The Rules of Polo – EXPLAINED!

The Rules of Polo – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains, the Rules of Polo. The object of the game is to score more goals
than the other team. Polo is a sport that is played on horses,
known as ‘polo ponies’, and is played on a field that measures a maximum of 300
yards by 160 yards. Teams consist of four players on horses (known
as mounts), and they are armed with wooden mallets. All players must use their right hand only
when swinging the mallet. The idea of the game is to use your mallet
to hit the ball into the goal. The goal is 8 yards wide and the height is
unlimited. The idea is to ride and hit the ball whilst
on horseback towards the goal, and shoot the ball into the goal before the opposing team
can defend it. You can pass the ball to a teammate if required. Once a team scores a goal, the teams change
ends and try to score into the other goal. Polo seems simple enough, but there’s an
important rule that you must understand. Line of the ball
The player who hit the ball generally has the right of way, and other players cannot
cross the line of the ball in front of the player. Therefore, players must approach the opposing
player on either side of the line of the ball or from behind. Failure to do this results in a foul. The defending player can take the ball away
from you in a few ways. A ride off, where you are allowed to ride
alongside the ball carrier and ease your opponent away from the line of the ball. A player can hit the ball before the ball
carrier thus giving himself right of way. And by hooking, where a defensive player blocks
the swing of your mallet with his own. The game is played in periods known as Chukkas,
which are 7 minutes long. At the end of a Chukka, play continues for
30 seconds or until a stoppage of play occurs, whichever happens first. Depending on the competition, a game can be
played anywhere between 4 and 8 chukkas. Highest score at the end of time, wins. That’s basically the gist of it, but there’s
a few other things that you need to know before playing or watching Polo. For example. The Players
As mentioned previously, the game is played with 4 players per team, and each player has
their own unique role. The Number 1 is the primary offensive weapon,
they try and score goals and they cover the opposing Number 4. The Number 2 also runs through and scores,
and is usually situated behind the Number 1. The Number 3 is the tactical leader of the
team and their job is to hit long balls towards the Number 1 and Number 2. The Number 4 is the last line of defence and
is responsible for covering the opposing Number 1. Penalty Hit
If the other team commits an infraction, a penalty hit may be awarded to the other team. Hits are taken from the 30, 40 or 60 yard
line, and can be defended or undefended depending on the type of penalty being issued. Penalty Goal
If a serious foul occurs, the umpire may award a penalty goal to the opposing team. The game is restarted at the spot of the foul,
and teams do not change ends. Throw in. Also known as ‘ball hit out’ if the ball
leaves the area of play, an umpire will bowl the ball back in from the side lines in an
underarm fashion. Divot Stomping. During the halftime of a match, spectators
are invited onto the field to help replace the mounds of earth that are dug up by the
horses. This is known as divot stomping and is a great
way for spectators to walk about and socialise. If you have found this video at all helpful,
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92 thoughts on “The Rules of Polo – EXPLAINED!

  1. Idk…how about rules of croquet explained?
    And isnt there a Mongolian sport just like polo but played with a dead goat instead?

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  3. AWESOME GAME!!! I did play a game back when i was 17… we used hockey sticks and dirt bikes though. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

  4. Please consider adding metric measurements when you mention the imperial ones, in this case from yards to metres.

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  6. This is an interesting sport but I have one question what if you hit a horse with your stick or with the ball? Is there a penalty for that

  7. Amazing. Apparently there is a possibility that polo is a variant of an old Asian game (Acient Persia) named "Buzkashi ": have a look on this link

  8. This game will be awesome if a human with no horse or stick acted as a goalkeeper!

  9. Thanks very much for this video. I saw Polo on TV a while ago and was mesmerised by it. I love the fast pace and wanted to learn more about it such as the changing ends and the chukkas or however it’s spelt, being just 7 minutes long. I’m grateful for this and will enjoy the game much more the next time I watch it. Shame it’s only a game for the toffs.

  10. Sir there is no such lines seen in the ground how can it be judge 30,40 & 60 yards lines ?
    Can one goal directly from 30,40 & 60 yard lines ?

  11. They should have just named this game Divot Stomping. Them horses stomping around anyway and it sounds more encouraging to know that simply polo.

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