The Return of Superman | 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 – Ep.23 (2014.04.27)

Junseo, hold on tight. There are so many things in life that we want to show our kids. In front of the scenery that excites our hearts… Look at that man! The dad’s express the things that they’ve had in their hearts. They create new memories that can be revisited later. Seoeon and Seojun! Enter! What will happen at the twins’ 1st birthday? Their 48 hours have become sweeter with their moms. The Return of Superman. Episode 23. “The Story I Want to Tell You.” Walk, walk. You’re going to walk? Don’t whine. You should walk now. You’re 1 after all. You should walk. Stand there. Stand up. There you go. You need to practice. You have to stand now. Your friends all stand. I’m letting go. 1, 2… I’m letting go. Just 3 seconds. Seojun, practice. Stop watching cartoons. Let’s practice. Let’s practice walking. Acting like you won’t… Seoeon, that’s it. Walk. Stand up. Stand. Stand! Geez. Seojun, don’t go in there. Hey, Seoeon! Hey… Hey, get out here. Get out. Come out. Don’t go in there. Your brother’s following you. Mom. Are you checking to see if mom’s coming? Hey, mom’s here! Mommy’s here! Mom! Say mom. Let’s hide. Let’s hide like Hyeonseong. Where should we go? Hide. Come in. Do I have to open the door? Let’s hide. Seojun! Let’s hide. They were hiding. He’s smiling. Honey. How do I look? Are you an actress or something? Gosh… You think you’re a celebrity. It’s only because we’re in Jeju-do. The boys like me in a hat. See? He’s interested. He’s only interested in you. You’re interested in the hat, right? So we’re having a birthday party? Just a small one. Sounds fun. Just a small one. Do you know what you prepare for them to grab? Thread and… How do we prepare those? Just buy them at the market. Should we buy some rice cakes and fruit? Yeah. – I brought their birthday outfits. / – Really? Yeah. I ordered them before. Okay… You found the thermal tub. Sounds fun. – Is everyone else here? / – Yeah. They’re probably asleep. Where are you going? Take one of the boys. Wait a sec. There’s something I always do at hotels. What is it? What are you doing? What’s daddy up to? The weather in Jeju-do is amazing! Watch the kids for a sec. Okay. What are you going to do? Wasn’t there a newspaper out front? Where’s daddy going? Daddy’s going to New York. Daddy’s going to New York. This is nice. The view is great. The weather’s nice. I seem like a grandpa. Honey, you look like a grandpa in a nursing home. Hey! That’s the way. Jeju-do is our hometown. Jeju-do’s our hometown. Want to go look for our hometown together? Yeah! Okay. My great-grandfather was born in Jeju-do. I don’t know if his house is still there. But we’ve had to chance to visit there. So we want to go and check if the house is there. I want to show Sarang where her roots are. That’s what I’m planning for this trip. He’s lived in Japan but he’s never forgotten the hometown that he longs for. He’s never forgotten Jeju-do. Sunghoon wants Sarang to remember and cherish her roots just as he did. They’re going in search of their hometown. Give it to me please. Do you want to eat it? Really? Really! Do you want to eat it? Yeah. Who wants to eat this? Me!Papa bear is fat.Mama bear is slim.Baby bear is so cute.Shrug, shrug, well done.Three bears living in a house.Papa bear, mama bear, baby bear.Papa bear is fat.Mama bear is slim.Baby bear is so cute.Shrug, shrug, well done.Grandma! Grandma? – Should we call grandma? / – Yeah. Oh, really? Grandma! Okay. She picked up. Hello. – Grandma. / – Sarang. Grandma!Mountain rabbit.All of a sudden? She’s singing all of a sudden. It’s so hot. I’m sweating like a pig. The air conditioning… Grandma sure talks a lot. She doesn’t take a break.Let’s dress you up.Grandpa will dress you up.Please move.Deer! Hello. It’s grandpa. Grandpa! Sarang! We’re in Jeju-do. Are you at Jeju-do? Yes. We’ve come to find our hometown in Jeju-do. But I don’t really know the address. I know roughly but not for sure. That’s why I called. Jeju-si, Samdo-ri… I know that much. 1-ton. 1-ton? Okay. I’ll call if I need your help. Okay. Say bye. Bye. Goodbye. I’m looking forward to it. We’re going to find our hometown. I really love going with you like this. Kitty? – Huh? / – Kitty. Kitty? There’s no kitty here. – Kitty? / – No, no. We have to find it. Is it scary? It’s not scary. Not scary at all. Sunghoon heads to the town office because he doesn’t know his way around Jeju-do. Give me that piece of paper. Hello. Hello! I’m looking for this address. It’s no. 222. Do you know this place? You’re looking for this address? Yes, I am. This street address is gone. I think it’s around here… If you go towards here, it should be nearby. I think that’s changed to a main road. I’ll go and have a look. Thank you. Say thank you. Thank you. She speaks well. Let’s see now… No. 72… It’s around here somewhere. Let’s ask around. Excuse me, can I ask for some directions. This address… I live in another neighborhood. I don’t know this neighborhood. Oh, really? I’ve always seen her on TV. She’s so pretty. Thank you. Thank you! We’d better look for it. – Can I ask you something? / – Yes, yes. Where’s no. 272. The neighborhood’s changed. I’m not sure. Oh, really? Thank you. Oh, it’s Sarang. It should be here. I think it’s around here somewhere. Let’s ask someone in here. Let’s ask if this place is right. Hello. Can I ask something? Is this no. 272? This is the old address. The new address is different. – It is? / – Yes. – It’s different? / – Yes. This is 305-8. What? You’ve brought the wrong address. It’s the same? Where do I go to find this? – I’ll tell you the new address. / – Okay. – If you step outside… / – Yes… I think we’re here. No. 272… It’s changed to a main road now. – So all of this carpark as well? / – Yes. – I see… / – That’s what it is now. Yes, thank you. Thank you! Bye. So it’s here now. The carpark and the road… Sarang, this is our hometown. This is where we all started. Okay? – Yes. / – This is where it started. This road is our old home. This is where it all began. This kind of hurts… Thinking that this carpark is our hometown. It’s kind of painful. 