they came to the end of that
collaboration that they did and Jon started his own brand
it’s called THEM and it has that old-school retro look to it at roCes
well roCes ola youtube, my name is ricardo linoand I’m a wheel addict after three weeks I’m finally back in South Africa and also after almost two
months I got something on the mail so let me show you something today I
finally got these and these yes these are the latest models from em I know
there’s new models coming out like you might have seen at the winter clash then
present at the new West Alex Brasco and from what I know it won’t be out until
June these skates were available in the end of 2018 and that’s when I ordered
these two to my shop but before going ahead with these and because some people
keep on saying that I should say it well you should all know that I work for a
skate brand it’s called micro skates and we are too busy making the best kid
skates so they don’t make aggressive skates and today we’re talking about
aggressive skates more specifically one of the latest role
model boots on the market and that is the dem jean Darst I’m not going to make a review about
this skate or anything like that there are stones of those but I’m going to
talk a little bit about em and I’m also going to talk a little bit about the
skates that I’ve been using in a moment so let me just close this box just
haven’t seen it yet yeah this is closer to what I’ve been skating and what
happened skating is this this is what I’ve been skating this is something
closer to that but let me talk about pro models so if you think of aggressive
inline skating in the end of 2017 thirteen fourteen months ago these two
guys wouldn’t be related with roses and with them in fact no one even knew about
these two companies well a lot of people knew about roses but people weren’t
making the association of roses with aggressive skates because in the end of
2017 still in the first month of 2018 roses had a aggressive skating brand and
that was valo valo was run by a guy called John Julio John Julio left
valo they came to the end of that collaboration that they did and John
started his own branch it’s called M and has that old-school
retro look to it at roses well roses they’ve been making this skate for a
while they made it before as the Rosie skate even when they made the first came
back with ollie short and Charles Danka they made a really good comeback in the
mid 2000s that was basically the skate an old pro skaters back then we’re using
then the skate kind of like disappeared and then a few years back
valo made a came back not with the name majestic but with a v13 since roses came
back roses decided to bring back in full power the m12 majestic 12 and John has
been a big fan of that butand against most of the people know it and when he
started his own brand of course to start your own brand if you’re inline skating
it probably you don’t have the funds to make your mold from scratch John decided
to go for a skate it used to be seen as a like maybe an encore aggressive skate
like an old-school non core aggressive skate used to be a ultra Wheels boot and
these mold is called 908 and what John did is he made it look more than
basically shaped some of the things and it made like a really modern clean skate
with like a whole new soleplate and I think it it works really well these two
skates are different even if they both are art good skates the way they feel
are different I haven’t skated them skates and at the moment I’m basically
just talking from what I’ve heard from a lot of people I’m still curious I’m
still going to try these ones but at the moment I’m actually really really happy
with my hemp trousers and I did pay for my damn skates and most of these skates
I had to pay for them so it’s no one is paying me to say that I like these more
than that and I actually see advantages on both these one em it’s usually wider
so if you have a wider foot you should be better served with a skate like this
but I also know that this Kate has a lot more forward flex than the m12 on the
m12 they this one is the lowest version so it has a low cut and there’s also a
high cut version but this skate is kind of narrow so not everyone is going to
be able to use this even if right here I’m using it with a different liner this
is the intuition liner and I know that a lot of people also use the exact same
liner on the damn skates frame wise well if you buy the pro model meals or if you
buy the pro model jettison it both come as a complete skate they both time with
frame and wheels but if you buy a damn skate they come just like this basically
I just open the box they come without a frame they bring all the hardware this
is the second version of the game skates and I know that they they made some
changes on the art where that connects the boot to the soleplate in both of
these case when you attach the frame you only attach it to the soleplate which
means that this crew doesn’t go straight through the boot which is advantages and
its disadvantages but I actually like this
so-oh on the Sam skates you can change the cuff on the Majestics you can’t both
come with aluminium buckle but the rosies ft is memory buckle which means
that it can pick it out like this and it always starts the same way in the end my
opinion is just like I started about one year ago we had no idea about none of
these brands or we wouldn’t pay attention to Rosa’s as much and this one
is completely new but the truth is with the end of valo that so many people was
shocked we ended up getting two new brands two new teams two completely new
teams and for skating it’s actually the best so I think skating is going in a
way that it actually makes me really really happy these being a completely
skate around company amazing it has its followers it has a really amazing team
and I can only see this thing growing these well these just like I said about
almost a year ago – we can’t hate on a brand that makes such a quality product
and they were one of the first companies to heavily invest in
aggressive inline skating and they still do so years to 2019 and many more to
come I hope you guys enjoyed this video I hope you understand the reason for me
to do this video I actually like both these brands a lot and I’m actually
really happy with the state of aggressive skating at the moment and
well if you share the same opinion as me well don’t forget to give some thumbs up
if you don’t like it well you can give me some thumbs up and let me know what
do you like about this video in case it didn’t realize this video is being
filmed in a different studio basically this video is being filmed in my home
because in the next two months there’s a lot of changes happening with my life I
can’t really tell you about them yet but I can tell you that my shop moved to a
different place I will give you more information soon but I do not have the
same studio that you used to see in the previous videos with that being said if
you’re not subscribed to the channel maybe do it right now so you can know a
little bit more of what’s happening and where is this studio where am I going
next what’s happening with my shop what’s happening with my live in the
future and like I always say just don’t forget
why we all started skating and that is because it’s fun cheers guys and see you


  1. they do offer a compete them skate the darst comes with create original frames and them wheels with abec 3 bearings. both are great skates. prob my two fav skates currently.

  2. I still remember my 1st pair of skates were the Roces Streets. Then upgraded to the M12s with black Senate lowriders. Such memories…Man I'm old!

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    I enjoyed my time with them 908s but I am very much ready to try some new skates.

  5. Ricardo,I have a question for you,I have been skating razors for the last five years and I'm now considering getting a remz boot,how different do they skate compared to razors boot?Is there a lack of support due to the lower cut?

  6. Just pulled my 908s off from a 2 hour session, they are the most comfortable skate I’ve used. I have wide feet and don’t think most skates will work for me. Jon julio is top notch guy too! That helps

  7. M12's are a timeless skate. I've been wanting a pair of the white or Atkinson pro boots for a while. I'm a size 9 shoe would a size 9 M12 fit?

  8. Hey Ricardo! I subscribed to you because of your "small ramp" video from winterclash. I wish I had been there! That looked like so much fun! Thanks for reminding us why we skate! Question: what frames are on your Roces in this video?

  9. what skates do you recommand for someone with wide feet. I have tried Shima 5s and xjsados and i always end up with toe pain

  10. I'm looking forward to another video about Razors Vs Them, or a video about your sensations skating with Them skates. Congratulations on your channel.

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  16. My first pair of skates, Roces Majestic 12's and that was back in about 1997… seriously loved those things! Just got into a set of Razor Cult Gold's. I understand Roces are going to be releasing another set in the near future which is going to be reminiscent of the Majestics once again? If Julio decides to do something like that on his own instead, I think I'll have to drop coin on them anyway 😀

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