The Return of Superman | 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 – Ep.84 (2015.07.05)

The Return of Superman | 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 – Ep.84 (2015.07.05)

The twins are energetic this morning. Roll. Roll, roll, roll. Roll, roll. (Twirl) Roll, roll. Roll. Roll, roll. (Gets up) Get up. Bang! Bang! (Flop) Bang! Bang! (Hehehe) (The twins are full of laughter in the morning) You give this to your little brother. Now. Drink. – Drink. / – Good. – Thank you. / – Say thank you. Thank you. – Thank you. / – Good. What is this? Yogurt drink. What is this? What is this? This is a snake. Seojun. – What’s this? / – A lion. – What? / – Lion. – It’s a lion? / – Yeah. What is this? Seojun, what is this? – Alligator. / – It’s an alligator? Yeah. – This is an alligator? / – Yes. Say alligator. Alligator. – Alligator. / – Good. Very good. Good boy. Finished? Seojun, what’s this? Who is this? Blowfish. – Blowfish. / – Blowfish. Who is this? Blowfish. – Blowfish. / – Blowfish. I’m wet here. More? – Not that. / – No, you had too much. – Seojun. / – Thank you. – Seojun. / – Wet. – You got wet? / – Yes. – You got wet here? / – His clothes got wet? You’re fine. – A shark? / – Yes. Where? (Where’s the shark?) (What are you doing, Seoeon?) – This, this. / – There’s a shark there? – This. / – A blowfish. – This way. / – I see. What about the whale? – This way. / – Good. What else is there? An ant. Poop. That’s not poop. – That’s poop? / – Yes. No, it’s an ant. – That’s poop. / – It’s poop? Yes. He says it’s poop. (Push) No, I didn’t say for you to poop, Seoeon. (Pushing hard) No, Seoeon… Are you boys joking here? No, I didn’t say to poop. (Keeps pushing) No, Seoeon. I didn’t mean for you to poop. No, no, no. Seojun. Look at this. This is for dad. One is for your brother. Give these to your brother and dad. If you give these to them, I’ll give you two. (But I already have two now) One for your dad and one for your brother. Seoeon. If you give this to dad, I’ll give you two of these. – Yes. / – Yeah. Give this to dad. – Give me that. / – Dad. – Seoeon, brought it. / – It’s for me? Wow. – Throw this away. / – Wow! Good job. Good job. Then Seoeon… – You get two. / – Yes. Yes. Two. – Yes. / – Yeah. (Seoeon gets two) (Ta-da!) (Ta-da!) Sit down. Seoeon, sit. Feed each other a bite. Seojun, give Seoeon some. A bite. (He naturally moves his hand away) Seoeon, give your brother some. Some for me. Good. Seojun is running away. Seojun, give me some. (Why are you doing this to me? You brat! You brats! You brats! (This is fun) (I’m going to get some) Give me a bite. No. – For dad. / – No. (Seoeon feels bad!) For me. Good boy. (Have some of mine, dad!) Seojun, give me some. No. – Say no. / – No. You brat. You brat. You brat? You don’t say that to your dad. (I copied you, dad) Only I get to say that. You brat. You brat! (It makes them laugh) You brat! (That’s funny!) The Return of Superman. Chapter 84. “Raise Them Strong to Make Them Strong.” (Time for morning exercise) Water. Water. Water. Water. (Back legs) (Pop out) (Front legs) (Pop out) (Hop) (Swimming tadpole) (Floundering) (So absorbed) (Seoeon is a dancing machine) (Hit, hit) (Waiting for the timing to start dancing) (Flap, flap) He hesitated. Okay. (Dancing with dad) (Swing your hands, dad) That’s not it. Laugh, laugh. (Dances along to the lyrics) (Forward march!) (Swing, swing) Very good! Okay, I’ll put a song on for you, Seojun. Come here. Here. (An EXO song!) It’s Baekhyun. It’s Chanyeol. He came over. It’s Chanyeol. Uncle. Remember? He made sausage stir-fry. That’s it. That’s it. That’s it. Seoeon is doing the moves. (Swing) Seoeon, you’re good. (Pivot!) (He wants to do the moves but he can’t) You’re trying to do the moves. Goodness! Seoeon. That’s it! Just like that. That’s it. Right. Wow! Goodness! (Staring) (Very good) Wow. Applause. This is nuts. – This… / – Look at dad. (Hwijae’s dance academy) (Now it’s my turn!) – That’s it! / – Goodness, Seojun! (The dancing machine gets warmed up) (Staring) That’s it! (Hwijae tries his best to teach him his moves) (Your dad used to be a singer too) (Dancing and mopping the floor) (Wipe, wipe, wipe) Seoeon, look at dad. (Can he do this too?) (That’s easy) Goodness, honey. Honey! What are you doing, honey? (Ta-da) The boys have a lot more fun now. They say it’s from playing with the kids in their music class. That fun comes from my DNA. I want to see how well they play and if they can dance to the beat. You never know. They could become rappers. So I’ll join them today. (Just thinking about it makes him laugh) (The twins are at their music class) There’s the teacher. – Attention. Bow. / – Hello. Bow. – Hello. / – Good. Take your shoes off. Ta-da. Seojun, you too. Okay. (Playing the drums is their favorite) (Relaxed) (When are the other kids getting here?) (Drumming) Hurray! That’s it. Very good. It hurts here. It really hurts here. Give me a massage. – Pound on it. / – That’s it. Pat me there. That’s nice. Very nice. Seoeon, back legs pop out. Do the dance? Boys, do the dance. Back legs pop out. Front legs pop out. Good. How about this? Seojun. Back legs pop out. (Hwijae is the dance coach again) (Split) Pop! Pop! Pop! The other kids are here. Say hi. – Hi. / – Hi. Hi. – Ready. / – Ready. (Class starts) (Seoeon moves to the rhythm) (Seojun stands up to participate) – Seoeon. / – Get up. Should we run all the way there? (Running) (The twins participate actively in class) (Really want to learn) Wow! Let’s all dance. (So excited) (Seoeon is a model student in the music class) (Seoeon spots something) (That’s a pretty hairclip) (That’s mine, Seoeon) (Sneaking away) (Glances) (You wear this hairclip) (Goodness) (Leaves) Hey. That’s not hers. Give it to Juwon. (They don’t know how I feel) (Sorry) (Approaches her with his belly out) (Walks away) (Tap! Tap!) (I’ll give you something nicer next time) (Seoeon is very aggressive with his advances) Let’s see what Sarang is up to. This person seems unfamilar. Sarang’s grandma is here. Please show me the fish. Show it to you? (There’s a fish in the bucket?) This is heavy. We need to carry it together. Sarang, go to your dad. Let’s carry this together. Go over there. Carry the fish together. Carry it. Let