. – You failed. / – Gosh. – Go over there. / – It’s not easy. (I think you were the funniest, daddy) I have to go all the way to Konkuk University. I shouldn’t have done this. (There’s no mercy) (What kind of penalty is he given?) Yes, I’ll hold you. (It’s the same person but they look so different) – I really… / – You don’t look that bad. You’d better check this later. I’m really going to go out like this. I’ll pay for the sandwiches. – Thank you, Jiho. / – So cool. (Gyojin can’t help but laugh) I don’t believe this. (He tries stepping out) Gosh. This is crazy. (His outfit stands out even more) Hold on, I’m not mentally prepared for the elevator. (Even his legs look shy) (Gyojin covers his moustache as he enters) (Thankfully, he’s alone in the elevator) I wouldn’t have got on if someone was in here. This is the 28th floor. (His eyes are shaking in fear again) (Nervous) (I wish I could disappear) (Even young kids get on the elevator) Look, he has a moustache on. (Peek) Have fun at school. – I have a daughter too. / – Do you? (You have a daughter?) – It’s a fake moustache. / – He’s comes on television. That’s right. (Oh, is that him?) It’s so sad. (It broke my heart watching you on television) (I’m glad you’re smiling today) – Bye. / – Bye. (He finally escapes from the elevator) (Where am I? Who am I?) I’m so embarrassed. (Gyojin is finally outside) – Hello. / – Hello. Your baby is beautiful. – Thank you. This is a punishment. / – I see. (He’s running away from the embarrassment) (It’s hard to watch him without tearing up) I’ll get you guys back. I’ll prepare… A really powerful game to take my revenge. I will. (Unfortunately, it’s rush hour) I really will. (Wary) People keep laughing at me. (It was a long way here) – Pardon me. / – What happened? Something happened. Alright, look over here. Hey, children. (A beautiful smile and a rattle) (My dad is so fun) Haeun, are you happy? Joy. Are you happy? No, you’re not. Joy’s not happy. (I should go to her) (The little boss is back) Joy, Joy, Joy. Joy, Joy. (She was crying a minute ago) Joy. (Only Donggeun and Joy find this funny) (What about Jiho?) Looking good. I should take a photograph. Jiho, I think you need a second child. – Do you think so? / – Yes. You should really have a second child. While wishing for your second baby, here we go. 1, 2…. Great. Look over here. – Seoheun. / – It’s a video. (This time, they’re recording a video) (Director Guri Guri Bang Bang is hard at work) I’m back. Hurry back. I’m back. Hurry back. Did it fall off from the wind? You can take a look at me. I have morning dew on my moustache. – It was flapping as I ran. / – While you were gone… – I took good care of Haeun. / – Thank you. (Good job, daddy) The twins are still over at Donggook’s house. (Screaming) (Dazed) (Laughing) (Screaming) (Daebak is having a good time) (Daebak is playing with Hwijae) That’s strange. (Punch) Someone’s hitting me. I don’t see anyone. Who’s hitting me? It can’t be. What? Who’s hitting me from the back? (It’s my turn) (Screaming) (Hwijae fights back by tickling them) (I need to hit him harder) (Big miss) (Can you see me?) (Giggling) (Tickling) Seola, Sua. Is it Seola or Sua? Who hit me? (Daebak’s face suddenly turns serious) – Pee. / – I just woke up. – Pee. / – I just woke up. (Uncle Hwijae, I peed) – Did you pee? / – Yes. You peed? Okay. Lie down. (Daebak prepares himself) Good. (Thank you, new secretary Lee) – Dad! / – Take off your shoes. – Dad! / – Yes. Take off your shoes. Seojun, come here. (She’s happier to see the twins than her dad) (Bitter) – How are you? / – Did you wash your hands? Did you wash your hands? – Dad. / – Dad. Daebak. (He’s saying hello with his eyes) – What did you buy? / – Seola. (What is Daebak interested in?) (It’s the shopping bag full of snacks) – There are seeds in it. Yes, seeds. / – Seeds? Be careful. (He positions himself) (Daebak picks up a cherry) There’s a seed inside, right? (Surprised) (Eat it) (Have a bite) (Are you giving it to me?) (He was surprised and missed the timing) (Seojun is eating the cherry from Daebak) Spit out the seeds here. Spit it out. There’s a seed inside. (Their cheeks are about to burst) (Why are you copying me?) (Because I like you) Daebak, did you have a fun time with Uncle Hwijae? – It was fun, right? / – Yes. (I like Uncle Hwijae) Bite it like this. Bite, bite. Bite it like this. (Biting) (Daebak listens to Seoeon too) Come here. – I’ll show you something fun. / – Okay. 1, 2, 3. 3. (Seola and Seojun are getting along) – It’s fun, right? / – Yes. – It’s a little scary. / – Is it? – Do you want to see something fun? / – Yes. Watch. (Tornado jump) I’ll show you something really fun. Watch, Seola. You go like this… (That looks fun, let’s do it together) 1, 2, 3. (These two fall down as they look at each other) (Flopping) (Seojun and Seola are making beautiful memories) Watch me. What is she trying to do this time? (She’s standing on the ledge) Wow, you went up there? (Struggling) How do you do it? – No. / – Friend. How do you do that? Are you scared? You go like this. I see. I’ll show you something fun. (Action!) (Seola’s bungee jump) You have to go to the side. Like this. Like this. Just keep going straight. (Seojun bungees) Watch out, Seojun. Here I come. 1, 2, 3. (Ready, jump!) Where are Sua and Seoeon? Sua and Seoeon, come here. I’m going to tell you a secret now. You have to listen carefully. I left a box full of delicious things upstairs. Lots of yummy things. – You have to… / – Is it really delicious? There’s a box up there. Don’t open it and just bring it down. Okay? – You can hold hands. / – What about you? I’ll be waiting here. – Okay? Don’t open it. / – Okay. (Me too) (Are they being trained to run errands?) We’re a team. There’s something yummy. (Seoeon finds the snack box) How will Seoeon react? I’ll carry it down. I’ll bring it down. (He doesn’t open the box as he promised…) (Runs straight to Donggook) Did you bring it without opening it? – Yes. / – You’re supposed to give it to me. – Okay. Thank you. Did you open it? / – No. I’ll bring you something yummy. Wait with Sua up there. Okay. (He sends the kids back up) He didn’t open it. Why are they so good all of a sudden? I noticed that Seola and