1, 2, 3. – Hey. / – Hello. We’re here and we took a photo. I’ll send you that photo. It’s of me and Sarang in the carpark. Has it become a carpark now? Yes, it’s a total carpark now. And a main road. That’s a little upsetting. I know. It would’ve been nice if our old house was there. It’s become a carpark now. Honestly, I feel a little sad. Yes, I was sad… But being able to stand there… That in itself was meaningful for me. I could reflect on the fact that that’s where our family started out. And Sarang was able to come here and we’ve made a good memory out of this. I’m really happy about that. Right? She says it was good. Shiho will be at the airport soon so I’m going to pick her up. Check out the Hyeopjae Beach and make good memories there with Shiho and Sarang. And rapaseed flowers… I think you’ll like it if you go and check those out. Okay, I understand. I’ll have a look for it. Have fun together. Yes, okay. Thank you. Say thank you. Thank you. – Sarang… / – Goodbye. Goodbye. Bye bye. Say bye bye. Let’s go see mom now. What about the kitty? We went to see it. Let’s send grandpa that photo. Meanwhile, the Jun brothers had no idea that mom was visiting. And mommy is finally here. I’m here. I’m here. Junu! Ta-da! Mom! Did you have fun? Jang Junseo! Jang Junseo! Where are we? This is the hotel. This is. What are you doing here, mom? I came to see you! Is it our last day already? No, tomorrow’s the last day. I came to sleep with Junseo. I came to sleep with you. Okay, we’re heading out. The ship is faster than I thought. What is that over there? Isn’t that a female diver? It’s a diver. – It’s a diver, right? / – It’s a diver – Junseo, check that out. / – It’s a female diver. Female diver! – It looks like a mermaid. / – Octopus? – What did he say? / – He says it look like an octopus. Mermaid! – What? / – Mermaid. Oh, mermaid. – Oh, it looks like a mermaid? / – Over there too. There are many. We’ve arrived. We’re here. Is that Udo? All the way to there. This is Udo. The cliffside looks cool. We’ve been here before. – Really? / – But we didn’t get off the boat then. Did we come in on a boat last time too? Was it through this way as well? A mysterious island in the shape of a cow sleeping on the water. The lush green is an intoxicating sight. And the sea that’s been painted blue. The sunlight shining on the sea allows the mind to rest. This is Udo. What did Hyeonseong want to share with his boys that he brought them to Udo? It’s an island that’s like an old friend to me. Around 15 years ago… There are villagers that I’ve befriended here. I’d like my kids to be friends with their kids and for us to continue our friendship. Start a fire. Start the fire. I’ll go and catch some fish. What should I catch? – Carp! / – Carp? There’s no carp in the sea. Shark! Catch a shark. – Wait, I’ll go catch a shark. / – I want flatfish. – Go and catch some. / – Go on. – Okay. / – We’ll get the fire going. – Get the fire going. / – Okay. Hyeonseong! Hyeonseong! – Hello! / – Look who we have here! – What are you doing here? / – Junu! Junseo! Hello. Go and say hello. Do you recognize me? I would’ve gone and caught the fish if he hadn’t turned up. We’d better hurry. Let’s go. – When did you get here? / – Not long ago. – Not long ago? / – Yeah. We were talking about you, Hocheol. Wait a minute. Didn’t think you’d bring a bus. Is this your bus? Of course it is. – I was on the way to work… / – Do you live here? Do you live here? Yes, he lives here. And he drives this bus. How long has it been since you were in Jeju-do? I don’t even remember anymore. Since it’s been a while… – You get to meet me. / – Right. Let’s go ride some horses as well. He’s the best tour guide in Udo. Let’s go ride horses Junu and Junseo. Yeah!Horse! Horse! Horse!Hocheol, you haven’t aged a bit. – I’ve changed a lot. / – No, you’re exactly the same. You look just the same. Junu, don’t you remember this place? No… You must not remember since you were little. Yeah. You need to bring them often. I’ve been busy. Still, you should bring them so they remember. Okay, okay. They’re riding horses over there. Where? – Oh, yeah. / – Yeah. – It’s horses. / – Let’s go ride some horses too. You can ride horses against a magnificent backdrop. This is Udobong. Will the Jun brothers be okay? Uncle! – Do you remember him? / – Of course. We rode horses here last time as well. Hyeonseong’s family is here. Hello. Have you been well? So manly, greeting on a horse. He looks like a cowboy in those boots. Isn’t he really warm? Yes. The younger one’s not scared. He really isn’t… He fed sea elephants yesterday. I’m scared, dad. Do you want to get on with him on this one? – He can’t get on with mom. / – I get on this one? They run when you say “giddy up” and stop when you say “whoa,” right? You’ve done your research. I learnt it at kindergarten. Junseo, have fun. He’s shaking his head. He’s good. Hold on tight, Junseo. I’m too scared to do it. – I can’t ride it. / – He’s good. Junseo races through the field at high speed. Do you see him? Is that really the Junseo we know? He used to be dead scared of dogs. And he used to cry in front of a dinosaur costume. What’s happened to him? All the fears I had when I was young are all gone. They have, right? Let’s go! You’re good. Hey, even Junseo can ride like that. – I’m scared. / – Why would you be scared? Junseo’s better than his dad. Junseo’s good. When dad and Junseo get off, you should have a turn with mom. What? We’d better ride together. Since we’re scared. Wow… Junseo, you’re the best. You’re so cool. Why are you so good, Junseo? Was it fun? You’re amazing. Okay, Junu. – Have a go with mom. / – We’re two scaredy-cats. Which one’s tamer? – This one’s tame. / – I want to ride the smaller horse. No, this one is bigger. You just have to