it go. Come here. I’m afraid. You’re afraid? They won’t bite. Put your hand in. They’re tired. They’re very tired. Feed them, Sarang. (Shiho hasn’t seen the loach yet) Shiho. Do you know what these are? They’re loach. Why? Why? They’ll be made into a soup. (A new world) (Unfamiliar to Shiho) (Loach soup!) It’s my first time touching these. It feels good. Sarang, you try. (Should I touch them?) They moved a little. Touch it here. Put him back in. He says he’s cold. He’s sleepy. He doesn’t know where he is. (Sarang can communicate with the loach?) What soup is mother making? Loach soup. It’s a soup made of loach. (Let’s make loach soup, Sarang!) Let’s put them in here. Put them in. No. (The chef does what the assistant should) (This is fun) Sarang, you try. Who will eat this? Grandma, mom… – Dad… / – Dad… – Sarang…. / – Sarang… – Kyoro and Buru… / – You’re going to eat it? Yeah, you’ll get strong if you eat this. Throw the salt in there. I have to close the lid, so hurry. (Flopping) (I’ve never seen this before!) I feel bad for them. Just watch them now. (Grandma, do I have to watch them?) When they stop moving, we’ll put them in the pot and boil them. We’re going to boil them. Look. – They’re moving… / – Open it. Open it? They’re dead, right? They must be dead. Bring them here. We’ll boil them in the pot. We’ll wash them first. Let’s do it together. Yeah. Hold on. Little chef Sarang and her grandma will start to make loach soup. Sarang doesn’t seem afraid anymore. (A special healthy dish for her son) – There. / – There. (Chop, chop) She minces the parboiled loach with a knife and grinds them up so they’re easy to eat. She adds fragrant chives and perilla leaves and boils it to finish up the energy-boosting loach soup. Meanwhile, Shiho attempts to make a special chicken ginseng soup. (She asks since it’s her first time making this) (Focused) (She adds abalone and scallop) This is really good. (Shiho’s healthy chicken ginseng and seafood soup) (But that’s not all!) (The final ingredient) (Octopus) (Will Shiho be able to cut up the octopus?) I’m scared. No, no! I’m scared! – In one go… / – So scary! (Tries to save her mom) (Sarang is worried for her scared mom) Sarang, it’s not scary. (Grandma catches the octopus) No, no. What is it? It’s not scary at all. (For Sarang) (Like playing the piano with her eyes closed) (Sunghoon enjoys the show) Mom… It’s okay. (Mommy is happy now) (You sure are trying hard) (This is what Sarang sees) (Sarang, save me!) (Mom is being attacked by the octopus monster) (The octopus monster will take my mom) It’s okay. Mom isn’t in pain, Sarang. (The octopus that bothered Shiho) Octopus is the last ingredient added to finish the chicken ginseng and seafood soup. Who made the best Korean dish? Try this. (Slurp) How does it taste? Do you feel stronger? How does it taste? It made you want to run away? It tastes bad? It’s spicy, right? That means it’s good. Spicy is tasty. (What will Shiho think?) This is loach soup. It’s good! I’m feeling so energetic this morning. – Right. / – What do you call this in Korean? – Loach soup. / – Loach soup. – Yeah. Loach soup. / – Loach, loach soup. We eat loach soup in the summer in Korea. Loach soup. (What will Sunghoon the gourmand think of it?) (He tries the loach soup first) (Slurp) (My mom’s a great cook!) (The loach soup is good) Octopus. Where should I cut it first? The legs. (Snip, snip) The head too. Cut the head too? This chicken ginseng soup has everything in it. (How will it taste?) It’s good. (Sarang likes it too!) How is it? Good, right? Hold this. Hot. Hot. Regular chicken ginseng soup is better. (Embarrassed) (Sunghoon is brutally honest) (Is he tactless or does he just not care?) Sunghoon, which of your mom’s cooking do you like best? Ox tail soup. And fish cakes too. – Her hamburgers are good too. / – Hamburgers… Want me to cut it more? Then what dishes that I make do you like? (Expectant) (Thinking hard) You can’t think of anything? (I cooked 3 meals a day for you for 5 years!) (He’s not asleep) (Dad is thinking!) (What will Sunghoon’s answer be?) (I can’t think of anything…) How about the kimchi hot pot? (Shiho tries to promote her food) (Sunghoon, you liked the kimchi hot pot, right?) That’s not a dish. (Disappointed) (You’re so mean, dad!) Not curry… Hayashi rice. – Hayashi rice? / – Yeah. I like that too. Me too. (So the fighter does have tact) It’s time to say good-bye to this house. Why? We’re going to move. We have to say bye to this house. Sarang, you’ve lived here since you were born and now we have to say bye. No. I don’t want to either. I really like this house too. (Sarang seems very sad) After having Sarang, I experienced a period of many changes in this place. This house is filled with precious memories and happiness so it makes me sad to leave it. Lovely Sarang was born here and she walked her first steps here. (Jump, jump) – Dad. / – Yeah. This is when we saw Sarang at her cutest. (She had fun dancing) This house is also filled with precious memories for Sunghoon and Sarang. Beep. (Electric shock) Beep. Sarang grew up so much and now she’s a playful little girl. One warm and sunny day… Ilkook is going on a special trip so that his triplets get stronger. Boys. Where are we going? A farm. Right. You’re so smart, Minguk. Daehan, where are we going? Are we going to farm with the little brother? The little brother? I’m going to farm with the little brother. We’ll plant rice together like “The Good Brothers,” okay? Yes. I think they’re too used to concrete growing up in the city. I’d like them to have experience with dirt. That’s why I planned this trip. We’ll stay at a bed and breakfast and come back. (The triplets go to experience the countryside) ‘The goblin has dirty underwear’ ‘The goblin has…’ ‘Dirty underwear’ ‘It’s sturdy’ – ‘The goblin has dirty underwear’ / – ‘Isn’t dirty!’ It isn’t dirty? ‘It isn’t dirty, it’s sturdy’ (Manse is so funny) Dad, smoke! Where? You’re right. There’s smoke. Call the fire truck! A fire truck has to put out the fire. (I’d better call emergency services) Fire truck! There’s a fire! Go put it out! (Daehan makes fire truck noises) Fire truck! There’s a fire! Let’s eat some yummy food at the service area. This way. Hold my hand. I think it’s going to fly away. – Yeah? Daehan, hold hands. / – My hat… (The hat flies away for freedom) (Running) (Stop right there!) (Minguk’s hat plays hard to get) (He finally gets the hat back) (Dad, did you get it?) I’d better hold onto your hat. Let’s go. Manse, come here. Manse, hold hands. Hold Daehan’s hand. Dad, I’ll hold it. Minguk, hold this. (They explore the service area) (What will we eat first?) Here, dad. – Here, dad. / – A dinosaur, dad. A dinosaur! Two tyrannosauruses! Two of them? Tyrannosaurus! They weigh 15m and they’re 5m tall. No, this isn’t a tyrannosaurus. This is a tyrannosaurus. No, he’s a tyrannosaurus too. (So what if it isn’t a tyrannosaurus?) (Dinosaurs get me excited) Isn’t not hot, right? – Right. / – Okay. – It’s warm. Not that hot. / – I see. Boys, let’s eat some corn. (Time to taste this potato) (A big bite for Manse) That’s it. Eat up, good boys. – Dad, it’s hot. / – It’s not hot. It’s fine. – It’s not hot. / – It’s not hot. It’s fine. It’s not hot. (Checks again) It’s not hot. It’s not hot. It’s fine. It’s not hot. It’s not hot. That’s right. Very good. (Bite) (Chew, chew) (Minguk takes a big bite) It’s not hot. You’re eating so well. (Munch, munch) I’m corn, I’m corn. (The corn got Manse excited) (What’s that?) They’re performing. They’re performing. (A pan flute performance at the service area) – Mister. / – You try. (Focused) (The performance team starts to dance) (This is exciting) (Minguk starts to stomp too) (Minguk does a dinosaur dance) (I guess you’re supposed to dance at service areas) (Manse suddenly heads somewhere) (Rummaging) (Manse, what are you doing?) (Manse plays like he knows the pan flute) (Perfect lip-synch) (Stomping) (He draws the attention of everyone) (You just can’t take your eyes off Manse) (Is that kid part of our team?) (This is how you have fun) (So exciting) (I can’t help dancing) (The performance comes to a close) Dad, the song is over. Come here. Come here. Boys, this way. (Unfortunately, it’s time to leave) Put money in there. Thank you for the performance. Very good. Now come with me. After a short rest they drive and drive to arrive at… A country village in Chungcheong-do where they’re planting rice. (A village that’s planting rice) Side by side. That’s it. Manse, slow down. Manse, go slowly. – Dad. / – Yeah. Manse, stay with us. Good. That’s it. We’re here to plant rice. Help out the grandpa, okay? 1, 2, 1, 2. Very good. 1, 2, 1, 2. Hello. Bow! – Hello, grandpa. / – Hello. – Come over here. / – The grandpa will explain. Come here and listen. – Yes. / – Squat down. If this grows it becomes rice. – Yes. / – What do we make with rice? – Food. / – Yes. I’ll teach you how to plant this. Watch carefully. This is how you plant it. – Dad, a snake. / – Watch what I do. Grandpa, a snake! A snake! (A snake?) Grandpa, a snake! It’s a loach. – Snake. / – It’s a loach. You don’t know what a loach is? Watch as I teach you. A loach! Watch me plant this. Then you kids will come in and plant. – Yes. / – Okay. (Go in there?) (The rice paddy looks muddy) Come out. The triplets went to a mudflat for the first time last summer. – Come out. / – No! Minguk and Daehan like to be tidy so they didn’t enjoy getting muddy. (Hated getting mud on his body) But the rice paddy is muddier than the mudflat) Will Daehan and Minguk be able to plant rice? Look. See me grab one at a time? (Carefully) Look. See me grab one at a time? Do it together. Now… You go in here… Do it together. Now… You go in here… (Hesitating) If you grab this like this… Grab it with your left hand. I grabbed it. Now with your right hand… Dad, my shoes won’t move. Your shoes won’t move? (What should I do?) Daehan, go in bare foot. Bare foot. There. (He holds his foot up) It’s okay. Step in it. It’s okay. (What about Daehan?) Very good. That’s it. That’s it. Good! (Daehan walks bravely bare foot) I’m going to take them off. Look. Look at me. Look, he’s bare foot. (Daehan is good at this) Look, I’ll take my shoes off. Dad, I’ll watch Daehan to see how well he does. Look, I’m going in bare foot. Minguk, you too. – No. / – I’ll take my shoes off too. Look, I’m taking them off. I’m taking them off. Look, I have no shoes on. I took them off. This feels nice! Very nice. – Dad, come here. / – Come in without shoes. – I’m going to sink. / – Hold on tight. – Just come in. / – No, no, no! – No. / – Oh, come on. Come here. Come in with your shoes on then. Hurry and come in. Take your shoes off and come in. – No. / – Fine, go in with your shoes on. Come in with your shoes on. That’s it. Manse, come in with your shoes on. (Splat) Manse, come in with your shoes on. Dad, wipe me off! What is it? Dad, give me a tissue. You got some on your hand? It’s okay. It’s okay if you get muddy. – I’m okay. / – Yeah, you’re fine. Come here. No. It’s okay. I got muddy too. Look. (Doesn’t listen) Know what this is? It’s a loach. I’ll catch one for you. Come here. (He wants to see but can’t go in) Grandpa, come here. You want me to come out there? You should come here. Grandpa, I feel like I’m going to fall in. – Help me. / – Let’s look for loaches. Manse, you’re supposed to take your shoes off. Get in here. No. Grandpa, come here. You come in. No, here. You made dumplings with Sarang, right? It’s just like dough made of flour. (It’s like dough?) Want me to take your shoes off? Yeah, take my shoes off. Take your shoes off? – Yeah. / – These? Yeah. Hold onto my shoulder. Take your foot out. (Lures Manse into the rice paddy) – It’s soft just like dough. / – Come on, Manse. It’s just like dough. Right? Nice and soft. It’s soft. Right? Nice and soft. It’s soft. Hold here. That’s it. Soft, right? Just like dough. Who’s this cute boy? You look like an Indian chief. Come here. I’ll put some makeup on your face. How’d you get him in here? (Daehan and Manse finally go into the rice paddy) Manse and Daehan were finally coaxed into the rice paddy and now they seem to be enjoying the mud. But Minguk still doesn’t have the courage. – I got some on me. / – Look here. (Looks like playing with mud…) On his face… (It’s not working) (How can I get him in here?) (Just then) Dad, a frog. Dad, it’s a frog! Look. It’s a frog. What did you find? (A frog?) – It’s small. / – Dad, a frog. – Dad, a