The Strange Deaths of the 9 Hikers of Dyatlov Pass

The Strange Deaths of the 9 Hikers of Dyatlov Pass

– I’m Ryan, that’s Brent, let’s do this. This week on BuzzFeed Unsolved
we’re covering Dyatlov Pass. It’s probably one of the
weirdest cases out there. – [Brent] He says that every time. – Even your precious science
won’t save you today. – Mmmkay. – [Ryan] On the evening
of February 2nd, 1959, a group of nine skiers led by Igor Dyatlov died near their campsite next
to Otorten Mountain in Russia. The horrific state of the
campsite was discovered on February 26th by a rescue team. Two of the nine bodies were
found by the tree line, about a mile away from camp. And despite temperatures
dropping to negative 30 degrees Celsius, the two bodies were
curiously wearing nothing but underwear. – [Brent] Where were their clothes? – [Ryan] Oh, you’ll find out. – [Brent] Okay. – [Ryan] Another three bodies
were found between the camp and the trees. One of them had a fractured
skull, however doctors at the time determined that
the cause of death for all five was hypothermia. Strangely, the remaining four
bodies of the nine original were not found until two months later. Of these four, one had a
fractured skull, one had crushed ribs, and one woman had crushed
ribs and a missing tongue. – [Brent] Whoa. – [Ryan] Oddly, these four
bodies that were found later were wearing the clothes
of the previous bodies that were found two months earlier. Even more bizarrely, when
these clothes were tested, they were found to be radioactive. – [Brent] Interesting! – [Ryan] In fact, there were
reportedly traces of radiation all around the campsite. – [Brent] Number one,
what kind of radiation? Alpha, beta, gamma? – [Ryan] What? Does it matter? It’s radiation! – [Brent] Well lots of
things have radiation, like that word in itself
is not necessarily as scary as one might think. – [Ryan] The radiation
becomes even more puzzling when combined with the fact
that there was no outward trauma to the bodies. The injuries found in the
bodies were caused by a force determined to be too strong
for a human to cause. The creepiest detail,
however, is that there was no evidence of an outsider entering the tent. The tent was ripped from the inside. – [Brent] How do you
look at a tent and know? Ah, this was ripped from the inside. – [Ryan] How do you
determine any of these things they determine? – [Brent] I’m just wondering if you know. If you don’t know, okay, cool, just say– (Ryan laughs) there’re facts unknown but
that’s what the detectives said. – [Ryan] Anyways, let’s
get to the theories now. One theory is that there was an avalanche that buried the tent. That would explain the tent
being cut from the inside and would also explain
the deaths by hypothermia. – [Brent] That doesn’t
explain the clothes, though. – [Ryan] Actually, I’m
glad you mentioned that. There’s an effect that’s
called paradoxical undressing where disoriented hypothermia
victims remove their clothes because their bodies feel
like they’re burning. This would explain the
nearly naked bodies, but this theory has no
answer for the radioactivity, nor does it have an answer
for the missing tongue. So that theory, to me, is out. – [Brent] (laughing] What? How? How is avalanche out? – [Ryan] How does avalanche
cause radioactive forces and how does an avalanche
rip someone’s tongue out? – [Brent] You didn’t say
her tongue was completely gone, you said her tongue was cut off. – [Ryan] It says missing tongue. – [Brent] There’re some
translation things going on here from Russian to English, I’m just saying. – [Ryan] Another theory is
that a Soviet test missile caused the deaths. A doctor on the autopsy
team said an explosion could have caused some of the injuries that were bizarre. However, no evidence of
an explosion was found and no records of a missile
launch were located. Something I didn’t mention
earlier was that the expedition originally had ten skiers,
but one of them left early due to an illness. A man named Yuri Yudin,
making him the lone survivor of the trip. – [Brent] Ahhh. – [Ryan] I bring this up
because Yudin helped identify items found at the site,
but there were some items that he couldn’t identify. One of which was a cloth