hold on tight. I want to go again. Junseo wants to ride again. I’m scared. I’m scared. Hold on tight. Heading out now. No, no, no! Watch mom and Junu on the horses. – Mom, aren’t you scared? / – No, it’s fun. Let’s go! Here we go! Let’s go! Junu, stop making noises. Look at Junu’s face. Look at his face! Look at him. Look at Junu’s face. Look at his face! Look at him. How was it, Junu? How was it? Look at Junu’s face. Are you out of it? He has tears in his eyes. He has tears in his eyes. His face went all white. His face was like this. I had my eyes closed so I didn’t know what was going on. Are you more scared of dogs or horses? Equally scared of both. I’m still out of it. I’ll have another turn. Where are you going? Junseo’s going again. – Again? / – Look at him jump onto the horses. Go ahead then. I think that was Junseo just then. We’d better raise him in Jeju-do. On horseback… Junu’s jinx is that things work out well when there are girls around. Sarang wasn’t there and neither was Haru. Things don’t go well but there aren’t any girls to see that. Junseo looked so cool today, but there aren’t any girls to see that. I praised him so much… But there weren’t any girls to impress. Was it fun this time too? Yeah. The second ride could be a little harder. – Dad, can I become a jockey? / – Yeah… I said you could become a jockey, right? I’d better take you along when I go horse riding. Junseo’s dream might change. What if he wants to become a jockey? Haru, look. Horses.Do you want to build a snowman?Who’s that?Do you want to build a snowman?Come on let’s go and play…Who is that? Haru, go and ask who it is.Do you want to build a snowman?Haru! Mommy’s here! Ta-da! Haru, mommy’s here! Mommy’s here. Honey, coffee. Thank you. Honey, coffee. Thank you. I haven’t seen him these days. It was as if he was Napolean trying to conquer the world. I don’t know how much of the world he wants to conquer with his music… That’s how busy he’s been. And The Return of Superman was scheduled in that midst. So I was really excited. I was a little worried too. Where is Hwijae having the birthday party. I don’t know. When is it? – Tonight. / – Tonight? What do we do till then? We’ll have fun. Yeah! Since you’re here now… Are you going home? No… Since you’re here, I can return to my usual self, right?Okay, bye…I can return to my usual self, right? I went to the aquarium last time… The dolphins were really fast. I… Fell into the water. You fell into the water? Because the dolphins were really fast? Yes. You rode the dolphin? – Yes. / – Really? Yeah. But… We saw a cool stingray show. Stingray? – What do they look like? / – We saw a show. Their eyes pop out like this. They pop out like this? They must be frog stingrays. I want to see them too. But you saw everything with dad already. What should we do today then? Mom, I’ll take you there. Really? Haru, it’s great to have mom here, right? Can’t have Jeju-do without mom, right? I have nothing to do now since you’re here. When we’re together with Haru, I’m in charge of caring for Haru and you’re in charge of playing with her. You can do that. Feeding, going to the toilet, her clothes… I’ll take care of all that. And you play with her. That makes it sound like you do all the hard stuff. Playing with the kids is the hardest thing. I can take her to the toilet now too. Haru, when are you cleaner? When mom washes you or when dad does? Mom. Right? I knew that was the case. I asked knowing the answer. Why dig your own grave? Honey, on the way… – It’s the twins’ 1st birthday… / – Present? Yes, we should buy them a present. Since I have some experience with 1st birthdays… The best gift you can give them is a birthday ring. Really? – So you bought rings? / – Yeah. – You bought them? / – Yeah. But since they’re twins… – You bought two? / – Yeah. – It was quite expensive… / – Real gold? Huh? – Do you want to buy them fake gold? / – No, no. 24k gold? Of course. You can’t buy 14k for birthday rings. No, the thing is… – Isn’t it usually mixed? / – It’s 99.8% pure. – Pure gold. / – How much did you pay for them? Of course price isn’t important. But it’s a gift for a good friend. Of course, he is. They’re like my own sons. So how much were they? – It’s gold. / – Hyeonseok. Let’s do a function while we’re in Jeju-do. Put some calls through. Hey, Tukutz is here on holiday. We just need to call Mithra Jin. Let’s do a function. Wow, I want to ride this, Haru. Haru, mommy, let’s go.Chugga-chugga choo-choo.Let’s put this on. It’s because it’s cold. Put this on so you won’t be cold. Daddy’s cold too. Yeah… Who drives this? The train is driven by the train driver. – Does that mean… / – It’s heading off! – Let’s go. / – It’s heading out. – Bye! / – Haru, go choo-choo. Haru, go choo-choo. Choo-choo! Here we go, Haru! Isn’t it good to be on the train? Let’s ride this tomorrow as well. But then we’ll have to come this far again. Let’s just ride it as much as we want today. Okay! Look, a pony! Oh, no. What’s that? It’s a pony! It’s a small horse. Hello! Pony with short legs. We’ve arrived at our destination. Why, mom? Let’s see what there’s to see here. After you. Wow… Are there fish in here? You can see the sea from here. Mom, are there dolphins in here? There are no dolphins. Hey, Haru! Duck! Duck! Is that a mallard? A duck. It’s a duck! Duck, duck, duck. Hello, duck. It’s coming this way. It’s drinking! It did. – Is it a fake duck? / – It’s a real duck! It’s moving. As if someone’s controlling that. They’re over here as well. – Say abracadabra. / – Over there as well. – Where? / – Yeah, they’re over there. People would’ve lived next to this in the past. We hadn’t been on a walk in a long time. When we hadn’t been dating for long, we came here and got close. After we got married, I really couldn’t bear living in Seoul. So… I came and stayed in Jeju-do for a long time. So it’s a very meaningful place for me. It’s like a resting place. Have we ever gone on a walk like this when we were dating? We went