Sua were starting to lie. I heard that this is the age where they start to lie. Instead of teaching them that lying is bad, I wanted to give them rewards if they were being honest and compliment them. Hwijae and I agreed and decided to test them. To be honest, I’m not completely sure if the kids started to lie or not. I’m curious to know. The kids are waiting as Donggook had requested. Seoeon. Sua. When Donggook asked you to run an errand to come up here, did he want you to bring this box or this box? Another box suddenly appears. (What is that big box?) Will they choose the previous box or the one that looks bigger and better? They have to choose. What will they pick? What? What is it? (Just tell him it was the big box) That one. – What? / – That one. (What did Seoeon pick?) Yes. It’s that one. (Seoeon chooses the small box) – Was it this one? / – Yes. Yes. It’s mine. (Surprised) It’s this one. (Wow, there’s so much) (Sua, let’s share) – I’ll check what’s inside here. / – Okay. What? There’s a lot. Here. It’s a present for you. It’s for being honest. You get to eat it because you’ve been good. Good job. Seoeon, you’re so good today. You were honest. You guys are so good. Don’t open it, and bring it back. Okay? – You have to bring it back. / – Okay. Okay, let’s go. Promise me. You got it? Now, go. You can’t open it. – Okay. / – Alright. Let’s bring it back without opening it. (Will they be able to keep their promise?) (They sit down after finding the box) Wow. I’m so excited. – Here too. / – Open it. Dad will be mad if we open it. He won’t. I can’t. See if you can open it. (Seojun goes into action) Do I just rip it? (Ripping) (He opened it) Rip this side too. (Do this side) (Struggling) – Here. / – I can rip it with my mouth. (They’re perfect accomplices) It’s done. Should we open it? Should we? Open it. (Wow) (Amazed) – I want jelly. / – It’s chocolate. Chocolate. (Why are they taking so long?) Seola. Lee Seola. (We’re in trouble) We can’t show dad. Let’s hide here. Seola. Lee Seola. Seola, bring the box down. Let’s go down. (They bring the box down) (They’re looking suspicious) Ta-da. Did you open it? I told you not to. Seojun ripped it open. Why didn’t you stop him? I didn’t stop him. – Then… / – I want to eat it. Hold on. If you wait upstairs, I’ll come up with the box. Go upstairs. Go on. Hurry and come up, please. Okay. She can’t take her eyes off it. Hwijae is on his way. Seojun. Seola. Yes? Come over here. Which box did you bring down earlier? The bigger box appears. Will they choose the small box or the big box? What will the kids choose? – Was it this? / – Yes. – It’s this one? / – Yes. It’s not this one? Is it this one? Did you two bring this one down? – Yes. / – Yes. That’s weird. Are you sure? That’s weird. – Let’s open it. go ahead. / – It’s mine. – This is… / – I want that one. – It looks delicious. / – Hold on. What? (Seola scans the size of the snacks) This. I want this one. Are you sure? (They get their hands on big snacks) That’s weird. (We did well) (Good job) Seojun. Seola. (Seola is still nervous) Are you sure that was the right box? – Yes. I’m sure. / – Are you? I’m sure. I can… Smell something fishy from you two. (No) No way. – No? / – No. You’re sure? Seojun, go upstairs. This is our box. Go up. Come on. Sit properly. Let’s see. I’m not scolding you. Okay. Look carefully. Did you bring this box to me earlier, or was it this box? – This one. / – This. – Was it this one? / – Yes. – This one? / – Yes. (Laughing) If you tell me the truth, I’ll compliment you, hug you and give you a kiss. (Persuaded) – Dad! / – Yes? – Dad! / – Yes? (What will she say?) – I bled here yesterday. / – Seola… Don’t change the subject. I was bleeding here yesterday. Okay, I see. Which one was it? Which one did you bring to me? (They continue to pick the big box) I give up. You win. Did you fool me like this all along? All this time? Seojun, is this the box you brought to me earlier? – Yes. / – Then, Seola. You lie without a trace of guilt… (I’ll get going now) (She takes her time with her departure) (Stop looking at me, dad) (Would you look at that) (What a headache) Dad! Don’t call me your dad. Okay? (He’s deep in thought) If we look at their age, they are too young to understand that lies are ethically wrong. Scolding them for doing something wrong or calling them bad kids for lying aren’t very good approaches. Instead of scolding or yelling, it’s best to teach them the right way. You shouldn’t act too surprised or too sensitive. That’s a good approach. (A pair of dragonflies are busy flying around) Seoeon and Seojun, I’m going home. Okay. We’re coming. Sua, should I go home now? – No. / – Should I stay? Yes. (Happy) It’s dark if you go outside. – Should I stay? / – Yes. Daebak, I have to go now. (Don’t go, Uncle Hwijae!) – Should I stay? / – Yes. Do you want Seoeon and Seojun… – Give me a high-five. / – To live here? Seoeon and Seojun. Come give me hugs. You were so good today. – Yes. / – Alright. Daebak, take care, okay? Don’t forget about me. Good. We should go now. – Good. / – Good. – I’ll hug you too. / – Seola too. Good. – High-five. / – Bye. Bye. – Hands together. Good-bye. / – Bye. Bye. Bye-bye. Let’s check up on Rohui who’s grown so much. Rohui, there you are. Hello. (Pouty) (Smiling) (There’s so much love in this room) Honey, how do I separate the yolk? I’ll do it for you. (Rohui gets up after her dad) (Time for me to get up?) (She firmly stations herself) (And her chubby arms assist with getting balance) Rohui got up on her own. (She’s even holding her stuffed animal) (A lot has changed to the 14-month-old Rohui) (Toddling) (She’s walking?) Goodness. She consistently tried to walk. Good. Good job. Thanks to her parents, she practiced a lot. Good job, Rohui. Keep going. She finally got to stand on her own. Good job. She finally took her first steps. Good job. (Finally) (She can walk on her own) Rohui can finally walk. With her small feet firmly planted on the ground, she takes a step forward. (She moves forward with her own strength) (Rohui, you are the best) (You finally did it) Rohui, congratulations. (Her parents have not seen her yet) Rohui. Rohui! Rohui. Rohui! Rohui. You surprised me. You did a good job. Good