frog. / – Catch the frog. There’s a frog there. Let’s go look at the frog. A frog! There really is a frog here! So many frogs. I’m afraid of frogs. Why are you afraid? Frogs aren’t scary. I’m afraid of frogs. I’ll carry you in. Come on. Let’s go look at the frog. I’ll carry you. (He’s a heavy kid…) (Carries Minguk with one arm) Let’s go over there. (The old man is really strong) Look at the frog from here. Look at the frog. (Minguk is in the rice paddy thanks to the old man) – You can look from there. / – I caught a frog. Look. Look. I caught a frog. It’s a frog. – Is it a big frog? / – Look. It’s not scary. Look. – I’m holding it. / – I’m scared. It’s not scary. Here. – Minguk, take the frog. / – Dad, there’s a big frog. Where? There’s one here. A frog in my hand. A big frog. A big frog! (Grab) Dad, a loach. – A loach. / – A loach. Uncle dinosaur, a loach. A loach. Plant it without falling over. Don’t fall. Don’t fall. (Plants without falling) Here. Good. Another one. – I’m done. / – That’s it? I’m done. Plant another one. No. Not like that. Plant it here. You hold it yourself. Hold it like this. Dinosaur, dinosaur. Dinosaur, dinosaur. Do what I do… Not like that. Put it in like this. Grab it. Don’t grab it like that. Grab the bottom. That’s it. Here. In here. Plant it here. Where? – Where? / – Here. – Where the string is? / – Yes. Where the string is? Plant another one where the string is. We’ve got your snacks! We’re here with snacks. Let’s have some yummy snacks. (It’s food, right?) A delicious snack made by the village elders. It’s a spicy dish the triplets have never tried. Noodles with young radish kimchi. Will they enjoy it? (The broth is red) (Let me try some) It’s on my hand… (This taste…) (I love it) (I’ve never seen this before) (Let me try it) Thank you. (Takes in a bunch of noodles) (Chew, chew) (This is addictive) (Slurp, slurp) Dad, you eat the cucumber. Why am I… (Takes a bite of the young radish leaf) (Winces) (He feels the spice in his entire body) (But he still can’t stop eating the noodles) (I can’t stop eating this) The adults gain strength from the snack and finish up planting the rice. The triplets will grow along with this rice. Meanwhile, Jion will start her 48 hours with her dad soon. Jion, draw Saebom here. Huh? – Draw Saebom here. / – Saebom. (Stares) (Takes a look at Saebom) (Let me draw Saebom) (Scribble) Very good. (Mom has a pink pencil) What color is this? Pink. Pink! – Pink. / – Pink! Mother, mother. Yes, daughter? Why do you keep calling me mother? It feels distant. Jion. Call me mom. She’s calling me mother. It feels like I have to… – Marry her off already. / – Calling you mother… Honey, what are you going to do with Jion? It’s warm out now. Yeah, go to a vale or something. Jion. When you splash around and swim in the water, what should you do? Relax. – Right. You should relax. / – Relax? Goodness… Jion, should we go touch some fish? Yes. Who do you want to go with? Father. – With father? / – Father? We never taught her to say father and mother. I think she heard me talk on the phone with my mother. I call her mother. I call my dad father too. I call my parents father and mother. She probably learned from that. (Taewoong and his wife look at a photo album) 2 daughters and 5 sons. The kids are so cute. They really grew. When you see the fathers with daughters they’re careful. You can see they cherish their daughters. The fathers with sons seem really strong. They’re different. Sunghoon… He’s so charismatic but he’s a softie in front of his daughter. Like this… They look really alike. I thought Sarang resembled her mom. They look alike. – Their expressions. / – She looks like both parents. For the twins, Seoeon looks like his mom. Daehan looks just like his dad. Minguk looks like his mother. Look how lonely Jion looks. She looks good though. (Jion has a gentle smile) – Jion, how’d you make this face? Look. / – How? Make this face. That’s what you did? That’s what you did? She did the pose. (Just looking at photos makes Taewoong happy) (Jion goes to Saebom) (I’m dog tired) (Is she sick?) Jion, examine Saebom with this. Saebom has as stomachache. Examine her. (Dr. Uhm is on duty) Good. (What is it?) (She checks the patient) (Takes a good look) (Take it easy, doctor) (This won’t do) (You need a shot) She needs a shot? (Injection) (I’ll go by what you say, doctor) Look at Saebom. She’s just sitting still. – She’s trying to sleep… / – She wanted some rest. (Jion and Saebom are like sisters) Jion, time to say bye to mommy. Together. – You want to go with me? / – Yes. Together. – You want to go with me? / – Yes. – Why… / – Go where? – You keep trying to take her. / – She wants this. I’m not forcing her. Jion, who do you want to go with? (Go with mother?) (Or stay with father?) Mother. Mother! – Mother. / – Mother. (Hmph! You’re still staying with me) (Pocheon, Gyeonggi-do) Taewoong and Jion are at a herb farm in Gyeonggi-do filled with delicate fragrances. Where are we? Herb. – Herb. / – Herb. Herb. Wow. Butterfly. Wow. (It’s actually a bee) Jion, this is lavender. Should we take some to mom? Should we make some and give mom a present? Jion. (Something has Jion’s attention) (Hi, Rudolph) Are you going in there? Jion, go in. Door. Bye-bye. (Let’s check out the interior) (Running) The deer looks like instant noodles. (Let me take Rudolph for a test drive) Huh? Grandma? – Gift? / – Yeah. Oh, gift! – You want a gift? / – Yes. – Come here. / – Jion, want a gift? – She’s going to give you a gift. / – Want a gift? (Give me a gift) A bouquet and… Jion, do you like bunnies? Dolls. – Wow! / – Wow. Say thank you, Jion. – Good girl. / – That’s it. – A gift for Jion. / – It smells so nice. – Hang it on a door or window at home. / – I see. What do you think? (Smells nice) I’m going now. Huh? I’m going now. Bye-bye. Jion, stay here and play. Yeah. I’m going now. (Jion doesn’t care) I’d better hide. Let’s see when she’ll start to look for me. (Hides so Jion can’t see him) (Let’s see) (Why does this house keep their door open?) (Closes the door) (What’s she doing?) (She seems to be just fine alone) (Huh?) Father, mother. Father. (Where’d he go?) Father. (Is she looking for me now?) (Jion looks for her dad) (Mrs. Claus has Jion’s