that he claimed looked to be of military origin, as
well as skis and glasses, leading him to believe
that perhaps the military found the bodies of his friends
before the rescuers did, maybe trying to cover something up. – [Brent] We don’t know
if like the person asking the question was leading
him in any way to be like, does this cloth remind
you of military cloth? You know, it does, actually. – [Ryan] Like a Making a
Murderer kind of thing? – [Brent] Yeah, exactly. – [Ryan] Also there was no
evidence of a fucking explosion near there. That’s kind of hard to cover up. – [Brent] Well, not if a
missile hit the top of– You ever see Mulan? When she does the thing– – [Ryan] Okay, right now you’re
citing a animated feature film by Disney. Onto the next one. This next theory, even I will
admit, is completely bananas. Some suspect that the
group was actually attacked by a yeti. – [Brent] Alright, next. – [Ryan] This theory
even commanded two hours of a Discover channel
special called Russian Yeti: The Killer Lives, in 2014. However, there was no evidence of a yeti and furthermore, I can’t
imagine a yeti taking the time to cover its tracks. – [Brent] Either way,
everyone knows that the yeti is a peaceful creature. – [Ryan] Not according to
Russian Yeti: The Killer Lives. This brings us to our final
and most popular theory. And I imagine you saw this
one coming, but it’s aliens. – [Brent] Oh God. – [Ryan] Alright, there were– no no, hear me out here. There’s actually a lot of
reasons why this makes sense. There were supposedly reports
of bright flying spheres in the area in February
and March of that year. Here’s a quote from lead
investigator Lev Ivanov. Quote, I suspected at the
time, and am almost sure now, that these bright flying
spheres had a direct connection to the group’s death, end quote. Even more peculiar, Ivanov
was also ordered by Soviet officials to close the case. Aliens would also perhaps
explain the radioactivity found at the site, and would also explain the inhuman trauma caused to the bodies. And as far as no evidence
being found of an outsider from the tent, I think it’s
safe to assume that if they’re out there, aliens have gotten
pretty good at covering their tracks. – [Brent] I don’t buy is. Bright flying spheres? Missiles. – [Ryan] No! – [Brent] You’re going aliens
over, oh, a possible missile. – [Ryan] I think they’re
both equally plausible. Maybe that’s why they ripped
the tent from the inside, maybe they saw something
they didn’t wanna see and they got so scared that
they were trying to retreat and they were like fuck zippers. – [Brent] No! – [Ryan] Yes. – [Brent] How? – [Ryan] Because there’s
no evidence of a fucking missile blast. – [Brent] There’s no evidence
of a fucking alien ship landing on a mountain! – [Ryan] That’s because we
wouldn’t know what evidence of that looks like, and if there was– (Brent laughs hysterically) What are you talking about? No, fuck you! Uh, regardless, in the
end, authorities supposedly determined that the deaths
were caused by a unknown compelling force. – [Brent] I agree. – [Ryan] And, consequently,
the case remains unsolved. – [Brent] Based off the
information in front of us I go avalanche, number one,
military coverup number two. – [Ryan] But you can’t say
it’s not aliens, is my point. – No, no, because it doesn’t say aliens. It doesn’t prove aliens. You cannot connect the two
other than you want to. – (laughing) I think it
proves a little bit, yeah, that there may be alien life out there. I think it’s proof that
maybe we’re not alone. But– – Uh, no. – Yes, yes! – I don’t think really
there’s any conclusion that you can come with
based off these facts. – So what do you think happened then? – I don’t know! There’s
not enough information, that’s why it’s unsolved. – What would a compelling force be? You know what a compelling
force sounds like to me? Aliens. – I think your argument is not
a compelling force, though. So. – Wow, good one, man. – Thank you. – Good. I’m gonna think about that later and get a good chuckle. (chair scraping and squeaking) You gonna walk away now, is
that what you’re gonna do? Don’t you dare turn that camera off! (Brent and Ryan laughing)