job. Rohui. You did it today. It is still hard for her to descend from the mat. (Her feet do not touch the floor) (Crash) Rohui. Alright. Rohui… Be careful when you come down from here. (Groaning) (Standing up) Slowly. Slowly, slowly. No, I won’t help you. Try doing it on your own. Step down slowly. (Taeyoung comes up with special training for Rohui) Step down. Be careful when you step down. (Falling) Let’s try again. Rohui, step down carefully. It’s okay. Don’t rush it. Rohui, this is the threshold. (She walks carefully) This is the step. Go slow. (Will she succeed?) Go slow. – Go slow. / – Just then, she lands one foot. That’s it. That’s it. That’s it. That’s it. She finally succeeded. (She succeeds in landing on her two feet) – You did a good job. / – Good job. There you go. Good job. (Let’s go!) Pat me. – Pat me. / – Pat him. There you go. – That’s good. / – Pat me. She’s putting strength into it. You’re putting strength into it. Goodness! So adorable. It’s no joke right now. It feels great. She walks well by herself even when I’m not watching her. It’s what I’ve always dreamed of. Throw away the diaper. Throw away your own diaper. (I will throw away my own diaper) (She walks to the trash can) That’s right. Throw it in the trash can. (Can she open the lid?) (Opening) Rohui! That’s right. That’s right. Wow. (She’s working hard) Let’s do it this way. It’s too big. That’s good. You did a good job. (She ran her first errand successfully) Good job. – 1, 2, 1, 2. / – Let’s go. When did she start walking so well? Let’s walk together. – Dad. / – Yes, dad. What about mom? – Rohui, what about mom? / – Dad… I’m going to get upset. Are you in a good mood? She loves to walk. – Here, Rohui. / – You should wear a hat in the sun. – No. / – It’s nice. Rohui, you’re 100 times prettier in a hat. (Rohui’s beauty increased by 100 points) She’s in a good mood. ♪ Round and round ♪ ♪ Twinkle, twinkle, little star ♪ What are you doing? (Do they look alike?) Dad. She wants to walk on her own. She wants to walk on her own. Wow. This is your first time at a playground. Right? (Screaming) (She is very excited) Rohui, go up these stairs. There you go. Another step. Goodness. – Good job. / – Good job. Do you want to go down the slide? (Taeyoung lays down a handkerchief) 1, 2… (Zoom) 1, 2… (They go on the seesaw next) I can’t believe I’m riding the seesaw with Rohui. Rohui is on the seesaw! – Wow, Rohui. / – How nice! – She loves it. / – I don’t even have to hold her. My goodness… How fun. – How fun. / – Yeah. Let’s say bye to mom. Rohui, I don’t want to leave. (Taeyoung shields her from the sun) Give me a kiss. (Have a safe trip, mom) ♪ Dad, cheer up ♪ ♪ Dad, cheer up ♪ ♪ Dad, cheer up ♪ Are you saying, “Dad, cheer up?” Good luck! Dad, cheer up. You give me energy. ♪ Dad, cheer up, you have us… ♪ I’m first, I’m first. (Giggling) Seola and Sua, what is Daebak’s name? – Sian. / – Sian. Sian? He might forget his name because I always call him Daebak. Daebak’s name is Sian. Sian, right? Daebak. I mean, Sian. Sian, what should we call you? Daebak. You prefer Daebak? – Yes. / – Daebak’s smiling. Daebak. Daebak. He prefers Daebak. (Just call me Daebak) (Seola is happy to go on a trip) (At that time) I want to. (It seems like Daebak has something to say) Are we there yet? We are on our way. Are we there yet? (He starts crying) Daebak, what is it? Daddy’s driving. (Glancing over) Sua, please calm Daebak down. (Sua just smiles) Sua, please calm Daebak down. He is fake crying. He is fake crying. – Is that so? / – Yes. (She studies him like a hawk) Huh? Daebak, stop it if you are fake crying. (Okay) Geez… Geez… He even acts now. You’re fake crying. (He failed to trick the best fake criers) (I need to work on my acting skills) My children have been coughing a lot and having high fevers lately. There is a place for healing not far from home. I needed some healing too. A village lies at the foot of Moaksan. The family will be able to relax in the untainted nature. (A country village where people can heal themselves) (Welcome, children) Children. (What did they encounter upon arrival?) Children, come here. I’ll carry you one by one. – Dad. / – There we go. Yes? – Cheer up. / – Okay. ♪ Dad, cheer up, you have us ♪ Good job. Wait here. Okay. I’ll go slowly. Your sisters are on the other side. Sisters. – Sisters. / – ♪ Dad, cheer up, you have us ♪ Thank you. Here we are. Here we are. Were you scared? – A little? / – I wasn’t scared. Okay, pretend you’re a train. Choo-choo. Choo-choo. (Just then) My goodness, you fell down. Good boy. Put your hands on her shoulders. Choo-choo. – Let’s go. / – Here we go. Choo-choo. (Daebak is now big enough to lead his sisters) There’s a playground. Let’s go to the playground. (Daebak goes under the rope on his own) (Seola’s head is caught on the rope) Help me, Daebak. What should I do? (He helps his sister) Wow. Daebak… (He holds the rope for her) Wow, Daebak lifted the rope for you? Wow, Daebak lifted the rope for you? (Wow) Daebak, did you hold the rope? (Daebak is acting like a big brother today) There you go. There you go. There you go. (My sisters didn’t see that, right?) It’s a frog. There. It’s a frog. There. It’s a frog. – There it is. / – It’s a frog. Look. It’s a frog. It’s a frog. – It’s a frog. / – A frog. Here. It’s a tree frog. Tree frogs don’t listen to others. Don’t act like a tree frog, okay? (Sua approaches it boldly) I touched it. (Seola gathers her courage and touches the frog) It’s going ribbet-ribbet. Ribbet-ribbet. It jumped. The frog jumped. It jumped. It’s a frog. (He’s scared to go near the frog) – Frog. / – It’s scary. (Become friends with the frog) (Daebak is defenseless) (Donggook grabs the frog…) (And puts it on Daebak) (How will Daebak react?) (He clenches his fist in surprise) Sorry, I’m sorry. (He stops crying as soon as the frog is gone) That was hilarious. Were you startled? No frog? – Don’t do it? / – No… Let’s let the frog go. – Let’s let it go. / – There it goes. Watch it leap away. Jump. – Bye. / – Bye. (Daebak was curious but couldn’t approach the frog) Here, Daebak. (Not the best way to meet a frog for the first time) Sorry, I’m sorry. Bye. – Have a good life. / – Have a good life. Let’s