to a few pensions, right? – But… / – We never went on walks, right? Since I don’t really like walking. You never really had the chance to. I feel bad for you. The guy usually says that stuff to the girl. But every time you feel down, you come to Jeju-do and look out at sea… And let out what’s inside. But your wife won’t even go near the beach. She doesn’t like going down there because you have to climb a lot of stairs. – Gosh… / – I really feel bad for you. I have sand in my shoes. Sand? Where? – Here. / – You have sand in there? I see… Take a seat here on my leg. Sit down. It’s gone now. No, don’t stand up… Oh, no! Just wipe it here. Have a look, mom. – Haru! / – What are you doing? Haru! – Hey! / – Haru! Stay still. Honey! Wait! I’m sorry, mom. It’s okay. Nothing to be sorry about. It’s okay. – It’s okay. / – I wasn’t getting angry at you. Mom’s not angry. It’s okay. – It’s not like that. / – It’s not. Hold me, mom! Why are you sorry to mom but ask her to hold you? Want me to hold you? Come here. But you have dirt on your pants. What was that? You have dirt on your pants. – It’s okay I wiped daddy’s pants. / – It’s okay. It’s on my clothes. That’s why daddy’s holding you. Please wipe her tears, mommy. What is it? What? I’ve lost all my energy from taking sand out of her shoes. Should we take the train back now? Anyway, honey… You only have good days to come. Why are you talking like you’re going to leave me? You talk like I only have bright days ahead in the future. I mean it. You’ll only have bright days ahead. Be strong. Are you going overseas? Are you leaving? No… – Oh, my goodness! / – My goodness! Gosh… I got scared because of you! I really got scared. I thought it was a werewolf. I was fine. You scared me. Our daughter’s run away. Honey. Wait for me. Why do you walk so fast? I’m not walking fast. Haru keeps disappearing. I can see her from here. How can you be like that, when your daughter is alone in the woods? Let’s go. I can see her fine. She’s running. Mommy! Echo! Hello! What’s up? Haru! Wait for us! Wait up! – Oh, no. / – Haru! Wait for us! Wait up! Let’s go! Stop running. Haru! – Haru don’t run away. / – Wait! Honey… – Stop. / – Doesn’t it seem like… Doesn’t it look like she wants to be the lead? – So she’s the only one in the shot. / – Haru? She’s running away because she doesn’t want to be in the shot with us. What’s she doing? Let’s run! Run and lock the door! It’s a monster! Mom! She’s crying. Come in, Haru. – Why? / – Come out, honey. Come out! Let’s make a bet. Whether she cries or not. Let’s wait. Mommy’s coming. There she is. That’s not her… Hey, it’s mommy. There she is. Mommy! Mommy! Mama! Why did Sarang cry so much? She’s really sleepy. It’s mommy. This is similar to Okinawa. That’s true. It’s similar to Okinawa. If you look at the old houses here, they’re made by stacking stones like in Okinawa. For the typhoon. What are we going to do? Since we’re in Jeju-do, we’ll look at famous things here. Food? Yes, food. Are you hungry? Not really. In just a minute… Be careful, Junu. Wow! You can’t leave this out on a holiday. An abundance of local delicacies! It’s the mouthfuls of joy that Jeju-do willingly provides. So it’s only right to eat willingly. Delicious. It’s good. It’s delicious. This is the first time I’ve eaten this and it’s great. This is really delicious. The tastes of Jeju-do make you exclaim loudly without even realizing it. Are you ready to start drooling? Is this a restaurant? What do they sell? What does Sunghoon want to feed his wife first? It’s Jeju-do pork belly in a special sauce. This looks delicious. What was this called again? What is this? Abalone? – Abalone. / – Check it out. It’s moving! It must be hot. Poor things. Okay! Let’s eat. Thank you for the food. Wow! Is it good? This is delicious. Really? I feel like a drink. – Huh? / – Alcohol. You’re right. Should we? – Let’s have a drink. / – No, no. Just one drink. It’s 5 o’clock on a Sunday afternoon. Oh, right… This is delicious. This is really delicious. I’m going to make a wrap this time. This is tasty! Wow! The garlic is delicious. When do they give us the rice? We can ask for some now. – Do you want some rice? / – Yeah. Korean food is really delicious. Delicious. Look. It’s abalone. Haven’t you ever had abalone like this before? It’s crunchy. I think this is the best abalone I’ve ever had. Since it’s easy to eat. I never knew abalone tasted so good. Delicious. It tastes of the sea. That’s true. Delicious! I’m full. I’m full. It was so delicious. The meat was thick and crispy. And it was quite sweet. I was surprised. It was delicious. We don’t cook meat or abalone so thick in Japan. It was really fun and really delicious. – I can’t eat anymore. / – Just full, right? The abalone is really delicious. Who is having the cold noodles? Huh? Thank you. Did you order two? This is how Koreans eat. You eat the noodles with the meat. Try it like this. Try it. Delicious! The meat? It’s really good with the meat. Right? It’s really delicious. – I’m moved… / – Yeah. It’s delicious. It’s been ages since we’ve eaten together. It has been a while. It’s been ages. We could never get the timing right. We’ve never had time like this. You’re right. Seriously. It feels like… Have a good sleep? Did you sleep well, Sarang? Hey, he’s over there. He’s cut his hair. Uncle is here. – The idol? / – Yeah. Just like the idol Gikwang. I came with my wfie. You two did really well today. Have you had lunch? No, not yet. Give us something first. I’d like azuki bean dessert. No, you have to have peanut ice cream. The best thing to eat here is peanut ice cream. Hey! Doesn’t this guy work? He’s been with us since morning. I’m going to get paid at the end. Really? Okay. Looks good. Soft ice cream with plenty of peanut powder. This is peanut ice cream. A delicacy of Udo recommended by mom and dad. Will the Jun brothers like it? – He’s grown a lot. / – He has, right? – Does it taste good? / – Yes. These uncles looked after you