attention) (She forgets about her dad again…) (Forget this) – Jion! / – Father. – Jion! / – Father. Father! Father! (I’m right here) Why don’t you have shoes on? Hey. (Running) Why don’t you have shoes on? Why don’t you have shoes on? Where’d your shoes go? Jion was enjoying a walk without her dad… But when one shoe fell off… She threw the other one away too. And she enjoyed the dirt in bare feet. You can tell she’s grown up in nature in Opo. She puts her shoes back on and heads somewhere. Wow, Jion! Look at that! – Look. / – What? Look. Jion, want to ride that? Yes. – You’re going to ride that? / – Yes. You want it to gallop? – Yeah. / – Okay. Hi. Hi, donkey. Let’s get on. (Go) Forward. (I want to try too) No, no. No. Fine, fine. Here. You want to get on top? Yes. (Can she ride it alone?) (She gets on the donkey alone) Try sitting down. – Hold on tight. / – Hold on tight. (Jion rides alone) Jion, hold on tight. You have to hold on tight. (Let’s ride!) You have to hold on tight. (Jion is the Heidi of Opo) (Bobbing her head) (Proud) Jion, face forward. Is it fun? A donkey. – Jion, you’re not scared? / – No. – It’s fun? / – Yes. Hold on tight. Don’t let go of both hands. (Now she’s relaxed?) Hold on tight. Hold on tight. (Jion has good balance) – Poop. / – Poop. It avoided the poop. (Smelly) – It smells? / – Yes. Don’t hold on? No. Don’t hold on? (Jion wants to ride by herself) I tried to hold the donkey but she kept telling me to let go. She rode by herself. She had such good form. It was so amazing that she rode like she’s been riding horses a long time. I saw a new talent for Jion today. Meanwhile, the twins are at Seoul Station. Where are they going? (They head to the platform) Where’s the sea? – Where? / – Where’s the sea? Where’s the train? – Where’s the sea? / – Where’s the sea? – Where’s the sea? / – Where’s the sea? Are you getting on the train? No. The sea. Sea, sea. (Why does he keep talking about the sea?) (Morning at the twins’ house) Boys. – Yes. / – Yeah. Mom is on break today. – Yes. / – No. She is. No. Seoeon. – Want to see the big sea with me? / – Yes. Then don’t ask for mom for 2 days. (Thinks) (Men don’t make promises so easily) What do you think of this? – What do you think? / – What do you think? (He’s so good) Who wants to go on a boys’ trip with me? Good. Seoeon, want to take a trip with me? – Yes. / – Okay. Good. (What’s a boys’ trip?) I still dream of backpacking with my boys before I go to sleep. I have fond memories of Busan. I went on a trip with my wife to Busan after getting married. I went with Busan with my father. It’s like my second hometown. So many fond memories there. How should I say this? A trip just for the guys. I’m very excited. (The first trip just for the guys) (Is this Greece?) (It’s Busan, the Korean version of Greece) It’s like Greece. Doesn’t this look like Greece? Right? It’s like Greece. (They start dancing) (Hopping) (Having so much fun) They’ll spend 3 days in Busan. What will happen to them? – What is this? / – Pork and rice soup. (Pork and rice soup is Busan’s specialty) I love pork. (This broth is great) Peace. 1, 2, 3. (They’ll make fond memories here) Peace. Peace, peace, peace! (The boys spend their 48 hours in Busan) Attention! Salute! At ease. That’s good. Turn. (A trip for the guys) Let’s head to Busan, a city for the guys! Seojun. Seojun. If we go there, we’ll see whales. If you go… (Whisper) I’ll do that for you, okay? Yes. You too, Seoeon. (Whispering between the boys) Got it? Got it? – Yes. / – Good. I didn’t even say anything. This is old school comedy. Got it? – Got it? / – Yes. Okay. (They leave Seoul at 7 p.m.) Be cute. Be cute. Cute. Boys, be cute. Seojun, be cute. – Cute. / – Yeah. Oh, my God. Seoeon. You can’t fall asleep now. (He takes his candy) You can’t fall asleep now. You can’t fall asleep now. You can’t sleep now. Open up. Here, I didn’t take it. Seojun… Tell your brother not to sleep. Seoeon. – Seoeon. / – Seoeon. Tell him not to sleep now. (Leave me alone) (I’m not going to sleep) (Sad) Did you just get angry? Tell him not to sleep now. Don’t go to sleep now. I have to change your diaper. Don’t go to sleep now. (Dozes off) Seojun, what will we do with your brother? Let him sleep or wake him? Wake him. Wake him? Yes. Tell him to wake up. Wake up. Very good. I don’t think we can stop him. (Lets him sleep) Oh, no… Looks like Hwijae won’t get to bed early today. (The train reaches the outskirts of Seoul) (Rice rolls for dinner) Wow! (Laughs) (Eating the rice roll whole in manly fashion) (This is tasty) What’s this? Carrot. (Puts the carrot in his dad’s mouth) There’s more. – No more. / – No more. – There is. / – There is. (Only eats the pickled radish) (Pleased) (A simple yet fun trip) Good boy. Good. (This is good) (Seojun, leave some for me) They’ve arrived at Busan Station. Wow! What is this? What is this? What is this? A fountain. Water, water! We’ve arrived at Busan! Be good for 2 days. No crying. Don’t ask for mom. Crab dance? What dance is that? Tired Hwijae and the energetic twins arrive at their lodging. (They go right to their lodging to go to bed) Wow. Wow. Come in, Seoeon. Come in. – Take your shoes off. / – Yes. Seoeon, take your shoes off. That’s it. Very good. Very good. We’re staying here for 2 days. (Amazed since it’s their first time here) (Looking around) You like it? – Yes. / – You want to sleep there? – Yes. / – Seojun, poop. You’re going to sleep there? – Yeah. / – Seojun, poop. (It’s time for Seojun to poop) Seojun, poop. (Come out) Push hard. That’s smelly. (The smell fills the room) (Sorry for the smell) Your brother is turning around to poop. Why do you like this so much? What do you like so much? You’re not going to bed, Seoeon? (I’m not sleepy) Well? (I want to play too) How fun. How fun. – Me too. / – All done? – Not yet. / – Not yet? – Yes. / – Poop more then. Poop. Yeah, poop. Yes. Don’t distract your brother, Seoeon. He should poop over there? – Yes. / – No, let him poop here. I’ll take him there. (Wary) Does it smell? I’ll clean up your brother’s poop. Poop. Don’t distract your brother when he’s pooping. Go away. He’s telling you to go away. Go away. Say please. Go away! Say please. – Please go. / – Yeah. – Please go. / – Yeah. Seoeon, let’s