go, Daebak. This is interesting. Does it hurt? I heard it doesn’t hurt for healthy people. It hurts for me. What about you, Daebak? – No. / – Hold you? It’s okay. Try walking on it. No, no, no. You have to get healthy. It hurts. – Does it hurt? / – It hurts. Walk this way then. It hurts for daddy. Where does it hurt? – Hey, there’s an outdoor area too. / – Down there? – Where are we? / – Bottom. – Sauna. / – Sauna. Seola and Sua, you’ve been to a sauna before, right? Yes. Take a look around this place. It’s in the middle of the nature. – The air is clean, right? / – Yes. Trying breathing in the air. (There is an endless supply of clean air) Try it. (They breathe in and out) (Sua breathes in clean air too) Seola and Sua, massage yourself like this. There you go. Go like this. You feel stiff, right? Massaging yourself will help. There you go. Try it. I want to poop. You want to poop? Okay. Sua… Play with Daebak. I’ll take her to the bathroom. Okay. After Seola and Donggook leave, Sua and Daebak are left alone. (Daebak wants to copy Sua) Daebak wants to copy Sua but it seems a little tough. (Sua reaches out her hand for Daebak) You’ve climbed up. Sua and Daebak enjoy their time alone. Sua. After a moment of peace… (Seola runs through the wind) Where is Daebak? They’re looking up at the sky. Seola, lie down. Shall we have a cold drink? – Yes. / – A cold drink. Seola and Sua, run an errand for me, okay? – Can you do that? / – Yes. Get some eggs. What do you want? Rice punch? Get rice punch. I want iced Americano. Sure. I will buy it for you. – Really? / – 10 of them. One iced Americano will do. What did I tell you to get? – Eggs. / – Then what? – Ice cream? / – No, iced Americano. – Ice cream. / – It’s coffee. Iced Americano. Iced Americano… Buy those things for me. (They depart) Do they sell tasty food? (They arrive at the snack bar) (I will pay with this) Hello. (Seola hands her key first) Hello. What would you like? Dad wants eggs. – You want eggs. / – Yes. What about coffee? – Coffee? / – Yes. What kind of coffee would you like? – Dad’s coffee. / – Which coffee would he like? – Iced coffee. / – Iced coffee? – Does he like iced coffee? / – Yes. – Please wait a moment. / – Okay. (She smiles proudly) We bought eggs. ♪ Eggs are tasty ♪ – ♪ Eggs are tasty ♪ / – Tasty eggs are here! – Here is your coffee. / – What is this? (He checks to see if they got the right one) (Isn’t it the right one?) – Wow. You actually bought it. / – Yes. Why are there only two eggs? There are four of us. Buy two more. Go and buy two eggs, rice punch and water. – Yes. / – Okay? Go on. (She leaves for her second errand) (The cameraman has lost her) (Seola is faster than a light) Hit it against your head. Hit it hard. (I want to use your head) Gosh, that hurts. Why won’t the shell break? Try it on your head. (Lightly) You hit it hard against my head! Daebak, hit it hard. Harder. I’ll help you. (He instinctively raises his hand) (Secretary Lee, stop playing around) I’m going to hit it hard. (Secretary Lee betrayed his trust) – I cracked it. / – Dad. I brought the eggs you like. Good job. Crack the egg on my head. (Really?) (Seola, the master of cracking eggs will go) (She approaches the target with speed and precision) (That’s a 9 for presentation and 10 for technical merit) Look. Look. You can peel the shell. You cracked it very well. – Dad, did it hurt? / – Yes, you brat. (She feels bad) – Will you drink that? / – How did you order this? It’s dad’s coffee. – Did you ask for coffee? / – Yes. How nice! Who said it? I did. How did you ask for this? – Rice punch. / – Did you ask for rice punch? Which one of you asked for it, Seola or Sua? – Seola did. / – Seola did? Seola and Sua, you did a good job. – Is it tasty? / – Sua ate this. What is that? – Egg. / – The black one… Why is it black? (She racks her brain) It’s because a crow did a ballet and left to dance. (What am I talking about?) What do you mean? This is an egg from a black chicken. – Does it come from a black chicken? / – Yes. Daebak is keeping quiet. – Does it come from a black chicken? / – Yes. Daebak, when will you finish peeling the shell? No… Will you be able to eat it today? (Daebak quietly keeps at his task) (Even his toes curl in concentration) (He even picks up shells from the floor) Daebak, when will you finish removing the shell? (He is a diligent self-made man) (He is almost done) (He is at his last piece) (Daebak is tenacious) Daebak has finished peeling the shell. Wow. Finally. A black chicken laid these eggs. – A black chicken did? / – Yes. Is that for me? What a nice boy! (Daebak is a good son who shares with his dad) Who do you like better, me or dad? (Such a random question) Give this to Daebak. Seola, please help Daebak drink this. Hold the bottle for him. (I am upset) Here. (Seola leaves Daebak’s side) Who do you like better, Seola or Sua? – He’s not answering. / – He won’t answer. (Egg makes him silent) (She’s walking away) Seola, where are you going? Take this back. Take this tray back. And not these. Put this back. (Seola goes without a complaint) We’re finished eating already. We’ve finished eating. (Seola spots something) We’ve finished. (She brings the tray back to the snack bar) Bye. (I have somewhere to go) (Seola walks out fast) Look at this. (She approaches the juice box she’s been eyeing) (She carries the whole box) Please carry this. I can’t do it. (She struggles) 2, 3. Let me carry it. (Seola ends up carrying the box) Seola, where are you taking that? Children always do the most unexpected things. 