when you were about the age of Seoeon and Seojun. Yeah. You had so much fun with them. They really took good care of you. What year did you first come here? It’s been 10 years since I’ve lived here. – It’s been around 10 years. / – Right. We used to play yut all night long. We’d eat together. You were a native of Jeju-do then. He was a citizen of Udo. The coffee tastes great. Can I eat another after this? – After you eat that. / – There’s plenty. Finish it first. Finish it first. See that red thing? – Hyeonseong. / – Yeah? Check out the sea to your right. See that orange thing floating around? Yeah. That’s female divers out at sea. I know. I explained that to my sons 2 hours ago. What would you know? That’s what you said to me for 10 years. Oh, my… Every time I came down here. The second from the right is my aunt. Oh, right. – On the left. / – That’s right. How do you know her? How can she be in the same spot after 10 years. That’s always been her spot. She was always there. Wow, so pretty. We’re here! This is Seobinbaeksa. Yeah, that’s right. We’re at Beopjin’s restaurant. Okay, okay. Let’s eat here first. We should. – Are we going to a friend’s house? / – Yeah. This is my friend’s house. Beopjin! Beopjin! Hey, Hyeonseong! – It’s been a while. / – Have you been well? How did you get here? – How’d you get here? / – I’m with my wife and kids. Hello. – It’s been a while. / – We’re starving! When I was pregnant with Junseo… When I was throwing up a lot, I came here. The flatfish that he caught for me… I ate that. – That’s right. / – I could eat that. You just need food on the table. Junseo, do you think you can live here in Udo? I’m sure you can. I’d starve to death. You can go fishing with us. You’ve got these uncles here. You don’t need money to live here. The bus is for free. You can eat for free. You don’t have to work. Think about it. You can ride a horse to go eat ice cream. How fun would that be? Here you are. The raw fish noodles is here. – Looks delicious. / – Looks good. The black label of noodles that’s here to awaken the taste buds of Hyeonseong’s family. Looks delicious! This is our specialty. Be careful, Junu. What is this? And the seafood soup that let’s you taste all of the Udo sea. Junu is going to be totally excited. No way! The abalone is alive! The abalone is alive? This look delicious. It’s moving. Junseo, the abalone is moving. I want to see too. Careful. That’s gross! You should say it looks delicious. It’s moving… Fascinating? Here’s the abalone porridge. Should I have porridge too? Eat this and have raw fish too. He’ll give us raw fish. This is really delicious. Try the seafood soup. Can we eat it now? There’s so much food. Beopjin says lunch is on him. Oh, really? Uncle Beopjin is treating us to this today. Applause! Junseo, applause. The best uncles are those in Udo. This is all thanks to your father. Why? You’re getting this good food because I have good friends. Here comes the octopus. Junu, try some conch. Do you put it in alive? What did the octopus do? It grabbed uncle’s hand. It grabbed uncle’s hand? The octopus? I feel sorry for the octopus. You feel sorry for it? Yes… That’s how I feel too. But you’re going to enjoy eating it. I will but… But it’s quite awkward. Wow, It’s really hard. In the end… Poor octopus! The fathers gathered here. Don’t eat it if you feel bad for it. It’s okay. But I still want to feed it to you. Eat it. – Eat up. / – Say ah. Ah. Mom’s word is the law. That’s how it is in this family. Yeah, mom’s right. Eat up. It’s good, right? This is a great meal thanks to you. When I first came to Udo, I thought this guy was older than me. So I treated him like my elder. Why are you bringing that up? But I realized one day that he was younger. You look like our uncle. What’s up with you guys? It took me ages to talk down with Beopjin. It took me years. It’s not easy to talk down. Gosh. I think it tastes even better now. It’s good. Goodbye. Bye. Say thank you for the meal. Thank you. Come again. Yes. Thanks for the food. See you next time. Uncle… Give uncle a hug. – I really have to go to work now. / – Okay. Got it? – I really have to go to work now. / – Okay. Got it? Okay. Check this out. See how nice it is? It’s nice. It’s good to walk but best to cycle. Cycling? Cycle from here on out. – I have to go to work. / – Okay. You should cycle as well. I’m going to cycle there and check on you. Okay! I’m really busy. – Okay, okay. / – See you, Junu. Thank you so much. Goodbye. Let’s go. Showing our kids something like this at least once… I thought it’d be a good experience for them. I’d like them to take after their dad as they grow up. Ready? Let’s go. Let’s go. Stretch out your legs. Are you okay? Yeah. Hold on tight. Mom, are you giving birth? This is nice. Riding a bike by the sea. It was the first time I’ve ever had someone ride on my bike with me. And that was Junseo. I’ve always wanted to go bike riding with all four of us. That was my wish and It was so nice. Let’s have a bet. Will she cry or not? I say she’ll cry. How can you do a bet over our kid? She’s crying a lot these days. – Hurry on in. / – Why? Hey! You’re dead. Haru, tell dad to open the door. No, don’t open the door for her. Dad! Honey… Sorry. I’m sorry. Do you want to die? – Honey. / – Huh? Was it cold outside? I’m sorry. It wasn’t cold. – I actually pushed you. / – You pushed me. And I got scratched on the wall. It hurt so much. Why are you drooling? Oh, no. I feel so bad. Stop it. Mommy. Haru, your daddy is drooling! Let’s live a good life without him. Let’s live a good life without him. This looks delicious. Adlay tea. Should we drink this? Adlay tea is good. It’s really delicious. Do you want some too? This is cold water. Is that adlay tea? Haru, please do it. Cold water. More. Where do we pay for this? Oh, do we pay for this? It’s written here. $2. Let’s drink it over here. Mom, does this taste good? It’s tasty. Do you have money, honey? Me? I don’t have any money. What do we