1. I've lived and skated here my whole life. Reno is hard AF to skate. No perfect spots here. I understand this kids pain.

  2. I noticed that when I skated in the late 80's there were different shapes of signature boards. But now they seem to be universial, tail and nose both same angle

  3. my set up just got broke last night some cars ran over it and it broke in the middle and now i have nothing to do i can't skate anymore :<

  4. Hi Luis just a question for u. I started sk8boarding at the end of last october at 25yo. I know it's kinda late but I'm learning and having such a good time. I landed some tricks and my first gaps and bowl riding. But…. it's 2.5 months I'm struggling with kickflip. Like I can flip the board, catching it with my back foot but I always touch the groung with my front foot before the board does. Do you think anyone can learn the kickflip? Is it normal (or kinda) that it's taking me so much time?

    BTW love your videos man! they're so inspiring! keep it up!!

  5. What’s the song at the end when they’re in the car? Is it actually by someone named baby doobie or they were just joking?

  6. "oliver tree – hurt". Have you thought about putting it in the background in some video, it's very good.

    I really like your videos and it really inspires me to skate

  7. 0:55 god bless his nuts. Not even meaning disrespect. Any true skater…. poser, am, flow, or pro has sacked before….. Never cool.

  8. Nice n clean video, pretty cool. I like this Japanese kid doesn't have that robotic style like others young Asians, he's flowy as fuck

  9. スケボーは簡単じゃない。まさしく

  10. damn, its kinda cool to see the struggles and the mental blocks, lets us know that they're human too 🙂
    this video was hella cool n i loved it a lot ! congrats on the marriage Luis ! and wishing you a quick recovery for that toe !

    also wtf is haruto's hair @ 6:49 lmao i love him

  11. Its amazing that 18 yet i look up to Kyonosuke for his drive and dedication to his passion and progress KEEP UP THE GRIND KYONOSUKE❤️🧡❤️🧡👏🏽👏🏽

  12. It really isn’t my bro I feel you ! I love your guys videos man.. editing is on point everyone has style on the erased team keep going guys you guys are on to something very huge !

  13. Crazy I haven’t checked this channel in a while and I remember Luis would film in just his hometown parking lot. Has come a long way. Goes to show hard work makes dreams come true.

    Congrats man

  14. Yo this could mean a lot to me if you guys can check out mine and my friends instagram skate account content soon on the way 🙏🏽🦋 @ptwon.skaters

  15. I want a shirt from your label
    I'm fron brazil

     Aprenda a pronunciar

    I want a shirt from your label

     Aprenda a pronunciar

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