1, 2, 3. (Since it’s heavy, I will hurry up) – Daddy, juice. / – What’s that? Juice. How can you bring that without paying for it? No. No. No. Lee Seola! – Return it. / – No. I need to call the police. Return it. Gosh. (Seola is in danger) Go with her. Return it and apologize to the lady. Seola. Return it to where it was. Okay! Say you’re sorry. Let’s go! (She struggles) (Sua puts down the box because it’s too heavy) Help me, Seola. Okay. I will carry it for you. (Heave) (Seola is strong) Where did you get this? Here. 1, 2, 3. Put it here. (Seola and Sua return the juice) There. That was tiring. We did it! Sit. Look. You guys… You two… – Seola, you carried the juice, right? / – Yes. You just brought it without telling the lady at the store, right? That’s wrong. That’s stealing. You can’t bring things without telling anyone, okay? Okay. – Okay, Daebak? / – Okay. You really did well with the errands today though. – Yes. / – Great work. Kiss. Kiss. You two kiss. Why? (Seola kisses Daebak) Why? Kiss. Kiss. Why not? How about me? (I got fooled again) She’s just playing. She’s just playing. She won’t kiss me. (Thank you, Sua) Give Daebak a kiss. It’s Seunghun. (Seunghun?) Hello. Say Seunghun. No. No. Say hello. – Seoeon, come over. / – Hello. He’s asking us to come over. Should we go? My mom will cook something delicious. – Really? / – Where are you? Here. You know where Seunghun lives. We will be there soon. Seoeon and Seojun will bring delicious fruits. Okay. See you soon. – What should we take, dad? / – See you! What? Which delicious thing should we take? We’ll be there shortly. – Okay. / – I’m taking grapes. I’m taking grapes. You’re taking grapes? I’m taking the kettle. Seoeon, I’ll give it to you. Should we give this to Seunghun? – Yes. / – Sit on the sofa. I’ll do it. Hurry up. (He listens to his dad well because he’s excited) I’ll give it to you. Look. This is Seunghun’s house. You know how to get to his house, right? Yes. – You know the way too, right? / – Yes. You can go inside the building that has this. You have to go find building 7. And then go to the 9th floor. – Yes. / – That’s Seunghun’s house. Okay? Will Seunghun’s mom be there too? Of course she’ll be there. When you go there, she will cook you something yum. Then is our mom there too? She’s not there. She’s somewhere else. Are you going to be alone again? Yes, daddy is going to be here alone. (It’s too bad) Go on. How do we go there? Seoeon is going. – He’s going? / – Hold each other’s hands. Will they be able to find their friend’s place? Where is Seojun? Seoeon! (There you are!) Come on. Where are you? (Seojun leads) (It must be this way!) (Hwijae looks from afar) Is it that way? (They pass through the stone path) (And they go through the steep and rough stairs) (They head towards the destination) (I think it was near here) (They run into a problem) Seunghun! (Quiet) Seunghun! I will try to call him. I will call him louder. Seunghun! (Still no one answers) I will do it. Seunghun! (He musters up all his energy and shouts) Seunghun! He can’t hear me. I think it was too small. (We can’t give up like this) Where is building 7? It’s over there. – Where? / – It’s just there. Thank you. (The expedition continues) I pooped. Where? Where is the poop? – Where? / – Here. – Here? / – Yes. Is it here? (We must hurry up) (We have no time to waste) (Poop isn’t important right now) Seunghun! Is it here? Where is it? Here? Where are you going? – Seunghun’s. / – Is this Seunghun’s place? Where is building 7? You go there and then go inside like that. (They meet another helper and find the entrance) Bye. They went in. Wow… They can run errands. What floor is it? What floor is it? I don’t know. (He finds the note) Take it out. Take it out. Hold this. – Why? / – Because… I took it out. (Let’s see) It’s the 9th floor. The 9th floor. (He puts it back in the bag) It’s the upper button. The upper button. Why isn’t it coming? (I am on my way down) Why isn’t it coming? (The twins are bored) (I’ve decided) (Let’s eat the raspberries while we wait) (Shall we?) (They sit on the floor to eat) (It’s not here yet, right?) (It’s open) It’s dirty. It’s dirty. Are you getting in or not? (They enter the lift) Where is it? (He hesitates) I found it! (He finds the right button) It’s Seunghun’s house. – Really? / – Yes. (I trust you!) This is… Seunghun’s place. Should we get off? Yes. (They get off) (Oh?) This is not it. It’s not? Then get in. (He’s full of resentment) This is not it. (It will be right this time) 9th floor. Is it here? (They’re not sure) (It’s really the 9th floor this time) (They look around) It is the 9th floor. (The door opens) Hello. – You brought this for me? / – Yes. Thank you. Ta-da! Come inside. The toys are here! (They can’t miss checking the toys) I want the dragon. You’re right. Wow. Seunghun has a lot of toys. You have a lot of toys. Seojun, Seoeon, what’s this? – What? / – Raspberries. – Raspberries? / – Grapes. How did you manage to get here? (She asks how they found the house) – How did you? / – I just knew. – You just know? / – It’s salty! Is it salty, Seunghun? Good job. – Okay. / – Good job, Seoeon. (By the way, I have an emergency to take care of) Look at this. – I pooped. / – A while ago I… – You pooped? / – Yes. Do you want to go to the restroom? – Yes. / – Yes. I will open it for you. – What’s this? / – What’s this? Seoeon! I pooped. (They are true friends who share their toilet stories) (Let’s play together) (The twins and Seunghun play together) Let’s play with this. Hello. – Have they arrived safely? / – Yes. They brought the raspberries and got here. – Is that right? / – Yes. Daddy. Aren’t you coming home? Why are you at home? Come home now. Can you find home? No. (They refuse to go home) Come home! No. What do we do? Should we play for 10 more minutes? – Okay. / – Okay. I will call you. I love Seunghun’s house. You love Seunghun’s house? I am staying here. I’m excited. (He played hard for a while) (He looks out the window) (It’s gotten dark!) Seoeon, Seojun. It’s time to go home. Can you hold this? I cooked this. Please take it to your dad. Thank you. Then give this to your dad, okay? It’s dark. (It’s really time to go home) (They look like they want to play more) See you tomorrow. Okay. It’s here. (The elevator arrives) – Bye. / – Bye. – See you again. / – See you again. Bye-bye. (They leave their friend’s house) (It’s gotten really dark) (The twins hurry home) (Wait, this person is…) (What’s this sound?) (He finds his daddy) Dad. (Laughing) Seoeon, Seojun, you run errands so well. Give me a high-five. What’s this? – Who gave you this? / – Food. Who gave you this? Seunghun’s mom did. – Seunghun’s mom? / – Yes. – Did you thank her? / – Yes. You’re really amazing. (He praises the twins) Where are you going? The stairs. The stairs. We came through this way. Where does it lead to? Our house. (Let’s go home, daddy) Daeul, Soeul. Listen