do? Mom! Mom, will you give me more when I finish? She has money! You have money, right? No… – You have money. / – She has money. You have money. I know it. It’s inside that… What is that? – Come on, Haru. Pay for us. / – In her coin purse. But she doesn’t have her coin purse. She does! There’s $10 in there. $20. Open this up. Thank you for this, Haru. Haru, you’re so cool. Thank you, Haru. Kiss. – Give me a kiss. / – You’re so cool for having money. Oh, gosh… We need to pay and get change but how do we get change? Just… Oh, we only have $10. Haru! Let’s just pay $10. This is for donation anyway. Wait. $2 for adlay tea. 2 cups of coffee… That’s $4… Okay! Let’s just pay it all. Let’s pay it all and brew all of this. Lee Haru did a good deed. When we came to Jeju-do then… I was afraid of people seeing us. I felt some hostility, so to speak. I wanted to avoid that. I didn’t want to deal with it. But this time… Everything they said or the way they looked at us… It was with love. I could see it. Especially to our daughter. So I was so thankful for all that. It made me feel easy at heart. You can write what you want here. What should we write here, Haru? Haru, I love you. Mom, can’t I do it too? Okay. Isn’t dad so moving, Haru? I’ll stick it here, Haru. This is what I want to say to you and mommy. Why did you stick it up there? Later on you’ll get big enough to read it. And be like, “Oh, daddy wrote that for me.” I want you to realize no boyfriend is as good as your dad and break up with whoever you’re here with. And shed some tears and return home on your own. 2NE1 have a new song out. Want to hear it? Doesn’t it look like she’s monitoring? She’s no joke. She’s like this. It’s like she’s going to send an email to Teddy. “How about adding clap here instead of snare?” You’re kind of telling Teddy what to do here. As if I could tell Teddy what to do. I’ve thought about it, and if I work hard on my music… When Haru enters grade school and high school… And she hears my song… Then sing your hip hop like Brahms. What the? Or Tchaikovsky. I wonder how she will feel. It’d be the best! Just think about it. It’s like my dad composing “Dung Beetle” and all my friends clap along to that song. – That’d be awesome. / – That would be. Right? How about you compose “Dung Cow?” “Dung Cow?” Hey, you have royalties coming in too. You wrote that song for Bobby Kim. Hand the rights over to Haru. But I only have that one. So she can keep earning pocket money even when she’s old. There’s something you don’t know. You can’t give everything to your children. Haru, mom’s looked up a few nice places to eat. Please wait… Just cook it a little bit and dip it in the sauce. Honey, this looks great. Thank you for the meal. Mom, what is that? This? That thing next to the bean sprouts. Is that a turtle? Turtle shells? Yes, turtle shells and vegetables. This looks delicious. The food comes out really fast here. I’ve never had it like this before. Let’s taste this. – Let’s eat up. / – This is delicious. Is it? Wow, chicken can taste like this? It’s really tender. How is it? This is delicious. We should suggest this place to the other Superman families. Haru, do you like it? Mom… Wow! Wow, what is that? So what we’re eating now isn’t the main dish? Let’s try the boiled chicken. It’s no good once it cools. I want to try that. Want to try the boiled chicken? I’ll cook the noodles for you. How does this taste? Good. This must steamed. Wow, this is so delicious. You have to eat the specialties of the region. Yeah, that’s when it feels like a vacation. Haru, when mom and dad first met, I decided to become a vegetarian. Then I met mom… And mom asked, “Do you like meat?” And I said, “I’m actually a vegetarian…” Then she ordered meat right away. I said, “Do you want to go eat pork belly?” Then I realized I can’t be a vegetarian and I’ve been eating meat ever since. This radish tastes good. Is it really good? – What about for you, mom? / – Me too. Do you like my food better or this food? Your food. You’re really worth all the effort. The owner isn’t around, right? – It’s all worth it. / – Haru. Do you like my food better or this food? Your food. Really? Daughters are the best. If I could guarantee that every daughter is like you, I want to have another 99. I guess I’m only saying this because I don’t give birth. Hello. Those corn dogs look good. Just have one. Thank you. How much is a fish cake? 50 cents. I’ll take one of these. Thank you. Okay, let’s go. – Hi! / – Hello. Hello! Oh, I watch them all the time on TV. The Return of Superman. Yes, that’s right. Superman is at the market. Hey, it’s the twins’ dad! Hello. It’s the twins. – Nice to meet you. / – Hello. Hello. Which one is the millet rice cake? – This. / – Oh, it’s this one? My baby’s here. When’s their birthday? – Today. / – Tonight. Oh, tonight. How much is this? I’ll give it to you as their present. No, no. $3. It says right here. One more. I should give you money for their birthday. No, no. Don’t. To congratulate you on your birthday. Don’t be like that. – No? / – Take this. Okay, let’s go. – Why? / – It’s okay. No, don’t be like that. Hope you sell heaps. There are elders who consider Seojun and Seoeon as their children. And I felt that at heart today. I don’t have a “national” title yet. But I’d like Seoeon and Seojun to be national twins. Is this buckwheat flour rice cake? – This is it. / – What is this? Barley bread. How much is this? This is $2 as well. – What’s this made of? / – Barley. – Can they eat it? / – It’s okay for babies, right? Yes. I think barley is okay. – Thank you. / – Bye. It’s the twins! Oh, they’re so cute. They seem to like it. Seoeon really likes it. The kids are more popular than daddy… Are they girls or boys? – Sons. / – Just two sons? Yes. – Hello. / – Hello. You guys have hit the jackpot today. Thanks to being on holiday. You get to eat yummy foods you don’t eat at home. – What’s wrong? / – He wants more. They love it. Let’s order the steamed white