The Try Guys Wear High Heels For A Night

The Try Guys Wear High Heels For A Night

– Oh, it’s so much! I may have made a terrible mistake, but I look hot. – Today, we’re trying heels. – We are gonna be going
through the gauntlet. The high heels gauntlet. – We’re going to dinner,
we’re going to bars, and we’re going dancing, and were gonna wear heels the whole time. – We’re having ourselves a night. – [Ned] What advice do you have for us? – Don’t. – I love high heels. I think they looks fabulous on women, I think they look pretty damn good on men. – It totally is hot, right? – [Ned] Heels are like a fun, fancy thing you get to do when you go out. – I fucking hate heels. I’m a shorter man, and when girls wear heels around me, it makes me shorter. I shrink and they get taller and I get shorter. You pop on four extra inches, guess what. I can’t compete with that. Alright, lets try on
these torture devices. – I feel like the best part is actually, even before I go out, and I’m like, “Yeah, I look good.”` – I’m wearing ankle boots. They have a zipper along the side. I actually think they’re really cute. I don’t know that I can put this on. I would have to sit. I’m just trying to get home
without a broken ankle. Okay, not so bad. – I would wear this. – [Becky] Yeah
– [Ariel] 100% – [Becky] Have worn this. – Not stilettos, wide, wide base. ♫ Who’s that man ♫ Walking down the street ♫ With those delicate feet ♫ It’s Zach. – For tonight, I wanted to
show off a lot of my foot. My fiance painted my toe nails. I have chosen a little black strappy heel. I’ve never had a buckle so tiny. Three inches tall. Aww! You can only see four of my toes. Why did I paint all 10 of my toes, if you can only see about seven. – I would wear this to
an eighth grade dance. – [Keith] I feel pretty fucking hot. – When we did the drag video, I had on boot heels. That doesn’t count. So tonight, I’m gonna wear stilettos for the first time. – I get platforms or wedges. There is nothing else. – Okay. Keith, would you be a dear and give me a shoulder to… – Of course. – Yes, thank you. (chuckling) Oh. – I got you. – This is Ned’s heel. A four inch, silver sandal, that looks… – It looks like it came
straight out of my closet 10 years ago. – But does it make my butt look good? If Ariel does decide to wear heels, I set a timer. Three hours later… – I either have to sit down, or I have to go home. – I don’t think Ned’s gonna
last more than an hour. – Oh man, I don’t like Christmas, but I do like unwrapping stilettos. High heels for me, are
just a part of fashion. My heels for tonight, are actually called dagger pumps because the stiletto is so tall, they’ll mother fucking kill you. Yeah, I can’t even stand on
my toes as high as these. Oh shit. Maybe this is a mistake. Ow! – That’s upsetting. – I don’t think I’ve ever
seen a shoe that big. – This is Lady Gaga. – Where would I see these? I’d see these in a show. Where would I wear these? I wouldn’t. – What do you think is gonna happen? They’re fucking daggers. (dance music) – Bring band-aids. – Bring flats. – Instead of tapping out, we’re going to be flatting out, and that’s when you decide
to put on your flats. – Eugene, he’s already started
to damage the apartment. – Wonderful night.
– The dagger strikes! Let’s fuck tonight up. (hip-hop music) – Mm mm. – [Eugene] We leave my house, and immediately, I realize that walking is nearly impossible. – [Zach] Even just in
getting from Eugene’s house to the restaurant, a lot of
us are getting cranky already. Ned is just, like, the
hangriest I’ve ever seen him. – I’m getting very
impatient, very quickly. – We actually get out, and I’m like, this is not practical. – [Zach] First we go to dinner. – Dinner is sitting. Sitting’s great. – [Eugene] We’re out at
dinner, we’re having fun, Ned got his food. You got, fucking, two entrees? – I was hungry! You can’t tell me what to eat when I’m wearing heels. – This is not the worst yet, but it’s only been a few minutes. – The worst part of wearing heels, is actually walking in between places. – There’s no seats while
you’re walking down a sidewalk, and our first bar, super close, right? Just had to cross the street. It was like, maybe, half a block. It took us nine minutes to get there. – That’s how far away it was?! – It’s literally across the street. – [Keith] I mean, it’s basically like watching toddlers on ice skates, right? We get to this steep incline, where the sidewalk goes to the road, and it’s just so steep. Who designs these fucking sidewalks?! – [Zach] There’s a lot
of uneven terrain, but we’re at the first bar. Time to partay. – The best thing is when you walk in, for the first 10 minutes. You feel incredible, you feel
like you look incredible. – As much as this hurt, I recognized that when I stood
in those six inch stilettos, I looked fucking hot as shit. – But, I’m getting hit on like crazy. I’m so much taller than normal. – Me too.
– So are you. – [Keith] It was fun though, I loved the attention. – [Ariel] It’s a great 10 to 15 minutes. – I don’t think I’m gonna
last the whole night, so I’m doing my dancing now. – And very soon, we
were all sat at a table. Ned linked both of his heels on the stool and then as he stood up to leave. – My momentum’s going forward, but my heels are stuck on the stool, and I just go, “See ya!” Man down! Man down. – He fucking face planted. Like, bam! It was hilarious. – But, the bartender is,