get you washed up. Seoeon, get washed up. Hey! Hey! Dry yourself off. Seojun, let me dry you off. Let me dry you. Let me dry you. Do you feel good? Stay like this. Stay like this. Seoeon, get over here. Come here! Dad! What? Dad! Your brother needs to wash up. Come here. (There’s something scary up there) Dad… Alligator. You’re cold? – You’re scared? / – Yeah. – Of what? / – The alligator. What are you afraid of? What? (This is the alligator) No, the alligator. – There’s an alligator? / – Yeah. Where’s the alligator? There. – Here? / – Yes. – That’s an alligator? / – Yes. That’s not an alligator. You’re scared of this? Yes. Then I’ll cover it up. Watch. – Look. / – Yes. (Covers the alligator with a towel) – Can’t see it now, right? / – Yes. – Happy? / – Yes. (Another alligator) An alligator over there. – That one too? / – Yes. (Toss) – Happy? / – Yes. Happy? You can’t see it now. – Yes. / – Okay. – Boys. / – Over there. – Seoeon. / – Over there. – What? / – Over there. The one in the middle is scary too? Yes. (Concerned) (Hwijae covers it up) There. Happy? Happy? – There. / – Happy? I can’t cover that. Cover this up? Yeah. (Since the twins are scared) (So much work at night) Over there. Happy? Brush your teeth. (No alligators now?) You can’t see the alligators now. This actually looks scarier. (They forget about the gators and brush their teeth) Dad, what’s this? Don’t touch that. There. Seoeon, you’re done. Seoeon… Seojun. No. (Runs away from brushing his teeth) (Got you) (What’s that sound?) (Could it be?) (Did the gators get Seojun?) (Brushing his teeth is always hard) (I can do it by myself) There. Done. (Seoeon was waiting for him to finish) What do you think of this? What do you think of this? What do you think of this? This. – Ta-da. / – Ta-da. (The twins make a deal) (The two keep talking) Sit. Yes. – Here. / – Here. (Right!) (Glances) No, sit. Sit, sit. Sit, sit. Sit. (What will Seoeon do?) (Sits down) (That’s right) (The twins have great chemistry) Jump. Right. Give me the blanket. – Why? / – Hey. When will you boys wake up tomorrow morning? (Here’s the blanket) (Blankets make me happy) This. No, no. This. That one, that one. This. No, that one. This. No, no. What? That one. – This? / – No, no. This? No, no. (Seojun gets it himself) Here it is. Where? Come up here. (Dad is tired) The night grows late at Busan and Hwijae gets tired. When will you boys wake up tomorrow? It’s going to be a tiring night for him. Sarang is out to eat lunch. Sarang do you know takoyaki? (Sunghoon and Sarang go to a restaurant) (They especially came to this place) Takoyaki is a specialty in Osaka. You can make your own takoyaki at your table here. I’ll make this for you. I did this since I was in junior high so it’s been a long time. We did this. Sarang, you did too. Want me to make some? (Pours the batter in the mold) I don’t know if they’ll turn out good. I don’t know how they’ll turn out. Think they’ll turn out well? (Nods) Octopus… Put one piece of octopus in each mold. You made this with grandma. Put in a piece. That’s good. – And? / – And… – What’s that? / – This is… Add some of this… This is bonito flakes. I was born in Osaka. This is a specialty there. Everyone had takoyaki molds at home. They don’t understand that in Tokyo. (Will Chef Choo show off his skills today?) Sunghoon is pretty good. He’s definitely done this before. It looks simple, right? Not at all. Only people of Osaka can do this. (Hands of a master) Look at this. (Nice and round) Takoyaki. Takoyaki. (Adds sauce) He finishes with a sweet sauce and laver powder. Sarang… (Sunghoon has one first because it’s hot) (Hot) (Blow) – Octopus. / – Octopus. – Octopus. / – Open up. Good. It has octopus in it. (It’s good) Now Chef Choo makes okonomiyaki. He flips it and even adds the sauce. He’s practically an expert. (Clap, clap) They don’t have many places that sell okonomiyaki and takoyaki in Tokyo. There are many places in Osaka but not in Tokyo. Finding one in Tokyo is nice. (Sunghoon has fond memories of this dish) (Sarang enjoys it too) How is it ? (It’s yummy) (It’s Sunghoon’s time now) (Eats off the spatula) (A man can endure the heat) (Chomp) (You don’t have to eat so fast) Come here. Here. (Have it with soy sauce, dad) (Spills soy sauce) (Flustered) Apologize. Say you’re sorry. (Realizes that something’s wrong) I’m sorry. No, it’s okay. Come here. Leave that there. Hurry. Why did you mess around? We should eat together. Why did you mess around? We should eat together. Right? No. No, don’t cry. No, don’t cry. (Starts to cry after she’s told not to) No, stay back. Wait. Stay back. Stay back. Stay back. Stay back. (It’s not working on Sunghoon today) Stay back. Hurry and apologize. Say, “I’m sorry for spilling the sauce.” Say, “I’m sorry” properly. (It’s okay, she’s just a kid) (Sunghoon won’t hold Sarang even as she cries) I’ll hold you after you apologize. Think about it. Think. (Sunghoon wants her to think and answer) I’m sorry. Okay, come here. Drink some water. Here. (Calms down) You’re not supposed to mess around with food. Got it? – Yes. / – Okay. Don’t walk around when it’s time to eat. Got it? – Yes. / – Okay. As long as you understand. You learned something today. Okay. (This wasn’t easy for Sunghoon either) You’re good. I think she’s at that age where she needs to be disciplined. I have to know when to put my foot down. There are kids that apologize just because they’re scared. When I scold her I want her to think before she talks. I tell her that I want her to think about what she did. (The owner brings a gift for Sarang) What is it? Sit down. (Very obedient after the scolding) (Gives her ice cream because he feels bad) (Her tears are gone) You can’t finish that, right? (Nonsense) Eat slowly. Hey, hey. You’re eating the paper. Hey. You’re eating the paper. Give it here. That’s it. Don’t eat that. Give it to me. (That’s funny) (Gosh) Oops! (Sarang tries to act cute to lighten the mood) Oops. Oops, this is bad. Eat up. (I’m sorry about before, dad) Meanwhile, the triplets are done planting rice and they ride on a cultivator for the first time in their lives. (They ride in the old man’s cultivator) (Ilkook makes sure the kids stay safe) Time to get off. Stay seated. (Has to