100 thoughts on “The Strange Deaths of the 9 Hikers of Dyatlov Pass

  1. Failed to mention the body of the women with a missing tongue was found in a ravine. This is completely normal for decomposition in water…

  2. My theory is that long exposure to tbe radiation from trying to camp overnight might have made the campers crazy and parranoid and to turn against eachother, stealing eachothers clothes to get warmer, etc but that doesnt explain the inhuman damage. Radiation? Or an animal of some kind idk

  3. Brent is totally right about the radiation. The type matters. Gamma particles can be deadly. Alpha particles can make you sick long term but are nowhere near as dangerous. It’s weird either way, but it may have had more/less influence in their deaths depending on the type of radiation.

  4. I also heard that some were missing their eyes and someone’s hands were pulverized. Also that there was human flesh stuck in the nearby tree where branches were broken towards the top

  5. I have watched several videos/documentaries about this issue and determined there is similarity with cattle mutilations we have experienced in the Americas ( North and South ). We have had contacts and connections with multiple types of ET's over many decades and while Truman and Eisenhower were determined NOT to tell the public, it has leaked out. Some have exchanged advanced technologies with humans , in return for their hands on "people". That exchange was to be benign as the abductees would be returned, with no memory of their experience and no obvious damages. For the most part, it worked, but not always. I expect the situation with these climbers was exactly that. They were asleep in their tent and got awaken by a bright light. It was unexpected and they made a gash in their tent to see what it was. When they realized, there was a UFO and perhaps unusual humanoids next to the tent, they freaked out and ran in the snow, barefoot. They would have been picked up by one energy beam and transported into a craft where they would have been " experimented " on. The damage to the bodies , such as trauma to the ribcage and head would have been from being dumped back to the ground, from perhaps some distance. That is my take on this incident. It is indeed not that much of a mystery as we know, some aliens have been and are benevolent while some have helped themselves to us. We are not on top of the food chain would be my deduction. Some of them see us as people see cattle, therefore, available for their basic needs, whether it is food or experiments. Check out your luck with " the freedom of information Act" which is supposed to tell us everything that has happened in our history but a lot of it is blocked out with a marker. We want disclosure about our present condition which is hidden from the masses. Shame as we could really benefit from these new technologies……Right now, our trillions just vanish into the Pentagon undergrounds, literally and figuratively.

  6. The local tribe believe it was a menk. Several children and a couple of children had gone missing around that time. There is an interview with a mansi woman who said they warned the hikers the night before. This would explain the injuries.

  7. Ok so ALIENS came so they ran (tent ripped from inside) and that explains hypothermia (clothes off) and Russain military covered it up by shooting missle to destroy the evidence (radioactivity). The one person who survived, they cut their tongue out so she couldn't tell anyone what happened (she died anyway).

    I'm a genius

  8. What if it was just a bear or something.
    -They left their tent open: hypothermia
    -Bear gets in the tent, and in a panicked state they cut the tent from the inside to escape:injuries
    -maybe the two others died of hypothermia earlier and then the others took their clothes to keep themselves warm
    -it snowed later and covered the bears foot prints
    -Idk about the missing tongue though, maybe they got hungry as ate it

  9. What about an attack by an animal? Like maybe a bear? Could explain why the tent was cut (to escape), why the tongue was missing (ripped out by the animal), the fractures (just crushing them with bare (heh) force) and the missing clothing (could have been sleeping naked and some could have just threw on some clothes). But doesn't explain the radioactivity

  10. Thermobaric weapon will cause the injuries and has minimum radiation. Explodes well above earth surface. This will explain the lights they saw as well.

  11. The Mansi warned them not to go up there because of a KNOWN CREATURE in the area.. quick, gutless YOUTUBE delete this..

  12. The avalanche theory would not explain the fact that the other group was wearing the clothes of the other. In fact, a lot of people aren't mentioning that little tidbit in the comments?? Strange. Maybe I'm just not looking hard enough, though.

  13. At 4:15 you show a picture of the 'Menk' (Russian Yeti) taken from the camera of one of the victims. Then just laugh at the idea of it being a 'Menk'. There was a note in one of the tents that read 'At least we know the snow man is real'. How do you squeeze The Dyatlov Pass into seven minutes?

  14. If your argument is ever "aliens" then the conversation is over. It's a worse argument than saying someone is Hitler who isn't actually Adolf Hitler, or to try to explain away everything as an act of a god. Until an actual effing alien comes around and gets in front of the cameras for a news conference, using them as an explanation for anything is beyond ridiculous.

  15. It’s doubtful you’ll even see this comment, but what the hell. I think it would be awesome to revisit this one because some new evidence has come out about the investigation of this case. Josh Gates did an episode on this for his show Expedition Unknown and I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on some of the things that came to light during his expedition.

  16. The missing tongue was from frostbite
    This is Russia there’s radiation
    And Russians can probably survive in their underwear

  17. It could have been a miniature warhead detonated half a kilometer above the mountain which would trigger the avalanche and the explosion would vaporize all components of the rocket and spread radiation around the mountain. Just a lil theory.

  18. I love how Ryan believes in Aliens because I believe in it too.
    Hawaiians believes that their ancestors are star people and there's a census record that There's aliens lives in Hawaii long time ago.

  19. Honestly after rerunning and going through back to the story of Dyatlov pass
    It feels as if they saw something they shouldn’t see.

  20. there are a lot of beliefs that it really was a yeti they left out a ton of information about dyatlov pass so they must have not researched enough lol

  21. there was a BIT of evidence towards the yeti: a picture was found on one of the hiker's cameras of what LOOKED like it could be a stereotypical yeti fire

  22. This is NOT unsolved or *strange*.
    It was 100% an avalanche, and it was tragic.
    1. Tent cut from the inside out points to this happening while they were inside the tent and one or more needed to get out of the tent.
    2. Fractured skulls from rocks/other debris from within the avalanche.
    3. The two a mile away were survivors likely injured and disoriented. Died of hypothermia.
    4. Same for the others at the halfway point. These people got separated and likely somewhat berried. Even 1 foot under snow is TERRIFYING and will set you in panic mode.
    5. Radiation. This is Russia. Russia puts nuclear waste where they want. Inside a mountain is usually the best plan. Radiation sitting for a while will irradiate things like rocks, snow, dirt etc. What happens when irradiated debris moves down a mountain? Usually caused by avalanche. They didn't say it was extreme levels of radiation, but heightened, and that would fit logically.
    6. Tongue – Ever bite your tongue? Even get hit and your jaw slams shut and you really bite your tongue and cut it? Ever get hit in the head WITH AN AVALANCHE AND GET TOSSED LIKE A RAGDOLL? You can easily bit your tongue off.

