The University of Memphis PHED 1361-Horseback Riding

The University of Memphis  PHED 1361-Horseback Riding

I like to ride because it helps relieve stress
and whenever you feel down, you can always get on a horse and it helps put a smile on
your face. Outside leg, good, balance. It is really good that they are bringing this
PE in because it gives students the opportunity to try something different. Stay, stay. Being
outside and being around animals, it teaches you something about yourself, not just the
physical part of it, you learn about who you are as a person. Press, press, press, press,
there you go. It is just different from the back of a horse. I think it is just a really
great opportunity for students to take advantage of, to just relieve stress of studying, get
to learn something new, be physically active and be a part of something that they may not
have ever experienced before. It is going to be for all types of students, it is going
to be for students that have never ridden horses, for students that have ridden horses
their whole lives. Press, press. Our farm even offers the lift, where for students that
maybe have mobility issues can even ride a horse. What better way to see beautiful nature
and get to know such amazing animals, so you are tracking right now, and just have fun.
Horses in general are just so awesome, so that is why it is going to be a great PE class.

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