maintain safety even when getting off) Come here. (Ilkook gets the kids off safely) Heave-ho! Gosh, you’re a mess. Come here. (Dirty) Let’s say good-bye to the grandpa! Thank you! – Thank you! / – Thank you! Bow! Thank you. Good boy. (Manse, let’s plant rice again) Look. Wash yourself like this. Wash yourself. (Splash, splash) Look, a crawfish! – Look. / – A crawfish. – It’s a crawfish. / – No. No, no. No! It can pinch you! It’s okay. I’m holding the body. – Look, a crawfish. / – No! Manse, you try holding it. No. Manse, are you cold? No. Then why are you trembling? Did you pee? No. Then why are you trembling? – I’m trembling because I’m scared. / – Look! I’m trembling because I’m scared of the crawfish. You’re trembling because of the crawfish? – Minguk… / – Try holding it. No, no. – Hold the crawfish. / – No, no. Put it down. Look. There’s a crawfish there too. Look. It’s a crawfish. It’s really big. It sure is. Look. It grabbed the stick. Look. (The crawfish shows of its pincers) (You’re very strong, crawfish) Dad, I’m brave so I won’t touch it. – You’re brave so you won’t touch it? / – Yes. – Let’s see. / – No, no! Manse, are you brave too? Yeah. Come here. – No! / – Come here. Come here. (Maintains peace) It’s my first time ever catching crawfish. Look… It’s so strong. That really hurt. It really pinches. That hurt. Dad, send it back to the sea. This isn’t the sea. This is a brook. This isn’t the sea. It’s a brook. Say brook. – ‘By the brook…’ / – That’s it. – Brook. / – ‘There was a tadpole’ – ‘Squirming and swimming’ / – Look here. Let’s go wash up now. Let’s go up and wash up. Follow me. – Come. / – Are we going to the grandma’s house? Is this not a street for cars? This is a street for people? Dad, this isn’t a street for cars? This is a street for people? People and cars can go on this street. – This is the grandma’s house? / – Yeah. You have to say hello to the grandma and grandpa, okay? Yes. We can enter the front yard with our shoes on. Hello. – Goodness. / – Welcome. Hello. – How cute. / – Hello. – Hello. / – How cute. Did you plant rice? Yes, we planted rice. We caught this! Did you catch something? – We’re such a mess now. / – Yes. – We should wash up first. / – Wash them here. – Can I go with my shoes? / – We have hot water. Thank you. Do we use this room? – Yes. / – This room? Okay. Thank you. – Why are you so cute? / – Come here. But I’m a frog. I’m a frog. Let’s get you boys washed up here. You guys are filthy. We’re filthy. Dad, we’re filthy! (He puts down the rubber tub) Goodness… (As he puts his bag down) – The fish… / – No, no! Not in there. Don’t put the crawfish in there. Put this here. This is for you boys to wash in. – It’s hot! / – It’s really hot. Very hot. – It’s hot. / – Very hot. Wash up a bit later. Dad, we have to get to the firetruck. It’s too cold. Is that cold? – Yes. / – That’s cold? It’s hot. (Busy preparing the bath) (Strips them) (After washing them at the faucet) Minguk go in. (Scrubbing) (Daehan showers from the faucet) (Daehan is put into the tub) (The water is nice today) (Now it’s just Manse) Where did Minguk come down? I’m a dinosaur. (Strip) (Ilkook is constantly bent over) (Manse is the last one into the tub) Oh, my back… (Huddled up) (The outdoor tub is the perfect size for the triplets) Are we scrubbing? Here. (Wash, wash) Come here, Daehan. Come here, Daehan. (Washes his face himself) (Now he’ll wash their hair with a bowl) Time to get your hair washed. Hold still. I need to wash your hair. You too, Manse. I need to wash your hair. You too, Minguk. Dad… One more time, Minguk. (That feels nice) One more time, Manse. Dad, please pass me that. What do you want? Gosh, I’m cold. (Why is he plugging his nose?) (Ilkook gets some hot water) This is hot. Move back. It’s hot. No, no! Stay seated. It’s hot. No, no! Stay seated. (That’s nice and warm) Stay seated. What is this? It fell in. – Dad, I’m a fireman. / – Don’t splash water. Minguk, you’re a fireman. I’m a fireman too. Manse the fireman. Me too. (Puts the bowl on!) (He can turn into a fireman with just a bowl) I’m a fireman. Wow, it’s Daehan the fireman. Dad, you got dirt on your pants. – I’ll wipe it off. / – You’ll wipe it off? Yes. Okay, wipe me off. – Dad. / – Thank you. – I’ll wash you. / – Wash my leg. Wash it. Thank you. Thank you. (Good boys) (Pauses) (The triplets’ dirty laundry) I have to do the laundry. Look. No, wait. I’d better put them in here. Gosh… Wash each other. That’s it. Very good. That’s good. (Amicable) Daehan. (They’re experiencing country life in the tub) (This is nice) (Different styles of bathing) (Let me soak my back) (This is nice) (They need music in the bath) (I’m a rocker) Scrub each other’s backs. (A gold hat found in the tub) (It looks great on you) (This is the simple pleasure of the countryside) Who wants to come out first? Me. Come here. Come here. So cold. So cold. (That feels nice) Dad, a fly came in here. A fly? How did a fly get in? Go, fly! Go, fly! I told the fly to leave. Hot water? Who wants to come out? Minguk. – Dad… / – Manse, you first. Manse, Manse, Manse! So cold. So cold. Did Daehan go inside? Daehan is behind you. – Where? / – Behind you. Daehan is behind you. Right here. (I’ve been here the entire time) Minguk. Minguk! Come here. Heave-ho! So cold! So cold! Cold, cold, cold. – So cold. / – Cold, cold, cold. Grandma, are you there? I’m right here. She’s inside. I’m here. Is there a country mouse here? Where’s the country mouse? Here’s the country mouse. (Daehan is a cool city mouse) Here’s the country mouse. (Manse is the rustic country mouse) I’m a cat. I’m a fat cat. Save the country mouse and Seoul mouse! Dry your legs. Save me! Save me! Save me, save me… What are you trying to do now? Heave-ho. Sit down. It’s too cramped. It’s cramped for me too. – This is okay. / – 3 country mice! 3 country mice. Dad, you’re a dinosaur. Country mice! Here comes the city mouse! What should I do? – Eat us. / – I’ll eat you! Save the country mouse and Seoul mouse! It’s time for dinner. Goodness… Dad, there are mosquitoes outside. Yeah, don’t go out. No, there are no mosquitoes. (Go away, mosquitoes!) – Dad, there’s no moon. / – Where’s the moon? There’s no moon. Where’s the moon? (The moon is covered by night