The Tailored Sportsman Quilted “C” Belt Review

The Tailored Sportsman Quilted “C” Belt Review

DANIELLE: Hi, I’m Danielle from Marketing, and today I’ll be reviewing
The Tailored Sportsman Quilted “C” Belt. I love this belt
because it completes my horseshow wardrobe. I exclusively show in Tailored
Sportsman breeches and this belt is perfect
for the classic look that I’m going for. This belt is pretty much
the trendsetter for the wide belt look. It’s two inches wide
and has a contoured design to help prevent gapping. And even though it was designed
for Tailored Sportsman breeches it also fits
a wide variety of other riding pants like Pipers and Hadleys. It also fits with most jeans, so it’s really a great
option for any occasion. Another great thing about
this belt is it comes in both leather and a suede option. This belt would be perfect
for any rider in any discipline looking
for a polished look in the schooling or show ring. I’m famous for covering myself
in poultice while caring for my horses after horse shows. But this belt is super
easy to wipe down with a damp cloth to get any
sort of dirt or poultice off. I wear a size twenty six
in my breeches so I got a size small in this belt
and it fits perfectly. But if you get it and it doesn’t
fit, no worries because you can
exchange it for free with SmartPak’s free
return shipping. I’m Danielle, and The Tailored Sportsman
Quilted “C” Belt is a staple in my
horseshow wardrobe.

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  1. I love this video the belt looks really cool and I have been looking for a good belt for riding xxxx

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