to this. (Soeul and Daeul went to their place in Cheongju) The next family is… This person would be… Very sensitive when recording this. Don’t be sensitive. The treasure you hid is… This? Still in that place. Deep deep. Very deep. They were very sensitive when recording this. So they thought we would be sensitive too. From Hwijae. You’ll get soil on your feet. Don’t want to wear this? These shoes are fine with water… And dirt. They’re very comfortable. This is very comfortable. Look. They’re originally for sports. (They fit his feet perfectly) Stand up. (Daeul looks cute wearing the rubber shoes) (I love it, daddy) They’re all ready now to hit the field. (They all wear rubber shoes and go to the field) What happened to this? – What happened? / – What? Wow. Why are there so many flowers? The field used to be desolate at first. But now it’s filled with wild flowers. (It’s filled with flowers) And the plants grew a lot too. Summer is just around the corner. – This is ours, right? / – Yes. Look. Look at the blueberries. – They look delicious. / – The blueberries. Look at these chilies. Look at these, Daeul, Soeul. We have chilies. The lettuce. You planted these. (They grew a lot) Anyway, where is the treasure? (He digs the ground for the mission) What are you doing, dad? I’m shoveling. – I see it. / – You see it, right? I see it! (The treasure box is slowly revealed) – When are you taking it out? / – Right now. I’m doing this so that I can take it out easily. Don’t you see this? (The reason he’s doing this is…) The next family… (Because of Hwijae’s prank?) It’s buried too deep. (They buried it so deep) I have to bring it up. Why do you have to bring it up? You can just open the lid. – Just the lid? / – Yes. – Like this? / – Killing two birds with one stone. (That’s true) (He opens the lid) Let’s open it. What’s this? Wow. What’s this dirty teddy bear? I want it. It plays a sound. Let’s press it. Find the cultivator. (What’s this?) What did it say? The cultivator? (Find the cultivator?) What’s that? (They listen to it again) What? What do you think it’s saying? The cultivator. The cultivator! Right! The cultivator. The cultivator. Find it. What is the cultivator about? The twins used to ride the cultivator all the time. Perhaps he’s referring to the old man’s cultivator? – Right. / – Right? He’s Mr. Tak. Let’s go find Mr. Tak. Then he will give us another gift. “We came to meet Mr. Tak.” That’s it. Let’s go find Mr. Tak. 1, 2, 3. Let’s go! – That’s it. Let’s go. / – Let’s go! Let’s go. Soeul and Daeul go to find Mr. Tak’s house. Will they be able to find him? Wait. My toe. Want me to help? There you go. (You are the best) Where is it? Where is it? (Just as they grow tired) (Soeul finds something) What’s this? Strawberry? (The residents planted strawberries along the road) (Cheongju people are very generous) Should I try it? They could never eat strawberries on the street in the city. (They will never forget the taste of the strawberries) (It’s delicious) Daeul who was hesitating to eat it at first… Takes a bite after watching his sister. (He frowns) (But it energizes him) Let’s go. (The elders are resting at the entrance of the village) – Hello. / – You’re a good girl. – Where is Mr. Tak’s? / – Mr. Tak’s? You just have to go up here. (They follow her advice and go up the road) Mr. Tak’s house is nowhere to be found. – Mr. Tak? / – He lives there. Next to that red house. Next to that house with red roof. Where is the red house? (I am just following you) It’s next to the house with the red roof, right? Mr. Tak. Is this… (Is this the place?) Did the twins come here? Yes. They were here. They left a good cart for you guys. A cart. The twins made it themselves. A special vehicle to go around Boktan, the Boktan car. Bye, Kids. Bye. (They are adorable) They ride the Boktan car for the first time. Let’s go. (Go, Soeul) (Soeul pushes the cart fast) This time, big boy pushes Soeul. For them, it must be the best toy ever. (I love it!) (He’s satisfied) Soeul discovers something. (Meow) They are pretty kittens. Hello! Hello. Can I touch the kittens? Yes, you can. (How about me?) Hey! (The kittens are cute) (Tap, tap) (Did you touch me?) (But he likes the white one) (Do you want to eat this? Eat this. It won’t eat it. Look at them. (Give me some too) (Let’s play) Don’t come. Stop it. – Bye. / – Bye. Dad must be worried. Let’s go! Soeul, are you pushing it? – What’s that? / – We found the treasure! Did you find the treasure? Soeul, get inside. I’ll push it. 3. 2. (As if they’re on a bobsleigh) 1. – Go! / – Zero. (It’s more thrilling when dad pushes it) (Struggling) (The trolley is at its highest speed) (Frozen) (Is it fun, kids?) (Screaming) We’ve arrived. Dad, what were you doing? I made something amazing. I hope it produces a lot of fruit. Please produce a lot of fruit. So that we can eat a lot. So that we can give some to Daebak’s family too. And some to the twins’ family. Those mangoes… They cost $20 to $30 for one. They’re no ordinary mangoes. Apple mangoes are being sent over from Jeju-do. I’m planning to grow them on mainland Korea. I want to succeed in Chungju. That’s why he prepared this! A custom-made greenhouse. After meticulous preparation… He is finally planting his dream. Cheongju’s first mango greenhouse. (The mango greenhouse is now complete) Will the mangoes grow well here? – Dad, you’re sweating. / – I’m sweating. – Why? / – I worked so hard. – Is it really hot? / – Is it really hot? It’s a peaceful afternoon at the joint babysitting project. But just then! (A strange man enters) My goodness. Who’s that? Who’s that? Who’s that? – I’m here. / – What’s that? Hello, kids. I’m the mermaid princess. I’m the mermaid princess. (What?) (The mermaid roars) A long time ago, in the deep sea… There lived a mermaid princess. You should be the prince. I’m the prince. (He is the best looking prince) When she saw the prince… She thought that he was so handsome that just fell in love with him. However, she couldn’t get out of the sea. When she turned 15 years old, she managed to go onto the land. Effects please. The sea. – The sea? / – Waves, waves. – The sea. / – Just then. – Crash… / – The sea. There was a windstorm at the sea. (Jiho is