rice cake. It’s Seoeon and Seojun! Which one’s Seojun? – This one here. / – This one’s Seojun. So you’re Seojun. Gosh, you’re handsome. What kind of rice cake do you want? Steamed white rice cake. – You want steamed white rice cake? / – Yes. – Have you tried millet rice cake? / – Yes, we have. – We make it? / – Yes, give it a try. Is it good? Put as much as you love her into her mouth. – Okay. As much as I love her? / – Yes. Show us how much you love her. Say ah. Let’s see how much you love her. – Say ah. / – For me? – Honey, honey… / – As much as I love you. – That’s too big. / – Too big? How is it? It’s good. – It’s good? / – Yeah. – I love millet rice cake. / – She kept going on about it. Wow… – Is it their 1st? / – Yes. They’ll be running around in no time. I can understand everything you say. – Thank you. / – Goodbye. This way. Hello. Bye. Seoeon, you poop as much as an adult. Lee Seojun. Seojun! Seojun! Look over here. Seojun… Honey, tie his hair… – Oh, how cute. / – Cute, right? So cute. Let’s ask mommy to tie your hair too, Seoeon. Since it’s your birthday party today… Let’s try taking some photos. Yes! Seojun! Seojun, your hair means “1.” Okay? – Let’s see. / – Seoeon’s forehead is too big. Lee Seoeon. Oh, so cute! Lee Seoeon. 1, 2, 3. Smile. You have to smile. He smiled. Seojun! So cute. – So cute. / – Seojun’s so cute. Seojun’s so cute. – Seojun. / – Seojun looks really cute, right? So cute! Peek-a-boo. Look at his face. Peek-a-boo. Look here. – Seoeon! / – Lee Seoeon! Take Seojun’s one first. Seojun… Peek-a-boo. Doesn’t Seojun look like Haru? Yeah, slightly. Come here. Where are you going? Bend your head. Who said to go in there? You were in a scary place. Leave them. – A picture of them crying? / – Crying? Let’s take a photo of him crying. An ugly crying face. We’re going to take an ugly photo. Lee Seoeon. Seojun! Let’s go. It’s cold. It’s because of the sea breeze. It’s cold, Sarang. It’s cold. What is that? It’s a submarine! I’ve never been on one. What’s this? – I don’t think it’s a submarine. / – It’s not.Mountain rabbit…Where are you going?Hop, hop. Where are you going?Sarang. I kissed Yuto. You kissed Yuto? Yes. Really? At the day care. – Did you really kiss Yuto? / – Yeah. Do you like Yuto? Yeah. I’m sleepy. Honey, feed her. – Mama. / – Why? I’m sleepy. Sleepy. Wow, so big! So big! Mama! Feed me this. You’re finished, right? Wow, Sarang. Check that out. That’s amazing. Will this be dangerous for Sarang? Why did I wear high heels on a day like today? We’ve arrived. It’s warm in here. It’s not cold at all. Okay. Look, it’s fish! Wow! Look, Sarang! There are lots of small fish! Amazing. Look, they’re all fish. Show me. Wow! There are so many fish! Sarang, look! There’s a television. Television. We’ve going under water. I’m scared. Something’s scary. I’m scared! We’re approaching coral now. Yes… Amazing. It’s a coral forest. Wow! It’s so beautiful! It’s the home of the fish. Fish home. Fish home. It’s a fish home. Wow! So pretty! It’s coral. I want to take one too. Sarang wants to take a photo too. You want to take a photo? I want to take one. Okay. Wow, look! So pretty! Sarang, take a photo. Look! Did you take one? Well done. Check that out! What is that? It’s amazing. I’ve never seen anything like this before. Wait, let me take one. Just one. I have to take that. I want to take it. Wait, Sarang. Mom… Mom! Thank you. You take the next one. I want to touch it. Did you take continuous shots? Continuous. Amazing. Hey, Sarang! Fish! – Where? / – Over there. So many! You’re right. Amazing. Aren’t there so many fish? There are swarms of them. There are swarms of fish. There’s a big fish, Sarang. It’s big. Camera. That is a camera. Bye bye. What is that? Hey, what is that? What is that? “I love you.” What is that? Who sent this? All three of us are in here. Who sent that message? It’s you, Sarang. It’s mom. Did you two do this? Is it for me? Did you do this, honey? I thought you made it. But since your face is there, it must not be. How great it would be if you had planned this. Who could have sent such a message? Sarang! Sarang? Did you send this message? Yeah! Thank you, Sarang. Is there something else? Sarang, daddy and mommy are on it. Another one? It’ll come back. Let’s wait then. I’ll look forward to it. Will someone else bring it out? They will. Did you say they will? There it is. I see! Who sent this message? Whose surprise is this? Was this part of the ride? We’ll return to the surface now. It’s going back up. What? Already? Say bye bye to the fish. – Bye bye. / – Say bye bye, Sarang. Bye bye. So fast. This is amazing. Take a look around. Wow, so pretty! Check that out, Sarang. This is mine. Pretty… This submarine is amazing. Yes, it was pretty. This is awesome. Sarang was in the photo, right? Daddy as well. Mommy was there too. I was so surprised. Daddy was in it too. And a mermaid. You saw a mermaid? I did. There was a mermaid? She went like this. She went like this. She was doing this. Thinking that it was our real hometown… It was great just being in Jeju-do. I hope they will cherish it as a fond memory. I made reservations. – You did? / – Yeah. Hello. We… – Do you have a reservation? / – Yes. – Under Lee Hwijae, right? / – Yes. Hwijae and his wife have prepared the 1st birthday for their twins. With the food they’ve bought from the market… And the birthday grab. Everything is ready. Hello! Hello, Junseo. Looks like we’re first. This is that thing. – Jeongwon, hello. / – Hello. – You’re here. / – Hello and congratulations. Thank you. He wants to go to you. So cute! Hold him carefully, Junu. So cute. He’s cute, right? He likes Junu. Junu, make sure you support his bottom. – Hello. / – Congratulations. You look handsome today! Great work for raising them thus far. There’s still long to go though, right? – They’re just starting. / – It’s the start. They say starting is half the race. Hey, happy birthday. He’s sleepy. – Sleepy? / – Yeah. They normally cry at things