like, holding my drinks back, thinking that I need to be cut off. Nope, not wasted, just wearing heels. – We are now done with the first bar, we are now heading to the second bar. – Ariel is doing something for me, which I always do for her. – You know, my biggest nuisance has always been that we
aren’t walking fast enough. – Your biggest, what? – Nuisance. You’ve never walked this slow. – I haven’t. – I look good, I feel good, I’m taller. – [Ariel] Zach’s shoes are the best, ’cause you have a protective layer, all enclosed. – [Becky] Ned and Kieth, however, are at risk for being stepped on because their toes are exposed and they’re low to the ground. – Somebody bumped into me and stepped on my toe. Ow! God! He said, “Welcome to the real world.” Oh! – [Zach] We get to the next bar. I’m looking hot, and my friends are fucking sitting down. – I just want to go home now. 25 minutes sitting, I move to dancing. That’s my game. – The heels are not hurting me yet, but I’m forward thinking man, I’m responsible. So, I’m gon’ get drunk. – When you drink, it
distracts you from the pain. – There’s a pool table, and if anybody knows anything about pool, it’s all about bending over
and sticking out that tush. Pop that booty. And, when you’ve got heels, that tush has got the push. The drinks are hitting, and that means it’s time to dance. – Dancing usually happens
towards the end of the night. – It’s fun to dance on the floor. – Eugene starts, not only dancing, but getting down harder
than I’ve ever seen a man get down, in my life. – There’s a weird feeling that in the heels, I wanted
to impress people more, so when I was challenged to dance, I mother fucking danced. – [Zach] He’s wearing literal daggers… – And it did not feel good. – What is happening?! – I’m taking the tiniest little steps I’ve ever taken in my life. – [Becky] Are you looking at the ground? – Honestly, the wort thing about wearing heels out for a long time is feeling like a burden, and so I try to grit my teeth and bare it, which mean that my toes bleed. – [Zach] I turn around, and
half of the group is gone. Keith and Ned are dying. – My feet hurt! I’m done with this! I do outside, I stand by a dumpster, and I take off my heels. Oh man. (chuckling) Ho ho ho ho ho! Oh, that feels so good. – [Zach] The look on his
face was just pure bliss. – Just fuck those things, they hurt. – At this point, I’ve fallen over, I’ve gotten stepped on, I’ve gotten cat called, and honestly, my night is over. I don’t even care if I
don’t have flip flops! Oh my God, it feels so good! – [Keith] Your feet are
on the dirty ground. – Oh, my feet are on the dirty
ground, but I don’t care! My toes were like, “Ahh!” – It’s like all your stress is gone, except, my feet still hurt! – We should grab those shoes, though, they were expensive. – The final walk we had to make was between the third and fourth bar after Kieth and Ned leave. Alright, only the hot ones are left. Let’s do this! It’s just not even funny anymore. Eugene, at this point, is dying. – I wanted to take my stiletto off, and stab myself repeatedly in the brain. Ah fuck. Every single person and surface around me is just something that can
stabilize me from falling over. You’re really hot. – They’re too high. – [Zach] Mine are much more sensible. – Let me see, let me see. Oh my God, I love what you’re wearing! It looks so comfortable. – I almost got hit by a car. That was super chill. My friends won’t wait for me! Car, please! Fucking people. We get to the last bar, I’m dancing, but we’re not having fun anymore. The heels take a physical toll, and the physical toll takes a mental toll. – [Eugene] Every inch of
my being was screaming, “Get out of these heels!” – It is clear to me at this point that Eugene might be doing severe and permanent damage to his feet. – I didn’t take it off, because I was gonna
last through the night, so that my sisters and
my mom would be proud. – You ready to tap out? – Flat out, tap out, I’m done! – Flat out, tap out! Flat out, tap out! – Six inches is asking
a lot of someone’s feet. – The heels come off, and then we get to walk home barefoot. I am done! – Normally, I am carrying my friends home who take off their heels. Tonight, Zach carried me home. – I really understand why someone in heels is done with partying
after two or three bars. – It’s just another question
of fashion versus function. Do you value looking super crazy sexy? – I actually kind of liked it. I liked being a little taller. It added confidence. – Or do you also value having
a comfortable night out. – My wife has a timer for a reason. I had a timer tonight too. – [Eugene] I think most people are somewhere within that spectrum and it’s your choice to
decide where you want to be. – The metaphor is, “You won’t understand “until you walk a mile in their shoes,” it’s right. – Thanks for watching. We’re the Try Guys, and we have a brand new
show called Squad Wars. It’s on YouTube Red, so
it’s basically Try Guys with celebrities and more explosions. – You get it for 30 days for free if you wait ’til March, you can watch the whole
thing and pay nothing! Stop watching this video
and watch that video! Get out of here! (exciting music) – I woke up this morning with an insane amount of pain, so, when I looked down, my right foot is still fucking bleeding, really fucking awful. Just the worst. But, I look hot.