wearing blue pants) And the prince was swept by the waves… – Goodness. / – Goodness… Prince, prince! Wake up. The prince woke up… But he thought another princess had saved him. And he thanked her for saving him. The mermaid princess got real mad. Thank you. I’m the Maori princess. Maori princess. It’s okay. Don’t cry. – No. / – No, that’s not it. No. (The audience strongly dislikes it) I’m the one that saved you, prince! And so the prince and the mermaid princess fell in love and lived happily ever after. The Maori princess was ruined. You go across the sea! Hey! Go back across the sea! (The story comes to a quick end) Your daddy is so good. – Clap! / – Clap! When I was preparing the wig for this… I prepared some wigs that have been sterilized for little babies. At the end of a play when you take photos with the actors… How did you come up with this? – I’ll take the curly one. / – I’ll take this one. How will the babies transform? Here it comes, Jibong. Oh, my goodness, Jibong! That’s so good. – 1, 2, 3. / – That’s so good. That’s so good. 1, 2, 3. (We are pretty, right?) (Smiling) 1, 2, 3. (Another memorable day with their daughters) The three pretty princesses… They say friends resemble each other… That seems true with these girls. Haeun, guess what this is. (Let’s all drink milk together) Let’s drink some milk. (Let’s drink some milk) (Haeun even pulls up the cloth) Don’t do that. Not that one. (Joy is drinking milk too) (A peaceful time) This is so peaceful. (Ringing) – She’s here. / – She’s here. – She would come in herself, right? / – Yes. – She’d come in herself, right? / – Of course she would. (Who has come during meal time?) (Ehyun finally returns after 48 hours) – Honey. / – Yes. – Hello. / – Oh, dear. – Hello. / – Oh, dear. – Hello. / – Goodness. Hello. This looks like a picture. This is too cute. I should take a picture. That’s great. (Please take a good photo) (Three well behaved men and their babies) That’s good. She drank so fast. This is so funny. Haeun, how are you? Goodness. This is the first time I’ve seen Seoheun’s face properly. So small, right? You should greet her. Hello. – Hello. / – Hello. Joy! Look at Joy. Joy is a baby but she’s charismatic. She looks cool. So pretty. Anyway, this is your second time doing this. Has it gotten a lot easier? This time we’ve learned that… Things do not go as we plan. That’s right. – Is Seoheun sleeping? / – She is. – She dozed off. / – Oh, no. – That’s cute. / – She’s so cute. Gosh. She’s so cute. Jibong’s falling asleep. She’s sleeping. Haeun, take a look. That’s cute. (I’m going to bed now, dad) Goodness. She’s so cute. Let me hold her. Goodness. She’s sweating a lot. (Comfortable) This is nice. Last time, she fell asleep like that too. It’s been quite an eventful time. – Yeah. / – Good work, everyone. When you go home, make sure to hug your wives. Since they suffered too. I think she’ll look for the baby before me. That’s true. I missed Haeun so much. I kept hearing the sound of her crying. Let’s hurry home. They are probably missing their girls. – I miss her. / – Go and give them some love. – Let’s go. / – You did well. 1, 2, 3. (Rohui’s house) Someone’s here. Someone’s here. Let’s go, quickly. Yes. Let’s go out! Welcome! (Did mom bring home a brother?) Who is this baby? Welcome! Hello! He’s so cute. (Who is the baby visiting Rohui?) It’s Rohui’s boyfriend with big, round eyes. (She smiles brightly) (It’s Eugene’s friend’s son, Jinu) There. Where is Tori? Are you happy? (Tory is his birth name) There’s something up between those two. (When Rohui dances…) Look at them copy each other. Give it to her. He’s trying to kiss her. He’s always trying to kiss someone. (Taeyoung is jealous) They seem to have their own communication. They can learn from each other and they can be good friends. That’s why I invited him. Where should I take them today? (Tori and Rohui are sitting together) (Did her hair nicely today) (Squeeze, squeeze) (It’s like he’s telling her something) (She takes a glance and copies) (Expert tip: Being with other babies has positive effects) (It can help babies to socialize better in life) (I’ll play with it too) (Crack) (Rohui broke it with strength) (He seems shocked) (Tori, can’t you do this?) Why is this here? (Taeyoung only discovered it much later) Who did this? Are you both going to feign ignorance? Did you do this, Tori? (Taeyoung caught him in the act) (It was Rohui) (She’s acting like she knows nothing) You guys look suspicious. Try pulling it again. Rohui, try again. (Rohui’s gotten much stronger) (Breaks it off again) So it was you, Rohui. Rohui. (Please pretend you don’t know) I think I need to feed both of you. I’ll cook something delicious for you both. (Rohui walks ahead of Tori) (The babies gather in the kitchen) Why are you guys here? Both of you should play in the living room. (I don’t want too) (Rohui rebels) (Tori, come here) Come here! You come here too. (He’s starting to rush) Hold on. They say friends learn to become like each other. Rohui and Tori have become partners in crime. What are you guys doing here? You’re going to fall down. Be careful. (What do you mean? We’re fooling around) (He takes them to the living room for the second time) (Dad, please let it go this time) Yes. I’m making something delicious for you. Goodness… Look at the colors! They look beautiful. (It is pretty) (They found their seat) Goodness. It’s delicious. Me too. Rohui grabs her fork from dad. Up till now, she’s always used her hands. Rohui. (Using her hands has been easier) Can she use the fork now? So close, but she missed. (It gets close to her mouth) (But she fails again) (It’s all over the place) (Taeyoung doesn’t know what’s going on) (Chomp, chomp) (I want to eat too) Try eating this. (She gives up on the fork) (And uses her toothpick) That’s right. You can take it slowly. Rohui, you can do it! – Should we start now? / – Yes. (An art class with daddy) Rohui, mix it like this. Mix, mix. (The color is still quite light) (One for me) You’ve chosen your colors, right? Yes. Mix it together now. Mix, mix. It’s more fun doing it with friends. (A baby smiles brightly next to Tori) (It makes him smile too) Don’t do that. Mix it using your hands together