like this, right? Of course… The kids get exhausted… Come to uncle. The kids are exhausted. It’s more for the adults. Oh, you’re sleepy. Oh, sorry for being late. Hello. Hello. Hello. Sarang. Hello. Hello, Sarang. She’s picking her nose. Welcome. – Hello! / – Hello. Hello. Hello! Hello. Say hello, Sarang. Say hello. Let’s go in. Sarang, it’s a party. Over there. Over where? You want to go over there? They’ll all going to sit. Junu, where did you go today? We went to Udo. Udo. – Udo. / – It’s an island next to here. What did you do today? The boat that can go underwater. Oh, a submarine? That’s not a comb is it, Sunghoon? Why do you have this? We should’ve just done this in our hotel rooms. And just sent the food there. – Just lie the babies down. / – Yeah. And call them through video call. This Japan, we had a 1st birthday party as well. It was a mix of Korean and Japanese. In Japan, you make a rice cake that weighs 1.8kg. Then you carry that on your shoulders. The dad does that? No, the baby. What if they can’t lift it? It’s to stop them from getting up too fast. So we did that too. We made that 1.8kg rice came for Sarang… But she stood up and ran around. Haru’s here. Who is this? Hello. – Hello. / – Hello. Hello. You must be so busy these days. Yeah… Because of your drama. It’ll get better after next week. You can tell me some spoilers. A little later. He’s already told me. Already? Did I? I don’t think I did. You must be happy since your husband is funny. My husband? But he’s never home. Really? Don’t say that. People will misunderstand. – But I haven’t been home much these days. / – Yeah. He’s made 10 songs in 2 weeks. That’s not for a human to do. Why? To release my album quickly. Yang Hyunsuk wants it. Hyeonseong, you’re the MC with Tablo. There’s no one else. It’s for our loving Hwijae. Are you going to look me in the eye and refuse? Okay then. Got it! I’ll do it. Do you know the order of events? We can just wing it. – It’ll come to you. / – I’m nervous. Have you never been an MC? Never… You’ll be fine. Okay… I can do well if I try. But I’m just a bit embarrassed. Haru. Haru. Good evening. To celebrate Seoeon and Seojun’s 1st birthday… From Gajwa Maeul in Ilsan. I’m actor Jang Hyeonseong. Why’s he being so creepy? I’m from Mapo. I’m assistant MC, Tablo. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you! Whose day is it today? – Lee Seoeon! Lee Seojun! / – The cutest twins… Seoeon and Seojun! Enter! That was good. Ready. Let’s bow. Thank you. It’s twice the beauty. We’ll hear a word of thanks from the parents. Thank you for coming. I’d like to thank you all once again. We’ll raise them well and live well. Thank you! Must you read the script for those few lines? How frustrating. In order to congratulate these two beautiful babies on their birthday… We’ll bring the amazing cake we prepared. – It’ll blow you away. / – Really? Let’s bring in the cake. Oh, my. – For real? / – Of course. You’ll be shocked. What is it? This is it… – Oh, yes. / – This is that cake. The amazing cake was right here. But we bought this. Yes… It’s this right here. Just one. What kind of nonsense MCs are these guys? I saw a cake earlier! I thought it was a huge Pororo. Such witty MC skills, right? This is the cake. Let’s all sing the birthday song. Wait a minute! We have a brother that has prepared the birthday song. Jang Junu… The music sheet… He will play the tune for the birthday song. Can Junu play the piano too? Of course. There’s nothing he can’t do. We have the melody ready. 1, 2, ready, go.Happy birthday to you…Happy birthday dear Seoeon and Seojun.Happy birthday to you!Happy birthday. Congratulations. A round of applause for Jang Junu. That was an amazing rendition. Before we start the birthday grab… We have a special congratulatory performance. Is someone here? You’ll be really shocked. They’re making Korea shine throughout the world. A true world star. Rain? You’ll be shocked. Who is it? Choo Sarang… Huh? Huh? Huh? Choo Sarang’s grape eating demonstration. We’ll see just how well she can eat. It can be any food that’s in front of her. Okay then. Okay then. While Sarang’s getting ready… While she’s getting ready… A rising star of the magic world… Rising star of the Asian magic world… – Lee Haru… / – Rising star of Asia… We’ll see Haru stick a spoon to her nose. Sticking a spoon to her nose. She practiced this for the twins. Wow! Can you stick it on your nose, Haru? – Okay… / – Applause! It’s the time you’ve all been waiting for. Birthday grab! It’s time for the birthday grab! Please give them a big round of applause. – Seoeon first? / – One at a time? We have some amazing things here. If you all take a look here… This is different to your usual birthday grab. Let’s add this too. What do you call this in Korean? – She’d like to add something. / – Wait a minute. We have a surprise. MMA shorts. Oh, MMA shorts? Thank you. Let’s put it here. They don’t have a mic. – Give them a mic. / – We don’t have a mic. Here’s the mic. Mic, mic, mic. Okay! So the dad wants them to be athletes, right? Anything is good. Let’s hear what the mom would like them to grab. A ball for me too. The dad definitely wants the ball. Which ball will it be? What kind of sports star will they be? The birthday grab! 1, 2, 3! What’s there? Mic! Mic! Is he grabbing it? Next episode. This is so thrilling. The birthday party to make the Superman families laugh and cry. What happened at the party? Oh, no… It’s as long as Junseo. And… The Jeju-do trip continues. Unique experiences they have on Jeju-do. They’ve returned here as four. And the special day that’s twice as lovely. Why do girls do this? Must they get froth on their lips? Walking along this road together, new stories are being told. Put your heart into it! Being with loved ones in the lovely Jeju-do. What could be better than this? Next time on The Return of Superman. Episode 24. “I Love Jeju-do, I Love You.” Don’t miss it!

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