93 thoughts on “The Try Guys Wear High Heels For A Night

  1. lol, babies. I've worn heels (to school!) for six hours straight, while carrying a backpack.

    side note: I've been walking in heels most of my life, I have very tough feet. these guys made it longer than I expected. good for them!!

  2. First time i wore stilettos(4 in ) was at a party lasted about 4-5 hours danced the whole time and almost broke my ankle on concrete

  3. They lasted longer than I could ever do. During my ring dance I wore heels and I forgot my flats in my friends mom's car. After doing two dances I went barefoot the rest of the night

  4. Whent as a very detailed grandma for a costume and lasted 6 hours untill I got bored. Either I have something wrong or I have a talent. What do you all think?

  5. In all these videos these are what the guys do
    Eugene is here to look hot
    Ned to have his butt look good
    Zack is just here to take part
    And Keith just wants to boss it but normally doesnt

  6. This was the first try guy video I ever watched because I wanted to see dudes suffer. It was like the gateway video. I love the fashion videos so much!

  7. 0:03 ….. -sees the new eugene music video about how he comes out as gay-… WE ARE WITNESSING THE BIRTH OF A QUEEN PEOPLE!!!

  8. 6:10 my god Eugene. I started watching around a year ago and you’ve been very clearly gay for a while. I can’t wait to see how much gayer me and my friends can get at the clubs! Yay being out!!!

  9. Zach looked really good in those heels,it went well with his outfit as well.Also It looked like nothing was off about his outfit with them heels it looked normal to me

  10. I still find it amusing that females originally wore heels to make themselves more masculine, as they were worn by males, and then males stopped once they started becoming more associated with femininity.

    My only question is the kind of heels that existed then, because I’m reasonably certain the shoes males wore back then weren’t torture devices.

  11. I knew Eugene was going to choose Daggers…. I wear heels to every event, church, birthday parties, funerals, THE BEACH ( I wear 2 inch wedges)

  12. There are very few things better than taking off a wig, giant stilletos, steel boned corsets, and bras after wearing them for 10+ hours.

  13. Ned clearly knows the hungry heels logic:

    1. Lotsa food goes straight to the thighs.
    2. Heels elongate the legs to make them look leaner.

    Therefore legs remain the same.

  14. One time I wore heels on a ten hour walk around NYC because I was on an overnight school trip and we were going to see a Broadway show, but we didn’t have time for a stop at the hotel to change before the show, so I had to wear my fancy Broadway show outfit all day. My feet hurt for three days afterward

  15. People are not supposed to wear heels! People who wear heels are literally putting more pressure on their feet than an elephant standing on one foot! You're crushing your feet, buy then again beauty is pain.

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