with your mom. (He moves to the next table) Yes… (I like it here) Come here. (Rohui was watching Tori…) Tori, come here. (How could you, Tori?) Hey, hey. (She pours it out of anger) (He turned back even though he saw it) (Are you still not going to look?) (One more time!) (It’s like a soap opera) Tori… (She goes to a different friend) (Hi, I’m Rohui) You shouldn’t feed her that. Try painting it. (It’s time to paint the car) Gosh. You’re doing well. Okay… Oh, you’ll get hurt. Even their faces covered in paint look alike. Give each other a kiss. Kiss. Goodness. Are both of you rejecting each other? (How can we kiss with our faces looking like this?) Wow. (Soeul and Daeul made it to the farm) Where are the animals? They’re over there. Horses. Is that a cow? Or is it a horse? (Hello, SoDa Siblings) (This guy looks hot) (Welcome, Daeul) There’s a horse. Try feeding him the grass. I don’t want to. I’ll feed him then. His teeth are so big. – I want to do it too. / – Do you? – Yes. / – Alright. Hello, horse. (They’re both awkward) – You should let him eat it. / – Eat it. Eat it. That’s right. He pulled it! That’s how they usually eat. Let’s try feeding him this. Cow! There are more horses. Is the horse coming? He looks like the leader. Are you the leader? Try touching him. (The leader has his temper) They take it away and then eat it. (Daeul is similar too) Eat it. Which horse would eat this? They don’t eat stones. (Don’t try to mess with the leader) – Hello. / – Yes. – Hello. / – Hello. – Welcome. / – Yes. – Hello. / – You should greet her, Daeul. – Hello. / – Hello. You should greet the teacher. – Hello. / – That’s right. – Today… / – Yes. I want to get some wool. If you give us work to do… I’ll do it with my kids. The sheep usually cut their wool. It has a heating function. I was thinking about how to heat up the mango greenhouse. I thought maybe I can use the wool to cover it. So that it’ll function as insulator. (Okay…) Hurry and collect the clover. (Their first duty is to gather some clover) – Everything. / – Everything. Everything. I found it! I found it too. (Falling) Goodness. That’s right. Gosh. Gosh. (He falls over and over again) Try pulling it. Gosh. That’s right. Pull it harder. That’s right. We’re done. These are heavy. (They filled the baskets) (While dad tries to get more…) They said to do a fistful. Like this? Like this? Sis, like this? Like this? What’s going on? (The tongue springs out at her) – They eat so well. / – Two… Two… They’re eating a lot. Will he eat this one? Yes. But you need to hold it from the end here. You can’t hold it like that. Hold it from this side. They are mother and daughter. – Is this the daughter? / – Yes. The mother is Sunsim and the daughter is Hyori. – Hyori? / – Yes. Right. Come and eat this, Hyori. (He takes extra care of Hyori) Don’t be scared. (Benefitting from her name) (I want to feed Hyori too) Let go. Your glove. (Hyori took away Daeul’s glove) (Bumsoo took it back) Your glove. What happens if she eats the glove? – She won’t eat it but… / – She spits it out? Yes, she’ll spit it out. Didn’t I save her life? Yes… – No? / – No… Eat up! You want food? Yes? Here. “Yes…” He looks like a copy machine. Copy machine? Why’s that? Because… Because it goes like this? Right. You look like you’ve made lots of photocopies. (Where did she learn about copy machines?) Daeul, try feeding him! What if he bites my gloves? – Your gloves? / – Yes. Will you do nothing if you don’t have gloves? Do what I do. That’s good, Daeul. – He didn’t bite my gloves. / – It’s okay, right? – Yes. / – Yeah… (It’s because he’s full) – Did he poop? / – Hold on. Where’s the poop? I will gather the poop. (His second duty is to clean the pen) (He gets in) I’ll come in too. Let’s go. No, no. (Soeul starts cleaning on her own) This is quite hard. (The very first shovel) Where do we throw this out? Over there. Here, since you want to join in. (Daeul adds one more scoop) Good boy. Good job. Now throw it away. Don’t drop it. Soeul, put it here. (He does his best with every scoop) – It’s yours, Daeul. / – Here you go. Put it in there. (This scene looks familiar) What’s this? (Just like Daeul picking up rubbish on Olle Trail) Daeul likes to pick up the garbage. No, it’s mine. Here, here. (I’m not going to miss a thing) You’re doing a good job, Daeul. (Daeul will keep the sheep pen clean) The pen is all clean thanks to the SoDa Siblings. (Thank you) (Third mission is to help with sheep shearing) I’m afraid the sheep might get hurt. It won’t. The sheep feels hot. He’s shearing the sheep so it can feel cool. – I see. / – Looks much cooler, right? Yeah. Weiner. Dad, it’s a wiener. Weiner? (Hey, I’m a female…) Dad, I want to try that too. (Big boy has to do his share too) It’s fun, isn’t it? The heavy wool has been taken off. The shearing with the SoDa Siblings is over. This sheep looked very hot, but it now looks better. Thanks to the sheep, the siblings earned the wool. Daeul, put it in here. I think this is enough. I appreciate this. (They earned the wool) They even put the wool inside the greenhouse. Good luck, Bumsoo, as you worked hard for it. (He rides the leader horse) – I want to ride it too. / – Hold on to this… – I want to get up there. / – I’ll give you a ride. Lift me. (Lift) There you go. (He rides the horse with his daddy) Daeul is taking a walk with the horse. (It’s a present for hard working SoDa Siblings) (Look at Daeul’s hat) (Bumsoo picks something and eats it) I can’t see anything. The children become brighter as they spend more time with dad. – Is it fun? / – Yeah. They’ll be happier tomorrow. Shake it! Next chapter. We take a look at the twins at daycare. Let me try some. What are they like without Hwijae around? The three siblings explore the cave. There’s nothing to fear when they’re together. Water is dropping. Daddy! The brave siblings’ story of cave exploring. The SoDa Siblings will also try planting rice. Soeul is very good at rice planting. – It’s fun! / – Is it? Daeul will also show how he eats his snacks. You’re eating too much. How much do you know about your children? The Return of Superman. Chapter 137. “My Child Has Secrets Too.” Don’t miss it.

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