clouds) The cloud is covering the moon. Then look at the stars. Over there. – Where? / – There’s a star there. It’s shining. Right? There? – Right? / – There? There’s a star. Where’s the star? (A star that can’t be seen because of the moon) Ilkook probably wanted his boys to see a night sky like this. Manse, be careful, you’ll fall off. Dad, where are the chopped noodles? I’m going to make it with this. – With this… / – Chopped noodles are inside? – Yeah. / – They’re sleeping inside? They’re not sleeping in here. I’m making the chopped noodles. The chopped noodles aren’t there. (Staring) (Focused) – Dad, I want to try. / – Go ahead, Daehan. Me too. You each take a piece. (Let’s all knead the dough!) Minguk, knead the dough. Look. Like me. You have to massage it like me. Knead the dough. That’s it. Okay… Okay… Okay… Dad, can you give Manse a big one? (But I worked so hard on this) – Here… / – This one is big too. You have to make a clump like this. Look. Manse, you try too. It got big. Wow! Good job, Daehan. Dad, give me a big one. Dad, give me a big one. You want this? I worked so hard to make this and now you want it? (I want a big one too) It’s water. Don’t drink that water. Don’t drink it. Dad, a butterfly. Where? That’s a moth. They’re called moths at night. They’re butterflies during the day. (That’s kind of strange) Grandma. (Where’s the grandma?) Grandma! Grandma! – Yeah? / – Manse… My feet… Became like this. What is this? Grandma. Can I go in there? How’d you get all messy? (Goodness) (The triplets go to the grandma) (The chopped noodles master is with the dough) (He spreads flour on the cutting board) (Everything is ready!) (Serious…) (Sprinkle) (He spreads out the dough) Oh, my God. (The dough is stuck) Geez… (This dough isn’t right…) (Again) (Again) (Super focused) (Looks pretty good) (Are you watching, Chef Choi?) (He carefully chops the noodles like a master) (Evenly cut noodles) (He wants to make them pretty) (Lips pursed) (Pleased) This is really funny now that I think about it. What on earth am I doing? (I could’ve just bought noodles…) Hungry Jion and Taewoong are at a restaurant. I’ll grill this up. Look. Flowers on the meat. Wow. I’ll grill it and give you some, Jion. (Sizzling) (Jion looks like she has something to say) (Squirming) (I want to get out) Okay, okay. I’ll get you out. Stay seated. Okay. (That’s a bit more comfortable) Jion, stay seated. Heave. Let’s eat. Jion, what happens if you keep moving around? Something bad. Huh? Gosh… What will I do? Jion, I’ll cut the meat. It’s really good. Really. – Really? / – Yeah, it’s really good. (Will Jion eat calmly?) (Blow) Use the fork, Jion. Use the fork to eat it, Jion. – Yes. / – I’ll eat one too. (Bite) (Into her mouth) Good! How is it? Good, right? This is hot. (Adds more meat to the grill) (Wobble) (He lifts her up) See, Jion? That’s why I told you to sit still. (Feels upset again) (Stops) There. Eat some meat. – Yeah. / – Eat. (The meat calms her down) Look, Jion. – Look, Jion. / – Yeah. You didn’t listen to me. That’s why you fell. – Yeah. / – Thank goodness you fell there. What if you hit the rock? – Big trouble. / – Right. – Big trouble. / – Big trouble. – So don’t do that. / – Big trouble. – Yeah, it would’ve been big trouble. / – Yeah. So sit still and eat. Okay. Okay… Sit still and eat. – Yes. / – Good. (Kiss) (That was scary) I got angry at myself. She was right next to me. She fell while I was grilling the meat. It happened in the blink of an eye. I’d better be careful. Give me some, Jion. Yeah. The biggest one. Oh, two? Just give me one. Just give me one. (Right into Jion’s mouth) See? It’s hot because you didn’t give it to me. (Blow) (Let’s eat together) (Licking her lips) (That sure looks good) (They’re smiling again) (Jion enjoys the meat) Jion, this is the street of memories. It’s a street that’s set in the 1980s and 1990s. It sure looks nice. This is an old room. Hey! What’s this? Jion. Jion, who is that? Who is that? – Auntie. / – Auntie! Why is Auntie in here? This is how famous auntie is. Jion, you’ll probably have photos of singers in your room when you get older. You’ll probably kick me out of your room and tell me that I know nothing. Let’s go look around more. Wow. What would you like? Look at this… Jion. This is just like in the old days. Jion, look at this. Ugly triplets. (Ugly triplets?) Every place used to have these dolls. Marbles. (Grab) Fake marbles. (What’s that?) Knucklebones. Chewies. Jelly. Popeye. There’s star candy in here. Wow. When I was a kid… We had a snack bar. I’d always eat stuff like this after school. My mom ran a snack bar. From what I remember, my mom only gave me ice cream cones and my older sisters got ice cream bars. Cones were a bit more expensive. She gave me cones since I was the son. I remember that… You grill these chewies, right? (The old snack that’s grilled) I ate that stuff all the time when I was a kid too! Don’t tell your mom. You’re eating what I used to eat as a kid. She likes them. Jion. How does it taste? – Yum. / – It’s good? Jion. Jion, don’t eat too much of that. Huh? Just give it a taste. Eat that when you get older.

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    *I miss the twins, especially when they're still babies, and couldn't talk. They're so big, now 😂 they're one of the originals, and I miss the originals.
    *Jion is grown up, now. Grew up like the beautiful mom that she has 💜💜

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    The triplets are so cute. Even their car rides are always adorable and hilarious. It's great to see them on outings like this. When they first joined this show Il-guk had such a hard time with the three of them always running off in different directions. He had to always hold Manse's and Minguk's hands and then have Daehan hold one of his brother's hand, as he was the only one who (usually) stayed even if he wasn't holding his dad's hand. Nowadays they listen (for the most part) and it doesn't matter which two he holds on to and which one gets to hold one of his brother's hand instead. They've grown so much, but they're still as cute and funny as ever. As are Sarang, Seoeon, Seojun and Jion, of course!

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