  23. Why are people so un-serious about an incident that is very disturbing and quite surreal.
    This event is brought up lots over the years, and is seriously shady. Military etc etc.
    Conclusion = dont go hiking in remote areas without firearms.

  24. Hello,

    We have been creating a podcast series dedicated to various solved/unsolved mysteries, covering the Dyatlov Pass Incident as well.

    We would greatly appreciate anyone checking our work out,

    Thank you

  25. They took a wrong turn. Two split up, got whacked in the head by a creepy inhuman chernobyl radioactive men who are brothers. Legit they made movies about this

  26. Now I see why that one guy was replaced he's just annoying lol he really tried to use a Disney movie and a legit example of something happening…and I don't know why but Everytime Ryan says February it triggers me haha

  27. highly radioactive clothes, skin tan? seems like government tested microwave radiation waves from a distance, which causes blood to boil , when they felt extreme heat they ripped the tent to cool off, but radiation waves kept burning them and they kept undressing, around that time soviets indeed tested radiation waves like international incident Moscow Signal when soviet embassy bombarded usa embassy with microwave causing staff to get sick google it

  28. You left so much information out

    If you look at the information you left out, it looks like they set up a tent, got drunk ( some were found to be intoxicated, and took off their clothes) messed up a makeshift oven and filled the tent with smoke (explains blood surrounding the mouth, and burns.). Which explains them cutting open the tent from the inside. Because of the careful walking away from the campfire. They went near a tree, took branches off the tree and made a fire. More Better dressed left to find civilization, or food (and got wreck’d by and avalanche, explains the internal injuries.) two left back for the tent from the fire and froze to death, while the people at the fire died when the fire died out. Why there was radiation was because two worked at radioactive plants. Why one has no tongue, and some are missing eyeballs is because of decomposition from the melting snow. Why there were bright lights I because of a test airplane, or a missile launch, or a comet/spacecraft.

  29. I think the Mulan theory… missile hits the mountain and causes an avalanche, army tries to cover it up. Maybe they cut off the toungue to throw off the people finding them 😂

  30. I think there was a military missle launching and they found no evidence of it bcuz the avalanche covered it up Simple as that

  31. I think the answer is much simpler than that, they all hallucinated at the same time probably ate something harmful. What can scared a person so bad to rip open your tent from the inside and run in your underwear’s unless you saw something that wasn’t really there. Idk but it explains the majority of the buzzard situation, I think but honestly this is too bizarre to overthink. Answer must be simpler than that

  32. I believe it's a work of yeti as broken skull of the people, others with internal damages and other with halve cloths and barefoot what could all this possibily explain at last scratches on their tent

  33. So I came back to this video because I'm doing a project on it for English, and I'm currently reading a book on the case as well. I believe the most logical theory is that it might have been hysteria that caused the group to go crazy, this would explain the tent being cut from the inside and many of their supplies being left behind. And if a fight had broken out in the group, it could possibly explain the crush injuries and the woman's tongue being cut off while she was alive. And hypothermia can cause people to feel like they're burning, so that would explain the lack of clothing. But this theory doesn't explain the radiation that covered the area, I honestly don't know about that one. I see some people saying that one of the hikers worked at a place that had radiation, I couldn't find anything about this anywhere online or in my book, all that I know is that all of them were students at UPI and were part of a hiking club/group/thing.

  34. Sometimes I really wonder about Ryans gullibility! The evidence points more in the direction of a secret Russian missile test, one that most probably started an avalanche off. It was the right era for cold war secrecy and a missile would explain the radiation and the odd military items. Something like that would most likely have caused an avalanche of sorts which could have resulted in the hypothermia of the victims. With all this info coming from within the former USSR i hesitate to take any of it at face value, however. It's all very shady but aliens it is most definitely not, Ryan Bergara!

  35. Radioactive waste buried in the snow by russian military, avalanche occurs, takes radioactive waste with it, container that held the radioactive waste remains buried, missing tongue explained by hungry wildlife

  36. When they said hikers went missing in snowy mountains I immediately thought yeti. yeti attacked them, ate a girl's tounge. boom solved

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