The Return of Superman | 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 – Ep.84 (2015.07.05)

The Return of Superman | 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 – Ep.84 (2015.07.05)

100 thoughts on “The Return of Superman | 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 – Ep.84 (2015.07.05)

  1. This episode ended abruptly and the comments talk about it being uploaded late.. I wonder what was edited out.. Oh well, off to the next episode!

  2. Папочка молодец , один с тремя мальчиками:)Дай Бог ему сил ! 💖💖💖 А другие за одним ребёнком не могут уследить.

  3. daehan minguk manse is just a kid but they are saying sorry when they do something wrong but Sarang is spoiled she cant say sorry even she do something wrong…..Sarang is a kid but she is spoiled too much…

  4. Song Ilkook to lady: "How'd you get him in here?"
    Lady: "Sarang, sir. Sarang. Mention her name once and trust me, he'll do anything."

  5. It's so funny😂😂😂😂😂the triplets knows what is dirt. Thanks to their Dad, he let them experience so many things love watching these triplets, so cute!!!!!!!!!

  6. WHO'S WATCHING IN 2018?
    *I miss Sarang's family. I just love how Sunghoon and Shiho looks at Sarang.
    *I miss the triplets, Daehan, Minguk ang Manse. Their personalities are just too much for my heart, and I want to have children like them 😂😂
    *I miss the twins, especially when they're still babies, and couldn't talk. They're so big, now 😂 they're one of the originals, and I miss the originals.
    *Jion is grown up, now. Grew up like the beautiful mom that she has 💜💜

  7. I choked when Daehan found the camera in the rubber tub and actually pointed it towards him and submerged it in the water. He didn't know it recorded his wee. XD Was laughing so hard

  8. why do those kids always have to wear backpacks? even while eating? why make their lives harder than they already are?

  9. จะคอยติดตามตอนหนูหนูเติบโตน้า

  10. Jion start talking really fast.. haaa. I mean after a little bit late that was so much word to be knowed for your 22 months of lifeee. Jion-a keep talking happily!!!!😁😄😀😃

  11. For Uhm Tae Woong or whoever. Maybe Jion is a cowboy in her past life. Or it maybe just the effect or opportunity for a child that living in a place that more like countryside. They befriend animal easier.. I like to see her

  12. I can't hold it back. I want a date with daehan.. he's so cool. Maybe the first younger kids that I like.. waaa I want to meet him…

  13. One thing I really like about Sunghoon's parenting style is that he doesn't use fear, especially since he's been in the position of being a kid having an abusive father. He doesn't discipline Sarang unless he absolutely has to. "There are kids that apologize just because they're scared." When he said that, I genuinely knew he was that kid– I was that kid too. Nobody else would know that unless they've done it. It's smart that he wants Sarang to actually think about how what she did was wrong and decide to be genuinely sorry or not. Saying sorry out of fear or because you have to/it would be favourable to the other party, and saying sorry because you understand how what you did wasn't favourable are two different things, and I wish every parent would realize this. Kids of abusive parents grow up two ways; they end up like their parents: having emotional issues and, in turn abusing their kids, or they learn what not to do and what could be better for them and their kids. Sunghoon's one of the lucky kids who didn't turn out like his father and abused Sarang.

  14. Minguk is smart.inherit from his monther.Deahan is quiet and serious a good son and brother to his siblings.mansee is naughty and smart

  15. Shiho is such a vibrant, wonderful person. She's hilarious, sweet and super loving. Sometimes I feel that Sung-hoon is quite mean to her, but then I remember that most of it is just how they like to tease each other. Shiho knows how uncomfortable Sung-hoon is with showing affection and being cute on camera, so she always tries to get him to hug her or tell her he loves her, etc. I have heard many times that he's very affectionate with her off camera, but she likes to tease him since he's uncomfortable being that way when he knows he's being watched. In turn, Sung-hoon acts rather cold and indifferent towards her, because he knows it drives her crazy. They definitely love each other and I suppose this is just part of their relationship. It's a bit like Tablo and Hye-jeong, in a way. They like to tease each other. xD

    The triplets are so cute. Even their car rides are always adorable and hilarious. It's great to see them on outings like this. When they first joined this show Il-guk had such a hard time with the three of them always running off in different directions. He had to always hold Manse's and Minguk's hands and then have Daehan hold one of his brother's hand, as he was the only one who (usually) stayed even if he wasn't holding his dad's hand. Nowadays they listen (for the most part) and it doesn't matter which two he holds on to and which one gets to hold one of his brother's hand instead. They've grown so much, but they're still as cute and funny as ever. As are Sarang, Seoeon, Seojun and Jion, of course!

  16. The triplets are just tge cutessss everrrr loveee theeem so much when isee thisss 3 cuteee little boysss Im really gonna hug theeem so cuteee

  17. i agree with Jion's mom at 37:41.. Daehan really looks like his father, Minguk looks like his mother, while Mansae 50:50 father and mother.. but strangely, if you look closely, Minguk+Mansae=Daehan in case of look… definitely Il Kook's sons.. lol

  18. I m an Indian fan of THE RETURN OF SUPERMAN……so I cannot understand Korean…….but there is no translation of what they speak….so it would be better if there would be translation of this too…..
    But it is great to see so cute children…..

  19. Sarangs grandma is savage😂😂😂watch it die then cook it😂😂its shiho murdering an octopus while her eyes closed😂😂😂

  20. Sunghoon is not the showy type husband😂😂😂he loves his family in his own way,he show it in his own way❤😉✌

  21. Ya allah daehan mingguk manse so cute…………mingguk pipinya cabi 😀😀😀😀😊😊

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