The Skater Boi of Ranikot

The Skater Boi of Ranikot

Hello there! My name is Irfan and i get to travel a lot, for work. but this a story about time I traveled for myself and for my friends Before the story goes on, you need to meet some people and… *cough* the Poster was torn and the Hero emerged And our hero is always hungry, Always yes brother (someone talking in distance) .. he is meeting me emran, emran Have you started or not (eating) ? There are some manners to eat. We are supposed to eat together. ( sarcasm is implied) You are eating like uncivilized beasts right now. (sarcasm continues) Now people are going to comment do not eat with left hand. Back to the story Ranikot is almost 250 kilometers away from Karachi and its a 4 hour drive If you are going with your friends then time will pass very quickly. After 4 hours you will arrive at the Sann Gate of the Ranikot Fort. After watching fort we got really excited If we bought foreigners here( they will amaze to see the beauty of this land) We are also foreigners So brothers Heat is temporary but quality content is permanent Do not look forward nor around Just look down and keep going lets walk Oh man! I am tired Hey! look at this view Don’t make me look at it My center of gravity will deviate You do many meaningless, purposeless and stupid things that are a bit hard to explain Who made it at such height man? Rajputs! Like we climbed the whole fort Just to do this *screaming* Champaa! “yes” “yes” “yes” Just wait it will come back ( the echo ) They are calling Rishab Rishab they are calling you Have I told you when we were kids, Dil Chahta hai ( movie) was our favourite movie No? You will get that after this shot Well, going up was difficult but when the turn to come down came… have a look yourself legs shivered … I don’t know so why should I do fraud ? I just know 5000 years have past Baba do fairies come here at night ? yes there! there is a shop there with “parri jo tar” not Parri tar, fairy, a girl, women not fairy or girl but parrion jo tarr is present old man got smile on his face You take some time to understand that no matter how rich, powerful or famous you become after some years only your relatives and friends will remember you and that only if you are lucky and after that much depth I don’t know about other guys but I never had sleep better than that in months Its almost 6 or 6:30 in the morning we are going out for trek to Pariyon jo Tar Next morning after 1 hour of trek we went to see pariyon jo tar unfortunately we did not meet any fairies over there but we had a free pedicure By the riverside are sitting three friends By the riverside while drumming we call you ( its a song) come on oh beloved we will get you fish massage ( break into laughter) Often people ask me now you’re on a roll these days you are getting famous but one day your luck will turn and people will forget you then where will you go Brother, I don’t know where will I go but I will go with those who were there for me before my rise, and will be there after the fall Who remained unchanged by my rise and who won’t be bothered about my fall And all of us together will be doing something stupid like this These stray dogs in the streets, These stray dogs in the streets, Begging – an endowment their only treat. Curses from others, are their total effects, Curses from others, are their total effects, Abuses by the world, are their only assets. These stray dogs in the streets, so brother my name is Irfan. I am from Karachi I went towards ranikot and scenes here are like(scenz kuch aisy hain) And have I told you “Dil Chahta hai ” was our favorite movie If agitated, then turn them on one another, If agitated, then turn them on one another, A piece of dry bread will do this wonder. A piece of dry bread will do this wonder. Expected to be kicked around by every stranger, Expected to be kicked around by every stranger, Accustomed to wither away with lingering hunger. These stray dogs in the streets, Today I will not come to play Today my mother is not giving permission I have an exam tomorrow I will call you at night

100 thoughts on “The Skater Boi of Ranikot

  1. Irfan bhai main ne aap ki bohat videos dekhi hain shayad mje yeh sb se zyada pasand aai. Ain mumkin ha k main ne aur bohat achi videos abhi tk nahi dekhi

  2. Irfan bhai…ap k vlog kmal k hoty ha..Allah Pak ap ko lambi zindgi dy..or kisi ka mohtaj na bnay.. Ameen.

  3. i don't know why this video got only 500k views coz this is world best vlog video and one more thing I know u r not going to read this comment but i m from India and i m ur subscriber when u were at 15k subscribers

  4. Vlogs Dekh k Na .. zindagi Jeenay ka Man krta hai . Yakeen kro. Jan dal dety ho❤ odas zindagi ma Jaaaaaaaan 😔❤

  5. ye ap ki batka uroj hy tu as ko injoy karoo zawl tu naseeb hay izat zilat sub alha ki dain hay
    ap kush rahoo alha apko kush rakhy

  6. DAMN!!! Yaha scenes alag hi hue the irfan bhai!! This video was beautiful, Love from India! And the shots from 7:33-36 ✨😊😍

  7. Woww 😍 😍
    Love from NEPAL 🇳🇵 😊🇵🇰

  8. I jus wanna visit Pakistan n….feel that love…😘…lots of love to Pakistan and Irfan bhai…from mah side,

  9. Your presentation and videography is ultimate and you are such a good story teller that everything you narrate becomes live in mind .
    Always stick to your roots

  10. Love u irfan bhai, logo ka kam h bkwas krna krny do ap, i am infact hum sb apk sath hain phr aroj ho ya zwal we still loves you like this forever
    In sha Allah .
    Mau u live long hero..

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